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									_______________________________________ WRITTEN ACTION IN LIEU OF FIRST MEETING OF SHAREHOLDERS The undersigned, being the shareholders of __________________, Inc., a(an) ______________________ corporation, hereby takes the following actions in writing and without a meeting, in lieu of the first meeting of Shareholders. RESOLVED, that the undersigned hereby waives the notice requirement; RESOLVED, that the Code of Regulations attached hereto as Exhibit A is hereby adopted as the Code of Regulations of the Corporation; FURTHER RESOLVED, that the number of directors of the Corporation is hereby fixed at ____; and FURTHER RESOLVED, that the following individual (people) is (are) hereby elected as director(s) of the Corporation to serve until the next annual meeting and until his respective successors are duly elected and qualified. _________________ IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the undersigned being the Shareholder(s) of ________________________ Inc. has executed this Written Action in Lieu of First Meeting of Shareholders this ____ day of ____________, _______.


_____________________________________ Being The Shareholders of ______________ ___________________, Inc.

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