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									Assessment Event

ICAD3218A Create User Documentation - Major Project

                                                           19004 Certificate 3 in Information
Unit - ICAD3218A Create User Documentation
                                                           Technology (Support)

Event No. 1 of 2             Weight – 50%          Date Due – Week 9      Teacher- Jo McEvoy

Submit printed copies of your:
    Document blueprint
    User Training Manual
    Quick Reference Card
    User Training report

Individual Work, Marks will be deducted for work submitted late, or unprofessional presentation
Always keep a backup copy of your assignment. Loss of your assignment by either yourself or the
teacher will not be accepted as an excuse for non-submission.
Elements of competence:
(LO 1) Determine documentation standards and requirements
(LO 2) Produce user documentation
(LO 3) Review and obtain sign-off

There are many web sites that contain embedded software tools for performing calculations or
performing searches. All are designed to be easy to use but some are easier than others.
Navigating to find what you want is sometimes difficult and the on-screen instructions are not
always straightforward.

For this assignment you have to select a web site that contains some kind of calculator facility or a
detailed search facility. You then have to complete the following tasks.

Here is a sample of some suitable web sites that you could use.
        St George Bank. This sit has many different calculators available directly from the home
        page. They include foreign exchange, personal loan, home loan, insurance and lending.
        Westpac Bank. Rate calculators are available under Home Loans or Personal Loans.
        National Australia Bank. Rate calculators are found under Personal, Borrow, …Loans.
        Melbourne airport. Searching tool under Flight information

Alternatively you could enter the terms "currency conversion calculator" or "call cost calculator"
into a search engine – make sure you have your web site approved by the teacher BEFORE
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Assessment Event

Task 1 - Determine documentation standards and requirements

Create a Document Blueprint for the documentation required for your project. Include the
following headings:

           Purpose
           Audience
               o Characteristics
               o Needs
               o Diversity
           Related documents
           Production Media
           Production Plan
           Reviewing and testing

Task 2 - Write a complete reference guide showing how to use the site.

The reference guide is to be written for beginners and students. You can assume that the audience
is familiar with computer basics but is not familiar with the Internet and browsing. The guide
should be produced as a printed booklet.

The guide should contain:

       An introduction to the software tool describing what it does.
       Step-by-step instructions showing how to access the software. Number the steps and make
        sure that you don't miss any.
       Instructions on how to use the software. You need to explain the inputs to and the outputs
        from the software. Some inputs for example may be optional while others are mandatory.
       Examples and screen captures are helpful for beginners.
       Further notes or comments on using the software. For example, you should tell the user
        how to print the results that appear on screen. Also, there may be some shortcuts

When writing your reference guide, follow the guidelines on writing style and producing user
documentation given to you in class. You should trial your reference guide and refine it before
submitting it to your teacher.

The best way to trial is to select someone from the target audience and observe them using your
guide to access the web site.

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Assessment Event

Task 3 - Produce a quick reference card.

Produce a concise, well-formatted quick reference card that contains a summary of the steps
shown in task 2 as well as any other important notes on using the on-line software.

Task 4 - Use your documentation and quick reference card to train one person (or a group of
people) in the use of the software tool.

Write a brief report commenting on the success (or otherwise!) of your training session. The
report should contain your own comments as well as client comments. It should follow the format
presented below.

                                User Evaluation & Training Report
             Your Name :
             Date :
             Name of software application
             Client name:
             Client Level : (circle one)    Beginner    Intermediate     Advanced

             Client comments on training session:

             Client comments on manual:

             Client comments on quick reference card:

             Your comments on the training session and documentation:

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Assessment Event
Marking Details                                 Competent                  Your Mark
Task 1 – Determine documentation standards and requirements
                                                 C    
Learning Outcome 1                               NYC           /5
                                                 MER 
Task 2 –User training manual
                                                 C    
Learning Outcomes 1, 2                           NYC           /30
                                                 MER 
Task 3 – Quick reference guide
                                                 C    
Learning Outcomes 2                              NYC           /10
                                                 MER 
Task 4 – Review and User Training
                                                 C    
Learning Outcome 3                               NYC           /5
                                                 MER 

Total Marks                                      PASS/FAIL                           /50


Marked by:                                      Date:

C = Competent
NYC = Not yet competent
MER = More evidence required

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Assessment Event

To gain a minimum pass mark of 50% you must be declared competent in all tasks.
Additional marks are awarded based on the following criteria:

                 Distinction (83 - 100):

                        Demonstrates extensive skills to complete tasks
                        Consistently demonstrates in-depth understanding of subject material
                        Demonstrates at exceptional level the ability to transfer learning to tasks
                         without guidance
                        Demonstrates the ability to build on own research to achieve at exemplary
                        Exceptional high level of presentation skills

                 Credit (70 - 82):

                        Demonstrates some high level of understanding of skills to complete tasks
                        Consistently shows a positive approach to mastering a task independently
                        Demonstrated ability to consistently self assess to achieve outcomes to
                         meet situation criteria
                        Demonstrates high level research and analytical skills
                        Demonstrates consistently a high quality with presentation of own work

                 Pass (50 - 69):

                 Student has demonstrated competency in all elements but has done minimal work
                 and shows little technical proficiency with the media or subject matter.

Resubmission penalty:

                If you receive an NYC (Not yet competent) or MER (More evidence required) you will
                 be given one opportunity to resubmit your work for remarking. The maximum mark
                 awarded for a resubmitted assessment will be a pass mark of 50%.

Late submission penalty:

                 20% will be deducted from the overall total for assessments handed in from 1 to 7
                 days after the due date. Assessments handed in 8 days or more after the due date
                 will receive a maximum mark of 50%.

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