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Cancellation of Land Installment Contract by ReadyBuiltForms

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A notice by a party to a Land Contract where a party agrees to release the other from the conditions and obligations of the Land Contract that would otherwise be enforceable by law.

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KNOWN ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENTS, that the undersigned, _______________________, (hereinafter referred to as “Vendor”), and _________________________, (hereinafter referred to as “Vendee”), do hereby certify that the Land Installment Contract entered into by and between the parties dated __________, 20___, and recorded on ___________, 20___, as Instrument Number ___________ of the _________ Records has been cancelled. Vendor and Vendee do hereby authorize and direct the _________ Recorder to cancel the Land Installment Contract of record. IN WITNESS WHEREOF, Vendor and Vendee has executed this Cancellation of Land Installment Contract on this day of _________, 20___.

Vendor: ______________________________ ________________

Vendee: ______________________________ ________________

STATE OF ____________, __________
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