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					Support Groups

ABOARD (Advisory Board on Autism and Related Disorders)
35 Wilson Street, Suite 100
Pittsburg, PA 15223
Phone: 800-827-9385
Description of Services: Support for parents of children with autism/autism

Abuse Survivors
411 Walnut Street                 52 E. Broad Street
Allentown, PA 18102               Bethlehem, PA 18018
Phone: 610-435-9651               610-867-3946
Fax: 610-435-9654                 610-867-3948
Description of Services: Support for Abuse Survivors

Adoption From The Heart
2212 Union Blvd.
Allentown, PA 18109
Phone: 610-432-2384
Description of Services: adoptive parents

AIDS Hotline
Phone: 610-974-8700

Asperger’s Syndrome Support Group
St. Luke’s Hospital
Room 1005
Fountain Hill, PA
Phone: 610-882-4046
Description of Services: Call for more information. Meetings held second
Monday at 7:00 pm.

PO Box 533
Lake Villa, IL 60046
Phone: 866-453-8224
Fax: 847-356-7856

Support Groups                                                                107
Description of Services: ATTACH is the Association for Treatment and Training
in the Attachment of Children, is an international coalition of professionals and
families dedicated to helping those with attachment difficulties by sharing our
knowledge, talents and resources.

The August House, Inc.
123 N. 2nd Street
Easton, PA 18042
Phone: 610-253-6501
Description of Services: Offers support to survivors (any age) of sexual abuse,
assault, or harassment by providing counseling and support groups. Staff will
also accompany victims to the hospital or police station.

Autism – Online Support Group

376 Wagon Wheel Trail
Wexford, PA 15090
Phone: 412-377-8778
Description of Services: Information about autism spectrum, support groups, etc.
On line support group and discussion boards.

Blue Mountain Christian Homeschool Group
Contact: Sharon Scheller
Contact: Dawn Marshall
Description of Services: Blue Mountain Christian Homeschoolers is made up of
home schooling families throughout the Greater Lehigh Valley. Their primary
purpose is to share with one another, plus provide support and encouragement.
Throughout the year they have biweekly gym, science, art and creative writing
classes, unit studies, play days, holiday parties, community outreaches and field
trips. There are also support groups meetings, a monthly newsletter and mom’s
night out.

Brain Tumor Support Group
St. Johns Lutheran Church
501 Chestnut Street
Emmaus, PA 18049
Phone: 610-776-2566

Support Groups                                                                 108
Café’ Mom Online Group
Description of Services: Online groups for parents and children who have many
different special needs.

Children of Families in Transition
Florence Child Guidance Center
402 North Fulton Street
Allentown, PA 18102
Phone: 610-432-0521
Description of Services: Support group for children of separation or divorce.

Codependents Anonymous
Phone: 215-333-7775

Defeat Autism Support Group
Phone: 610-929-3812

Depression After Delivery
School of Nursing - Lehigh Valley Hospital
17th & Chew Street
Allentown, PA
Phone: 610-402-3800
Description of Services: Meeting first Wednesday of the month at 7pm.

Eastern PA Down Syndrome Center Support Group
PO Box 60
6900 Hamilton Blvd.
Trexlertown, PA 18087
Phone: 610-402-0184
Fax: 610-402-0132

Eating Disorders Anonymous
Meetings Held At:: Wesley’s UMC
                    2540 Center Street
                    Bethlehem, PA 18017
Phone: 610-694-0140
Contact: Anna at 610-317-2981
Contact: Leslie at 610-905-0161

Support Groups                                                                  109
Description of Services: Fellowship of individuals who share their experience,
strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problems
and help others to recover from their eating disorders.

Emotions Anonymous
PO Box 4245
St. Paul, MN 55104-0245
Phone Local: 610-797-7110
        National: 651-647-9717
Fax: 651-647-1593

Epilepsy Foundation of Southeastern PA
919 Walnut Street
Suite 700
Philadelphia, PA 19107-5237
Phone: 215-629-5003 or 800-887-7165
Fax: 215-629-4997
Fax: 610-435-9654

Feingold Association of the US
554 E. Main Street
Suite 301
Riverhead, NY 11901
Phone: 800-321-3287
Fax: 631-369-2988
Description of Services: Parents Group for Hyperactive/learning Disabled
Children; Chemically Sensitivity-Controlled Diet.

Fibromyalgia Support Group of Sacred Heart Hospital
Phone: 610-776-5992

Gamblers Anonymous
Phone: 610-770-9588
Description of Services: Check website for several different locations.

Support Groups                                                                   110
Grief & Bereavement Center of Lehigh Valley
Phone: 610-776-7266
Description of Services: Support for teens ages 12+ who are dealing with illness
of loss of a loved one
Description of Services: Offers e-mail support groups for the bereaved including
parents, siblings and grandparents. It also offers a wide variety of bereavement
related content including a comprehensive resource guide of bereavement

Head Injury Support Group
Pocono Medical Center
206 E. Brown Street
East Stroudsburg, PA 18301
Phone: 570-476-3460

Healing Works
1644 Walnut Street (Rear)
Allentown, PA 18102
Phone: 610-432-2168
Description of Services: Holiday Blues Grief Group and Power Kids Group for
Obese Children

Helping Hands Parent Networking Group
Lynn Wolf-Tange
832 Radclyffe Street
Bethlehem, PA 18017
Phone: 610-974-9067
Description of Services: An informal networking group for parents of any child
with a special need-regardless of their circumstances

Hepatitis C Support Group of the Lehigh Valley
Sacred Heart Hospital
Medical Plaza Building #325
Room 3 A/B 2nd Floor
4th & Chew Streets
Allentown, PA 18105
Phone: 610-852-4563
Email: thru website
Website: or

Support Groups                                                                   111
Homicide Survivor’s Group
Phone: 610-437-6610
Description of Services: Support for family members or close friends of a
homicide victim.

Huntington’s Disease Support Information
Phone: 610-260-0420 or 877-384-3721 or 610-402-CARE

Jewish Family Services of the Lehigh Valley
Phone: 610-821-8722
Description of Services: Bereavement support group.

JOEY (Just Open Everybody’s Eyes) Online Support Group
Description of Services: Support for parents who have children with behavioral

Kids Together, Inc.
PO Box 45
Quakertown, PA 18951
Description of Services: Volunteer non-profit provides info on inclusive
communicates, education, advocate list serve, email newsletter and website.

La-Leche (breast feeding)
Phone: National 877-4-LALECHE
Description of Services: Check website for local contact information and local
support group info.

Lehigh/Northampton Counseling Service for the Deaf
Phone: 610-432-91148
TTY: 610-866-0940
Description of Services: Sign language classes, interpreters, information and
referral services for hearing impaired.

Lehigh Valley Brain Injury Support Group
Good Shepherd Rehab Hospital
5th & St. John Streets
Allentown, PA 18103
Phone: Bill DeCray 610-432-1619
          Mike Bonner 610-776-3515

Support Groups                                                                   112
Description of Services: Meetings 3rd Thursday of month at 7 pm; primarily
informational, discussion/emotional support happens in context versus planned
into meeting; no social events

Lehigh Valley Fragile X Group
PO Box 37
Walnut Creek, CA 94597
Phone: 800-688-8765
Fax: 925-938-9315
Description of Services: Information through the National Fragile X Foundation.

Lehigh/Northampton Counseling Service for the Deaf
Phone: 610-432-91148
TTY: 610-866-0940
Description of Services: Sign language classes, interpreters, information and
referral services for hearing impaired.

Lehigh Valley Head Trauma Support Group
501 Saint John Street
Allentown, PA
Phone: 610-432-1619

Lehigh Valley Hospital
Cedar Crest & I-78
PO Box 689
Allentown, PA 18105
Phone: 610-402-CARE or 610-402-2273
Description of Services: contact Hospital for additional information and groups
       Adolescent Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance of the Lehigh
       Are you feeling anxious, fearful or panicked? Do you have bouts of
       depression or suicidal thoughts? You’re not alone. Find support through
       this group

       AIDS Services Center
       Tailored for men, this group will provide support and strength for you to
       cope with your disease

       ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease) Resource Group
       Patients, family members and caregivers are welcome to this resource
       group. Feel free to share your experiences, resources and ideas

Support Groups                                                                     113
       Alzheimer’s Disease
       Are you or someone you love in the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease or
       another form of dementia? Get the support and education you desire with
       this support group

       Amputee Support Group
       Have you or a loved one had an amputation? This group will assist you
       and your family with the life changes that accompany an amputation

       Bereavement Support Group
       Dealing with the loss of a loved one is a very difficult time. This group
       provides support for adults and teens who are grieving.

       Bereavement Workshop
       An eight-week workshop that meets in the spring and fall that can help you
       come to terms with the loss of your loved one.

       Brain Tumor Foundation of the Lehigh Valley
       Receive the support and education you need to cope with your brain

       Cancer – Adolescents (Camelot for Children
       Is your child having a hard time dealing with your or your husband’s
       cancer? This group is geared for children ages 12-18.

       Cancer – Adolescents
       Coping with a diagnosis of cancer is difficult for anyone to handle. This
       group recognizes the special needs of cancer patients ages 10-16.
       Families are welcome to join us.

       Cancer – Exercise for Energy
       Manage your fatigue and boost your energy and mood with exercises
       you’ll learn during these meetings.

       Cancer – Fatigue Management
       Learn how you can combat fatigue during and after cancer treatments.

       Cancer – First Steps: Cancer Services Orientation Program
       Starting cancer treatments can be a scary time for you and your loved
       ones. This program will familiarize you with what to expect. For patients,
       partners, families and friends.

       Cancer- Gynecological Support and Outreach Program
       Are you dealing with ovarian, uterine or another gynecological cancer?
       This group can help you and your family thought his difficult time.

Support Groups                                                                     114
       Cancer – Lymphedema Prevention and Management
       This group will help you minimize your risk for lympedema or cope with
       your diagnosis

       Cancer – Men Facing Cancer
       If you have prostate, bladder or genitourinary cancer, this discussion
       group for men can help you talk about your fears and concerns. Partners
       and friends are welcome

       Cancer – Preparing for Breast Cancer Surgery
       Learn what to expect after surgery and how to better prepare through

       Cancer – Self-Help Group for Individuals with Cancer
       Identify new problems that may be interfering with your peace of mind.
       Learn coping skills and receive group support. This group meets every
       Tuesday evening for nine weeks.

       Cancer – Support of Survivors (SOS)
       Take an active role in your recovery. Get the support and encouragement
       you need through our 024-hour telephone line staffed by breast cancer
       survivors. Call 610-102-4767
       Cancer – Women’s High Risk Support Group
       If you’re at a high risk for cancer and want tot talk to other women in the
       same situation, this monthly support group can help.

       Caregivers (Well Spouse Group)
       If you are caring for a spouse, family member of friend with chronic,
       disabling illnesses, this group is for you.

       Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) aka better
       Breather’s Club
       If you have COPD, this group offers occasional speakers, the opportunity
       to share, education and fun.

       Crohn’s Disease, Ulcerative Colitis
       This group provides you with inpidual support and education if you’re
       suffering from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), Crohn’s disease or colitis.

       Compassionate Friends
       Have you lost a child? This support group is for parents and siblings to
       help you through this most difficult time in your life.

       Depression After Delivery Support Group

Support Groups                                                                      115
       If you have postpartum depression, this group provides you with an
       opportunity to share your experiences and offer suggestions to other

       Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance of the Lehigh Valley
       Get help and educate yourself about depression and bipolar disorder.
       This group is tailored for adults and adolescents with these diseases.

       Diabetes – Adult Support Group
       Meet with other adults with diabetes to learn how to manage your

       Diabetes – Children – Sugar-Free Kids
       This fun support group for children ages 5-12 with type 1 diabetes
       includes meetings, filed trips and various activities. Families are welcome.

       Easting Disorders Anonymous
       Come share your experiences, strength and hope with others.

       You need to cope with this debilitating disease.

       Gastric Bypass
       Are you considering or have you had gastric bypass surgery? Talk with
       others who have had the surgery at this support group.

       Heart Health (WomanHeart Support Group)
       Join other women and empower yourselves to fight against heart disease.

       Living with HIV/AIDS is so difficult. This group for those afflicted with
       these conditions can provide you the support you need.

       Hospice Support Group
       Has a loved one of yours recently passed away? This group provides
       support, education and fellowship for those going through similar times.

       Insulin Pumper’s Support Group
       This group is open to pump users and their families, as well as other
       people with diabetes who would like to learn more about insulin pump

       Lehigh Valley Chapter of the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition
       Has ovarian cancer touched your life? This group promotes education,
       awareness and advocacy for women with ovarian cancer.

Support Groups                                                                     116
       Do you have lupus? Get support and education to manage your disease.

       Lyme Disease Support Group
       Meet with this support group to discuss symptoms, testing, the latest
       treatments and prevention

       Miscarriage and Stillbirth (SHARE)
       Share your experiences with other parents who have lost their babies.

       Multiple Sclerosis (MS)
       If you’re living with MS, this group can provide you with exercises,
       relaxation techniques, education and support.

       National Multiple Sclerosis Groups
       Another option for people living with MS< this group provides support and
       education to help you cope with your disease.

       New Directions
       Share your experiences with others suffering from IADS/HIV>

       Obsessive Compulsive Disorders (Obsessive Compulsives
       This 12-step program can help you deal with this disorder.

       Parenting – Breastfeeding (Monday Morning Moms)
       Breastfeeding can be one of the most beautiful moments you’ll ever enjoy.
       Get support and education for breastfeeding successfully.

       Parenting – Mothers of Twins
       Whether you’re pregnant with twins or already delivered, this group
       includes support, activities, speakers and an equipment exchange for
       mothers of twins and multiples.

       Parenting – Single Parents (Parents without Partners)
       If you’re a single parent, you aren’t alone. Find friendship with other single
       parents and their children.

       Parkinson’s Disease Support Group
       If you are a newly diagnosed or long-term patient, this support group
       offers a forum for your problems and concerns. Families, friends and
       caregivers are welcome.

       Partner Support Group
       Learn how to cope when someone you love is suffering from an illness or

Support Groups                                                                    117
       Sight Loss Discussion Group
       The loss of any amount of sight can be a frightening experience. This
       group can help you deal with your feelings.

       Stroke Support Group
       Did you or a loved one suffer a stroke? This support group provides
       education and speakers to help you learn more about your illness.

       Are you awaiting a transplant or have already had your surgery? This
       group provides you with education and support you need. Families are
       also welcome.

Lehigh Valley Mothers of Twins
Phone: 610-799-0804

Lehigh Valley Parents Group for Hard of Hearing Children
Phone: 610-865-4868

Lehigh Valley Parents of Blind Children
Phone: 610-253-8446

Lehigh Valley Renaissance
Metropolitan Community Church of the Lehigh Valley
Whitehall & 4th Streets
Allentown, PA 18102
Mailing Address: PO Box 157
                   Trexlertown, PA 18087
Phone: 610-814-0530 or 610-814-0531
Description of Services: Support for transsexuals and crossdressers

Lehigh Valley Polio Survivors Group
Phone: 610-866-8092

Lehigh Valley Sickle Cell Anemia Support Group
Phone: 610-706-0636

Lehigh Valley Transplant Support Group
Phone: 610-402-8506 or 610-402-CARE

Living With Loss

Support Groups                                                                 118
Phone: 888-499-2699
Locations: Jordan United Church in South Whitehall Township and Christ
Lutheran Church in Hellertown.
Description of Services: Support and discussion groups to assist those grieving
the death of a loved one. Provides a forum for attendees to share experiences,
learn coping skills and understand the emotions that surface when suffering a

Loving, Caring, Sharing Drop-In Center for Mental Health Consumers
65 Tacoma Street
Allentown, PA 18103
Phone: 610-437-7919

Lyme Disease Support Group
Phone: 610-767-7964 or 215-529-9456 or 610-402-CARE

MADD (mothers Against Drunk Drivers)
Northestern Affilate Office
1216 Carbon Street
Reading, PA 19601
Phone: 610-372-2653 or 800-988-5705

Mentors for Self Determination
1414 North Cameron Street, Suite B
Harrisburg, PA 17103
Phone: 814-547-1577 or 724-813-5702 or 877-233-2008
Fax: 814-382-7735
Description of Services: Statewide group for people with disabilities and families.
Offers trainings, technical assistance and support thru mentoring.

PO Box 450
Mechanicsburg, PA 17055
Phone: 717-730-2020
Contact: Sharon Smith
Description of Services: Support./education/advocacy for parents of children
involved with drugs.

Support Groups                                                                  119
Multiple Sclerosis Society of Lehigh Valley
Phone: 610-559-9327 or 610-402-CARE

Muscular Dystrophy Association
5940 Hamilton Blvd. #F
Allentown, PA 18106
Phone: 610-391-1977
Fax: 610-391-0416

National Autism Society of America
Lehigh Valley:    PO Box 90448
                  Allentown, PA 18109
Phone: 610-788-9212
Website: or

National Multiple Sclerosis Society
One Reed Street, Suite 200
Philadelphia, PA 19147
Phone: 215-271-1500 or 800-548-4611 or 800-344-4867

Non-Offending Parents Support Group
1130 Walnut Street
Allentown, PA 18101
Phone: 610-433-0148
Contact: Ann Friedenhiem
Description of Services: Support for the parent who did not abuse the child, day
and evening groups

Older Adult Depression
Phone: 610-954-3012

Online Chat Support Group
Contact: Diane Soucy
Description of Services: Group is for parents who are raising children with
special needs

Overeaters Anonymous

Support Groups                                                                120
2136 Liberty Street
Allentown, PA 18104
Phone: 610-435-2736
Website: or
Description of Services: Information and support for overeaters. Other locations
available check websites.

PA Families, Inc.
538 Spruce Street
Suite 420
Scranton, PA 18503
Phone: 570-961-1234 (24 hours)
Description of Services: Self Help Information Network Exchange provides info
and referral to support groups in northeastern PA, sponsors workshops and
special events for self-help advocates

Parenting Class, The
Project Child
2200 West Broad St.
Bethlehem, PA 18018
Phone: 610-691-1200
Description of Services: General skills open to all parents year round, special
needs also. Facilitator licensed psychologist with experience in special needs

Parenting Strategies
Phone: 610-954-1355
Description of Services: meets the 2nd Wednesday of every month in the Pricilla
Payne Hurd Education Center 7 – 8 pm

Parenting Support Committee of Lehigh Valley
1355 Turner Street
Allentown, PA 18102
Phone: 610-769-4111 dial 9 then enter 1899
Description of Services: Parents or caregivers of children with special needs.
Contact for specific dates and times of meetings.

Parents/Caregivers of Sexually Abused Children
Crime Victims Council
801 Hamilton Street

Support Groups                                                                    121
Allentown, PA 18101
Phone: 610-437-6610 (Allentown)
        610-250-6313 (Easton)

Parents Without Partners
PO Box 302
Emmaus, PA 18049-0302
Phone: 610-398-3875
Description of Services: Single parents

Parkinson’s of the Lehigh Valley
Phone: 610-868-3510 or 610-402-CARE

Pediatric Oncology Support Group
Phone: 610-791-5683

Penn State Extension
Lehigh County Agricultural Center
4184 Dorney Park Road
Allentown, PA 18104
Phone: 610-391-9840
Fax: 610-391-0683
Description of Services: Provides educational programs at low cost or no cost to
organizations/support groups that request workshops. Office hours 8 am – 4:30

Pennsylvania Family Support Alliance
Programs for Women and Families
1030 Walnut Street
Allentown, PA 18102
Phone: 610-433-6556
Description of Services: Parent support and trainings for raising children.

Pennsylvania Parents and Caregivers Resource Network
PO Box 4336
Harrisburg, PA 17111
Phone: 717-561-0098 or 888-205-4915

Support Groups                                                                122
Description of Services: Statewide cross-disability group supports parents and
caregivers, helps families from local groups and network with other parents.

PFLAG (Parents, Family and Friends of Lesbians and Gays)
PO Box 403
Macungie, PA 18062
Phone: 610-967-5219
Fax: 610-967-6488

Phoebe Home Sandwiched Generation
1925 Turner Street
Allentown, PA 18104
Phone: 610-435-9037 or 800-453-8814

Phoenix Society for Burn Survivors
1835R W. Berends Drive SW
Grand Rapids, MI 49519-4955
Phone: 610-402-8733 or 800-888-2876
Fax: 616-458-2831

Project Rachel
900 S. Woodward Street
Allentown, PA 18104
Phone: 866-3RACHEL
Description of Services: Post abortion reconciliation and healing support group.

Ryan’s Tree
PO Box 20172
Lehigh Valley, PA 18002-0172
Phone: 610-502-2955
Description of Services: Support for children and teens, ages 3 to 18, who are
grieving the loss of a loved one, adult and caregiver groups run concurrently with
the children’s program.

Seasons of Change
College Hill Moravian Church
72 W. Laurel Street
Bethlehem, PA

Support Groups                                                                 123
Phone: 610-954-1100
Description of Services: Meets 2nd Monday or each month from 7-9 pm. Call for
information on the bereavement support group.

Second Time Around
384 Carey Avenue
Wilkes-Barre, PA 18702
Phone: 570-819-0814
Description of Services: Support group for grandparents and others raising

Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous
Phone: 610-820-8585

Sexaholics Anonymous
Phone: 610-682-9622

SHARE of the Lehigh Valley
Phone: 610-285-4252
Description of Services: For parents who have experienced loss through
miscarriage, stillbirth, or early infant death.

SHINE (Self Help Information Network Exchange)
538 Spruce Street, Suite 420
Scranton, PA 18503
Phone: 570-9631-134 (24 hours)
Description of Services: Provides information and referral to support groups in
NEPA. Sponsors workshops and events for self-help advocates.

SPARK (Supportive Parental Assistance Raising Kids)
Phone: 610-559-1004

St. Luke’s Hospital
For people who chose to termination of pregnancy call 610-954-3900 or 610-954-
For people who experienced perinatal/miscarriage loss call 610-954-3024.

Statewide Family Network
Phone: 800-947-4941

Support Groups                                                                    124
Email: Through website
Description of Services: PFI is a statewide network that shares the common
concerns about children and their special needs, brings groups together and
uses the power of all families to bring about change in the community, county
and state. Call or email for current list.

PA Tourette Syndrome Association
132 West Midlle Street
Gettysburg, PA 17325
Phone: 717-337-1134 or 800-990-3300
Description of Services: Advocates will do IEP for any child diagnosed with
tourettes in any county in PA

Pennsylvania Family Support Alliance
2001 North Front Street
Building 1, Suite210
Harrisburg, PA 17102
Phone: 717-238-0937 or 800-448-4906
Fax: 717-238-4315
Email: From website
Description of Services: Our goal at PFSA is to provide services of the
highest quality to parents, caretakers, professionals and members of
our affiliated network..

Program for Women and Families
1030 Walnut Street
Allentown, PA 18102
Phone: 610-433-6556
Description of Services: Parent support and trainings for raising children.

Recovery, Inc.
Phone: 610-282-3908
Website: www.recovery-inc,com
Description of Services: Mental health support

SEAS Support Group
Bethlehem, PA
Phone: Kimberly Heinrichs 610-706-0664
Phone: Kate Budlong 610-749-0332

Support Groups                                                                  125
Description of Services: Support and Education for Asperger’s Syndrome,
meetings in Bethlehem

Sensory Integration Parent Support Group
3440 Hamilton Blvd.
Allentown, PA 18104
Phone: 610-821-0123
Description of Services: Support for sensory integration dysfunction issues.

Sleep Disorders Group
(Through Sacred Heart Hospital Sleep Disorders Center)
421 Chew Street
Allentown, PA 18102
Phone: 610-776-5336

Special Needs Group of Warren Hospital
185 Roseberry Street
Phillipsburg, NJ
Phone: 908-859-8834
Description of Services: Hosted by the Occupational Therapy Dept.; Call for
dates, times and topics

Survivors of Suicide (SOS)
411 Walnut Street
Allentown, PA
Phone: 610-435-9651
Description of Services: Support for family members or close friends of a suicide
victim. The group meets on the first and third Mondays of each month from 7-
8:30 pm.

Teen and Adolescent Decision Making/Anger Management Group/Class
Banko Family Community Center
Lehigh Valley Hospital-Muhlenberg
2545 Schoenersville Road
Bethlehem, PA 18017
Phone: 610-402-care
Cost: there is a fee, however most insurances are accepted
Description of Services: Focuses on positive conflict resolution, mood
assessment, and decision making, and developing assertive communication
skills. Also deals with choosing friends, and dealing with authority figures.

Support Groups                                                                  126
Teen Grief and Bereavement
Camelot for Children
2354 W. Emmaus Avenue
Allentown, PA 18103
Phone: 610-776-7266
Description of Services: Teens (12 years of age and older) meet with a
professional as a group or individually in an informal session to develop
understanding and sills to deal effectively with illness or loss of a loved one.

TEEN Suicide Hotline
Phone: 800-784-2433 or 800-273-8255
TTY: 800-799-4889
Description of Services: TeenCentral.Net is a prevention and intervention
resource for teens and is dedicated to improving the lives of all youth by
providing emotional support and appropriate references in a safe Web
environment where identity is protected and anonymity is respected.

Valley Wide Help
Phone: 610-435-7111
Description of Services: Information on various support groups.

Widowed of Reading, Allentown, and Pottsville
Phone: 610-435-1541
Description of Services: Support group for widowers

Support Groups                                                                     127

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