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									POLICY AND PROCEDURES FOR SUBCONTRACTORS (Residential Projects) 1. All Subcontractors are required to have liability insurance and workers compensation insurance. A current certificate of insurance and a copy of the workers compensation certificate must be on file with Contractor prior to being paid. All Subcontractors are required to submit their proposal/price list in writing to Contractor. Subcontractor agrees to contact Contractor in writing no less than 60 days in advance prior to a price increase or decrease. All Subcontractors agree to comply with and enforce all Federal, State, and Local regulations, including but not limited to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards. Subcontractors are not permitted to order additional materials without approval from Contractor Subcontractors are not permitted to charge materials on any Contractor account unless prior written approval has been obtained from Contractor. Subcontractors are to contact the Contractor if unable to begin work on their scheduled day. Subcontractors are required to place all waste materials and debris caused by his/her operations in trash containers designated by the Contractor. Leave home broom clean. All individuals are forbidden to enter Contractor property or job sites in possession of, or under the influence of alcohol or unauthorized drugs. All individuals are forbidden to enter Contractor property or job sites with firearms and/or other weapons in their possession. Contravention of these rules will prove to be grounds for dismissal. Trousers and shirts must be worn at all times. No clothing with profanity is to be worn in the field. Horseplay and practical jokes will not be tolerated on the job sites. Use of profanity in the presence of the Homeowner is strictly prohibited. "NO SMOKING" areas are to be adhered to. Smoking is not permitted in the home once the drywall has been stocked. NO EXCEPTIONS. The Subcontractor shall confirm all materials, colors, and check on layout and/or special conditions before beginning work on each home. If the Subcontractor fails to do this and installs the wrong materials or incorrectly does the required work, the Subcontractor will be required to replace the 
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