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                                                                    Business & Professional Development
Dear Business & Community Friends,
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The staff of Miami’s Corporate & Community Institute
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Our goal is to provide an outstanding selection of programs         Project Management                       Page 6
delivered by top educators and supported by a great learning        Developing Hiring Standards              Page 6
environment and services.
                                                                    Human Relations & Leadership             Page 7
Whether you prefer learning in a university classroom or                                                     Page 8-9
                                                                    Lean Certificate Series
comfortably stationed at your home computer, you’ll find
interesting, yet challenging, programs from which to choose.        Nonprofit Board Leadership Certificate
Looking for training unique to your business or workforce?          Program                                  Page 10
Our expert consultants are poised to assist you with finding        Breakfast Briefings                      Page 11
the right solutions and resources to strengthen and grow your
Share this brochure with a friend or colleague, experience          Special Interests
something new, and prepare yourself for the ever-changing           Retirement Planning Today                Page 12
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                                                                    Southwest Ohio Symphonic Band
is leading the way to provide our communities with a skilled
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and vibrant workforce.
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                                  Patricia L. McNab
Senior Director
Miami University
Corporate & Community Institute


Business & Professional Development
                                      Human Resources
            Human Resource Management Certificate Program
                                       Are You Ready for CAREER ADVANCEMENT?

 For many employees, the advantages of certification include becoming more valuable to the company, having an advantage
   when applying for a new job, demonstrating commitment and understanding of the HR profession and showing your
                                        dedication to continuing your education.

 Utilizing experienced, knowledgeable and certified instructors, the Human Resource Management Certificate Program provides a
         solid and up-to-date foundation of knowledge to prepare you to sit for the PHR/SPHR certification exam.
   Enjoy a dynamic classroom environment that helps you stay on track. Instructors guide you through modules on . . .

                                                   Strategic Management
                                             Workforce Planning and Employment
                                                     HR Development
                                                 Compensation and Benefits
                                               Employee and Labor Relations

  Practice tests and in-class team work will keep concepts fresh. SHRM Learning System® materials and web-based study
                                     tools such as flashcards and practice tests provided.

                                                                         11 Saturdays, Sept 10 - Nov 19
                                                                                  9:00 am - Noon
                                                                      Voice of America Learning Center
                                                                            Instructors: Team Taught
                                                                                 3.3 CEUs / $1495
                                                                      REGISTRATION DEADLINE Aug 29

      Comments from past students:
      “I would never have been able to stay motivated to keep studying if it wasn’t for Miami’s class! The
      instructors were very knowledgeable and kept the classes interesting and fun. Several students got
      together for study groups outside of class so we were able to help each other both in and outside of the
      “Hearing the different HR situations from fellow students . . . learning from their experiences.”
      “The program was very well organized and stayed on track - the resource binder was very helpful”
      “Loved the instructors!”
To register or for more information, visit our website,, or call us at 513-727-3300 or 513-895-8877.

 Business & Professional Development
        Coaching Skills for High Performance
  This two-day program creates a powerful coaching mindset and winning skill set for all levels of management. Working with
     published experts, this dynamic program provides the skills and techniques required to coach personnel to achieve peak
   performance. Coaching Skills for High Performance is appropriate for anyone responsible for the performance of others, HR and
 training professionals who develop ―fast track‖ employees, or any leader who strives to get the best results from his or her team.
  When individuals and teams want to be accountable, efficiency and productivity soar. Coaching Skills for High Performance reveals
               how you’ll make accountability a positive force in the workplace on both individual and team levels.

                   This program, taught by the authors of The Sherpa Guide: Process-Driven Executive Coaching, and
                                   BE . . . don’t do, covers principles of modern business coaching including:

The Leader’s Role as a Coach                               The Sherpa Stance                             Personalizing the Process
   Setting clear expectations                                  Focusing on business behavior                 Coaching styles
   Setting up ―coaching moments‖ and meetings                  Utilizing your personal inventory             Creating action plans

             A Culture of Communication                                             Accountability House
                   Sorting through symptoms and opportunities                            Selecting a path and resources
                   Determining direction for the client/employee                         Learning responsibility as a positive factor

                                                                                             Breakfast Briefing:
                       Program approved for
                                                                                     Coaching Traits of Great Leaders
       13 HRCI RECERTIFICATION HOURS!!                                               Friday, August 26      7:30-9:00 am
                                                                                    Voice of America Learning Center
                                                                               GREAT Opportunity to Learn More About

                                                                                  Coaching Skills for High Performance
                                                                                           Dates: October 17-18
                                                                                              8:00 am - 4:00 pm
             "The use of this seal is not an endorsement                            Voice of America Learning Center
              by the HR Certification Institute of the
             quality of the program. It means that this                  Instructors: Brenda Corbett, Judith Colemon and/or
               program has met the HR Certification
             Institute's criteria to be pre-approved for
                                                                                               Rubi Ho
                       recertification credit."                                                      $995
                                                                                    REGISTRATION DEADLINE Oct 4                         4

To register or for more information, visit our website,, or call us at 513-727-3300 or 513-895-8877.

Business & Professional Development
  Executive Coaching Certification Program
  A past coaching client and CEO commented . . . “I was skeptical of being coached. After all, don’t we all think we’re
 perfect? But I quickly started to see that my changed behavior was welcomed by my executive team! Trust was being
 built, hidden agendas were disappearing and we were starting to depend on each other! We were able to air disagree-
 ments in an open, productive and trusting environment . . . and, yes, this DID positively affect the company’s bottom
                line because, over time, this new behavior trickles down throughout the organization!”

   We are proud to be a partner with the published experts from Sherpa Coaching. The Executive Coaching Certification Program
  will teach you how to facilitate improved business behavior in others, how to evaluate and attain your full potential and that of
 your clients, promote effective communication for developing increased individual and team productivity and an overall mastery
of the Sherpa coaching process - a proven and repeatable process - the ―operating system‖ for contemporary coaching! The Sherpa
      team and processes have been endorsed by Marshall Goldsmith, best-selling author and world-leading executive coach.
Help your employees or clients see how ―bad behavior‖ is getting in the way of their personal growth and discouraging productive
                                       relationships with colleagues and staff members.

                                                   What is a Sherpa Coach?
                                                   The model for the Sherpa executive
                                                   coach is the Himalayan guide. Of all
                                                   mountain escorts, Sherpas are the
                                                   most knowledgeable. They help
                                                   climbers choose a course and reach
                                                   the summit. In the same way, Sherpa                 "The use of this seal is not an endorsement
                                                   executive coaches advise, provide                    by the HR Certification Institute of the
                                                                                                       quality of the program. It means that this
                                                   tools, and share knowledge of the                     program has met the HR Certification
                                                   best path for their clients to follow.              Institute's criteria to be pre-approved for
                                                                                                                 recertification credit."

                                                                                    Breakfast Briefing:
   Putting Theory into Practice                                             Coaching Traits of Great Leaders
   The program’s 12-week, time-phased format allows for                      Friday, August 26       7:30-9:00 am
   immediate practice of skills learned. In between the                     Voice of America Learning Center
   first and second classroom sessions, you’ll return home                                   $20
   and use your new skills to work with a practicum              GREAT Opportunity to Learn More About Coaching!
   coaching client. During this time, you will receive
   weekly phone support from a Sherpa expert, guiding                  Executive Coaching - 12 WEEK PROGRAM
   you through your coaching experiences.
                                                                           Two time-phased classroom weeks:
                                                                                 Sept 26-30 & Oct 31-Nov 3
                                                                                      8:00 am - 4:00 pm
                     Program approved for                                   Voice of America Learning Center
        60.5 HRCI RECERTIFICATION HOURS!!                           Instructors: Brenda Corbett & Judith Colemon
                                                                          REGISTRATION DEADLINE Sept 13                                              5
To register or for more information, visit our website,, or call us at 513-727-3300 or 513-895-8877.

Business & Professional Development
                                     Project Management
                 A project manager has a lot to worry about—project cost management, creating a project charter,
        handling project management information, and developing project scope . . . all the while trying to stay on schedule!

Whether or not you hold the official title of project manager, if you are a manager, chances are you'll be called upon to lead some
sort of project at some time. This one-day workshop focuses on the practical skills, tool and techniques used to effectively manage
all phases of a project. You’ll spend 40% of the class time working on a practical case study in which you will work in small groups
to clarify objectives, identify deliverables, create a work breakdown structure, build a schedule, and determine the project’s critical
path. Individuals who are either managing a project or participating on a project team will gain skills to use immediately when back
at work.

The tools and principles learned in this workshop are based on the Project Management Institute’s A Guide to the Project Management
Body of Knowledge (4th Edition) and are applicable to projects of all sizes. All participants will receive access to a webpage containing
templates for all the tools (Charter, Work Plan, Change Log, risk Log, etc.) used in the program.
                                                                                            Monday, October 24
                                                                                               8:00 am - 5:00 pm
                                                                                      Voice of America Learning Center
                                                                                           Instructor: Bob Jewell
                                                                                      REGISTRATION DEADLINE Oct 11

                         Developing Hiring Standards
                 Hiring is the beginning of everything. It has more to do with the ultimate outcome of performance
                                                 than anything else we do as leaders.

 There are two elements to hiring well… 1) understanding job requirements and 2) understanding the candidate’s talents and abili-
  ties. Good hiring is a system with standards that define what we’re looking for, and processes that evaluate and assess candidates’
              capabilities. In this one-day workshop, you’ll learn what to do before you start interviewing candidates!
                                      Topics include:
                                   Performing a job analysis
                                   Defining hiring standards
                              Designing effective hiring processes

       This workshop will help you build the framework to hire well and develop the skills needed for better hiring decisions.
                                                  Friday, November 4
                                                    8:30 am - 4:30 pm
                                           Voice of America Learning Center
                                                Instructor: Bill Miller
                                           REGISTRATION DEADLINE Oct 24


Business & Professional Development
                   Human Relations & Leadership
  Great leaders find ways to connect with their people and help them fulfill their potential. Leaders rarely fail because of ineffective
   technical ability. They fail because of poor people skills. Research has shown that the majority of people who quit their job leave
                                             because of the way they are treated every day.
                                      THEIR DIRECT SUPERVISOR!
  Leadership begins with developing a general understanding of people. It concentrates on improving human relations in a business
environment, breaking down personal barriers that inhibit constructive relationships between employees and leaders, and building the
                                   skills required for developing people and team performance.

   In the first day of this workshop, you’ll develop a practical understanding of motivation in the work place and its relationship to
                                                     performance. Topics include…

                                              The importance of constructive relationships
                                             The impact of job dissatisfaction on performance
                                            Motivational forces driving employee performance
                                                      Solving performance problems
                                        The power of reinforcing positive employee self perceptions
                                                           Inspiring employees

    Then, in day two, we turn our attention to developing a practical, realistic strategy for improving leadership effectiveness by
                                 focusing on the six skills of Human Relations and Leadership…

                                                          Earning employee trust
                                                   Improving staffing and hiring decisions
                                      Training and the importance of building employee competence
                                           Establishing clear expectations and aligning priorities
                                              Providing employees with systems of feedback

 This leadership training is designed to provide participants with the critical skills needed to enhance future success while impacting
       bottom-line results. You’ll learn practical "how-to" leadership skills that create high-performing individuals and teams.

                                                    Thursday & Friday, November 10-11
                                                              8:30 am - 4:30 pm
                                                     Voice of America Learning Center
                                                          Instructor: Bill Miller

                                                     REGISTRATION DEADLINE Oct 28


Business & Professional Development
                                Lean Certificate Series
     All Fall 2011 Lean classes will be held at the National Composite Center - 2000 Composite Drive, Kettering, OH
Introduction to Lean Tools An Overview of Lean, Six Sigma, ISO & Theories of Constraint
Learn the many tools of Lean and Six Sigma and gain a perspective on how and when they are
used in the workplace. Discussions will cover the history of Lean, 5S/Visual Management,                 Tuesday, Sept 20
Standardized Work, Kanban, Cellular Flow, Problem Solving, Theory of Constraint, Value                   8:00 am - 4:00 pm
Stream Mapping, Total Production Maintenance (TPM), Six Sigma, ISO and how to lead in a               Instructor: John Gould
Lean environment. Bring your ―real world‖ questions to class and they will be addressed and                    $295
resolved before you leave!

Metrics (Measures) for a Lean Environment
Many traditional performance metrics are obsolete in a Lean enterprise, relying on flow technol-
ogy, flexible and integrated systems, shared management and information at the point of use.
This seminar not only teaches you the science of developing Lean metrics but also deals with the         Thursday, Sept 22
cultural change needed, as well. Ask the right questions and determine precisely what informa-            8:00 am - 4:00 pm
tion and measures are needed to support the Lean triad: supply chain, people/processes and the          Instructor: Anthony
customer. Do companies need action triggers, monitoring mechanisms, performance mecha-                        Mangione
nisms or decision-facilitating displays? This seminar is hands-on – allowing you to work in teams               $695
to develop Lean metrics for review and critique by the other teams and instructor. Break away
from outdated financial measurements and move your company to a higher level of performance
and excellence!

Human Error Reduction: Root Cause Analysis
Explore the underlying reasons why humans make errors and how errors can be prevented.
Businesses have the ability to create effective policies for managing human reliability, thus de-      Wed/Thurs, Oct 5-6
creasing the risk of human error in our workplace. Research shows that about 70% of worker              8:00 am - 4:00 pm
errors occur in groups that have not been introduced to ―human error reduction.‖ Learn the 28           Instructor: Steve
types of human errors, 10 human error traps in the workplace, 10 supervisory skills to reduce               Eisenhart
human errors, turnover and skill-based/rule-based/knowledge-based error reduction tech-                        $795
niques. When fewer errors are made, you will spend less time (by as much as 20 days) correct-
ing errors and responding to consequences of errors.

Managing an Efficient Supply Chain
  This interactive workshop extends the benefits of lean manufacturing outward from the factory
  floor to encompass the entire strategic supply chain, thereby enabling firms to trim waste from
                                                                                                        Wed/Thurs, Oct 12-13
  every step in the recurring value stream. The five principles of lean thinking and the methods of
                                                                                                          8:00am - 4:00pm
  kaizen are applied to each stage of supply chain management, including establishing linkage and
  flow within the supplier network, elimination of transaction costs, use of visual communication,
                                                                                                         Douglas Carlberg
  methods of standard work, and reduction of procurement lead time and inventory queues.
                                                                                                          & John Puckett
  Practical methods for identifying and eliminating wasted cost, unnecessary delays, and excess
  inventory are presented, along with recommendations for building an integrated supply chain.
To register or for more information, visit our website,, or call us at 513-727-3300 or 513-895-8877.

Business & Professional Development
                                  Lean Certificate Series
      All Fall 2011 Lean classes will be held at the National Composite Center - 2000 Composite Drive, Kettering, OH

Expanding Lean into Your Offices
The new battlefield of competitive advantage is moving to non-factory functions. No longer
can office processes be viewed as a fixed cost, remote from the rest of the organization. The
future victories will go to those who mold their office and administrative functions into flexi-     Wed/Thurs, Oct 19-20
ble, fast moving, integrated functions with teams supporting the entire value chain with                8:00am - 4:00pm
seamless reliability – while producing the lowest costs possible. In order to meet this new         Instructor: John Gould
situation, a new perspective, a new strategy and a new tactic for office operations are neces-               $795
sary for survival!
Join us to learn how to identify wastes and inefficiencies that cause higher costs and lower
performance throughout non-factory processes. The seminar exercises will focus on the ad-
ministrative process challenges that participants want to improve in their own organiza-
tions. You will return to your office with a plan that can be applied immediately.

Lean Service The Key to Quality, Customer Satisfaction and New Growth & Profits
This seminar will provide a valuable educational experience for service management– whether
it’s manufacturing/industrial, healthcare, education, customer support centers, product repair
and the like. The Lean process has been evolving over the last thirty years and was originally         Wed/Thurs, Nov 2-3
created as an improvement process for manufacturing. Now, in 2011, it has a very important               8:00am - 4:00pm
role in any service industry. This Lean Service Seminar will address how to support your               Instructor: Al Ryan
customer . . . the challenges facing service management, how to productively utilize surveys,
metrics and benchmarks, how to build sustainability and a culture of continuous improvement.
The instructor will demonstrate the tools to overcome the major issues associated with elimi-
nating waste in The Service Value Stream. The “Service Request from Service to Cash‖ value stream
will be used to show the improvements that can be achieved using the Lean Service method.

The Lean Certification Program is a partnership between
Miami University’s Corporate & Community Institute and the
University of Dayton’s Center for Competitive Change.

To earn your certificate, you are required to attend 10 days of classroom training, successfully complete a comprehensive
exam and conduct a real-world Lean project back at your workplace. Your project will be pre-approved and, upon com-
pletion of your project, an informal presentation will be given to representatives from Miami University and the
University of Dayton. The average cost savings realized through project implementation is $40,000!

Cost for the Lean Certificate Program is $5000. Scholarships may be available.

All classes may be taken independently and not as part of the certificate program.
To register or for more information, visit our website,, or call us at 513-727-3300 or 513-895-8877.

Business & Professional Development
Nonprofit Board Leadership Certificate Program
          BE the change you want to see in the world ... become a board member of a nonprofit organization!

      Miami University's Corporate & Community Institute and the Butler County United Way are pleased to announce the
      2011 "Nonprofit Board Leadership Certificate Program". This program is designed specifically for companies and individuals
                                      who are interested in giving back to their communities.

    The comprehensive program will:
      provide you with a thorough understanding of the diverse aspects of nonprofit organizations,
      develop the unique skills necessary to be effective volunteers and leaders on nonprofit boards, and
      lead you to a board internship and mentoring experience at one of several hundred local agencies.

                            Eight Tuesdays, September 20—November 8, 6:00pm—9:00pm
                                 (Mandatory attendance at Session I, September 20)

                                  Networking and light dinner provided at 5:30 pm
                                 Miami University’s Voice of America Learning Center

                     Project work and pre-reading will be required outside of classroom time.

Sponsored by:

Application Process:
1. Complete the online application:
2. Attach resume
3. Program cost is $750. Include $100 deposit with application. The $650 balance is due by September 9, 2011. MasterCard,
       Visa, Purchase Order, or Check (made payable to Miami University) are accepted.
4. Apply early– accepting 20 in class (Limited number of scholarships available).

Application Deadline: August 19
Required course pre-work (information provided with acceptance letter)
1. Complete DiSC Profile online by September 9
2. Review leadership materials by September 20 (1st class)

Board Placement & Certificate:
Graduates receives a 4.4 Miami University CEU Certificate and will be placed in board positions at selected organizations that
balance their interests and skills with the organization’s needs and mission. Highly successful board member mentors are
made available to offer their expertise.                                                                                       10
To register or for more information, visit our website,, or call us at 513-727-3300 or 513-895-8877.

Business & Professional Development
                                 Breakfast Briefings
 A well-trained workforce is one of a business’ greatest assets! Let us take care of breakfast while you sit back
                  and hear experts discuss various hot topics from today’s business world.

                                    Coaching Traits of Great Leaders
                                               Friday, August 26
                                     REGISTRATION DEADLINE IS AUGUST 15!

Learn how to operate and lead in a way that empowers and encourages, both personally and professionally.
Coaching Traits of Great Leaders will enhance your current coaching skill set and may even take it to the next level.
You will be given invaluable tools that will set you on the path to great leadership. You will discover: the
impact of Coaching on Business; how to be objective and centered; how to make rational decisions, and, how to
overcome intimidation.

Meet the Presenter: Rubi Ho is Vice President of Sherpa Executive Coaching in Cincinnati, Ohio. He is a Master
Executive Coach and has personally directed over 100+ executive coaches who work integrally with Fortune 500
companies. He works with senior executives and organizations on leadership development and the integration of
leadership and coaching into their cultures. His private clients
include: US Bank, Toyota, Oshkosh and Orr Corporation.

                            7:30 - 9:00 am

               (includes materials and a continental breakfast)

                        Improving Leadership for Improved Performance
                                              Friday, October 14
                                     REGISTRATION DEADLINE IS OCTOBER 3!

Effective leadership concentrates on improving human relations, breaking down barriers that inhibit constructive
relationships, and building the skills required for developing people and team performance.

Meet the Presenter: Bill Miller, President of Performance Leadership LLC, has a unique blend of practical
management experience and creative talent. In a successful career spanning 35 years with Cintas Corporation, he led
the company's management training and development programs. He helped the company build one of the most
successful management teams in the country. Bill focuses on helping clients improve performance through effective
leadership and human relations strategies.

To register or for more information, visit our website,, or call us at 513-727-3300 or 513-895-8877.

                             SPECIAL INTERESTS

  Learn how to avoid the 10 biggest retirement planning mistakes! Explained in straightforward language, you’ll
   learn time-tested strategies to help you make informed decisions, discover how to save money on taxes,
 manage investment risks and protect your assets from potential long-term health care expenses. Above all,
  you’ll be shown how to assess your financial situation and develop a personalized plan to achieve your re-
 tirement goals. The course outlines Life Planning, Retirement Needs & Expenses, Retirement Roadblocks &
 Mistakes, Retirement Income Sources, Retirement Plan Distribution, Investments, Risk Management & Asset
           Protection and Estate Planning. Take home a master plan and a complete reference guide.

          Tuesdays, Sept 27 & Oct 4                                             Saturdays, October 8 & 15
               6:30 - 9:30 pm                             OR                          9:00 am - Noon
                                                                            Voice of America Learning Center
        Miami University Middletown
                                                                           REGISTRATION DEADLINE Sept 27
                                   Share a book and bring a 2nd person at no charge!

                                  SYMPHONIC BAND
 The symphonic band performs advanced high school and college level compositions striving to give good players a place to
 continue performing great music. Music lovers of all ages are invited to join the band! The fall semester concert will be
 Sunday, December 4th at 2:30 pm.

            Thursdays, Aug 25 - Dec 1 / 7:00 pm - 9:55 pm /$15
                        Lakota West High School

   Miami’s Corporate & Community Institute offers web-based training on a variety of topics. Get the training you need at times
                  convenient for you! Ed2go offers both career training and professional development programs.
    Prepare for employment in some of today’s hottest careers with a comprehensive, affordable and self-paced online CAREER
     TRAINING PROGRAM. Or, enjoy PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMS (6 weeks) that are convenient and
                            highly interactive. Log on for FAQ, features, a course listing and how to get started.


To register or for more information, visit our website,, or call us at 513-727-3300 or 513-895-8877.

                    Special Interests                                                                       ONE-ON-ONE

              Accent Modification: ESL                                                                       TRAINING!

                      Pronouncing English as a Second Language
     Modify Your Accent and Improve your Business, Professional and Social Speaking Skills
 If English is not your native language, your native accent may be getting in the way of clear communication. Your native speech
    patterns may make it difficult for colleagues, peers and clients to understand what you are saying. Our Accent Modification
                       Program can significantly improve your ability to communicate clearly and effectively.
Using the highly respected Compton P-ESL (Pronouncing English as a Second Language) program for foreign and regional accent
  modification, you will acquire the tools necessary to improve pronunciation at the sound, word and sentence level. Begin your
       personal analysis by reading an English passage which is then studied by our certified Accent Modification Specialist. A
   custom program tailored to your specific needs will be developed and implemented over a period of 8 training sessions, each
    lasting 2 hours. Learn to become aware of your pronunciation of English words, appropriate rhythm, pausing and linking to
―sound American‖, how to improve voice projection and rate of speech to enhance clarity, to name a few. You can expect at least
                                                a 50% change in your accent or dialect!

  Your homework will be to practice, practice, practice with the help of the Compton P-ESL materials. Programs are held at a
   location and time convenient for you and your instructor. Increase your speaking confidence and impress your listeners!

            Contact us for more information or to schedule your
                          personal speech analysis.
             Course fee: $3995 per person for private training
              $2495 per person for small groups of 3-4 people

An organization’s ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly, is
the ultimate competitive advantage!       - Jack Welch
                                             CUSTOMIZED EMPLOYEE DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMS FROM
                                                   MIAMI’S CORPORATE & COMMUNITY INSTITUTE

Looking for workforce development tailored to your specific business needs? Expert consultants at Miami’s Corporate
& Community Institute (MCCI) are poised to assist you with finding the right solutions and resources to strengthen and
                                                grow your business.
                MCCI focuses on 3 development areas that are essential to the success of any company . . .

              Programs are tailored to your specific business needs. MCCI will:
        Work with your management team to assess your business challenges and
        performance needs
        Research, interview and secure expert educators
        Assist with custom curriculum design and direction                                                                  15
        Manage all phases of the employee training                                                                           13
To register or for more information, visit our website,, or call us at 513-727-3300 or 513-895-8877.

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