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An agreement between two married people who have no minor children, who have agreed to live apart for an unspecified period of time, perhaps forever. The agreement generally covers any alimony (money paid for spousal support), and payment of bills and management of separate bank accounts.

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									SEPARATION AGREEMENT (Without Children)

This Agreement made and concluded at _____________, __________, this ______ day of _________, 20___, by and between _________________, (hereinafter known as Wife), and _________________, (hereinafter known as Husband). WITNESSETH: WHEREAS, unfortunate marital differences have arisen between the parties making it impossible for them to live and co-habit together as Husband and Wife, and that the parties are incompatible;

WHEREAS, the parties have agreed to live separate and apart during the remainder of their natural lives;

WHEREAS, an action is contemplated for a dissolution or a divorce of the marriage;

WHEREAS, the parties hereto desire to settle, compound and adjust all their property rights and interest, including spousal support;

NOW, THEREFORE, in consideration of the mutual promises and covenants contained herein, each made to the other party, and in the further consideration of the carrying out of the promises, the parties hereto mutually agree as follows:


SPOUSAL SUPPORT A. The parties mutually consent and agree that there shall be no spousal support due

either party and the Court shall not maintain jurisdiction over spousal support. OR A. The Husband/Wife shall pay to the Husband/Wife, as and for Spousal Support, the

sum of $_________ per month for a period of _____ (___) years subject to the Husband’s/Wife’s death, remarriage, or cohabitation with a non-relative male/female. B. The Husband/Wife has agreed to waive
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