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					Arizona Court Reporter for Courts Hearings

Court reporter also known as stenotype or voice writing reporter is a person who transforms the courts
hearings into written words. He transcribes spoken or recorded words into official transcripts. Some
people use converting devices, machines or voice writing equipments for conversions. There are two
broad categories of court reporters. First one is voice writing court reporters, they write spoken words
with hands. Second one is stenotype, they write words with the help of any stenotype writing machine.

Stenotype court reporters have to pass test of at least 225 words per minute typing speed. This test is
cleared by only few students per year as this test is very difficult. Many students are unable to pass due
to difficulty of achieving goal of 225 words. Stenotype machine is a shorthanded machine just like a little
piano. Multiple keys should be pressed at same time to produce any required word.

In case of voice writing court reporters they have to pass the speed of 250 words per minute. If
recordings are available in the form of digital data then data can be verified after writing the whole
transcript. These recordings are not like simple recording but are multi channel special digital
recordings. Different reporter record and transcribe all the data into words. Log notes provided in this
way helps in searching the data any time that is required in easy way. Arizona court reporters are very
famous in doing their job perfectly.

In United States almost all the courts have monitors which hear all the proceedings in court in
headphones. Federal courts have digital recording method throughout the US. Some reporters are just
freelance reporters and work on the contract basis. Arizona court reporting facilities also provide all of
these reporting facilities plus videographers.

These court reporters not only work for courts but this ability can also be utilized to other places. This
can be used in some religious services or some public events. Many official programs or live interviews
or press conference reporters do the same job by writing words of the person who is giving interview. In
this way all their words are not only captured in video but also can be utilized for newspapers

This technique is also used for captioning videos to make those videos useful for hearing impaired
people. Film producers hire different reporters on contract basis at high salary package for captioning
their videos.
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court reporters. They provide not only transcripts but they are also good videographers. As a whole
they provide complete package of capturing the whole moment by court reporter phoenix.

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