Hotels                                          Single/ Double                    Deposit
                 Hyatt Regency Chicago                                    $160                                $175
                 Headquarters Hotel
                 151 East Wacker Drive

                 Best Western Inn of Chicago                              $135                                $175
                 162 E. Ohio Street

                 Fairmont Hotel Chicago                                   $209                                $200
                 200 North Columbus Drive

                 Hotel 71                                                 $199                                $200
                 71 East Wacker Drive

                 Swissotel                                                $219                                $200
                 323 East Wacker Drive
                                                     Please note the rates do not include the 15.4% occupancy tax.

                                                   IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS
Online: To make your housing reservation online, go to                    Cancellation and Changes: All cancellations and changes must be Reservations are made in real time so           received by Friday, May 17, 2006. Deposits are nonrefundable after
that inventory will be deleted from the rooming block. You may also       this date. Failure to check-in on the scheduled date of arrival will
revisit the site and make necessary cancellations, date and name          result in the loss of deposit and cancellation of the room for the
changes.                                                                  remainder of the stay.

Deposits: All reservations for ASEE 2006 require a $175 or a $200         Housing Assistance: ASEE 2006 rooms will sell out! Rooms are still
deposit. A room deposit of $175 is required at the Best Western Inn of    available and can be confirmed online or by faxing your Reservation
Chicago and the Hyatt Regency Chicago, and a $200 at the Fairmont         Request Form to the ASEE 2006 Housing Office at (703) 205-0235 or
Hotel Chicago, Hotel 71, and Swissotel. All suites require a $350         by calling (703) 770-3916 or toll free (800) 860-5398. During the
deposit.                                                                  conference, assistance will be available on site at the Hyatt Regency
Please refer to the hotel list for information. Deposits can be made by
a major credit card or check drawn on a U.S. bank, made payable to                 ASEE 2006 Housing Office
the ASEE 2006 Housing Office. American Express, Visa, Master Card,                 c/o Expovision, Inc.
Diners Club, and Discover are acceptable for deposits.                             3141 Fairview Park Drive, #550
                                                                                   Falls Church, VA 22042
Credit card deposits will be charged immediately at the time of                    Fax: 703-205-0235
reservation by the ASEE 2006 Housing Office. All deposits will appear              Phone : 703-770-3916 or toll free 800-860-5398
on the hotel room account upon check in. Credit card deposit charges               E-mail:
may not be charged to a different credit card after the initial charge
has been processed. No reservations will be processed without a           Hotels/Direct: Hotels cannot process reservation forms. Requests
deposit. Deposits are nonrefundable after Friday, May 17,                 sent directly to hotels or to ASEE will be substantially delayed. If you
2006.                                                                     need to make additional reservations, copies of this form are
                                                                          acceptable. Mail or fax your list with payment information.
Confirmation: The ASEE 2006 Housing Office will email, fax, or mail
a confirmation of your reservation within 72 hours of receipt of your     Transportation: There will be no shuttle service as each hotel in the
request. This is the only confirmation you will receive. Do not expect    ASEE block is within walking distance to the Hyatt Regency Chicago.
to receive one from the hotel. Hotel records are listed under the
guests’ last name.                                                        Hospitality Suite: Exhibitors arranging for hospitality suites should
                                                                          reserve these through the ASEE 2006 Housing Office.

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