Silent Auction Invitation 2010 by xiangpeng


									               PURIM SILENT AUCTION COLLECTION!
Last year Sisterhood ran a wonderful Silent Auction as part of the Purim Carnival. We couldn’t have done it
without your support! Once again we need your help either by donating auction-able items or monetary
donations so we can purchase items ourselves. Only with successful fundraisers such as this can Sisterhood
continue to help the Religious School fund those important extras like kiddush for High Holidays and Youth
Services, food and prizes for holiday programs, teacher appreciation etc.

Here is a list of suggested items, however, if you have an idea for an item to be auctioned which isn’t on the list,
please contact us (either Irina or Galina) to discuss. The list below is far from comprehensive. Even small
items can be combined together to make meaningful and valuable packages worthy of bids.

If you prefer to give monetary donations of any size, please mail us a check (write "donation to Sisterhood" in
memo area) or give it to either one of us at Religious School.

I. Services (some examples follow)
     Estate plans
     Tax preparation
     Interior design consultation
     Photo shoot
II. Products Services (some examples follow)
     Gift cards
     Unopened items (if you'd feel comfortable bidding for it, so will others)
III. Holiday-style baskets such as
     Coffee basket can include coffee, mugs,
     Chocolate lover’s basket
     Wine lover’s basket
     Cooking basket with book and/or gadgets
     Baking basket
     Scrapbooking basket
     Knitting and/or crocheting basket
     Family games basket

Please call or email us with any questions and list(s) of items that you can donate. We’ll also set-up a bin in the
lobby of the synagogue where items can be dropped off.

Purim is EARLY this year; so please donate NO LATER than February 1st to give us
enough time to assemble auction items properly.

Thanks for your support!

Irina Tenberg                                         Galina Drabkin
Purim Silent Auction Coordinator                       Purim Silent Auction Coordinator
1572 McCoy Ave., Campbell, CA 95008                                         408-241-2542


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