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									MORTGAGE DEED KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENTS, that ____________________________, (“Grantor”), for the consideration of $___________ received to Grantor’s full satisfaction of __________________, (the “Grantee”), whose address is __________________________________________, with mortgage covenants, do, upon the statutory condition, give, grant, bargain, sell and convey unto Grantee, Grantee’s successors and assigns, the following described premises: INSERT LEGAL DESCRIPTION HERE Permanent Parcel No.: ____________ Property Address: _________________________________ TO HAVE AND TO HOLD the above granted and bargained premises, with the appurtenances thereunto belonging, unto the said Grantee, Grantee’s successors and assigns forever. And the said Grantor, does for Grantor and Grantor’s successors and assigns, covenant with the said Grantee, Grantee’s successors and assigns, that at and until the ensealing of these presents it is well seized of the above described premises, as a good and indefeasible estate in FEE SIMPLE and has good right to bargain and sell the same in manner and form as above written, and that the same are free from all encumbrances whatsoever, except matters of record, legal highways, all matters that a survey and/or a physical inspection of the premises would reveal/disclose, zoning and related land use ordinances and real estate taxes and a
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