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									PROMISSORY NOTE (Installment)

Amount: $

, _____ , 20_

FOR VALUE RECEIVED, the undersigned, hereby promise to pay to the order of ____________________, the principal sum of Dollars ($


), together with

interest thereon from the date of this Note at the rate of ________ percent (___%) per annum. Principal and interest shall be paid on a monthly basis in the amount of , commencing on and continuing on the of each month

thereafter until paid in full. The undersigned shall have the right to pre-pay this Note in whole at any time without penalty. The undersigned shall be in default under the terms of this Note, and this Note and any other obligations of the undersigned to payee shall mature and become immediately due and payable, at the option of payee, without any demand or notice, which are hereby expressly waived, upon (a) non-payment of any portion of the payment required under this Note wh
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