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					INDEPENDENT SALES REPRESENTATIVE AGREEMENT This Agreement is entered into at _____________ this_____ day of______________, by and between _________________ ("Company") and _______________________________________, ("Representative"). In consideration of the mutual promises of the parties it is hereby agreed that: 1. Appointment. Company hereby appoints Representative and Representative accepts such appointment to act for Company as its Representative, for the sole purpose of soliciting orders for the sale of products of Company subject to the terms and conditions provided herein. 2. Products. Representative shall be permitted to solicit orders for the products currently offered for sale by Company and such other products as may be available to Representative by Company. 3. Territory. The Representative shall have the primary responsibility for soliciting customers within the territory described on Exhibit A attached hereto and made a part hereof (the “Territory”). Representative shall not solicit orders for Company products in any other geographic territory. Company shall nave the right, from time to time, in Company’s sole discretion, to change the scope of the Territory. In any such instance, Company shall issue a new Exhibit A to Representative reflecting such change, which shall, as of the effective date stated thereon, supersede the prior Exhibit A. Representative acknowledges and agrees that he or she neither has, nor will acquire, any vested or proprietary right of interest with respect to the Territory, any Company customers in the Territory, or any Company customer lists. Representative further acknowledges and agrees that any goodwill accruing in the Territory during the terms of this Agreement with respect to Company or Company Products shall be considered the sole property of Company. Company reserves the right to make direct sales to any customers. 4. Responsibilities. Representative shall satisfy the following responsibilities at all times during the term of this Agreement: a. Representative shall use his or her best efforts to promote the sale of and obtain orders for the products of the Company throughout the Territory and forward all orders to Company promptly. b. Representative shall promptly investigate all inquiries and suggestions supplied by the Company. c. In the event that Representative becomes aware of any actual or potential claim against Company by any person or entity, Representative shall notify Company immediately.

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Description: An agreement hiring a sales representative who is independently employed but works as a representative for an agreed purpose.
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