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University of Phoenix Material PSY 405 Personality Theories University

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									                                                                                                                                          PSY 405 Personality Theories

University of Phoenix Material
                                                       Psychodynamic Personality Theories Matrix
Using the text for this course, the University Library, the Internet, and/or other resources, complete the following table.

       Theory                  Assumptions                       Reliability                      Validity                           Application

 Individual            - There is one driving, or          Adler’s theory is           The individual psychological       Applications of this theory are most
 Psychological           motivational force behind all    reliable, as it is          theory is valid to the extent      often applied to people who are
 Theory                  behavior and experience –        consistent and              that it treats the individual as   neurotic/psychotic, or people who
                         striving for perfection.         dependable. His views       a whole, and at the same           have succeeded against the odds.
                       - People should be looked at       of all areas of man –       time, covers the various           Theodore Roosevelt, for example,
                         and understood in terms of       social, personal,           dimensions and parts that          succeeded greatly in life in spite of
                         their whole being – physical,    environmental, etc. all     affect life. Its conclusions are   severe asthma and other health
                         social and environmental.        relate to man’s driving     coherent, and the focus on         problems. This example, seen in light
                       - People face disadvantages,       force, which is closely     environmental factors, the         of Adler’s theory, shows the influence
                         and are largely identified by    related to his energy       social dimension of man,           of energy level playing a more
                         how they respond, either         level. This force and its   man’s striving for perfection,     important role than physical strength
                         through compensation,            affect depend largely       etc., have been affirmed and       – Roosevelt would probably be
                         resignation, or over             on external factors,        developed by other thinkers        considered the socially useful type,
                         compensation.                    which Adler examines        as well. While Adler split from    the importance of an environment that
                       - The nature of one’s driving      through a “holism” that     Freud, disagreeing over the        stimulated Roosevelt, and the
                         force and their characteristic   seeks to include all        dominance of the sex instinct,     importance of Roosevelt’s own drive
                         response is apparent             environmental factors.      his own psychological theory       in striving for perfection.
                         through their psychological      All of these factors        revolves mainly around
                         type, or the different energy    affect man’s personality    instinct, although in another      A negative application would be the
                         levels. The ruling type is       and his manner of living    form – success drive – and         case of a child with an inferiority
                         aggressive and dominant,         and interacting with        environmental experience.          complex. The child may feel inferior
                         with a high energy level. The    others. As a result, his    As a result, the validity of       due to birth place (being a middle
                         learning type has low energy     theory is coherent and      Adler’s theory is limited to the   child…), due to physical conditions
                         levels, seek to protect          reliable within itself.     extent that it considers the       such as being overweight, and due to
                         themselves, and rely on                                      person to be a product of          environment, being teased, etc. A
                         others in moments of                                         instinct and environment, and      child with inferiority complex has
                         difficulty. The avoiding type                                doesn’t address the role and       faced his disadvantages with
                         has the lowest level of                                      freedom of the intellect and       resignation rather than compensation,
                         energy, avoid people and                                     will in developing man’s           and has a low energy level, social
                         life, and often become                                       psychology or personality          interest and success drive.
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                                                                                                                                  PSY 405 Personality Theories
                        psychotic. The socially useful                          very much.                      Therapy is directed to helping people
                        type has a health level of                                                              come out of their neurosis, by helping
                        energy and social interest                                                              them understand their lifestyle,
                        (this is the best type, based                                                           misperceptions, etc., so they can
                        on Adler’s theory).                                                                     improve their reactions, self-image,
                      - Personality and psychology                                                              and lifestyle.
                        is largely determined by
                        environmental factors,
                        including birth order, at an
                        early age.
 Boeree, Dr. C. George. (2006). Alfred Adler. Personality Theories. Retrieved from
 Mitchell, Gregory. Alfred Adler and Adlerian individual psychology. Trans4mind. Retrieved 2010 from

 Object Relations

 Social Theory


    Good Morning Team, according to our syllabus this is what our first team project entails. Also due next week is our Team
    Charter (due on Saturday). Does anyone have any ideas on how we should break this down? Remember we also have an
    individual paper due for Week 2 on Monday the 10th of May. I have attached the Matrix/worksheet.

    3. Learning Team Instructions

                 Review the objectives from Week Two and discuss additional insights and questions that may have arisen.

    4. Learning Team Assignment: Psychodynamic Personality Theories Matrix -due on Sunday

Page 2 of 1                                                                                                                                          PSY405r2
                                                                                                            PSY 405 Personality Theories
          Complete the Psychodynamic Personality Theories Matrix, using the text, the University Library, the Internet, and
         other resources.
 Prepare a 700- to 1,050-word analysis of the strengths and limitations of the theories listed in explaining individuals’ behavior.
Address the following: We are breaking it in 6 parts my section is Individual Psychological Theory

              o Describe how psychodynamic theories affect individual personalities.
              o Explain how psychodynamic theories influence interpersonal relationships.

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