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									SPECIAL ACTION OF THE SOLE DIRECTOR OF _______________________________ ______________, ______ _________, 20___

The undersigned, being the sole Director of ____________________, an ______ corporation, (“Corporation”), does hereby take and adopt the following special actions in writing and without formal meeting in accordance with and pursuant to ______________: 1. RESOLVED, that the Corporation may from time-to-time obtain certain secured and/or unsecured commercial loans and/or credit facilities, (collectively the “Loans”), upon such terms and conditions as the President of the Corporation, __________, shall negotiate and accept. 2. RESOLVED, that the President of the Corporation, ___________, is hereby authorized and directed to execute and deliver to Bank and/or at the direction/instruction of Bank, any and all Instruments, Documents, Affidavits, Open-End Mortgage Deeds, Conditional Assignments of Rents and Leases, Security Agreements, UCC Financing Statements, Promissory Notes and/or any other statements and/or writings which Bank and/or any closing agent requires relating in any manner whatsoever to the Loans and/or to enable the Corporation to obtain any one (1) or more of the same.


Being the sole Director of ______________________

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