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             Which? car review
             Fiat bravo (2007-)
             ON sale: Jun 2007 class: Medium cars
             NeW pRice: £14,100 - £18,500 Used pRice: From £5,650

peRFORMaNce:              Ride cOMFORT:             haNdliNg:                 ToTal score:                  Recommended models
★★★★★                     ★★★★                      ★★★
                                                                                                            in the range
bOOT & sTORage:           saFeTy:                   ReliabiliTy:
★★★                       ★★★★                      -
                                                                                                      Which? caR TOp chOice MOdel
                                                                                                      1.6 Multijet dynamic eco 5dr
     Stylish-looking, and keenly-priced.
                                                                                                      New price: £16,600
     Agile handling.
                                                                                                      Used price: £9,125
     Economical diesel engines.
     High depreciation (loss in value) from new.
     Uncomfortable rear seats.                                                                        FasTesT MOdel
     Some key features are not standard-fit.                                                          2.0 Multijet 165 sport 5dr
                                                                                                      New price: £18,500
                                                                                                      Used price: £10,395

                                                                                                      0-62mph:     8.2 secs

                                                                                                      MOsT eFFicieNT MOdel
                                                                                                      1.6 Multijet dynamic eco 5dr
                                                                                                      New price: £16,600
                                                                                                      Used price: £9,125

                                                                                                      combined fuel economy:       62.8 mpg

                                                                                                      cheapesT MOdel TO bUy NeW
                                                                                                      1.4 active 5dr

                                                                                                      New price:    £14,100

Overview                                                                                              cheapesT MOdel TO bUy Used
Fiat revived its Bravo name for this five-door hatchback, launched in 2007. This Bravo,               1.4 5dr
replacement for the unloved Stilo, shares many of its styling cues with the attractive Grande
Punto hatchback - though it might be a little too elegant for its own good, with poor all-round       Used price:   £5,650
visibility and some flaws in its usability. The tapered rear roofline does no favours for rear-seat
space, for a start.
      The Bravo is competitively-priced, and frequent special offers and discounts make it            cheapesT MOdel TO RUN (NeW)
cheaper yet; look out for cut-price pre-registered and ex-demo cars. Fiat is also offering a five-    1.6 Multijet active eco 5dr
year warranty - which you might need, as Fiat doesn’t have a good reputation for reliability.         New price: £15,600
      There’s an extensive range of engines to choose from, starting with the 90bhp 1.4-litre
petrol; instead of a larger-engined option, next up is a turbocharged version of that engine,         Running costs: -
badged 1.4 T-Jet, with 120bhp and 150bhp outputs.                                                     (3 yeaRs/36,000 Miles)
      Diesel options initially offered were the 1.9-litre Multijet units (120bhp and 150bhp) but
these have since been phased out in favour of the new-generation 1.6 Multijet unit, available
with 105bhp and 120bhp outputs, and the 165bhp 2.0 Multijet to head the range. There’s
                                                                                                                 OwnEr’S ViEw
an economy-focused version of the 1.6 Multijet 105 badged Eco, which has modifications                           This car is probably the
including revised gearing, improved aerodynamics and lower rolling-resistance tyres to lower                     best that I have had. It
its fuel consumption and bring down its carbon dioxide emissions to 119g/km.                                     does everything that it’s
      Though list price for the Bravo starts from over £13,000, special edition models, discounts                supposed to do extremely
and other incentives are frequently offered, and there are plenty of well-equipped pre-                          well, and it’s never let me
registered cars around offering good savings.                                                                    down!
             Which? car review
             Fiat bravo (2007-)
             Medium cars

On the road                                                                                           how we test
The diesel Bravo we tried acquits itself fairly well on the road, although the ride is stiff and
throttle response is a bit lacking at low revs.

performance                                                                            ★★★★★
The now-discontinued 1.9 Multijet (120bhp) version we tested has strong mid-range
performance, but a lack of low-rev torque (pulling power) can make quick getaways
problematic. The problem occurs when the engine is ‘off-boost’ (where the turbocharger                We use the sophisticated electronic timing
isn’t spinning) and responses are lethargic. Getting around this requires quite a lot of revs         equipment to record standing-start and
from standstill, which doesn’t do the clutch many favours. This 120bhp diesel comes with a            in-gear acceleration, and repeat each test
five-speed transmission, which is quite long-throw and doesn’t appreciate being rushed. It’s          several times.
satisfyingly long-legged though, allowing low revs at cruising speeds. All petrol cars get a six-
                                                                                                      Ride comfort
speed ‘box, as does the 150bhp diesel.
     The new-generation 1.6 Multijet diesel promises greater flexibility and refinement, despite
its smaller capacity. It’s available with 105bhp and 120bhp outputs, and there’s also the 165bhp
2.0 Multijet or the petrols: entry-level 1.4 (90bhp) and lively turbocharged 1.4 T-Jet (120bhp and

Model tested                                           acceleration (37-62mph)               Rating   Ride comfort is assessed by our labora-
diesel 1.6JTD (120bhp) manual 5-door (2008)            6.1 secs                           ★★★★★       tory experts who have driven hundreds of
diesel 1.9JTD (120bhp) manual 5-door (2007)            6.6 secs                            ★★★★       thousands of miles in a myriad of different

Ride comfort                                                                              ★★★★
The ride in the Bravo we tested was over-firm and unforgiving, but ride may be better in cars
with different wheels and tyres – our test car had 17-inch wheels, but 16-inch rims are standard
on most Bravos, and base cars have 15-inch wheels.

Model tested                                                                                 Rating
diesel 1.6JTD (120bhp) manual 5-door (2008)                                                 ★★★★
diesel 1.9JTD (120bhp) manual 5-door (2007)                                                 ★★★★
             Which? car review
             Fiat bravo (2007-)
             Medium cars

On the road continued...                                                                                how we test
handling                                                                                    ★★★
The 120bhp diesel Bravo we tried had a stiffly-sprung chassis which wouldn’t be to everyone’s
tastes. There’s little body roll around corners, although the lifeless steering and fidgety on-the-
limit handling will put off most drivers from enthusiastic road driving. In the words of our testers,
‘steering response at high speed is edgy, hard and nervous.’
                                                                                                        On-the-limit handling is explored well
Model tested                                                                                Rating      away from public roads to ensure a fair
diesel 1.6JTD (120bhp) manual 5-door (2008)                                                  ★★★        test. Our obstacle avoidance test is one of
diesel 1.9JTD (120bhp) manual 5-door (2007)                                                  ★★★        the harshest tests in the industry..
brakes                                                                                   ★★★★
In our emergency braking test, the Bravo pulled up in an average of 37.0 metres after ten
repeated stops from 62mph - good for a medium hatchback. The pedal is perfectly weighted,
allowing smooth driving.

Model tested                                          braking distance (62-0mph)            Rating      The Which? Car braking test measures
diesel 1.6JTD (120bhp) manual 5-door (2008)           39.0m                               ★★★★          stopping distance from 62-0mph and is
diesel 1.9JTD (120bhp) manual 5-door (2007)           37.0m                              ★★★★★          repeated ten times in quick succession to
                                                                                                        highlight any brake fade issues.

Refinement and noise                                                                     ★★★★           Refinement and noise
The diesel Bravo we drove gave a constant drone emanating from the engine, and a bit of
vibration as well. At higher speeds, the wind noise tends to drown out the engine noise.
     Our test car showed signs of slightly shoddy workmanship. The edges of the bonnet and
tailgate were carelessly finished, and some of the interior plastics are crudely moulded. We
also felt the body sides were vulnerable to damage without any side rubbing strips, and we’re
not keen on the fuel tank cap which has to be unlocked using the ignition key.                          The Which? Car experts use a decibel
                                                                                                        meter to record interior sound levels
Model tested                                                      cruising noise            Rating      at common UK motorway speeds, and
diesel 1.6JTD (120bhp) manual 5-door (2008)                       71dB                     ★★★★         combine this with subjective assessments
diesel 1.9JTD (120bhp) manual 5-door (2007)                       68dB                      ★★★         to arrive at an overall score.
             Which? car review
             Fiat bravo (2007-)
             Medium cars

On the road continued...                                                                                how we test
                                                                                                        cabin and controls
cabin and controls                                                                       ★★★★
The Bravo isn’t the easiest car to adjust to. In terms of major controls, the clutch pedal has a
very long travel and this will be tiring in traffic – and those with large feet need to be aware
that the clutch pedal sits very close to the brake pedal. Our testers felt the speedometer is
difficult to read thanks to the reflective glass over the top of it, and its calibration up to 160mph
is unnecessary.                                                                                         We penalise cars with difficult controls,
     Some of the minor switchgear (such as heated rear window and foglamps) are hard to                 and we look for things like backlit light
spot because of the light-grey background, and they may be partially obscured by the steering           switches and easy-to-use heating and
wheel for some drivers. The heating controls are sited too low down. And we felt radio                  ventilation adjustments.
reception was poor.
                                                                                                        Visibility and parking
Model tested                                                                                Rating
diesel 1.6JTD (120bhp) manual 5-door (2008)                                                ★★★★
diesel 1.9JTD (120bhp) manual 5-door (2007)                                                ★★★★

Visibility and parking                                                                      ★★★         Visibility is a major issue for motorists
The Bravo uses huge rear roof pillars that make the view out of the rear almost as bad as in a          today, so each car gets a 360-degree
coupé-type car. The rear window is very small too, so we’d recommend rear parking sensors to            swivel view test to reproduce the driver’s
help with manoeuvring. The turning circle of 11.25m is large for a car of this class, although the      eye view and any obscured areas.
standard ‘City’ button goes some way to alleviate this – with it switched on, power assistance
is boosted making one-finger wheel-twirling an easy reality.

Model tested                                                      Turning circle            Rating
diesel 1.6JTD (120bhp) manual 5-door (2008)                       11.2m                      ★★★
diesel 1.9JTD (120bhp) manual 5-door (2007)                       11.2m                      ★★★
            Which? car review
            Fiat bravo (2007-)
            Medium cars

comfort and practicality                                                                              how we test
The Bravo is not as comfortable as its rivals, with limited rear seat space and only average
                                                                                                      getting in and out
boot-space, and it’s not the most practical choice, either.

getting in and out                                                                        ★★★
Front access is good, with large, wide-opening doors and sensibly placed seats. It’s not quite
so clever in the rear, as the door is smaller and the low roof impedes entry. The central locking
also closes the windows when the lock button on the key fob is pressed, which is helpful.             We take measurements all around the
                                                                                                      driver and passenger’s door apertures
Model tested                                                                              Rating      and note the height of the seat, door sills
diesel 1.6JTD (120bhp) manual 5-door (2008)                                                ★★★        and step down onto the car floor. The
diesel 1.9JTD (120bhp) manual 5-door (2007)                                                ★★★        best cars don’t require too much bending
                                                                                                      or stretching to get in and out.

seat space and comfort                                                                 ★★★★           seat space and comfort
Aside from the problems with the driving position (see ‘Behind the wheel’) the front seats
suffer from a lack of side support. The adjusters, particularly for the lumbar area, are stiff and
difficult to move. And the rear seats are uncomfortable for two adults, let alone three – there’s
insufficient back support.
     Fastening the seat belts is tricky, especially in the rear where the belt webbing tends to get
twisted and tangled.                                                                                  We assess seat comfort subjectively,
                                                                                                      using our road testers’ expert knowledge
Model tested                                                                              Rating      and experience from thousands of differ-
diesel 1.6JTD (120bhp) manual 5-door (2008)                                              ★★★★         ent cars. And we measure the head-, leg-
diesel 1.9JTD (120bhp) manual 5-door (2007)                                              ★★★★         and elbowroom on offer in every seat, to
                                                                                                      see how well the car caters for people of
                                                                                                      all shapes and sizes.
            Which? car review
            Fiat bravo (2007-)
            Medium cars

comfort and practicality continued...                                                                 how we test
                                                                                                      boot and storage
boot and storage                                                                          ★★★
The Bravo’s 335 litre boot isn’t the largest in the medium car class, nor is it the easiest to use.
There’s a high lip to lift loads over, and the recessed plastic grip for closing the tailgate is
poorly moulded with sharp edges. When opening the car via the remote central locking, the
boot has to be opened separately with the key – not ideal.
    You can extend the boot by folding the seats to liberate 795 litres (measured up to the           Carmakers give official stats for boot
window line) but the folding seats often get tangled up with the seat belts when they’re              space, but our tests are more realistic. We
replaced into their upright position. And there’s not much in the way of oddment storage in the       load the boot up with measuring blocks
cabin, although the glovebox is a generous size.                                                      only as far as the rear window line, so
                                                                                                      that luggage is well secured and won’t
Model tested                                          boot space (seats up/down)           Rating     obscure rear visibility. We repeat the test
diesel 1.6JTD (120bhp) manual 5-door (2008)           33 litres / 795 litres                ★★★       with the rear seats up, and folded down
diesel 1.9JTD (120bhp) manual 5-door (2007)           335 litres / 795 litres               ★★★       (where possible).
                                                                                                      heating and ventilation
heating and ventilation                                                                      ★★
The heater performance in the front is acceptable at best, but it’s too weak to thaw out rear
passengers quickly. Our car came with optional dual-zone climate control, but this is a little
hard to adjust. Entry-level models lack air conditioning. The sharply angled windscreen sits
directly in front of front seat passengers, which means there’s a bit of a ‘greenhouse effect’ in
summer.                                                                                               Feel sorry for the tester who has to warm
                                                                                                      each car up from a frosty -10 degrees in
Model tested                                                                               Rating     our climate chamber. Starting with a cold
diesel 1.6JTD (120bhp) manual 5-door (2008)                                                    ★      engine, we measure how long it takes to
diesel 1.9JTD (120bhp) manual 5-door (2007)                                                   ★★      warm up the front and rear of the cabin.
                                                                                                      Diesel cars usually take longer. We also
                                                                                                      check the effectiveness of air condition-
                                                                                                      ing, where fitted.
            Which? car review
            Fiat bravo (2007-)
            Medium cars

Running costs and depreciation                                                                        how we test
Fiat’s list prices aren’t the whole story. Dealers are ready to discount and there are lots of
                                                                                                      Fuel consumption
online broker deals available, as well as pre-registered cars at independent outlets. Save as
much money on the initial purchase as possible, because depreciation is high.
     Insurance is quite low - from group 4 for the entry-level 1.4-litre models - and fuel economy
is generally good, given the performance; the Multijet diesels are particularly frugal and also
have low carbon dioxide emissions.
     Servicing isn’t the cheapest, with the 1.4 T-Jet models quite expensive to maintain, and Fiat
doesn’t have a good reputation for reliability. There’s a five-year warranty as reassurance; you      We test fuel economy under strict lab
might need it.                                                                                        conditions – using realistic test cycles – to
                                                                                                      reveal the facts behind the figures. Our
                                                                                                      figures rarely match manufacturer claims
Fuel consumption                                                                                      as, unlike the official mpg test, we mea-
Economy star is, unsurprisingly, the 1.6 Multijet 105 Eco, which returns 62.8mpg, according to        sure economy with both a hot and cold
Fiat’s official figures. The conventional version does 57.6mpg, as does the less hard-worked 1.6      engine, and on the motorway.
Multijet 120, whilst the 2.0 Multijet 165 will return a claimed 53.3mpg.
     The petrols are nothing special on this score; both the base 1.4 and the 1.4 T-Jet 120 will do
42.2mpg, whilst the T-Jet 150 drinks 40.4mpg (35mpg’s more likely in real-life driving).

                petrol (combined mpg, claimed)                         39.8 mpg - 43.5 mpg

                diesel (combined mpg, claimed)                         50.4 mpg - 62.8 mpg

Model tested                                                             Urban (claimed/tested)
diesel 1.6JTD (120bhp) manual 5-door (2008)                                44.8 mpg/42.2 mpg
diesel 1.9JTD (120bhp) manual 5-door (2007)                                40.9 mpg/38.7 mpg

Model tested                                                       extra urban (claimed/tested)
diesel 1.6JTD (120bhp) manual 5-door (2008)                                68.9 mpg/72.4 mpg
diesel 1.9JTD (120bhp) manual 5-door (2007)                                65.7 mpg/65.7 mpg

Model tested                                                              Motorway (measured)
diesel 1.6JTD (120bhp) manual 5-door (2008)                                          56.5 mpg
diesel 1.9JTD (120bhp) manual 5-door (2007)                                          50.4 mpg

Model tested                                                        combined (claimed/tested)
diesel 1.6JTD (120bhp) manual 5-door (2008)                              57.6 mpg/56.5 mpg
diesel 1.9JTD (120bhp) manual 5-door (2007)                              53.3 mpg/51.4 mpg
            Which? car review
            Fiat bravo (2007-)
            Medium cars

Running costs and depreciation continued...                                                         how we test
The 1.6 Multijet Eco slips into a low tax band with its carbon dioxide emissions of 119g/km; the
conventional 1.6 Multijet 105 puts out a still-respectable 129g/km, as does the Mutlijet 120, and
the 2.0 Multijet 165 emits 139g/km.
    The 1.4 and 1.4 T-Jet 120 emit 156g/km, and the T-Jet 150 165g/km.
                                                                                                    While testing fuel economy, we also
                petrol (combined g/km, measured)               154g per km - 167g per km            collect exhaust gases to enable us to
                                                                                                    measure the amount of carbon dioxide
                diesel (combined g/km, measured)               119g per km - 149g per km            (CO2) emitted. We also check whether
                                                                                                    particulate filters are effective at removing
                                                                                                    sooty emissions from diesel engines.
Model tested                                                        emissions (claimed/tested)
diesel 1.6JTD (120bhp) manual 5-door (2008)                         129g per km/128g per km         safety
diesel 1.9JTD (120bhp) manual 5-door (2007)                         139g per km/141g per km

safety and security
                                                                                                    We rate cars for safety using Euro NCAP
                                                                                                    crash test scores (where available),
euro Ncap score                                                                     ★★★★★           alongside our own comprehensive safety
                                                                                                    checklist. Uniquely, we also feed in results
                                                                                                    from our accident avoidance test – after
Adult occupant                                                                        ★★★★★         all, it’s far better to steer around a crash
Child protection                                                                        ★★★         than rely on the airbags...
Pedestrian protection                                                                    ★★

Which? safety rating                                                                   ★★★★

Active (crash avoidance)                                                                    61%
Passive (crash safety)                                                                     100%     Security scores come from the security
Child                                                                                       60%     experts at Thatcham, who break into
Pedestrian                                                                                  50%     hundreds of cars each year. Most modern
                                                                                                    cars are very difficult to drive away, but
                                                                                                    are still too easy to steal from.
The Bravo scored poorly in our assessment for ‘theft of’ (the ease with which it can be driven
away), though it does put up a decent resistance to break-ins.

                        Theft of car:                                          Theft from car:
                        4/10                                                   2/10
            Which? car review
            Fiat bravo (2007-)
            Medium cars

Which? car survey 2010 results                                                                  about our survey
The Which? Car Survey is the UK’s biggest and best reliability and owner satisfaction survey.
                                                                                                brand ratings
In 2010, Which? members told us about 66,699 cars registered since 2002, covering a total of
576,199,817 miles in the previous 12 months (that’s equivalent to 2,142 trips to the moon!).

 brand: Fiat                                                          Sample size: - people
                                                                                                Everyone who takes part in the Which?
 Fiat ratings                                                                                   Car survey tells us about their car and
                                                                                                the dealers who sell and service it. We
                                                                                                analyse this feedback across all cars to
                                                      OVeRall OWNeR saTisFacTiON           -    give top-level satisfaction ratings for each
  BrAnD rEliABiliTy                                                                        -    brand, including the brand’s reliability
  DEAlEr SAlES SErViCE                                                                     -    record over the last eight years. All star
                                                                                                ratings are out of five.
  DEAlEr SErViCing AnD rEPAir                                                              -
                                                                                                Model ownership ratings

 Model: Fiat Bravo (2007-)                                            Sample size: - people

 Ownership ratings                                                                              These show how owners score this car
                                                                                                in 12 different areas, from performance to
                                                                                                heating. Owners’ ratings are subjective –
                                                      OVeRall OWNeR saTisFacTiON           -    so may differ from Which? Car test scores
  PErFOrmAnCE                                                                             -     – but they give a good idea of what the
  riDE qUAliTy                                                                          -/-     car is like to live with. Where relevant, cars
                                                                                                are scored against other cars in the same
  HAnDling                                                                                -
                                                                                                class (e.g. for space).
  nOiSE                                                                                 -/-
  ViSiBiliTy AnD PArking                                                                  -
  DriVing POSiTiOn                                                                        -
  DASH lAyOUT                                                                             -
  BUilD qUAliTy                                                                           -              OwnEr’S ViEw
  SPACE in FrOnT                                                                          -
  SPACE in rEAr                                                                           -
  lOADing / STOrAgE                                                                       -
  HEATing AnD VEnTilATiOn                                                                 -

                                                                                                         OwnEr’S ViEw
          Which? car review
          Fiat bravo (2007-)
          Medium cars

Which? car survey 2010 results continued...                          about our survey
                                                                     Reliability ratings
Reliability ratings

                              2001   2002 - 2006   2007 - 2010
 peTROl          BrEAkDOwnS   -      -             -
                                                                     We split reliability into breakdowns (in-
                 FaUlTs       -      -             -
                                                                     cluding failure to start), faults (where parts
                 Niggles      -      -             -
                                                                     need replacing) and problems (minor is-
 diesel          BrEAkDOwnS   -      -             -                 sues e.g. squeaks and loose trim). Where
                 FaUlTs       -      -             -                 the car has been on sale for some time,
                 Niggles      -      -             -                 and we have numerous survey responses
 peTROl/diesel   BrEAkDOwnS   -      -             -                 from owners, we also split scores by the
                 FaUlTs       -      -             -                 age of car and fuel type. Star ratings are
                 Niggles      -      -             -                 out of five – the more stars, the more reli-
                                                                     able the car.
                                                                     Most common faults
Most common faults

 -                                                               -
                                                                     Want to know what’s most likely to go
 -                                                               -
                                                                     wrong as the car gets older? These are
 -                                                               -   the five most common faults reported by
 -                                                               -   owners, grouped by age into new, recent
 -                                                               -   and older cars. A score of 40% means
                                                                     four out of 10 owners reported problems
                                                       2004 - 2006   with that part of the car over the previous
 -                                                               -   12 months. Engine electrics and non-en-
                                                                     gine electrics (e.g. windows, stereo) cause
 -                                                               -
                                                                     more headaches than mechanical parts in
 -                                                               -   most modern cars.
 -                                                               -
 -                                                               -

                                                       2007 - 2010
 -                                                               -
 -                                                               -
 -                                                               -
 -                                                               -
 -                                                               -

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