Memorandum of Trust Revocation by ReadyBuiltForms


A document which indicates the revocation of a trust.

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									MEMORANDUM OF TRUST REVOCATION Now comes _________________, Trustee of the _______________ Trust dated ______________ being duly sworn, does hereby depose and state as follows: 1. I was Trustee of the ______________ Trust dated ________________, and have personal knowledge of the facts contained herein. I currently reside at _______________________________. The Trust was executed on ____________________, and is currently in my possession. ___________________________ was the Grantee of the Real Property as shown in Instrument No. ______________ of the ____________ County Records and being described as follows: Legal Description Here 5. The Powers of the Trustee specified in the Trust were provided as follows: Rights Reserved. (Insert Language here from Trust) 6. On ________________, I absolutely cancelled and revoked the Trust in its entirety and declared that all property bei
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