storyboard Story board by pengxiang


									Story board presentation and User feedback
   Preliminary Walk Through
The Story Board        The Users
                  Shimung          Marc

        The Story Board – Step 1
Color Code for card   On / Off Button
                                                  - Turn On game by using
                                                  the On / Off button
                                                  - User shows no difficulty
                                                  to find the On / OFF
                                                  - User notice the tray
                                                  containing the shapes
                                                  Design Improvements:
                                                  - None

Tray containing       Pieces to    Sample Shape
The shapes            Assemble
        The Story Board – Step 2
Card ready to     On / Off Button
Be slide in       Lights up                       - Upon switching on, the
                                                  games lights up and a
                                                  voice speaks out: “please
                                                  insert shape card”
                                                  - Tray light blinks
                                                  - User is confused about
                                                  what to do. Eventually
                                                  finds out how to slide the
                                                  card in
                                                  Design Improvements:
                                                  - Add color and shape
                                                  code on the game and on
Lights around
                                                  the Cards
The slot follow   Arrows light   Tray Lights up
Color code        up             the pieces       - Add shiny arrow to imply
                                                  pushing card in slot
        The Story Board – Step 3
Card ready to       On / Off Button               Description:
Be slide in         Lights up
                                                  - Card correctly in. “let’s
                                                  start the game”
                                                  - Outline of shape light up
                                                  - Audio and Visual
                                                  feedback when placing
                                                  pieces on board
                                                  - User puts pieces easily
                                                  - User enjoys feedback
                                                  - User is having fun
                                                  Design Improvements:
Shape blink when
Card inserted and                Tray Lights up   - none
Then shines solid                the pieces
       The Story Board – Step 4
                                        - “Good” pieces light up
                                        - Visual and audio
                                        feedback when game
                                        - User confused about
                                        what to do when game
                                        Design Improvements:
                                        - Upon finishing the game,
                                        tray lights up again
                                        - User is prompted to put
Pieces shines                           a new card or wipe the
When properly place   Un-completed      pieces and start again
On the board          Shape lights up
    User Feedback / Improvements

            Shimung                           Marc                “The game is fun to play
“Very fun game indeed! I think “Can I play again? I love it. It’s    intellectually challenging. I
   the system of choosing and     much more entertaining than        enjoyed the flashing lights
   inserting the card can be      the original Tamgram. It is        very much. You should
   improved. Beside that, it      very stimulating for kids and      maybe make the drawer
   rocks!!!”                      for adults alike. Two thumbs       lights up again at the end.
                                  up!”                               Good job!”

        Improvements implemented based on the User testing:
             Color and Shape code on tray and Cards to insert
             Audio indications at the beginning and end of Game

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