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					Volume 9 • Issue 1                         Wake Technical Community College, Raleigh, North Carolina                                                      Spring 2006

Growth Driving
Change on Campuses                                             Black History Month Around the Triangle
(Editor’s Note: Wake Tech President Stephen Scott spoke       (Editor’s Note: From covering events on and off campus, to writing about the death of Coretta Scott King,
recently about the college’s development and future.)         Wake Tech students took part in observances of Black History Month. Their stories are below.)

By Monica Zabczynska
                                                              Wake Tech Welcomes State Representative
T    he Millpond campus opened
     in August 2005, and accord-
ing to Wake Tech President Dr.
                                                              By Ericka Griffin

Stephen Scott, it has exceeded all
     With enrollment surpassing
                                                              R    ep. Bernard Allen (D-Dist. 33) of the N.C. General Assembly proclaimed proudly during a Jan. 17
                                                                   celebration of Civil Rights Movement leader Dr. Martin Luther King that he once participated in
                                                              sit-in demonstrations in Raleigh.
1,200 day students and 2,300                                       Referencing a News and Observer article in which people were asked their views on King and his
continuing education students, the facility has already       contribution to the nation, Allen said many remain divided.
maxed out its parking, a familiar theme to faculty, staff          African Americans are still often displaced in communities, and this is an injustice, Allen said, noting
and students.                                                 King fought against injustice.
     On main campus, Scott assures there are negotia-             “Everyone conserve ... give back to your community,” he said during his remarks.
tions under way, however, there is nothing concrete
to report yet. No new buildings are expected on                                                                                                      —continues on page 2
main campus for some time, though the extension of
Interstate-540 may be a catalyst for a surge of main
campus enrollment.
     Scott confirmed the college is negotiating the          Woodward Looks at Journalism Career
campus bookstore contract, as it does every time the
agreement expires, and said the cost of materials to        By Monica Zabczynska
students is a primary concern.
     However, summer term tuition is rising, he said.
With no funding provided by the General Assembly
for summer classes, Scott explained, many students will
                                                            H     is 30-year career spans seven presidencies, 10 bestselling non-fiction novels and two Pulitzer Prizes. Today,
                                                                  Bob Woodward is the assistant managing editor of The Washington Post. However, he is best known for
                                                            uncovering the Watergate scandal that led to President Richard Nixon’s resignation in the early 70s.
find they encounter the term “self-supporting” and a              With partner journalist Carl Bernstein, Woodward uncovered illegal activities of the Nixon administration,
cost of $60 per credit hour. By increasing the regular      as well as the Republican Re-election Committee. The scandal resurfaced in May 2005 when Deep Throat,
session credit hour cost from $39.50, the college can       Woodward’s anonymous source for the story who remained unnamed for 30 years, revealed himself as top FBI
offer summer classes, even though it will operate at        official Mark Felt.
a loss.                                                          Woodward has been recognized by many as the journalist who has spent the most time with President
     In addition to funding fall and spring semester,       George W. Bush. While investigating for his subsequent book that covers Bush’s second term, Woodward met
the General Assembly sets tuition limits for colleges.      with the president with hopes of finding out why he chose to go to war in Iraq.
Offering “self-supporting” courses allows a community            When he spoke at the University of North Carolina Kenan-Flagler Business School in mid-January, Woodward
college to raise the cost, and as with Wake Tech, use       talked about what is at the “emotional center of what’s going on in this country” and described the Bush in-
the majority of the summer tuition to cover instruc-        terviews as “an excavation of the road he walked.”
tor salaries.                                                    Woodward praised the president for actually meeting with him, giving him credit for doing something that
     The move to two five-week “self-supporting” ses-        former presidents Clinton and Bush Sr. would not have done. Although he was looking for answers about the
sions began three years ago when Wake Tech was faced        war, Woodward found that as the interviews went on, it turned into an “unusual look into [the president’s]
with the dilemma of offering no summer school, Scott        mind.”
said. The college decided it could offer classes at an           Noting Bush’s most comfortable moment as when he spoke of a “higher father,” Woodward reminded the
increased, but reasonable, price in order to continue       audience of hearing this during the Presidential Debates. He speculated that this openness about Bush’s belief
in the tradition of providing educational convenience       system is what won him the “prayer vote” in the election, essentially appealing to religious voters.
for a diverse student body.                                      When asked how he felt history would judge the Iraq war, Woodward said Bush told him, “We won’t
     To reach that diverse population, he said, the new     know, we’ll all be dead.”
North Campus is well under way and set to begin                   He observed this as a profound point, referring to the presidencies of Gerald Ford and Harry S. Truman.
classes this fall. Located on 401 North near Capital        He noted that at the time they were not praised for decisions they made, but looking back, he reviews them as
Boulevard and its intersection with I-540, the proj-        good presidents. Woodward reiterated that “the way things look now may look different in 20 years.”
ect is being constructed in three phases. Phase I is on          After his speech drew intermittent laughs, as well as nods of accord, Woodward allowed for some audience
schedule, Scott said.                                       questions. He admitted that he wished he had pressed the president about one issue during the interview: He
     Something new in design is that, rather than each      would have liked to find out more about where the president’s father, a former president himself, has come
building having its own heating and cooling system,         into play during key decision making.
the new campus will include a regional energy plant,             Asked what he found to be the most important characteristic for a president, after having reported on
he said. One building will provide climate control for      so many, Woodward responded, “Above all, courage.” He stressed that this also means the courage to admit
the whole campus via underground pumps.                     wrong-doing, believing an evaluation of Bush’s courage will be “central to evaluating his presidency.”
     Construction of Phase II may fall behind, Scott             In response to a question about today’s media not reporting enough government wrong-doing, Woodward
said, because funds for Phase II had to be used for         replied that the demise of democracy would be “secret government” and that “we in journalism are pushing
Phase I. Hopefully, he said, funds will be replenished      against secret government.”
for the completion of Phase III.                                 Woodward was challenged on his lack of coverage of Vice President Dick Cheney and Secretary of State
     All this is in keeping with the primary focus of       Donald Rumsfield, and he jokingly replied that it would be “easier to describe the creation of the universe,”
Wake Tech of “instruction and economic develop-             but promised that he planned on investigating them more for his next book.
ment,” he said.                                                                                                                                         —continues on page 4
2 The Voice

Hermit’s Corner
                                                                   Black History Month
Like it Or Not, I’m Going
to Break Out of This Shell                                        “Matriarch” of Civil Rights Movement Dies in Mexico
By Durand McCall
                                                                   By Kelly Krueger

I   ’m a hermit. No need for me to lie. I mean, yeah,
    I go to school and have a little part-time job, but
as far as an active social life, asking me if I have one is       C     oretta Scott King, 78, wife of slain civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., died early Jan.
like asking a blind man to drive you home.                             She had been seeking alternative cancer treatment at the Santa Monica Health Institute in Rosarito
      If I’m not participating in one of the before-               Beach, Mexico.
mentioned, most likely I’m in my two-bedroom apart-                    Often referred to as the “Matriarch” of the Civil Rights Movement, Mrs. King began her work to-
ment, watching the Jamie Foxx show, eating a bowl                  ward equal rights and world peace long before being introduced to the man who became her husband
of Fruit Loops. Some life. The only way to even get a              in 1953, while both were students.
breath of fresh air is to check the mail.                              After graduation the following year, the young couple moved to Montgomery, Ala., where Dr. King
      Why go to the mall? I don’t have any money.                  was assigned to his first congregation. The quiet life as a minister’s wife was not in Mrs. King’s future.
Well, maybe a few dollars, but not enough to buy that                  She not only supported her husband in the Civil Rights Movement, but was his equal partner and
Rockawear velour suit with the matching pair of Air                confidant, sharing the same ideals and beliefs.
Force Ones. Parties? I don’t think so. I don’t know if                 Since the assassination of her husband in 1968, she had been an international leader and outspoken
I’ll know more than 10 percent of the people there,                advocate for equal rights and world peace, working tirelessly for social and political issues worldwide and
and if I do, will they be friends or enemies? Nights to            receiving more than 60 honorary degrees and honors in recognition of her work.
the club? The last time I even went to a club was about
a year ago, and if I even went inside now, it would be
after sitting in my car getting drunk and thinking to             Triangle Residents Gather to Remember King
myself how much I really don’t want to go.
      Even out in public, I can see how I still stay in my         By Latasha Johnson
shell. In school, I see it with the way I associate with
people, times that I may want to speak, but am too
consumed in wondering what the person thinks of me
to even give proper eye contact to carry on a comfort-
                                                                  T     he area celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s life began with a Jan. 20 prayer breakfast at the
                                                                        Sheraton Hotel at the Research Triangle Park. A Community Day of Service followed, opening with
                                                                   the 25th Annual MLK march.
able conversation. Or, the strong desire to answer that                  We started at the monument area in downtown Raleigh and ended several blocks away at the Meymendi
question the teacher is asking, but too scared to make             Concert Hall at the Progressive Energy Center for the Performing Arts.
an attempt for fear of standing out.                                     There were supporters of many races who took part in the march. Some carried billboards of the late
      At work, I have noticed, as well as have my co-              Rosa Parks, an early Civil Rights worker who died Oct. 25, 2005, and Dr. King. As we marched through
workers, that I much prefer to do the jobs that don’t              the streets of downtown Raleigh, Negro spirituals were sung.
require a lot of interaction. Too afraid that I’ll be seen,              This was my first march ever and I was delighted to be able to share such a wonderful experience
I choose to stay in my shell and just carry on in life.            with others. What touched me the most was seeing so many young people with their parents and family
There is something about social gatherings that never              members.
really seems to sit well with me. I think that part of                   It was so important to see that because many young African American males and females know very
the reason is that I simply like to stay to myself some-           little about Dr. King and the “Negro” struggle. I hope one day I will be able to take my children to
times. But there is another issue: I have a lack of self-          events that celebrate the legacy of those who made contributions to the African American race.
      Ironically so, I feel that I have quite a few qualities
that should make me fairly head-over-heels about my-
self. I’ve been told that I’m fairly handsome, intelligent,
kind and outgoing. So what is the problem? It wasn’t
until I realized and accepted some of these things that I
started to have more happiness. I began to realize that
                                                                Wake Tech Students Share Tales of Discrimination
I like myself, but not as much as I should, and that I
                                                                By Geanice Gee
am special and have great qualities and great ideas, and
I should make myself heard like the next man.
      I mean, think about it. If I don’t like myself, who
will? Don’t get me wrong. It’s an ongoing process.
Every day I’m learning, realizing, finding myself more
                                                                F   or centuries, people have faced discrimination of
                                                                    all forms. It may have been because of their age,
                                                                who they date or dated, race, how they look, talk,
                                                                                                                                 “I told the police officer what happened,” he said.
                                                                                                                            “He looked at me and acted like he didn’t believe
and more. I realize that I, too, make mistakes and am           walk, act in public, or dress. The list can go on non-           That’s not what upset Perry, however. He feels the
not perfect. I realize I will do wrong because I am             stop.                                                       officer was acting this way because of his looks.
human, and everyone will not like me, and there are                  What people need to realize, say many Wake Tech             “After I got everything together, the officer
some people who I am just not going to be bothered              students, is that everyone is created equal and everyone    wouldn’t give me a ride home or take me to the emer-
with. People are going to say things about me that I            should be treated with respect.                             gency room,” he said. “He was not trying to help me
may not like, but if it is the truth, I will take it and             Tia Bethea, a pharmacy technician, believes dis-       at all; then he had the nerve to leave me in the middle
try to grow from it. If it is not true, I will classify it as   crimination is wrong and unnecessary.                       of nowhere and I had to walk home.”
ignorance and simply not be bothered.                                “I feel that you shouldn’t base your opinions on            Thaddeus Jackson works part-time at Burger King
      That’s right. There’s a lot of opportunity out there,     race, appearance, sex or age,” she said, describing a       and told a story of profiling.
and I’m going to figure out how to break out of this             situation where it took place. “One time when I went               “I was accused and arrested for stealing a lawn-
shell and be a part of it.                                      to the store, this one lady, who worked at the store,       mower ... and got in trouble for doing a good deed,”
                                                                followed me around, until I came up to the register,        he said. “I know for a fact that this situation was dis-
                                                                and paid for my items.”                                     crimination because I had braids in my hair, a long
      The Voice                                                      Bethea tried to avoid the conflict.                     black tee on, baggy pants and, of course, Tim’s.”
                                                                     “Then once I paid for my items, the lady said,              Perry believes he was arrested because of how he
      Co-Editors                                                ‘please come back again,’ in a hateful way,” she said.      looked and the way in which he was dressed.
       Lauren Kennedy                                                Phillip McKoy, who works at Wal-Mart, has faced             Even the witness to the incident “said that I was
       Brittany Marshall                                        discrimination on two occasions.                            trying to steal the lawnmower,” he said. “You can’t
                                                                     “When I walked into a store one day to buy some        believe everything you see.”
      Staff Writers                                             cigarettes, a man who worked there wouldn’t allow me             Lucy Mendoza faced discrimination last fall at the
       Kathrine Cays                                            to get any,” he said. “I showed him my ID a hundred         North Carolina State Fair.
       Geanice Gee                                              times before, but this time he pretended as if he didn’t         “When I went to the fair, a guy was talking to me
       Ericka Griffin                                            remember me.”                                               in Spanish, because he thought I didn’t know English,”
       Latasha Johnson                                               Another time, McKoy was seeking employment.            Mendoza said.
       Kelly Krueger                                                 “I was trying to work at McDonalds, and the man-            He wasn’t trying to hold a conversation with her;
       Durand McCall                                            ger told me I had to cut all my hair off,” he said.         he was telling her what she couldn’t do, she said.
       Reginald Summers                                              McKoy was against the idea and said he feels he             “Then he told me I couldn’t go into a building,
       Monica Zabcynska                                         could work other places that require less.                  because I wouldn’t understand what they were talking
                                                                     Akendra Simmons recalls a time when she was            about,” she said.
      The Voice is a publication of the students of             belittled.                                                       Mendoza was highly offended
      Wake Tech Community College.                                   “I was living in Green Castle apartments with my            “The man made me feel low because he assumed
          9101 Fayetteville Road                                mother; then after a while we realized that we were the     that I didn’t know English because I’m Hispanic,”
          Raleigh, NC 27603                                     only African Americans in the complex,” she said.           she said.
          Phone: 919-662-3128                                        When she would go outside, the people in the                Even loved ones sometimes discriminate, said
          Email: vsbarile@waketech.edu                          complex would stare at her, like she was out of her         Jennifer Peachee.
          Faculty Advisor: Suzy Barile                          element and once she was called a derogatory name.               Because her boyfriend is half Mexican American,
                                                                     “That’s where I feel the discrimination took place,”   her religious family and friends don’t agree with her
      We welcome your news and views. Please                    she said. “No one has ever called me that name before       relationship and feel that she should date someone of
      sign your name to submissions and include                 and it really offended me personally.”                      the same nationality and religion as she.
      a telephone number or email address where                      Derrick Perr y, who works for Cheeburger                    “They tell me all the time that I’m a disappoint-
      you may be reached.                                       Cheeburger, said he once was involved in a car acci-        ment and that Jesus is not going to save my soul,”
                                                                dent where discrimination took place.                       she said.
                                                                                                                                                               The Voice       3

Like Sands Through the Hour-Glass,                                                                                            Life is Abundant
So Are the Days of Our Lives                                                                                                  By Kathrine Cays
By Anna Mullins
                                                                                                                              Angel’s trumpet

W       hen I pour myself out of bed in the morning and
        dribble myself, Terminator 2, puddle-of-mercury
style into the kitchen to absorb energy in any form
                                                             to sit on my lap while we watched said Creek, I’d push
                                                             him away and then give him my pre-prepared thesis
                                                             on how, even though we were eternal soul mates,
                                                                                                                              A soft apricot head, lifted by the breeze
                                                                                                                              Shuffling against leaves.
available (other than sunlight), I always manage to hit      he was stifling my creativity. I needed my space. I               A song of beauty.
the remote on my way past. Let it not be said that I         needed to go find myself in PARIS!! I watched this                Seen in a reflection of your eye.
don’t watch enough Television.                               show when it originally aired. I even forced my little           You watch the blooms fade and die.
      Watching daytime TV does something to your             brother to watch it, too, and watching it again caused
vocabulary, the way you perceive reality, and generally      great concern. Did I commit an unforgivable sin? I               More of these flowers will come
your idea of what counts as a “good time.” For exam-         called him up on the telephone.                                  Turn the soil, anticipate their arrival
ple, after an embarrassingly long stint of watching the           “Hiya Edd, how’s it going?”                                 Quiet and waiting for me.
daytime soaps, I suddenly found myself taking things              “S’ok I suppose. Me an-”                                    Like our unity.
very seriously. It was as if I’d been locked inside a             “Yeah, whatever, look, I’ve been thinking.”
Cold War experiment for 21 years. Released, I was                 “Are you sure?”                                             Take the fruit of the rose
suspicious of everything around me. Oh, you want                  “Sometimes. Anyway, remember Dawson’s                       and a breath.
me to PAY for this bus ride do you? And I suppose            Creek?”                                                          Your blue sky eyes shine into mine
that’s all you want, huh? Yeah, right. And I’d throw              “I try not to.”                                             to dance
the money at the bus driver guy. Ok, maybe that one               “Look, I just wanted to say—I’m sorry about
was because I, along with the rest of America, God           that.”                                                           and say good night,
bless her, hate the bus with the burning point of no              “That’s ok.”                                                Before we rise for the new day,
return that one might only experience when entering               “Really?”                                                   and life is abundant.
the gravitational field of a black hole. Regardless, I             “Well, I mean, it wasn’t as bad as Renegade: The            Lost for some time,
longed for controversy and was even tempted to cause         Series.”
a little myself just so that I could enter rooms and              “Oh yeah...wow. What were we thinking eh?”                  Until coming home
say things like, “CARLOS, NOOOO!!!! She’s your               and I punctuated this with a patent pending chuckle              To the rose fruit and angel trumpet
SISTER!!!”                                                   attempting to include him in my crimes against hu-               Rising from the soil.
      Or steal someone’s baby. I suddenly felt the urge      manity.                                                          And you and I toil our days
to pretend I was pregnant at the exact same time                  “Or Highlander: The Series or Party of Five or
someone else was and then STEAL her baby once                Baywatch or Saved By The Bell or…” He was no lon-                until we are old.
she gave birth. I am quite thankful that I have never        ger listening to me, lost amid the painful memories. I
had the discipline to gain the qualifications necessary       respected his fearless approach to helping me apolo-
to enable me to work in a hospital. With no pregnant         gize, but I was busy. Really. I’m a busy girl.
friends around, I would surely have abused the posi-              We hung up, he promising to call me with more
                                                                                                                                           Club News
tion and swapped people’s babies around just for the         bad television shows I had beamed into our minds
comfort the knowledge of their future grand reunions         via my conductor’s stick, the remote control, and I          ANS
would provide.                                               secretly vowing to buy him a Dawson’s Creek box-set
       Of course, the Holy Grail of soap-style events
would have been to mysteriously lose my memory. I
                                                             for Christmas.
                                                                  I sat staring at the blank television. It was late in
                                                                                                                          I  f you are a nursing student and have not checked
                                                                                                                             out what is happening at the Association of Nursing
                                                                                                                          Students (ANS) monthly meetings, listen up. First-
tried to bribe my friends: “Look, just hit me over the       the night, or early in the morning, depending on what
                                                                                                                          semester nursing students were welcomed at the
head with this log—it won’t hurt!”                           time it was. Infomercials began penetrating the still of
                                                                                                                          February meeting as they heard what ANS is about and
      “Isn’t that some kind of CRIME though?” (Note          my numbness, and I couldn’t help but be sucked in.
                                                                                                                          how it supports their Wake Tech nursing experience.
the otherwise willingness.)                                  Little bit by little bit, I wanted to see if that famous
                                                                                                                               President Sue Dunn began the meeting by point-
      “Even better! Crap, did I say that out loud? I         kitchen knife really could cut through a tin can, or if
                                                                                                                          ing out some of the general goals of ANS:
meant, of course it’s not! I have no doubt in my mind        George Foreman’s eyes had finally lost the epic battle
that this will not create any kind of controversy, there     against his cheeks, reducing his face to the look of a        • Promote interest in professional nursing organiza-
will be no long trials or conspiracy theories, I will sur-   delicious marshmallow, or if I could find any more               tions.
vive memory intact, there won’t be any surprise reve-        evidence that, like Samson, Tony Little’s power lies          • Promote student/faculty interaction for program
lations by family members, I won’t have an affair with       in his hair. If only, I posited, I could get on one of          recommendations and feedback.
any neurosurgeons, I won’t regain my memory in an            his infomercials, I could sneak some kind of cutting
                                                                                                                           • Raise funds to benefit the nursing program on the
emotionally sweeping episode, I mean, moment that            implement onto the set in my mandatory luminescent
                                                                                                                             Health Science Campus.
involves a marriage proposal and my learning how to          Spandex out-fit and I could see a man break before
walk again. NONE OF THIS WILL HAPPEN IF                      my very eyes. I thought about this for a disturbingly         • Raise money to help various organizations in the
YOU DON’T JUST HIT ME OVER THE HEAD                          long time, casting myself as the Delilah I felt I knew          community.
OK??” I wonder where that (alleged) friend is today?         I was, but couldn’t quite seem to focus my thoughts.          • Provide information about the NCLEX (licensing
      After getting involved in Passions, I would then       “What is wrong with me?” I asked. Why can’t I fully             exam).
watch CNN and comment aloud at how many people               visualize Tony Little’s great fall from grace?                • Explain health insurance for students.
were obviously getting things done via magic spells.              And then I realized, it was another, more power-
                                                                                                                           • Develop leadership qualities.
“Don’t they know that Venus and the moon are                 ful question—what kind of losers actually watch this
aligned?!?!?” I would shriek, pointing at the screen.        crap? Who stays up all night watching these infomer-          • Provide guest speakers from various nursing disci-
“He’s in his power zone! THAT is how he passed the           cials? And it hit me. ME. I was that kind of loser.             plines to give insight into the profession.
bill. IDIOTS! It has NOTHING to do with filling all           “WHAT HAVE I BECOME?” I screamed silently                     • Develop a student network to promote the shar-
higher level positions with his friends!”                    inside my head. Copying my favorite daytime actors,             ing of survival techniques, such as successful study
      Once I (and I use this phrase tentatively) “grew       I ran to the nearest mirror to stare at myself in de-           habits, how to juggle student/family/work respon-
out” of the soaps, I realized what had happened to           spair. I even tried to cry, but it was not forthcoming,         sibilities, information on the must-have electronic
my general mental health…and promptly forgot it.             a lot like my parents with the pony they’d promised             gadgets, or what to expect next semester.
Having acquired “things to do,” my day started ear-          me many Christmases ago. Instead, I put a little mas-
                                                                                                                               Dunn told prospective members that ANS is the
lier, and this time, trickling passed the television gave    cara under my eyes and dabbed some water on it so
                                                                                                                          place to find mentors, comrades, and friends.
me Dawson’s Creek re-runs. Suddenly every relation-          that it ran down my cheeks in a ghoulish manner. I
                                                                                                                               Among the organization’s projects was fall semes-
ship I had was on the rocks. I hyper-analyzed the            had the look; now, if only the emotions would fol-
                                                                                                                          ter’s adoption of a group home whose residents live
looks people gave each other, the words people start-        low. Suffice it to say, I sat there looking for a long
                                                                                                                          with HIV/AIDS. Students spent an afternoon helping
ed to say, but then didn’t (perhaps dissuaded by my          time. Sometimes I forgot that I was supposed to be
                                                                                                                          the residents decorate for the holidays, sharing a meal,
piercing gaze), the way the cashier at the Food Lion         lamenting my hideous fall from normality and began
                                                                                                                          gifts and singing Christmas carols via group karaoke.
would hand me my receipt. “You’ve CHANGED!!!”                wondering if I should get a nose job, but mostly I
                                                                                                                               Each semester, members decide where to use re-
I wanted to yell (but in a more precocious way involv-       adhered to the Glenn-Close-Art-of-Staring-Into-A-
                                                                                                                          sources and what organizations to work with. Meetings
ing at least five eight-syllable words). If my cat wanted     Mirror-With-Indignant-Disgust that she perfected in
                                                                                                                          are from noon–1 p.m. the second Monday of the
                                                             Dangerous Liaisons. And suddenly sleep came with the
                                                                                                                          month in HSB 111. Membership is $10 per year.
                                                             promise of another day.
                                                                  Morning broke and went away, and I was left
                                                             with a messy face and some uncomfortable ques-
   Interested in working for The Voice?                                                                                   Government and Politics Mix
                                                             tions: Had I lobotomized myself with all this tele-

      Drop by one of the meetings:
                                                             vision? Was I no longer able to recognize a being
                                                             truly worthy of sympathy? Had I been brainwashed
                                                             by bad television into an unrealistic expectation of
                                                                                                                          W     ake Tech’s new Government and Politics Club
                                                                                                                                got under way in January, electing officers and
                                                                                                                          planning upcoming events.
   3:30 p.m. Tuesdays in PLM 338 or
                                                             the world and all it should offer me? The short an-              Newly elected offices are President, Brittany
    10 a.m. Thursdays in PLM 254.                            swer to this is a resounding YES. However, do not            Fletcher; Vice President, Jason Doby; Secretary, Rachel
                                                             let me preach; I despise morals. It is the one thing         Dudley; and Treasurer, Brandon Becker.
         Need more information?                              I took away from my soaps: There is no moral. Bad
       Contact Advisor Suzy Barile at                        things happen to good characters all the time and
          vsbarile@waketech.edu.                             no one learns anything. That’s Daytime for you.              (Editor’s Note: For more information on student organi-
                                                             No moral. But there is a void….Maybe I’ll fill it             zations, go to http://www.waketech.edu/studlife/student_
                                                             with sand.                                                   clubs_and_organizations_3.html.)
4 The Voice

                                                                                     Woodward — continued from page 1
  Design Students Featured in Art Show                                                    Exemplifying what is an important trait in the business world, Woodward de-
                                                                                     scribed what he calls “mind on, hands off.” Referring to Katharine Graham, the
  By Alicia Hogan
                                                                                     CEO of The Washington Post during the Watergate scandal, he told the audience

  T    he Graphic Design department hosted its semi-annual art show Dec. 8
       in the Student Services Lounge, emphasizing the theme “Progressive
  Design,” where the students illustrated the major elements of design, said
                                                                                     about her constant involvement with the paper, without ever interfering with it.
                                                                                          He learned an important lesson when he told her that the real truth about
                                                                                     Watergate may never come out. She quickly responded that “never” is not sufficient.
  instructor Marsha Mills.                                                           This is when he realized that for a journalist, “the job is always to answer, ‘what
       Mills relocated to the Raleigh area last fall from The Art Institute in       really happened?’”
  Philadelphia, Penn. Her portfolio includes Campbell’s                                   In his opening remarks, Business School Dean Steve Jones described what makes
  and Tyco Toy Corp.                                                                 Woodward an important icon in modern journalism and the history of American
       As a faculty member in the Graphics Design                                    politics: “When he writes and speaks, people listen,” Jones said, “and it makes a
  department, Mills said she hopes “to share my real                                 difference.”
  world experience to my students. Being involved
  with the growth and presence of the Graphic Design
  department is my hope.”
       She has found the Triangle “beautiful, the na-
                                                                                     “Tunnel Rat” Veteran Recalls Days of Vietnam War
  ture and laid back environment can truly foster one’s                              (Editor’s Note: This is the 1st of a two-part story on the memories of a Vietnam War veteran.)
       Among the courses Mills teaches are Client                                    By Kelly Krueger
  Media Relations, Computer Design Basics, Illustrative
  Imaging and Career Design Exploration. She also is
  the Ad Club Advisor.                                       Marsha Mills            T    unnel Rats were American soldiers who took on dangerous, often deadly, search
                                                                                          and destroy missions.
                                                                                          During the Vietnam War, the Viet Cong (VC) built an elaborate and exten-
                                                                                     sive network of underground tunnels throughout the countryside to protect their
                                                                                     hideouts, and they set up booby traps at every entrance.
                                                                                          It was up to the Tunnel Rat to disarm the booby traps, then slowly and me-
  ILC Always a Busy Place                                                            thodically enter the vast tunnel systems. Their mission: Search and destroy.
                                                                                          Specialist 4 Edward F. (Smitty) Smith III was one of those Tunnel Rats, and

  T    aking notes, reading a textbook, understanding the concepts, taking tests.
       Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by your classes?
       If so, the Study Skills Center at the Individualized Learning Center (ILC)
                                                                                     spoke to The Voice candidly about his life and experiences in Vietnam.
                                                                                          Pillyard, Ohio, a small farming community is where Smith called home. He
                                                                                     grew up in a tight-knit, traditional family with two brothers and four sisters.
  is the place to be. The Center offers one-on-one tutoring, along with a variety         Music was a large part of the Smith household. His parents were professional
  of workshops, videos and informational handouts.                                   musicians who encouraged and provided everything needed for their children to
       You can become a master student by improving your study strategies—           play a wide variety of instruments.
  note-taking skills, test-taking skills,                                                 At the age of 10, his parents gave Smith his first set of drop drums. When
  reading, memory and time-manage-                                                   one of his sisters started playing Boogie Woogie on the piano, he would join in
  ment.                                         Foreign Language                     on his drums.
       Tutors help students understand          Tutors Ready                              By 16, he was working as a fill-in drummer and getting paid union scale.
  the concepts in a variety of courses,                                                   But Smith was raised in an era when young men were expected to go into the
                                                     “Bonjour! Hola!” says
  though they cannot help do home-                                                   armed forces.
                                                Amy Brabeck, coordinator of
  work or with graded take-home                                                           “It was my responsibility, the old men stayed home, and men like me went to
                                                the Foreign Language Help
  tests.                                                                             fight the war.”
                                                Center in the ILC.
       Also available is a chance to take                                                 As an All-Star in football, wrestling and track, he gained the strength and agil-
                                                     In the ILC’s newest cen-
  the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator in-                                                ity he would rely on to perform his duties in the Army.
                                                ter, tutoring and resources for
  ventory and discern one’s personal                                                      And so, during his senior year, Smith dropped out and enlisted.
                                                students taking French and
  learning style. Discovering which of                                                    It was 1969, and Smith was sent to Fort Gordon, Ga., for basic training, then
                                                Spanish are available.
  the 16 personality types fits a stu-                                                off to Advanced Infantry Training (AIT), at Fort Leanord Wood, Mo., where he
                                                     Resources include tutors,
  dent provides useful information to                                                trained in demolition. Then followed Jump School at Fort Benning, Ga., and per-
                                                videos and CD-ROMs, text-
  improve learning. And it’s free.                                                   manent duty at Fort Bragg, N.C. A couple of months later, his company shipped
                                                books, grammar and work
       The ILC is in TE 101A (Technical                                              out to Vietnam.
                                                books, lab manuals and dic-
  Education building) and open 8 a.m.                                                     Becoming a Tunnel Rat was a natural progression for Smith. “As a kid growing
                                                tionaries, and worksheets and
  to 5 p.m. Monday–Friday. The Study                                                 up, I made my own bombs and stuff,” he said. “I experimented with explosives
                                                review sessions, Braback said.
  Skills Center is inside and to the left.                                           and liked it.”
  Students must register each semester                                                    At the time he thought, “Hey, man, this is what I want to do.”
  for ILC centers that will be used.                                                      And he volunteered to be a Tunnel Rat “because when you have a specific
                                                                                     job that nobody wanted, nobody said nothing to you, they let you be your own
                                                                                     boss.”                                                     —continues in next edition

Engineering Students Take Top Honors at Annual Design Competition
W     ake Tech’s Introduction to Engineering (EGR150) students walked away with
      several honors following the Nov. 19 Eastern North Carolina Future Engineers
Design Competition at Johnston Community College in Smithfield.
                                                                                     finals, but were forced to withdraw after an equipment malfunction.
                                                                                          During the day-long competition, students from community colleges across the
                                                                                     state practiced their engineering skills by developing and building a project in the
    In the Trebuchet competition, team members Amanda McK ibben and                  three areas of competition. The bottle rocket had to be powered by compressed air
Jason Marone won first place, while Ross Robertson, Amathus Munyampirwa,             to launch a raw egg and return it to earth, with a parachute, unharmed. The bubble
and Arya Valanejad won third in both the competition and presentation cat-           blowing machine which had to produce bubbles continuously for one minute, and
egories of the Water Rocket competition. Bubble machine team members                 a trebuchet (a throwing machine powered by a counterweight) had to launch a
Mohammad Aamar, John Cohen, Abe Ortiz and Jinhyeok Yang placed in their              table tennis ball over a barrier and hit a target 5.5 meters away.

In the Trebuchet event, competing from Wake Tech were (front row right) Amanda       Water Rocket Competitors from Wake Tech were (top row right) Amathus Munyampirwa,
McKibben and (2nd from right) Jason Marone.                                          (front row left) Arya Valanejad, and (front row right) Ross Robertson.

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