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									DURABLE GENERAL POWER OF ATTORNEY A. I, ________________________, Social Security No. __________, DOB

___________, hereby appoints my _________, _______________, my lawful attorney-in-fact, to act for me and in my name in any and all business, financial, legal and other matters, granting full authority to make, acknowledge and deliver for me and in my name all contracts, deeds, leases, assignments, obligations, writings, assurances, releases and other instruments which my attorneyin-fact deems proper in connection with any matter in which I may be interested, and generally to act for me and in my name in all matters affecting my business or property, real or personal, with the same effect as though I were personally present and acting for myself; and I hereby ratify and confirm whatever my attorney-in-fact may do under this Power of Attorney. If my first named attorney-in-fact shall fail or be unable to serve, I then appoint my ___________, ________________, to serve as my alternate attorney-in-fact and I grant to my alternate attorney-in-fact all powers granted to my first named attorney-in-fact. B. Without limiting the general powers granted herein, I specifically authorize my

attorney-in-fact to do the following for me and in my name: 1. To enter upon or into and to take possession of any of my property, real or personal, including any safe deposit box. To open or close any safe deposit box in my name or for my account. To open or close any bank account or savings and loan association account, cash management account or any other account; to deposit into and withdraw from any account; and, to sign, endorse and deliver all checks, drafts and instruments of like nature payable to me or by me as my attorneyin-fact may deem proper. To act for me and on my behalf in all matters in connection with any account, however designated, and whether presently open o
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