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									                                                                             Customs Automated Manifest Interface Requirements

                                 Permit to Transfer
       Provides descriptions and format requirements for each data element contained
        within a transaction record authorizing a permit to transfer (PTT) movement.

     Record Identifier T01 .... ............................ ............. ............. .............. ............. ............. ................. PTT-3
     The Permit to Transfer Record provides data element descriptions and format requirements for transmitting
     permit to transfer information.

  August 2011                                                   Permit to Transfer                                                           PTT-1
                                                       Customs Automated Manifest Interface Requirements

                                  Permit to Transfer
The request and authorization procedures for within port movements of cargo have been
streamlined through the use of electronic requests for permits to transfer (PTT). The AMS client
provides the bill of lading number, container number, FIRMS code of the destined transfer location
and bonded carrier identification number. The results of processing the request are routed to the
AMS client in current output sets and the authorization for a PTT movement is routed to the client
in a current notification set modified to show the additional data.

The Permit to Transfer Record (Record Identifier T01) is required for PTT transactions. It
provides the necessary information to accommodate multiple bills per container, multiple
containers per bill, multiple bills with multiple containers, or multiple sets of one-bill/one container

Each T01 record processed will cause AMS to generate two Bill of Lading Status Notification
(output) records (Record Identifier R02). One R02 record with the disposition code provides the
bill number, the container associated with the permit to transfer, and the other information
normally associated with the R02 record. The second R02 message provides the district/port of
processing, the FIRMS code, and the bonded carrier ID for those bills that have PTT authorization.

PTT’s requests will not be processed against bills of lading in a “held” status.

     August 2011                              Permit to Transfer                               PTT-2
                                                       Customs Automated Manifest Interface Requirements

Record Identifier T01
Permit to Transfer Record

This mandatory record is necessary to facilitate acceptance and processing of a permit to transfer
request. It contains the information relating to particular bills of lading. This record can be repeated
as many times as necessary up to 999 records.

 Record Identifier t01
 Data Element           Length/   Position   Status    Description                                        Note
 Control Identifier       3AN       1-3        M       Must always equal T01.
 Bill of Lading          12AN       4-15       M       The bill of lading sequence number
 Number                                                transmitted from CBP in the R01 and R02
                                                       output records. The bill of lading number for
                                                       which the permit to transfer is being
                                                       requested must already be on file in AMS as
                                                       a viable bill. The transfer request cannot be
                                                       made in the original manifest transmission.
 Container Number        14AN      16-29       C       A valid container number associated with the
                                                       bill of lading. The container number must be
                                                       exactly as it physically appears on the
                                                       container. If the container number is left
                                                       blank, the default is that a PTT authorization
                                                       will be issued for all containers associated
                                                       with that bill.
 FIRMS Code              4AN       30-33       M       The Facilities Information and Resources
                                                       Management System (FIRMS) code
                                                       representing the location of the goods. The
                                                       FIRMS location must be bonded and on file
                                                       in AMS.
 Bonded Carrier          12X       34-45       M       The identification (ID) number of the
                                                       original bonded carrier (also referred to as
                                                       the importer number or IRS number). It
                                                       must include any embedded hyphens. Valid
                                                       importer formats are:

                                                       NN-NNNNNNNXX = IRS Number,
                                                       YYDDPP-NNNN = CBP assigned Number
                                                       NNN-NN-NNNN = Social Security Number

                                                       The bonded carrier ID must be on file in
                                                       AMS as an active bond.
 Free Form Text           25X      46-70       O       Additional remarks.
 Filler                  10AN      71-80       M       Space fill.

     August 2011                              Permit to Transfer                                  PTT-3

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