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									LIMITED ONE YEAR WARRANTY (Residential) The following consists of the limited one-year warranty provided by _______________________ ("Contractor") for the Residence located at ___________________________________________________________________________ This warranty is in effect for a period of one year from the date of ____________ and is nontransferable should the home be sold or transferred prior to the expiration of this warranty. 1) CONCRETE/CONCRETE BLOCK

There is no warranty against cracking, scaling, spalling or discoloration of flat concrete work and/or concrete block (which includes, but is not limited to, sidewalks, patios, driveways, basement floors, and garage floors) or the foundation walls. Cracks may develop in concrete patios, walks, driveways, approaches, basements, floors or foundations due to expansion and contraction of concrete due to changes in temperature. Cracks may also develop because of the expanding and contracting of the subsoils upon which the concrete is placed. There is no known way of completely eliminating these conditions and characteristics inherent to concrete/cement block and these conditions are not warranted. Temperature, humidity, conditions present during the curing process of concrete/cement block, or slight variations in the composite materials used in the manufacture of concrete/cement block will often affect the color of the surface. The final strength of the concrete/cement block is not altered, no warranty is provided. 2) MASONRY

Dampness may occur on the basement foundation walls. This condition is not covered under the one-year limited warranty. Efflorescence, a white powdery substance, often forms on new brick walls. This crystallization can be removed with a brush or a mild acid solution. This condition is not covered by the limited one-year warranty and is considered a part of normal homeowner maintenance. Discoloration Light-colored bricks have a tendency to take on a greenish cast due to the materials of which they are composed. The extent of this action varies with the seasons of the year and is not covered under the one-year limited warranty. Color Variation Non-uniformity of the appearance of antique-type brick or the cleaning of rock face brick is to be expected. Brick may discolor due to the elements, rain, sun, normal weathering or the innate materials composing said brick and/or stone. Colo
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