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A contract for snow and ice removal service setting forth the terms between the owner and the service provider; such as the time of day the services shall be performed the payment for the services (per season or per appearance).

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Contract Date: __________ Contract No: __________ Salesperson: __________

SNOW AND ICE MANAGEMENT CONTRACT Snow removal to be performed by _______________________ at the _____________________ located at ___________________________. Service to be performed from ______________ through _________________ (“Covered Period”) at a minimum monthly cost _________________________ ($_________) (“Minimum Monthly Cost”). The Minimum Monthly Cost includes time and material used for up to _______ (___) visits per month during the Covered Period. The Minimum Monthly Cost covers up to ________ hours (____) and ______ (___) tons of salt per visit. PAYMENTS: Pre-payment of the Minimum Monthly Cost is due and payable prior to the first of each month during the Covered Period. Any additional costs incurred will be billed after each such occurrence. Finance charges are calculated at _____% per month on late payments. Past due accounts will not be serviced until account is paid according to the contract terms. ADDITIONAL VISITS & COSTS: If snow conditions occur which require more than the _______ hours (____) or _______ (___) tons of salt to be allocated during a visit, those additional hours and/or materials shall be billed as outlined below. Conditions which could cause such cost include but are not limited to excessive quantity of snow, drifting and/or blowing of snow, and heavy and wet snow. Additionally, any visit which exceeds the ______ (___) visits allotted per month under the terms of this contract or is otherwise an additional visit not included in the Covered Period shall be billed as follows: 1. ____________ ($_______) per hour. 2. _____________ ($______) per ton of salt. A surcharge may also be added if costs of gasoline and/or salt should rise due to circumstances beyond the control of _______________________________________. LIMITATIONS: Plowing and/or salting may not reduce the lot to bare pavement. Snow and Ice accumulation are naturally occurring events whi
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