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									_____________________, 20___ _____________________ _____________________ _____________________ Re: ________________________________

Dear Homeowner: As a resident of _________________, your real property is subject to the Covenants and Conditions for __________________ and the Restrictive Covenants for _________________ (collectively the “Restrictions”) filed with the ______ County Recorder. Pursuant to the Restrictions, _____________________ reserved the right to form a homeowner’s association for _______________ for some of the following purposes: (i) enforcement of the Restrictions; (ii) to provide for care and maintenance of the neighborhood, such as landscaping, etc.; and, (iii) adoption of regulations which promote and maintain the quality of life within your neighborhood while protecting your significant investment in the neighborhood. Pursuant to the Restrictions, every homeowner is automatically a member of the homeowner’s association by virtue of their ownership of real property within the neighborhood. This letter is to inform you that _________________ has formed a homeowner’s association named _______________ Homeowners Association, Inc. Also, this letter is an invitation for you to attend the organizational meeting for the new homeowner’s association. The organizational meeting has been scheduled for _____________________, ____________, 20___ at __________ p.m. The meeting will be held at the ________________________ located at _____________________________. A representative of ______________________ will be present at the meeting to discuss the homeowner’s association and to answer your questions. At the meeting, the residents of ______________ will elect a Board of Directors from the residents of ______________ who will serve as the initial Directors of the homeowner’s association. Please make every effort to attend the meeting since the discussion and election of Directors will play significant roles in the future of your homeowner’s association. Please R.S.V.P. for this important meeting by contacting _________________________ at _________, extension ___________. Thank you in advance for your participation. Best regards,


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