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									DRIVEWAY EASEMENT WITH MUTUAL COVENANTS KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENTS: ___________________ ("Grantor") pursuant to an instrument recorded as Instrument No. ________________ of the ________ County Records, the owner of real property situated in the Township of __________, County of ________ and State of ________ and described as follows: LEGAL DESCRIPTION HERE _________________ ("Grantee") is the fee simple owner of real property described above (the "Property") which Property is adjacent to the Easement Premises and described as follows: LEGAL DESCRIPTION HERE The purpose of this Driveway Easement shall be for ingress and egress, to freely pass and repass on foot or with vehicles of every description to the Property affected herein. Such Driveway Easement shall run in perpitude with the easement with the land described above. Said easement is described herein and shall be for the use and benefit of the parties to this Agreement, their successors, assigns, agents, employees, tenants, visitors, licensees and shall not be limited except as expressly stated herein. The parties to this Agreement, their successors, heirs, executors, administrators and assigns shall maintain such driveway easement and share such costs equally divided by the total lots benefiting and subject to the drive. Maintenance shall include upkeep, repair and care necessary to maintain the driveway in its original condition including maintenance and repair. Any damage including, but not limited to any landscaping, caused by an individual owner, his or her invitee, licensee or guest shall be the responsibility of such property owner. The parties benefiting herein agree they shall not obstruct or authorize o
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