Shopping by xiangpeng


When we run short of some things that we need right away, we go to the nearest shop. We
should be able to get what we need there. If not, we must go to some other outlet. The most
frequented shops are food stores. That's where we go to buy what is most important for us and
most in demand - food and drinks. In a small shop or stand the shopkeeper himself assists us.
In a supermarket we take a cart or basket and we pick our food ourselves. Most food stores
have not one but several departments. We select baked goods - bread, rolls, buns and cakes -
from wicker baskets or glass shelves.
The fruit and vegetable counter is a separate department too. There a shop assistant weighs
the customer's fruit and vegetables. Sometimes the price is given on a per-item basis. There is
usually a wide selection of fruit and vegetables - ranging from products which can be grown
in our climate to exotic tropical fruit. The most frequently offered and sold products are
different varieties of apples, oranges, lemons, tangerines, grapefruit, pineapple, bananas, kiwi
fruit, dates, figs, grapes, mangos, strawberries, nuts (hazelnuts, walnuts and coconuts),
peanuts and almonds. In summertime our choice is even wider due to the presence of pears,
plums, cherries, currants, gooseberries, raspberries, blackberries, bilberries and water-melons.
We need vegetables as a daily part of our diet. We can improve vitamin-poor meals with
lettuce, spinach, peppers or tomatoes. Other vegetables often used for cooking are potatoes,
carrots, parsley, celery root, onion, garlic, leeks, chives, cauliflower, cabbage, Savoy cabbage,
cucumbers, zucchini, green peas, lentils, beans, soybeans and radishes.
In a supermarket we can put into our basket goods chosen according to our needs. We buy
flour, sugar and salt less frequently. This food is usually packed in one-kilo bags. Spices sold
by weight are also offered in small packages-cumin, black pepper, cinnamon, marjoram,
ginger, bay leaf, allspice, thyme, etc. Nowadays customers are offered a large selection of pre-
cooked foods which make the task of cooking easier - for instance, dry soups in bags, sauces
and pasta. As for soft drinks, we can find here lemonade, orange juice or apple juice and
mineral water; adults can also choose beer, wine, champagne, cognac, plum brandy, etc.
When we go travelling, it is convenient to take along some non-perishable food, apart from
bread and rolls. In our backpack we can include canned food or a piece of dry salami that will
not spoil even during high summer temperatures. Of course we should not expose it to heat
and sun needlessly. If we want to buy salami or meat for lunch, we must go to a butcher's
shop. In a well-stocked store we can buy, besides salami and sausage, also páté, mayonnaise
salads and meat broth. For meat, there is pork, beef, mutton, lamb or poultry. Sometimes we
purchase fish and venison. Customers often ask for a piece of liver, kidneys, heart and other
kinds of offal.
If we are not satisfied with the local supermarket's selection of baked goods, we go to a
bakery. Such a store can be found very easily because there is the scent of fresh warm bread,
crispy rolls, buns and baguettes in the air outside. We often buy sweet pastries - Christmas
cake, doughnuts, gingerbread, filled buns or pies filled with poppy seeds, cottage cheese,
plum jam, apples or nuts. Adjacent to the bakery is a sweet-shop. There we can buy candies,
ice cream and pastries filled with fruit, whipped cream, or chocolate as well. Milk and butter
are available at the dairy. Here we can also choose from a wide variety of yoghurts, cottage-
cheese creams and puddings. We often buy whipped cream, cheese (processed, naturally
fermented and smoked), cream for coffee and cottage cheese too. In what other stores, besides
food stores, do we do our shopping?
At the drugstore we pick up soap, shampoo, skin cream, toothbrush and toothpaste. For men,
there are shaving accessories - electric shavers, after-shave lotions and various deodorants.
Women can choose from an almost unlimited choice of beauty aids. In particular one can see
face powders, lipsticks, eyelash enhancers, eyebrow pencils, eye-shadows and nail polish. At
the chemist's we can purchase detergents for washing dishes, windows, floors, carpets and
Often we must visit a pharmacy. The employees in the pharmacy willingly help us and offer
us advice as to which ointments, pills or drops will help us, when we do not have a medical
prescription. We can also buy vitamin-enriched candy, herbal cosmetics, bandages, adhesive
plasters and cotton wool. If we suffer from insomnia, we can get our sleeping pills here.
When we go shopping, we never forget to visit the local bookstore to find out if any new
books have been published. From a wide selection we can choose the one we like the best.
Our choice may be a book for instruction or for pleasure - for our leisure time. Among other
things, shoppers can choose from many different magazines, newspapers and maps.
Nowadays the bookstore usually includes a music section. There we can get information
about new music, or as usually happens, buy a tape (empty or recorded) or a compact disc.
In a domestic appliance store we can select what we need for our household - dishes and
cutlery for our kitchen e.g. spoons and forks, knives, ladles, wooden spoons, plates, saucers,
mugs, cups, pans, trays and pots. We can also purchase such helpful domestic appliances as a
vacuum cleaner, refrigerator, oven, cooker, food mixer, freezer, sewing machine, washing
machine and hair-dryer. Furthermore, we can find a chandelier, lamp for our room or bulbs
and batteries. Other home accessories (mirrors, coat hangers) are also available.
A furniture store typically sells shelves, cupboards and wardrobes. Along with these we find
sets of upholstered sofas and armchairs, chairs, tables, desks, beds, and also carpets and
framed pictures.
If we need curtains, we go to a haberdashery. Cloth is sold here, usually by the metre (cotton,
wool, silk and canvas) as well as thread, needles, crochet and knitting needles, buttons,
zippers, scissors, head scarves, wool yarn, dishcloths, towels, tablecloths and handkerchiefs.
We select ready-made garments in textile stores. There are departments
for women, men and children.
We usually buy accessories for the school and office in a stationery shop. Besides individual
sheets of paper we can get exercise books, writing pads, pencils, pens, writing paper,
envelopes, stamps, water-colours, brushes, postcards, photo albums and calendars.
In sporting goods shops shop assistants help us select cross-country and downhill skis. Here
we buy skates, choose a new bicycle, buy a ball for volleyball, football or basketball. We can
also buy tennis rackets with accessories, hockey sticks, sports wear, sleeping bags, tents,
backpacks, sports shoes and even body-building equipment.
We shop at the jeweller's only on special occasions. Items here are not only of gold but also of
silver or other precious metals and we can also buy chains, rings, bracelets or earrings.
If we buy flowers, we have them neatly wrapped at the florist's. We just choose from our
favourite flowers (roses, carnations, lilies, orchids, fresias, tulips and daffodils) and the shop
assistant will arrange them according to our wishes.
If we do not have the time to run from one shop to another, we go to a department store.
There we pay at the cash desk and can have the goods we have chosen delivered to our home
by a delivery service. We pay in cash, by cheque or with a credit card.

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