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Video Review - Moksha Yoga


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									Moksha Yoga Teacher Training
Video Review Policies 2010
This component of the training is a critical aspect for several reasons. First, you are held accountable
for being a professional, well-trained, and knowledgeable teacher in order to become certified. Second,
the videotaping process is a valuable tool in cultivating and preparing you as an educated and inspiring
teacher; and you get to see yourself in front of a group of students. Third, you must practice teach as
much as possible to receive a passing score. Now do your best to practice teach as much as possible –
it will be obvious if you dedicated yourself to practice teaching before the review. Don’t take yourself
too seriously. Commit yourself to this experience. Enjoy…

   1. Training Classes: You must have completed all required training classes and assignments
      (#1-22) to participate. Any missed training classes after the first (you are allowed 1 absence
      without a make-up) must be made-up prior to the start of the video review.
   2. Practice Teaching: You must meet with your group to practice teach for a minimum of 4
      sessions of 2 hours each. It is your responsibility to schedule these sessions and then submit
      by email the dates/times of all 4 sessions completed.
   3. Attendance:
          a. Chicago 10: You must attend 5 of 7 sessions in full - no exceptions.
          b. Highwood 10: You must attend 4 of 4 sessions in full - no exceptions.
         Please note: the attendance policy will be strictly enforced.
         Partial attendance will result in no credit for that particular video review session. Attendance
         from beginning to end is required.
   4.    Schedule: You must attend the entire class/review for credit. Partial attendance or tardiness is
         marked as absent. No exceptions. Please plan ahead.
              a. Chicago 10: Each session is Saturdays 1:30-8:30pm or Tuesdays 12-7pm. The
                  class on Saturdays runs 1:30-3pm with the video review following until 8:30pm. The
                  class on Tuesdays is held 12-1:30pm with the video review following until 7pm. Please
                  arrive 30-45 minutes before the class begins. The location of the class/review is at
                  Moksha Logan Square. Check the program schedule for dates.
              b. Highwood 10: Each session is 10am-5pm. The practice class time is 10-11:30am at
                  Santuary Yoga. The video review will run from 12-5pm. Check your program schedule
                  for dates. Check the program schedule for dates.
   5.    Lunch: bring a snack lunch with you. You will NOT have time to go out for lunch at the break.
         Anyone returning to the video review late after the break will be marked as absent – no
         exceptions. Bring an extra piece of fruit, granola bar, or yogurt to share.
   6.    Make-ups: available ONLY in the other suburban/city program of the same year. All make-ups
         must be completed by the last video review of the course. It is your responsibility to schedule
         any make-up class. The teacher will not track you down for it.
   7.    Cost for Students: This is a free class for students. Recruitment: You must recruit at least
         3 friends and family members for your video review. Have them sign-in at the front desk as
         your guest, for example, "Jenny’s guest".
   8.    Feedback: You may not dispute or disagree with the feedback given; however you may ask for
         clarification or further explanation. Take a few days to reflect on the comments you received.
         Drop your ego so you can listen and learn. Hear the story of Neelankanta.
   9.    Grading & Pass/Fail: You will be graded on your personality & presence, asana & pranayama
         knowledge, language, and sequencing. You will receive a letter grade of A-F. You will not receive
         credit for a grade of F and must repeat the video review the following semester in order to be
         eligible for certification.
   10.   Required for Certification: You will not be eligible for certification without completing this
         component of the training or if you receive a grade of F.

This component is one of the most valuable and fun parts of the program. Enjoy practice teaching,
have fun getting in front of a group of students, develop your confidence, and inspire!

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