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Cloth & Hybrid Diapers Are Gentle on Baby, Good for the Earth

Mother of Four Makes Eco-Friendly, Stylish, Easy-to-Use Diapering in Montana

Today’s busy parents are looking for diapers that are essentially safe on the baby’s tender
skin without placing too many demands on their time and money.

A newborn in the family means two to three years of diaper changes, or 10,000 diapers in
all. Buyer preferences have shown that awareness about green products has increased
among the present generation mothers. Consumers are looking for lifestyle products with
both class and convenience at a good bargain.

The brainchild of a mother of four, GroVia diaper systems produced by Bozeman, MT based
The Natural Baby Company has made ‘a diaper for every family’ the mission, motto and
trade mark of their company.

GroVia announced a limited period Special Offer on select products from its range of
diaper systems. According to their product listing, the All-in-One and All-in-One New
Born categories of cloth diapers come with a special Buy-2-Get-1-Free offer valid from
August 01 through August 31, 2011. Similarly, the Hybrid Shell featured on their website
also comes with a special Buy-2-Get-1-Free offer valid from August 01 through August 31,

These products are available at the online store as well as through distributors and retailers
across the US, Canada, Europe, Australia and SE Asia, listed on the site’s where-to-buy

About GroVia: In 2008, Kim Ormsby created a line of eco-friendly parenting products to
solve the daily issues parents face while nurturing their babies, and developed The Natural
Baby Company. It launched Gro Baby, a modern, eco-friendly diapering system in 2009. In
January 2010, the brand became GroVia, a new generation of natural baby care, with the
motto: a diaper for every family. Today The Natural Baby Company produces cloth and
hybrid baby diapers, bio-diapers and diaper accessories.

                                                                         Grovia / The Natural Baby Company
                                                                1203 North Rouse Ste 3E Bozeman, MT 59715
                                                                 1-877-899-BABY - 406.522.0800

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