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The Agreement made and entered into this _____ day of Contractor__, 20___, by and between: _____________________ _______________________ _______________________
A ___________ operating under the laws of the State of Contractor, hereinafter called (“Contractor”) and Name of Subcontractor: Address: Telephone: Facsimile: Email:

A Corporation of Limited Liability Company operating under the laws of the State of hereinafter called “Subcontractor” ARTICLE I - CONTRACT DOCUMENTS


1.1 Contractor desires to engage the Subcontractor on an annual basis to furnish certain work, labor, equipment, tools, supervision, materials, permits and licenses (the “Work”) with respect to certain construction projects for Contractor. It shall be in Contractor’s sole discretion whether to retain Subcontractor on each project in which Contractor is involved. At no time shall this Agreement be interpreted or intended that Contractor shall be required to engage Subcontractor on each and every project. Contractor expressly reserves the right to arbitrarily select the subcontractor it intends to use for each project. This Agreement shall automatically be extended each year unless either party gives written notice to the other, at least _______ (___) days prior to the expiration of the annual anniversary date of execution, of their intention to terminate the Agreement; 1.2 Contractor shall provide to Subcontractor a Purchase Order and/or Proposal together with the plans, drawings and/or specifications for each Project for the Work to be performed or provided by Subcontractor; 1.3 The parties agree that the terms and conditions of this Subcontractor Agreement as well as the terms and conditions of any Purchase Order and/or Proposal Contract submitted to Subcontractor shall control with respect to each project that the parties work together on; 1.4 The parties agree that neither Contractor’s acceptance of Subcontractor’s business forms nor performance of services by Subcontractor shall constitute Contractor’s assent to any different or additional terms contained in Subcontractor’s business forms;



The Subcontractor agrees to be bound by the terms and conditions and the plans and specifications by and between Contractor and the Owner and/or General Contractor, as the case may be (hereinafter referred to as the “Prime Contract”);

2.1 Subcontractor shall furnish all labor, supervision, equipment, tools, materials, services, fuel, oil, tools, testing, permits and licenses necessary to perform the Work as detailed in Contractor’s Purchase Order, Proposal Contract and the Plans, Drawings and Specifications for each Project. All Work is to be in accordance with the Owner’s/Architect’s/General Contractor’s plans and specifications and the drawings and specifications issued for each project. 2.2 Should there at any time appear to be any variation, contradiction or want of agreement in description, dimensions or qu
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