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									Swin-eCounselling Mental Health Resources

This page contains relevant information and resources for                            Swin-eCounselling Depression Resources - For
students concerned about suicide.                                                     resources and information about Depression, a
                                                                                      condition often associated with suicidal ideation
    Suicide affects an unfortunately large number of Australians                      [
    every year, and all too often people experiencing suicidal                        win_ecounselling/resources/depression.htm].
    thoughts and ideation are not getting the help they need. If
    you are currently feeling unsafe or considering harming                          Swin-eCounselling Grief and Loss Resources -
    yourself, please contact Lifeline 13 11 14 or your local hospital                 For resources and information about Grief and Loss
    immediately.                                                                      as a result of suicide
Suicide and Mental Illness                                                            win_ecounselling/resources/grief.htm]
   Suicidal thoughts can be common in sufferers of mental
   illness, and particularly in people experiencing Depression. It                   Student Development and Counselling - For one-
   may be that you feel life is no longer enjoyable or that ending                    on-one counselling to help you deal with your
   your life is the only way to overcome your troubles. Suicidal                      suicidal thoughts and feelings as well as other
   thoughts are very real and can be terrifying for those                             contributing issues
   experiencing them, and if not addressed can have dire                              [
   consequences. If you have been experiencing frequent                               dex.html].
   thoughts of suicide, it is imperative that you speak with a
   counsellor, or another health professional about these                            Swinburne Psychology Clinic - For one-on-one, or
   thoughts as soon as possible, as there is always a better                          group, counselling to help address and overcome
   solution to suicide. Speaking with a counsellor can help you                       your suicidal thoughts
   explore the reasons you are feeling suicidal and help you to                       [
   develop ways of coping with the suicidal thoughts and                              gy/pc].
   feelings. Often suicidal thoughts can be attributed to mental
   illness or other issues, which can also be treated, and may in
                                                                                     Local Community Council Databases - Search for
   turn improve your view on life, so it is important to discuss
                                                                                      your local community services that offer assistance
   your difficulties with a health professional. Suicide is never a
                                                                                      in the prevention of suicide and related conditions
   good solution to any problem, no matter how great or small.
If Someone You Know is Suicidal
    If you are concerned about someone you suspect is feeling
    suicidal, it is best to approach them about your concerns and
                                                                        Other Suicide Prevention Services and Resources
    let them know that you are there if they ever need someone to
                                                                           If you are currently experiencing suicidal thoughts please
    talk to. Suicide can be a very scary topic not only for those
                                                                           contact Lifeline 13 11 14 or your local hospital, the website
    experiencing thoughts themselves, but also for those who
                                                                           resources below are not intended for crisis support.
    care about these individuals, so it is important to let the
    person know that you are willing to discuss it. Sometimes
                                                                                 APS: Suicide Tip Sheet - Tip Sheet for understanding
    people can feel afraid to discuss suicide, but it is important
                                                                                  and preventing suicide in young people, provided by the
    that these feelings are recognised and addressed quickly and
                                                                                  Australian Psychological Society
    calmly to prevent the individual from acting on those thoughts.
    Ignoring suicidal thoughts and behaviours will not make them
    go away. Having a friend or family member to call in times of
    crisis can be the difference between life and death.
                                                                                 Lifeline - Phone 13 11 14. Access to suicide prevention
    Check out the following resources and services for more                       treatment services and training. Note: counselling is not
    information about suicidal ideation, causes, and related

Swinburne University Services and Resources
        Swin-eCounselling Emergency Contact Numbers
           - Numbers to phone for assistance if you are
           currently suicidal or experiencing an emergency
    available through the Lifeline website

   Richmond Fellowship of Victoria, The - Specialist
    Mental Health service providing psychosocial
    rehabilitation services to people with psychiatric
    disability [].

   SANE - Phone 1800 18 SANE for crisis help during
    business hours. Website also provides an online
    helpline, fact sheets and some translated material

   Suicide Helpline - Phone 1300 651 251 for confidential
    telephone counselling, support and referral available 24
    hours a day, seven days a week, throughout Victoria for
    the cost of a local call

   Suicide Prevention Australia - A non-profit, non-
    government organisation working as a public health
    advocate in suicide prevention

   Survivors of Suicide - A dedicated web site to help
    those who have lost a loved one to suicide resolve their
    grief and pain in their own personal way

   Youth Suicide Prevention Kit - An online version of
    the Youth Suicide Prevention Kit developed by the
    Interdepartmental Youth Suicide Prevention Committee
    to provide general information about suicide to
    secondary school students, media and the general

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