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									      Creative Writing, ______: Strange Blessings

   Texts: Rosario Castellanos and “Tea and Cheese in Turkey” by Alice Waters

 “The mechanics of my relationships with other beings…are neither sublime nor
tragic. Perhaps, a bit ridiculous. We have to laugh. Because laughter, we already
                      know, is the first evidence of freedom.”
                                Rosario Castellanos

Many students in this class have written about what they don't have
while they're in jail, or about how they don't feel free. What are some of the ways
you can maintain your freedom while you're here? What has made you laugh, for
example? Or who has treated you kindly?
How do you write about these “strange blessings”—the kind of stories that
contain equal amounts of good and bad? How do you find and express the good
in what seems like a bad story?

Activity: Read and discuss the Castellanos quote and “Tea and Cheese in

Writing prompt(s): Choose one of the following.

          Write about a time when someone was unexpectedly kind to you, or
           when you showed kindness to someone else unexpectedly.

          Write about something or someone that has made you laugh while you
           were here in TCJC. Or write about a different time when laughter
           showed up as a “strange blessing,” the good in the middle of the bad.

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