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					             Energy Efficiency
                      with the
   Central Florida Energy Efficiency
           Alliance (CFEEA)

    2010 Annual Conference
 Leveraging the Green Revolution
       July 28-30, 2010

        Lori Cunniff, Manager
Orange County Environmental Protection
             Solar is Sexy
       Energy Efficiency is Important


                       What’s it about?

• July 2009 CFEEA created
• Mission:
  – provide a unified voice for professional and trade
    organizations, local government, academia, and
  – who are committed to research, education and
    implementation of environmentally and socially
    responsible energy and building management
    practices that conserve energy and natural

                     Who are we?

• Associations, Governments, Utilities & Schools

                                  Initial Focus
                                  and Funding

•   Initial Focus
     – Energy Efficiency in Large Central Florida Buildings
     – Business, Government, and Schools

•   Why?
    – Buildings contribute over 30% of GHG Emissions
    – Technology to decrease energy use 30% is broadly

•   Initial Funding
     – Orange County EECBG funds (stimulus funds)

          Announcing CFEEA’s…
           Central Florida


Central Florida will reduce energy use
             30% by 2012!

                            CFEEA 2010 Goals

                 CFEEA First Goals for
            Kilowatt Crackdown Challenge

– 2,010 Central Florida Buildings In the Kilowatt Crackdown
  Challenge by June 30, 2010      Results: 1500

– Offer free training

– Recognition & Awards for participants

                             Kilowatt Crackdown

•   Register online to take Challenge (by 6/30/10 to qualify for
    2010 Awards)
•   Each building entered in Challenge is then entered into Energy
    Star Portfolio Manager or benchmarked with similar program
•   Energy Specialists are available to assist
•   Free Training becomes available
•   Recognition in media for participants
•   Awards available based on performance

                               Kilowatt Crackdown
                               Participation Value

•   Fast identification of low hanging fruit for immediate savings
•   Opportunity to engage employees
•   Opportunity to win Kilowatt Crackdown Awards
•   Position as Kilowatt Crackdown Community Leader
•   Major contribution to community groundswell to reduce energy use
    in our community
•   Free ongoing, online energy use Tracking Tool provided by EPA
•   Energy Use Baseline for improvement plan, upgrade assessments,
    employee awareness and engagement
•   Free GHG emissions calculation; considered official measure for
•   Can pursue Energy Star Rating for building: 75 point or better score
    in Energy Star Portfolio Manager

                             Kilowatt Crackdown
                             Participation Value

Here is what they care about…….

•   Immediate savings
•   Free training opportunities
•   Free assistance with data input and identify
    energy savings
•   Ability to use software they are already
•   Recognition and awards

                                                   Orlando Sentinel
                                                   Kicking kilowatts:
                                                   Stimulus money
                                                   helping business
                                                   owners save energy
                                Next Steps

•   Join CFEEA
    – Online at or
    – Submit letter of commitment
•   Create your own Alliance if outside Central FL
    – Orange County willing to provide assistance
•   Set a Goal for your first Challenge
    – Kilowatt Crackdown as an example

            Check out all the info at CFEEA Web site
Business Example
    Energy Efficiency
Participating in CFEEA’s
 “Kilowatt Crackdown”
        2010 Annual Conference
       Leveraging the Green Revolution
        July 28-30, 2010
Presented by Anna H. Long, Esq.

                       215 North Eola Drive
                 450 South Orange Ave., Suite 250
                      Orlando, Florida 32801
                 407.843.4600 FAX 407.843.4444

      Lowndes, Drosdick, Doster, Kantor &
        Reed, P.A.’s Commitment to the
• The Executive Committee
    Mission Statement
       The Lowndes, Drosdick, Doster, Kantor & Reed Law Firm has and
       will continue to implement policies and procedures which promote and
       encourage environmental sustainability from its attorneys and staff.
    Outstanding Eco-Efforts Recognition Award
    The Green Team
    The Environmental Sustainability Committee
                  The “Green Team”

• Attorneys whose areas of practice provide opportunities
  for the following:
     Speakers Bureau
     Referrals and Resources
     Community Volunteer Contributions and Leadership Roles
          The “Environmental Sustainability
• Attorneys and Staff Representatives
     Promote Environmental Sustainability throughout the Firm
     Development recommendations to present to the Executive
     Committee that promotes and exemplifies the Mission
     Look for opportunities to inform others of the Firm’s efforts,
     as an environmental leader in the community
        The “Green Sheet”
        Firm Logo –
        Bike Rack
        Enhanced Recycling Efforts
        Kilowatt Crackdown
     LLDKR’s Kilowatt Crackdown Program

• The Firm contacted OCEPD to conduct an “energy
    A baseline carbon footprint and survey resulted
    Modeling and tracking energy usage has been on-going for the past six
       Use/replacement with Energy Star Appliances
       Enhanced Recycling Program
       Low flow water devices installed in restrooms/kitchens
       Water Heaters Insulated
       Replacement, as needed, irrigations system with low spray water heads
       Motion detectors in common areas to trigger the need for lighting
       Automated “shut-off” of desk top computer
       Participation in OUC’s Lightning
               Retrofit Program
• Replacing external and internal bulbs and ballast
• Installation of completely automated sensors throughout
  the buildings
• External lighting will be replaced with LED lighting (40
  watts will be reduced to 4 watts)
    Lighting Retrofit Program - Continued

• Internal lighting usage is estimated to be reduced from
  an average of 148 watts per fixture to 48 watts per
• A potential for a 30% HVAC savings is expected
                The Benefits
• Cost savings
• Reduction in replacement over time
• Recognition by third parties of efforts
  (good PR)
• Positively received by majority of client
• Internal support unsolicited
      Thank you

          •Anna H. Long
      •215 North Eola Drive
•450 South Orange Ave., Suite 250
     •Orlando, Florida 32801
 •407.843.4600 FAX 407.843.4444


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