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									                            Crewkerne Town Council
                                                                                                 Report No. 9
                                    ANNUAL REPORT                                                March 2010

            On the industrial estateOn the industrial estate
 I would like to welcome you to our 9th Annual Report              We have also organised a Community Safety event and,
to inform you of the work the Town Council has carried             following under-age and other anti-social drinking
out on the town's behalf in the past year.                         problems in our town, now have a Designated Public
                                                                   Places Order in the town centre which gives our Police
A year ago Cllr Mike Best, our former Mayor, reported              more power to remove alcohol from offenders. Grant
that due to the decline in the financial climate the               funding has been obtained from Somerset County
development of new housing projects in the town had                Council Market Town Regeneration Fund and we now
been delayed, and to date there has been no movement               have planning permission for 8 new street lights in
at either the Maiden Beech or CLR sites and with no                Market Street and Market Square; once these are in place
sight of a change in the economy this looks to be the              they will enhance the much needed evening visibility.
case for the near future. Our town centre has, like all            This is only a brief summary and a full list of our aims
other towns large and small throughout the country,                and achievements in 2009/10 is included overleaf.
struggled through this current recession but I am
pleased to report that even in these challenging times             Henhayes has, in one way or another, taken up quite a lot
we have seen a greater footfall through the shopping               of the Council's time including plans for a new sports
area, probably due to a “Waitrose effect” and now Lidl             and community centre project and the challenge to the
has regenerated the old Co-op store into a bright,                 Council's control of Henhayes by “Friends of Henhayes”.
cheerful additional food store offering an alternative             The cricket field and square have now been reinstated
range of products. We also welcome Homestyle which                 and the sportsmen will be back playing this year. Cllr
took over from Woolworths, and Bengal Fusion which                 Mike Best and our PCSOs, working with Yeovil Town
replaced the Nags Head. M & Co in the former Cooke                 Football Club, have been running junior football sessions
& Son building continues to move forward slowly, but               throughout last year which are continuing again this
there have been various planning issues. The Halifax               year. The temporary car park remains for a further year
has announced their closure in town – for the second               while we, and South Somerset District Council, continue
time – and having spoken to their head office recently I           searching for an alternative permanent site.
understand that they may have plans for a sub-branch
within Lloyds TSB at some stage in the future. We
                                                                   The past year has been difficult and this coming year
welcome all other businesses that have come to the
                                                                   does not look set to improve. This council is entering its
town this year.
                                                                   final year and elections will be held in 2011, but please
                                                                   be assured that your Town Council is working for the
Your Council has been extremely busy in the last year
                                                                   good of the whole of the town and will continue to do so.
and we believe what has been achieved enhances our
town and continues to make Crewkerne a lovely place
                                                                   Crewkerne Town Council has retained its status as a
to live. Some of our achievements include taking
                                                                   “Quality Council”, recognising the effectiveness and
responsibility for the erection of our Christmas lighting,
                                                                   efficiency with which we carry out our responsibilities,
which was in jeopardy because of health and safety
                                                                   due in no small measure to our staff – who are most
requirements which meant that our usual team of
                                                                   knowledgeable and always willing to assist the public
volunteers were not able to carry out the work.
                                                                   with any questions or requirements.
Considerable work and commitment has been put into
Happy Valley to enhance the play areas and also
                                                                   In recognition of their contribution to the town and its
improve footpaths and lighting in the coming year.
                                                                   citizens Olga Johnston and Mike Studley have been
Crewkerne In Bloom was a success and Cllr Sue White
                                                                   chosen to receive our Honoured Citizen Awards this
must take the credit for organising the hanging baskets
                                                                   year. Presentation of the Awards took place at the
and the spring bulbs which are, now, popping up all
                                                                   Annual Town Meeting on Monday 29th March.
over the town.
                                                                   The following reports from each of the Council
Allotments, or lack of them, are a problem and we
                                                                   Committees detail their work during the past year.
continue to seek new plots. If you know of any land
that the Council may be able to use for allotments,
                                                                                                 Cllr Hilary Leamon, Mayor
please speak to me, or contact the office.

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COUNCIL AIMS & ACHIEVEMENTS                                          Following confirmation of grant funding from
2009/10                                                               SCC Market Town Regeneration Fund,
                                                                      contributed towards and obtained planning
To support and provide cultural, social and sporting                  permissions for eight new street lights in Market
activities.                                                           Street and Market Square to be installed shortly.
Achievements:                                                  To co-operate with and support the Police and District
     As part of the ongoing Happy Valley Enhancement          Council to reduce crime and disorder in the town.
         Project, helped organise two play events at Happy     Achievements:
         Valley in collaboration with Barnardos. Also,             Initiated a new junior football team as part of
         recent success in being awarded £25,000 from the             Yeovil Town Community Sports Trust training
         Government‟s Playbuilder funding towards the                 programme in partnership with the Police
         new play scheme. Obtained £1,900 for improved                Support Community Officers. This originated as
         lighting for safety and for extended use of the              a youth anti-social behavioural project which
         sports pitch, and £1,500 towards improved                    received success at competition in the summer
         pathways, both from SCC Councillor John Dyke‟s               and now goes from strength to strength.
         Community Budget.                                         Organised the fourth annual Community Safety
     Awarded community grants to West One                            Event on 26th September in the Henhayes Centre.
         Community Centre £10,250 (£9,000 of this is for              Stalls with information on home safety,
         the annual rent to the Town Council), Henhayes               environmental safety, flooding issues, a Fire
         Centre £1,000, Heritage Centre £1,500, CUDOS                 Engine to admire at close quarters and a Road
         £500, U3A £200, Ile Valley Flower Club £250,                 Safety demonstration.
         Local Information Centre £200, Girl guiding £600,         Worked with the District Council and Police to
         Merriott Sports Pavilion £500, Twinning                      obtain a Designated Public Places Order in the
         Association £150, South Somerset Choral Society              town centre to enable the police to seize alcohol
         £100, Community Food Champions £250, and                     from those drinking within the area whose
         Army Cadets £600 to improve or aid leisure                   behaviour is considered anti-social.
     Again provided administrative support to the
         highly successful annual Lighting up event on 27th     PLANNING AND HIGHWAYS
         November in the Town Centre and took                   COMMITTEE
         responsibility for the erection of the Christmas
         lighting.                                              Welcome to the Planning and Highways Chairman‟s
     Co-ordinated the very successful Tour of Britain          report. The Planning and Highways Committee sits on
         event on Friday 18th September.                        the second Monday of each month and is a public
     Supported a very successful Teddy Bears Picnic            meeting open to anyone wishing to attend.
         event on Bincombe in May.
To liaise with voluntary groups to achieve our                  2009/10 has been a quiet year from a planning point of
objectives                                                      view; indeed so quiet that March‟s meeting was
Achievements:                                                   cancelled because there were no applications! We
     In partnership, collaborated with District Officers       have received 44 applications to date.
         and Councillors and eight organisations to replace
         the current poor sporting facilities, for soccer,      There have been no plans for any large development
         rugby, cricket and running on Henhayes and the         sites this year.
         facility at the West One Community Centre.
         Encouraged the existing Sports Clubs to produce        Permission to build the new Sports and Community
         development plans, expand the number of sports         centre was granted in November, also additional street
         coaches and provision of junior clubs. Secured         lighting for Market Street and Square has been agreed
         grant funding of £50,000 from SSDC and £10,000         and should be installed soon.
         from County Youth Service towards a new
         building.                                              M & Co have been granted permission for the
     Worked with the Civic Society to de-clutter the           renovation and extension of the former Cooke & Son
         town.                                                  premises so we can look forward to their work starting
To protect and improve the environment                          and the shop opening, again, soon.
     Expanded the Crewkerne in Bloom project                   North Street still remains a traffic problem though after
         assisting businesses to provide many more hanging      consultation with the townspeople and the Town
         baskets in the town; acquired a new permanent          Council, the Highways Agency at Somerset County
         planter in Falkland Square; and organised a            Council is working on proposals to make it one way
         gardening competition. Planted numerous spring         with various traffic calming measures and some street
         bulbs with assistance of volunteers & SSDC.            parking.
                                                                                Cllr Robin Pailthorpe, Chair of Planning

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FINANCIAL REPORT                                                     It is anticipated that the expenditure for the current
                                                                     financial year will be within budget. The excess of
The accounts for the current year, which ends 31st March             expenditure over income has been funded by a separate,
2010, will not be audited until later in the year. The final         specifically set aside budget for Capital Projects and
accounts will be presented to the May meeting of the                 Town Green legal costs.
Town Council and a summary published on the notice
board outside the Town Hall prior to audit. Members of               Estimated income and expenditure for the current
the public will have the opportunity to examine the full             financial year is as follows:
accounts on request.
                                                                          Income                                           £
                                                                          Allotments                                     235
The Statement of Accounts for the last audited year                       Aqua Centre                                  1,000
2008/2009                                                                 Bank Interest                                5,000
                                                                          Grounds Maintenance                            170
                           31st March 2008     31st March 2009            Capital Projects                            13,360
Balances b/fwd                     589,076             585,035            Other Projects                              10,040
Annual Precept                     216,910             229,200            Licensing                                    2,260
Land Sale Proceeds                    3,592                               Miscellaneous                                  850
Total other Receipts                83,687             94,200             Precept                                    234,755
                                                                          Victoria Hall                                6,275
Staff Costs                         86,198             93,540
                                                                          Town Hall                                    4,450
Loan Interest/Early Debt            69,341              5,028
                                                                          War Mem Grounds Contribution                 2,890
                                                                          West One                                     9,000
Active Lifestyle Centre                  809
                                                                              Total                                  290,285
Total other Payments                 151,882          205,481
Balances c/fwd                       585,035          604,386             Expenditure                                      £
Total Cash &                         581,010          595,122             Aqua Centre                                 12,700
Investments                                                               General Admin                               25,000
Total Fixed Assets               5,286,721           5,280,440            Salaries & Wages                           110,000
Total Borrowings                    36,818              35,026            Grants & Donations                          16,400
                                                                          Grounds Maintenance                         22,100
                                                                          Capital Projects                            30,300
                                                                          Other Projects                              17,800
At 31st March 2010 the following estimated debt was                       Burial Board Precept                        28,150
outstanding to the Public Works Loan Board:                               Licences                                       600
                                                                          Victoria Hall                               11,500
Aqua Centre                £33,000                                        Town Hall                                   23,500
                                                                          Town Green Legal/Admin Costs                 5,000
                                                                          War Mem Grounds                              2,000
                                                                          West One                                     3,700
                                                                              Total                                  308,750

                                     ADDITIONAL TOWN COUNCIL INFORMATION
  Town Clerk: Mrs J Warner        Property & Projects Officer: Mr J Dunn                     Finance Officer: Mrs A Hooper
  Admin Officer : Mrs A Roffey    Secretary: Mrs J Lanning                                   Groundsman: Mr D Harwood
  Assist Groundsman: Mr R Wheeler

  Tel: 01460 74001                   Fax: 01460 78790

  The Council Offices are open to the public during the following hours:
  Monday to Wednesday: 9 am – 1pm & 2pm – 4pm              Thursday & Friday: 9 am – 1pm
  Council Surgeries are held every 3rd Saturday of the month (except August) in the Community Office at the Town Hall.

  Council Meetings in April, May & June 2010:           All meetings start at 6.45 pm in the Council Chamber
  April:                        12th – Planning         19th – HSACC               26th - Town Council
         th                       th                       th
  May: 4 - Amenities            10 - Planning           17 – HSACC                 24th – Town Council (Annual Meeting)
          th                       th                      st
  June: 7 - Policy & Resources 14 - Planning            21 – HSACC                 28th - Town Council
  (HSACC - Henhayes Sports and Community Centre Committee)

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AMENITIES COMMITTEE                                                 Lucombe Oak: We are currently carrying out soil remediation
                                                                    and will be undertaking a further arborist‟s inspection later in
                                                                    the year, all to ensure the best protection of the oak.
The Town Council Amenities Committee meetings are held
                                                                    War Memorial Grounds in Severalls Park Avenue: The
bi monthly on the first Monday in January, March, May,
                                                                    Council maintains the small Severalls Community Hall and
July, September and November. The Committee makes
                                                                    Memorial recreation area because the Council is the sole
decisions on matters relating to property and land owned by
                                                                    Trustee. The hiring of the tennis hard courts is available from
the Town Council as well as issues relating to other
                                                                    the Severalls Mini Market. The Severalls Community Hall is
amenities in the town.
                                                                    now the home of Phoenix Brass Band who regularly hold their
                                                                    rehearsals there. The Severalls Jubilee Bowls Club continues
The public buildings and open spaces owned and maintained
                                                                    to keep the Bowling green in good order on our behalf. The
by the Council are as follows: the Town Hall and the
                                                                    War Memorial has been granted Grade II Listed Building
Victoria Hall, including the Town Council and Community
Offices; West One Youth and Community Centre; Henhayes
                                                                    Crewkerne in Bloom: Throughout the town last year we were
Recreation Ground including the children‟s playgrounds and
                                                                    able to see hanging baskets in the town centre through the
the Sports Pavilion; Bincombe Beeches Nature Reserve;
                                                                    summer months and the provision of a new planter which was
Happy Valley with the Skateboard Park, BMX Track,
                                                                    sponsored by generous donations from townspeople. We hope
basketball and football play areas; Southmead Crescent play
                                                                    to have the town looking similarly colourful in 2010.
area and Barn Street recreation field. The Aqua Centre with
                                                                    The Local Information Centre (Tourist Information) receives
Active Lifestyle Centre although owned by the Council is
                                                                    financial support from the Council and is a valued asset for the
maintained by Crewkerne Leisure Management our „tenants‟.
                                                                    Happy Valley Project: The sub committee set up to look at
West One Youth and Community Centre: Day to day
                                                                    ways of improving the facilities at Happy Valley, including
maintenance continues on the building pending the outcome
                                                                    consultation with the public, continues with its work and to
of the proposed move to a new building in Henhayes.
                                                                    date funding of £53,400 has been secured. A „friends‟ of
Town Hall and Victoria Hall: We are in the process of
                                                                    Happy Valley group, Happy Valley Endeavours is being set
obtaining quotations for an air conditioning system for the
                                                                    up by interested members of the public who all share an
Victoria Hall which will provide a much needed
                                                                    interest in this project.
improvement of the climate for the users of the hall. The
                                                                    David Craner, our official Town Crier continues to be a good
Council Chamber will soon have a new projector and screen
                                                                    ambassador for the town.
fitted to allow Councillors and members of the public to
                                                                    Our thanks to our Groundsmen who have continued to
view clearly any presentations made, especially in the
                                                                    maintain the town‟s grounds and buildings during the year and
planning meetings.
                                                                    to the Clerk and Staff for all their work.
Playgrounds: All the playground equipment is checked
regularly by our Groundsmen, SSDC undertake quarterly                                           Cllr Mike Best, Chair of Amenities
checks and ROSPA/SSDC carry out annual checks, followed
by a written report.                                                HENHAYES SPORTS & COMMUNITY
Aqua Centre and Active Lifestyle Centre: Part of the Aqua
Centre building will soon have a new roof to replace a
                                                                    CENTRE COMMITTEE
leaking section above the entrance and offices which will
                                                                    This Committee has been established to oversee this project and
allow the interior of the building to return to normal without
                                                                    consists of all 12 Town Councillors and 4 non-voting members,
the need for water collection sheets.
                                                                    Dist Cllr A Singleton; G Reynolds; G James representing Sports
The Flowerbeds: We continue to maintain the beds at South
                                                                    Clubs and K Chant representing West One Youth and
Street Car Park entrance and Church Street also The Orchard
                                                                    Community Centre and meets on the third Monday of the month.
Lane Dental Partnership sponsor the maintenance of one of
the South Street Car Park entrance flowerbeds.
Allotments: The Council has a total of 21 Allotments 12 at          Work carried out so far includes the architects delivering the
the War Memorial Grounds in Severalls and 9 at Bincombe             outline plans and the granting of full building consent. The main
Amenity Land. All are let, and we have a waiting list.              contractor and design team have been agreed in principle and
The Henhayes Sports Pavilion (changing rooms): We                   work on the value engineering process has begun. A grant
continue to carry out required work on the changing rooms           application to Sport England has unfortunately been unsuccessful,
pending the outcome of the development of the new sports            but other avenues are now being pursued.
and community building.                                                                              Cllr Mike Best, Chair of HSACC

 Town Councillors
 Sylvia Allman                                            4 Ashland Court, Crewkerne TA18 7AP                          72875
 Mike Best (Chair of Amenities, HSACC)                    186 Park View, Crewkerne TA18 8JH                            74245
 Ron Bond                                                 5 Whitehall Court, Crewkerne TA18 7NW                        75284
 Veronica Chard                                           10 Barn Close, Crewkerne TA18 8BL                            72810
 Peter Chard                                              10 Barn Close, Crewkerne TA18 8BL                            72810
 Graham Collingridge (Vice Chair Planning)                22 Dairy Court, Crewkerne TA18 7EZ                           78673
 Hilary Leamon (Mayor)                                    Highlands, 18 Lyme Road, Crewkerne TA18 8HF                  77014
 Robin Pailthorpe (Chair of Planning)                     9 Richmond House, Crewkerne TA18 7AB                         07835 711073
 Andrea Stuart                                            Summerhill,5, Mount Pleasant, Crewkerne TA18 7AH             07771 287768
 Neil Sturtivant (Deputy Mayor, Chair of P & R)           9 Birch Way, Crewkerne TA18 7DT                              78602
 David Tozer                                              7 Whitehall Court, Wadham Park, Crewkerne TA18 7NW           78875
 Sue White (Vice Chair, Amenities)                        126 Park View, Crewkerne TA18 8JJ                            76026

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