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An agreement whereby an individual or business or occupation for profit, with particular skill in a given trade agrees to provide (as an independent contractor and not an employee) work or services on a project for a homeowner. Best Deal! Get this form and 12 more in a Residential Home Construction Package for Only $59.95 Best Deal! Get this form and 15 more in a Residential/Home-Remodeling-Package For Only $59.95

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									TRADE CONTRACT AGREEMENT THIS TRADE CONTRACT AGREEMENT is made and entered into in ________, this ______ day of ___________, 20____ by and between _____________ (the "Contractor"), ___________________________ and _______________________________________ ("Subcontractor"), ____________________________. WHEREAS, the Contractor desires to engage the Subcontractor to furnish the following work, labor, and materials (the "Work") with respect to certain construction projects for Contractor; SCOPE OF WORK – See Scope of Work and Plans and Specifications provided for each construction project and/or attached hereto. WHEREAS, the Subcontractor desires to be engaged by the Contractor to perform the Work; NOW, THEREFORE, in consideration of the covenants and agreements herein contained, the parties agree as follows: 1. General Scope of Work - The Subcontractor shall furnish in a timely and workmanlike manner, all labor, supervision, equipment, tools, materials, services, permits and licenses as outlined by the plans and specifications, contract documents and Scope of Work for each project and/or as otherwise attached hereto. Should there at any time appear to be any variation or contradiction in description, dimensions or quantities of the Work, Subcontractor agrees to refer the matter immediately to Contractor for decision; otherwise, Subcontractor proceeds at its own risk. 2. Price – Contractor shall pay Subcontractor for complete, timely and proper performance of the Work an amount which is agreed to in writing by Contractor prior to the Commencement of the Work on each project. Payment – Progress payments shall be made after Contractor's receipt of the following: (a) (b) Subcontractor's proper invoice of Work completed. Agreement by both Contractor and Owner/Architect (whichever may be the case herein) that the Work covered by the invoice has been satisfactorily completed. Such documentation as may be required by Contractor and Owner/Architect. Payment to Contractor by the Owner/Architect for Subcontractor's work. Subcontractor's release of Contractor and Owner/Architect from all liens and claims of Subcontractor and of third parties whose claims arise directly or indirectly from Subcontractor's performance of the Work, in a form acceptable to Contractor and Owner/Architect.


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Final payment shall be made following acceptance of the Work by Contractor and Owner/Architect. In the event that a lien or claim is filed by a laborer, lower tier subcontractor or supplier of Subcontractor, Contractor shall have the right to directly pay such claimant and deduct the amount paid from the Subcontract Price unless Subcontractor p
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