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A form application for parties to agree in an alternative security to secure the payment of a debt or performance of some other obligation.

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									IN THE COURT OF _________________ _______________ COUNTY, ___________ In re: Alleged Mechanics’ Lien of

Case No.____________

APPLICATION FOR APPROVAL OF ALTERNATE SECURITY Now comes ____________ (“____________”), and, pursuant to ___________ law, pleads and alleges as follows: 1. _______________ is ____________ in connection with a contract for the improvement of the real property described in Exhibit A hereto (“the property”). 2. On or about ____________, ____________filed an affidavit claiming a lien on the property. A true, complete and accurate cop of said affidavit is attached as Exhibit B hereto. Said affidavit purports to secure an alleged claim in the amount of ___________. Said affidavit is recorded at ______________. 3. ________________ has obtained _______ in the amount of __________ which ___________ submits for approval as alternate security so that the alleged lien described in paragraph (2) above may be removed from property. A true, complete and accurate copy of __________ is attached as Exhibit C hereto. The original ____________ is in the possession of counsel for ______ and will be made available for inspection by the parties and filing with this Court as is appropriate. 4. The _____________ described in paragraph (3) above is good and sufficient alternate security. WHEREFORE, ___________ prays that: a. The Court determine that the ___________ described in paragraphs (3) and (4) above is sufficient to cause the alleged lien described in paragraph (2) above to be removed from the property and transferred to said ___________; and b. The Court order that the alleged lien described in paragraph ________ described in paragraphs (3) and (4); and c. It be granted all other relief that may be appropriate. Respectfully submitted,


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