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______________________________________________________________ hereinafter
jointly, severally and collectively called Resident has on this date _________ rented from
Tule Apartments hereinafter called Owner, subject to the Owner’s approval, the premises
known as ________________________________ Apt # _______ for the purpose of a
dwelling or residence and for no other purpose.

1. PERIOD. For a period of ___________ Months and __________________ Days
   beginning on the _____________ day of __________, ________ and ending on the
   _______________day of _________________, __________ (the Term).

2. RENTAL of $ __________ per month shall be payable to Tule Apartments at PO Box
   9555, Moscow, ID 83843, in advance without demand or a grace period, on or before
   the ___________ day (Due Date) of each month during the Term of this lease. First
   Month rent is Payable in Advance. The pro-rated Rental in the sum of $ __________
   for Rental to the first Due Date shall be paid to the Owner on ____________ (date).
   Rental paid after Due Date is delinquent, and Default provisions herein shall apply.
   After the First day of delinquency, Resident shall pay a late charge of $5.00 per day
   for payments received after the Due Date, until the Rental is paid in full. Late
   charges shall be paid in full with the delinquent Rental, and late charges shall
   continue to accrue until both the late charges and the delinquent Rental are paid in
   full. Resident shall also pay $25.00 for each check dishonored by Resident’s bank for
   any reason. After two returned checks, rent is payable in money orders or cashier’s
   checks only.

3. SECURITY DEPOSIT. Resident agrees to pay on execution hereof a refundable
   Security Deposit of $ ____________, without interest thereon, for the faithful
   performance of the terms and conditions of this agreement by Resident. The Security
   Deposit shall not be construed as rent, and any attempt by Resident to withhold the
   payment of Rental on the grounds the Security Deposit serves as a security for unpaid
   rent, shall immediately be deemed a violation of this lease.

4. SECURITY DEPOSIT DEDUCTIONS. There shall be deducted from the Security
   Deposit any unpaid (i) sums due under the lease (ii) Rental (iii) utilities (iv) charges
   for damages or required repairs to the Property or it’s contents beyond reasonable
   wear and tear (v) charges for removing unauthorized locks (vi) costs associated with
   removing and storing Abandoned property (vii) costs of removing abandoned or
   improperly parked vehicles in violation of Owner’s rules (viii) charges for replacing
   unreturned keys and unauthorized change of locks (ix) cost of extermination of the
   Property if unauthorized pet has been present on the Property (x) legal fees or other
   costs arising from enforcement of this lease (xi) other charges provided for herein or
   agreed to by the Parties. The balance of the Security Deposit shall be refunded to the
   Resident by mail within 30 days of the termination of this lease and surrender of
   the premises, provided that the Resident has returned the apartment keys and gives a
   forwarding address to Owner in writing. Owner shall at that time provide Resident a
   written report of any deductions from the Security Deposit.

5. NOTICE REQUIRED. Resident agrees to give Owner at least 30 days WRITTEN
   notice prior to the expiration of the Term of this lease or any extension thereof of
   intent to vacate the premises. Failure to do so shall entitle Owner to retain the entire
   amount of the Security Deposit. In the event the Resident gives Notice of intent to
   vacate BEFORE the end of the term of this lease, such notice shall not relieve
   Resident of the obligations of this lease.

6. ABANDONMENT. If Resident (i) is absent from the Property for five consecutive
   days while any sums of money due hereunder are unpaid, (ii) has been evicted by
   judicial process (iii) leaves personal property on the Property after the termination of
   this lease, the Property and all personal property found thereon may be deemed by
   Owner to be abandoned, and Owner or their agents may peaceably enter, remove,
   dispose of or store same. Owner shall be entitled to reasonable charges for removal,
   packing, disposal and/or storage of abandoned property.

7. DEFAULT. If Resident shall (i) default in the prompt payment of the Rental or any
   other sums due hereunder, or (ii) Abandon the Property, (iii) violate any of the terms
   of this lease; all future Rental shall be accelerated and become immediately due and
   payable, and Owner at their option may terminate Resident’s right of occupancy by
   giving Resident a three day written notice to vacate, delivered either in person or by
   first class mail, and shall have the right to file a Forcible Entry and Detainer suit in
   the proper court for possession. After giving such notice, or filing suit for possession,
   Owner may accept payment for sums due hereunder without waiving or diminishing
   Owner’s right to proceed against Resident for eviction, property damages, past or
   future Rentals, or other sums due hereunder. Owner may report any unpaid sums due
   hereunder, breaches of this lease or damages to the Property, to credit reporting
   agencies for addition to Resident’s credit files.

If, by reason of any default on the part of the Resident, it becomes necessary for the
Owner to employ an attorney or incur any other legal expenses to bring suit to recover
any rent due hereunder, or for breach of any provision of this lease agreement or to
recover possession of the Property, or if Resident shall bring any action for any relief
against Owner, declaratory or otherwise, arising out of this lease agreement and Owner
shall prevail in such action, then and in any of such events Resident shall pay Owner a
reasonable attorney’s fee and all costs and expenses expended or incurred by Owner.
Any such action shall be commenced and maintained in Latah County, Idaho regardless
of Resident’s residence or place of business. In event of a dispute, lawsuit, case, or
controversy between the undersigned parties arising out of the terms of this agreement,
Idaho law shall apply.

8. USE OF PROPERTY. The Property shall be used as a private dwelling only. An
   unauthorized Resident fee of $150.00 per month (payable monthly) will be charged
   for each unauthorized person who resided on the Property, excepting temporary
   guests or visitors who reside on the Property for less than two weeks. Resident shall
   not (i) sublet or assign any part of the Property without WRITTEN consent, (ii) repair
   any motor vehicle on the premises without permission in writing, (iii) conduct any
   business of any type, including child care, on the Property. Conduct of Resident,
   members of their family, guests, invitees and other occupants shall not be unlawful,
   disorderly or create a nuisance.

9. CARE AND MAINTENANCE. Resident accepts the Property in its present
   condition, including all fixtures and appliances. Resident agrees that they have
   examined the existing locks and agree that same are safe and acceptable. Resident
   agrees to use reasonable diligence in the care of the Property and agrees to NOT (i)
   make any alterations or repairs, or paint, wallpaper or carpet the Property without
   written permission of Owner, (ii) remove any part of the Property for any purpose,
   (iii) add, remove, change or re-key any lock, (iv) make any holes in the woodwork,
   floors or walls, except a reasonable number of small nail holes for picture hanging is
   permitted in sheet-rock walls. More than ten small holes in a large room is
   considered unreasonable, whether nail, tack or staple. Resident shall be responsible
   for (i) sewer stoppage chargeable to Resident’s use, (ii) broken water pipes due to
   freezing, (iii) damage to doors, windows or screens, (iv) supplying and replacing light
   bulbs, (v) cost of pest extermination, (vi) replacing smoke detector batteries, (vii)
   trash removal, including keeping the Property and curb area, free of trash, Abandoned
   autos, or conditions dangerous to health and safety, (viii) any other damages to the
   property or contents caused by the Resident. At termination of this lease Resident
   agrees to surrender the Property in the same condition as when received, reasonable
   wear and tear excepted.

10. REPAIRS. Owner shall be responsible only for wall heaters, water heater, washer
    and dryer, dishwasher, refrigerator, range, microwave and disposal. Resident agrees
    to pay for repairs for any damages that are determined to be the responsibility of the
    Resident. If the Resident shall cause any major damage that exceeds $50.00 (such as
    broken window or appliance ruined by Resident’s error or neglect) the repair charges
    for such damage shall be due along with the next month’s rent, unless the Resident is
    due to vacate by the end of the month, in which case the repair charges shall be due
    and payable immediately when the Owner presents the bill to the Resident. Failure to
    pay such damages as stated shall be deemed a default, and Sec. 7. Default provisions
    shall apply. In the event repairs are needed, if the Resident calls in repair persons,
    workmen or contractors without first consulting with Owner or Owner’s agent,
    Resident shall assume responsibility for the repair bill, except in cases of emergency,
    where the Resident must intervene to avoid serious damage to life or property.
    Resident shall be responsible for damages resulting from failure to promptly report
    water leakage, heat failure, appliance malfunction or similar causes upon discovery of
    such defect. After 30 days occupancy a minimum charge of $25.00 shall be made for
    clogged plumbing; service requiring more than one-half hour will be from $32.00 up.

11. UTILITIES. All charges and deposits for electric, telephone, TV cable and internet
    bills will be paid by Resident.
12. LIABILITY. Owner shall not be liable in any manner for or on account of any loss of
    damage to the Residents, their guests, invitees or other occupants, or to the property
    of any thereof, sustained for any reason on or about the premises and the Residents
    shall indemnify and hold the Owner blameless from any claims for such damages.

13. PETS. Residents shall not permit any pet on the property. $10.00 per day charge,
    payable daily for any pet the Resident permits on the Property.

14. INSPECTION. Owner, Owner’s agents and employees may enter the Property by
    any reasonable means at all reasonable times without notice to (i) inspect the Property
    (ii) make repairs (iii) show the Property to prospective tenants or purchasers, (iv) such
    other reasons as Owner shall elect.

15. Residents listed on this lease shall be mutually and individually responsible for all of
    the provisions of this lease agreement.

16. Resident agrees not to cut foods directly on counter tops.

17. Motor vehicles of all sorts shall be kept off the lawn areas and parked only in
    assigned parking areas. No more than the allotted number of parking spaces per unit
    may be used by residents. Parking provided for private resident use only. Storage of
    campers or recreational vehicles without written permission of Owner is prohibited.

18. Resident agrees not to trim, prune or remove any perennial shrub, tree or plant on the

19. Musical instruments, radios, televisions, stereo systems shall be played quietly
    enough, and at such hours that they do not bother other residents and neighbors.

20. Resident shall see that the conduct of himself, his family and his guests is never
    disorderly, boisterous or unlawful and that it does not disturb or interfere with the
    rights, comforts or convenience of other persons on or around the Property. Visits by
    the police to the Property for any of the above is grounds for eviction.

21. No decals, stickers, double sided tape or contact paper are to be put on any
    woodwork, cabinets, appliances or doors.

22. No resident shall fill or maintain a filled waterbed on the Property.

23. CARPET CLEANING. At termination of this lease Resident agrees to either have
    the carpet professionally cleaned or have Owner and/or Owner’s employee clean the
    carpet (at professional cost) and not use Rug Doctor or other rental carpet
    cleaning equipment.
24. At the expiration of the lease, Resident shall peacefully yield up to the Owner the
    Property in good condition along with all keys to the Property. Failure to return keys
    will necessitate a $200.00 charge for replacement lock. Property shall be thoroughly
    cleaned by the Resident or Resident shall forfeit from Security Deposit amounts
    specified in attached “Cleaning and Repair Charges Sheet”.

25. Resident understands and agrees that he shall forfeit the entire amount of the Security
    Deposit for (1) failure to faithfully execute the terms and provisions of this lease
    and/or (2) failure to maintain occupancy for the entire term of the lease with all sums
    due paid timely.

26. If Resident desires to vacate Property before the Term of this lease is completed, after
     giving the Owner 30 days written Notice with a forwarding address, he shall choose
     one of the two options listed below, in order to terminate his lease obligations:
         Option A. Resident shall immediately pay all Rentals due for the remaining
months of his lease, and the balance of his utilities. Upon receipt of payment Owner
shall terminate this lease and return the Security Deposits minus any Deductions by mail
within 30 days.
          Option B. Resident shall remain responsible for all payments due under the terms
of this lease, including Rental and utilities, until the day a new tenant starts paying rent
(including the days it may take to clean and prepare the property for a new tenant). Upon
that day, Owner shall terminate the lease and return the Security Deposit minus any
deductions by mail within 30 days.
        After receiving Notice of Intent to vacate, Owner shall advertise and show the
Property to find a new renter with good references. If a new tenant who is willing to pay
the full Rental amount cannot be located within two weeks, Owner may, at their option,
mitigate losses by reducing the advertised Rental amount. If a new renter can be located
at this lower Rental amount, Resident shall be responsible to pay Owner for the
difference between the Rental amount due under the terms of this lease and the Rental
amount that the new tenant will pay. Upon receiving payment in full for this difference
(that is for all months remaining in the term of this lease) Owner shall terminate this lease
and return the Security Deposit minus any deductions by mail within 30 days.

27. Should Resident remain on the Property beyond the expiration of the term of this
    lease or beyond the date given in any written Notice of Intent to vacate the Property
    or require extra time for cleaning the property, Resident shall pay a holdover charge
    of $50.00 per day, payable DAILY to Owner.

28. The words “he”, “his” and “himself” in this lease shall include both male and female
    and shall not be gender specific.

29. The provisions of this lease shall apply to and bind the executors, administrator and
    successors of the respective parties hereto.

This is intended to be a legally binding contract. If not understood, seek competent legal

The Parties hereto agree that this lease contains all the agreements between them, that no
oral agreements have been made and this agreement may be altered only by an agreement
in writing signed by all Parties hereto. Resident acknowledges receipt of a copy of this

Executed in multiple originals this the _____ day of _________________, __________

Resident Signature: _____________________________________DOB:______________

SS#: _______________________Phone:_______________________________

License Plate #: ___________________________Email: _________________________

Emergency Contact Name and Number:_______________________________________

Resident Signature: _____________________________________DOB:______________

SS#: _______________________Phone:_______________________________

License Plate #: ___________________________Email: _________________________

Emergency Contact Name and Number:_______________________________________

Owner Signature _________________________________________________________
(This lease is not valid unless countersigned by a Tule Apartments Representative)

Address for Owner Notices: Tule Apartments
                           Landlord/Manager: Jannell Farrell
                           PO Box 9555, Moscow, ID, 83843
                           1-208-882-5256 or 208-661-7057

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