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									                                PML-Q                           PML-N                         PPP
Political Parties

                                                                1. Social Sector

                                                     Education is Number 1            - Provision of
                                                    National priority                 computers for ever
                                                    - Free education uptill higher    secondary school an
                                                    secondary level.                  college
                                                    - 100% enrollment at the          - Universal basic
                     Education is Number 1          middle school level by 2012       education with
                     priority                       - Students with 1st division in   stipend
                     - teacher’s retirement age     Matric & FA/FSc will receive      - Universal
                     - Training of teachers         admission in relevant field of    enrolment of
                     - Increase in salaries         study by 2010.                    children aged
         Education   - Celebration of National      - National Education Corps to     between 5 to 10 by
                     Teachers Day which is          set up employment to the          2015
                     already celebrated on          graduates without job for         - Quality of
                     October 5th                    adult literacy to achieve         educational
                     - Upgrading of schools from    100% literacy rate.               institutes to be
                     primary to middle, middle      - Federal grants for 50% of       enhanced
                     to high and high to higher     public sector education           - Number of Public
                     secondary.                     programs up to higher             Universities and
                     - Promotion of education,      secondary level                   Colleges of Science
                     including vocational           - Provision of science and        Engineering,
                     education                      vocational education.             Agriculture &
                     - Modernization of             - Incentive for private           Medicine to be
                     Madrassahs and their           investment in schools,            increased
                     curriculum                     colleges and universities         - Development of
                     - Scholarships for deserving   - Development of libraries        Quality Assurance
                     students in Pakistan and       - Promotion of Centers for        Board of Higher
                     overseas                       Professional excellence in        Education
                     - Setting up of libraries      scientific disciplines by         Commission
                     along with internet            qualified teachers                - Funding of private
                     facilities.                    - Generous scholarships for       universities through
                     - Promotion of sports, arts,   training abroad and liberal       competitive
                     music, English and math.       grants to science                 programs.
                                                                                      - Enunciation of
                                                                                     National Employme
                                                                                     Policy for women
                                                                                     - Quota of women
                                                                                     from 10% to 20% in
                                                                                     public services
                                                                                     - Effective legislati
Women Empowerment
                    - Promotion of Madar-e-                                          for legal ownership
                    Millat as role model for         - Ensure respect, dignity,      of assets and
                    Pakistani women                 and protection of women.         resources
                    - Protection, promotion and     - Promote participation of       - Prevention of
                    strengthening of women          women for social, political      honor-killing, force
                    rights                          and economic empowerment         marriages and crim
                                                    - Preference of women            against women
                                                    teachers in primary schools      - Family courts
                                                    - Representation of women in     presided by Women
                                                    policy and decision making       Judges and
                                                    bodies                           appointment of
                                                    - Special legislation on         women in superior
                                                    violence against women           judiciary
                                                    - Micro-credit facility for      - Inclusion in Policy
                                                    female empowerment               Making
                                                     - The Youth is the future of
                     - Supports the initiative of   - Youth training program to
                    a Youth Parliament              create 100,000 positions for
                    - Training of Youth in          apprenticeship in trade and
                    democracy                       industry
                                                                                     Promises the yout
                    - Special initiatives and       - Self-employment loans for
                                                                                      of Pakistan gainfu
  Focus on Youth    policies for youth under the    trained youth
                                                                                     employment, hop
                    Ministry of Youth Affairs       - Inter-province visits of
                                                                                       and opportunity
                    - Better employment             youth
                    opportunities for youth and     - Special sports facilities in
                    enhancement of their            all the educational institutes
                    communication skills            - Launch of an anti addiction
                    including computer and IT       campaign
                                                                                          - Guarantee r ever
                                                                                         citizen access to a
                                                                                         - Prevention of
                                                                                         - Guarantee
                                                         - Modernization of main         affordable medicin
                                                         Teaching Hospitals in the       to every citizen
                                                         Federal Capital and             - Provision of good
                                                         Provincial headquarters         Medical education
                                                         (especially cardiovascular      and training
                                                         surgery, cancer, organ          - 200,000 Lady
                                                         transplant, brain surgery ,     health workers will
       Health           - National Health Services       burn and dialysis units)        work in the Katchi
                        through sustained                - Production of affordable      Abadi within the
                        investments                      medicine                        next 5 years
                        - Upgrade Health Care            - Improvement of DHOs           - Induction of 10,00
                        structure                        - National campaign for AIDS    male health worker
                        - Special facilities of health   awareness                       in NWFP &
                        in remote areas                  - Effective measures to         Balochistan
                        - Appointment of doctors in      control Hepatitis, TB,          - Media campaign t
                        rural areas through              Poliomyelitis, Neonatal         increase awareness
                        effective incentives             tetanus, Malaria and increase   on health, safe
                                                         immunization between 75%        motherhood, hygie
                                                         to 80%                          and nutrition
                                                         - Promotion of Homeopathy       - Introduction of pr
                                                         and Herbal Treatment.           people drugs policy
                                                         - Special health care for       for public sector
                                                         senior citizens, free medical   health system
                                                         care for deserving patients,    - Maintain prices of
                                                         including discounts in          300 WHO approved
                                                         medicines.                      drugs

                                                                      2. Economy

                                                          - Top priority for              Pro-poor growth
                                                         agriculture to control          agenda comprise
                                                         inflation on basic food         - Rapid economic
                        Economic Development is          necessities                     growth through tax
                        the backbone of a nation         - Improvement in post           payments
                        - Agriculture is the base of     harvest, marketing storage      - Sound Debt Policy
                        the economy thus                 and transport system of         through introducti
Economics & Inflation
                        agricultural production          crops                           of privatization and
                        should be raised                 - Control of price hike on      international help f
                        - Growth in last 7 years         basic needs like wheat, rice    war against terroris
                        - Manifesto mentions past        & other edibles                 Containing Inflation
                        achievements of the party        - Resource generation for       through prudent
                        in the field of economy          combating inflation             Monetary & Fiscal
                                                                                       - Increased product
                                                                                       of food for flow of
                                                                                       - Competition
                                                                                       manufacturers and
                                                                                       domestic trade and
                                                                                       reduction in supply
                                                                                       chain constraints
                                                                                       - Creation of institu
                                                                                       at Federal, Provinc
                                                                                       and District levels t
                                                                                       monitor supply
                                                                                       - Maintenance of
                                                                                       wheat stock and o
                                                                                       essential commodit
                                                                                       - Establishment of F
                                                                                       Tax System that wi
                                                                                       reduce the burden
                                                                                       tax on poor and
                                                                                       increase for the
                                                                                       privileged r
                                                      - Agriculture as economic         - Farmer friendly
                                                      industry by changing policy      approach to boost
                                                      framework                        production and obt
                                                      - Development of Livestock       fair prices
                                                      sector                           - Improvements in
                                                      - Setting up of agri-service     productivity
                                                      corporations with majority       - Advancement of
                                                      equity of the poor and           technology for
                                                      managed by professional          agriculture
                                                      managers                         - Services from priv
                                                      - Reform of agricultural         sector like credit,
                                                      credit system to ensure 50%      fertilizer, pesticide
                                                      of the total is provided to      extension, marketin
                                                      small farmers                    seeds, tractors at
                                                      - Rapid move towards             competitive prices
                                                      national self-sufficiency in     - Encourage of Bank
Agricultural Reforms                                  oil seeds                        to lend to rural are
                                                      - Convert Pakistan into large    while maintaining
                                                      net exporter of food and high    sound credit policie
                                                      value crops                      - Social capacity
                                                      - Irrigation facilities as per   building program fo
                                                      Water Accord 1991                agriculture
                                                      - Utilization of water           - Transport facilita
                                                      resources for agriculture        for marketing of
                                                      - Schemes for crop insurance     agricultural produc
                                                      through private insurance        - Provision of elect
                                                      companies                        supply during off pe
                                                      - Policy shift in agriculture    hours for tube-well
                                                      from commodity based             free of cost
                       - Agriculture is the base of   agriculture to product based     - Research oriented
                       economy thus production        agriculture                      approach in
                       would be enhanced              - Agricultural education and     agriculture
                                                      its curriculum should be
                                          revised and modernized
                                          - Mafia and monopoly will be
                                          done away through agri-
                                          marketing strategies.

                                           - Extension of tax holiday
                                          facilities by providing three
                                          years relaxation to a new
                                          industry to promote
                                          industrial investment
                                          - Full energy needs of           - Private Sector and
                                          expanding industrial sector      export-led
                                          through domestic sources of      development will b
                                          energy namely, coal, gas,        encouraged
                                          and hydro electricity            - Improvement in th
                                          - Improved means of              investment climate
                                          communications and               especially for Smal
                                          telecommunication for            and Micro Business
                                          growth of industry               - Initiation of
                                          - Development of Chambers        programs for reduc
                                          of Commerce and Industrial       costs of doing busin
                                          zones in suitable locations      and increase in
                                          - Industrial estates, equipped   Pakistan’s
                                          with electricity, gas,           competitiveness in
Industrial Reforms
                                          telephone and sewerage for       market
                                          the convenience of domestic      - Deregulation of
                                          and overseas investors           Foreign Direct
                                          - Invitation to develop          Investment (FDI) in
                     - Nothing specific   infrastructure facilities by     export manufacturi
                                          the expertise of
                                          multinational companies and
                                          their collaboration with local
                                          - Provision of “one window
                                          facility’ to streamline the
                                          procedures for industrial
                                          - Improvement in the system
                                          of industrial credit and
                                          enable land owners to
                                          borrow funds on market
                                          value of agricultural land and
                                          rural property
     Poverty         Promotion of:        Development of:                  Launching of
             - Self-reliance principle for   - Human capital for poor         comprehensive
             poor, hardworking, skilled      through education and            Targeted Anti-Pove
             people                          training,                        Program;
             - Establishment of State-       - Social capital through         - Conditional cash
             supported Skills Promotion      formal and informal              transfers for cash
             Trust to generate easily        institutions                     subsidies to poor fo
             available small loans for       - Political capital through      sending their childr
             persons desiring to             inclusion in decision making     to school.
             transform their skills for      at different levels.             - Expansion of socia
             income generation               - Educational foundations        protection program
             - Program for provision of      will be set up at the            such as Zakat, Soci
             low cost housing                provincial level and will be     Security, Baitul Mal
                                             managed by qualified             etc
                                             professionals under public       - Special program f
                                             school buildings. It will grow   lowest 50% districts
                                             till the district level with     have access to soci
                                             time by national and             services
                                             international donations.         - Financial support
                                             - Similarly, foundations will    Senior Citizens abo
                                             be set up for health, agro       age 65 having no
                                             services, land development       source of income.
                                             and other sectors.               - Establishment of
                                             - Investment and income          database of poores
                                             earning opportunities will be    25% families for
                                             generated through                targeting programs
                                             manufacturing and service        help them.
                                             enterprises owned by the
                                             poor but run by the
                                             professional managers. Bank
                                             loans will help poor to buy
                                             equity and pay back the
                                             loans through dividends
                                             earned by the enterprise.
                                             - Control of price hike
                                             - Introduction of National        - Establishment of
                                             Manpower Plan for education      programs that will
                                             and training                     create jobs
                                             - Provision of employment to     - Development of
                                             over 3 million persons in        Public Works Progra
                                             public and private sector.       by expanding labor
                                             - Minimum wage of Rs. 5000       intensive civil work
              - Provision of employment      per month                        infrastructure,
             facilities after enhancing      - Industrialization and          sanitation, road
             communication skills,           enterprises to absorb            works, water and
Employment   computer and IT.                unemployment                     irrigation
                                             - Rural development              - Literacy & Health
                                             programs to prevent              Corp provide
                                             migration to urban areas         opportunity to yout
                                             - National Employment Fund       completing FA/FSc
                                             for skilled and qualified        2yrs. Jobs will be
                                             youth to start business on       generated in social
                                             self-employment basis            sector
                                             - Introduction of National       - Vocational Trainin
                                             Consultancy Policy for           for the sectors whe
                                             national consultants of          skilled manpower is
                                                 medical, engineering and         less in the market
                                                 skilled manpower                 - Microfinance
                                                 - Establishment of more          promotion through
                                                 hospitals to provide jobs to     institutional reform
                                                 doctors.                         and Commercial
                                                                                  Banks, NGOs can re
                                                                                  5 million beneficiar
                                                                                  on sustainable basi

                                                    3.Foreign and Defense Policies

                 - First priority is peace in
                 the region                       - Freedom of people
                 - Strengthening of relations    - Strengthening of National
                 with traditional friends like   Defense                           - Universal princip
                 China and promote relations     - Promotion of just and fair     of peace for foreign
                 with Muslim Ummah, South        international political and      relations
Foreign Policy
                 Asia, Central Asia, West and    economic order based on the      - Inter-faith harmon
                 international community         Charter of the UN                - Good relations wi
                 - Politics should be            - Efforts to resolve Kashmir     neighboring countri
                 governed by rule of law and     Issue and good relations with    Bangladesh, USA,
                 UN Charter                      India                            Canada, EU, Japan
                 - Kashmir issue should be       - Unity among the members        and Commonwealth
                 resolved and good relations     of OIC and strengthening of      - Healthy and
                 with India                      relations with Muslim            effective relations
                 - Independence of Palestine     countries                        with India to maint
                 through elections               - Enhancement of relations       peace in the region
                 - War against Iraq was          with China
                 wrong and illegal so there      - Re-orientation of foreign
                 should be peaceful way out      policy to add commercial and
                 - Peaceful solution to          economic content
                 Afghanistan through             - Strengthening of relations
                 national reconciliation         in the economic sector with
                 - Iran’s right to a peaceful    developing countries of Asia,
                 nuclear program under IAEA      Africa & Latin America
                 - Development of indigenous     - Strengthening of National       - Sound Economic
                 defense capability and          Defenses and promotion of        base promotes stro
                 defense production for          peace in the region              Defense
Defense Policy
                 lessening of outside            - Establishment of Cabinet       - Educational
                 dependence                      Committee on Defense and         curriculum in Defen
                 - No foreign country has        National Security to establish   institutes was
                         right to dictate or interfere    political and civilian control   prepared to train
                         in Pakistan’s internal affairs   over foreign policy              officer cadre that
                         - Pakistan shall not allow its                                    could uphold the
                         territory to be used against                                      forces of military ru
                         any neighboring country                                           so it would be revis
                                                                                           to ensure respect f
                                                                                           institutions & elect
                                                                                           - Defense budget w
                                                                                           be placed before
                                                                                           Parliament for its f
                                                                   4.Democratic Values

                                                                                           - A commitment to
                                                                                           people of Pakistan
                                                                                           hold responsibility
                                                                                           their basic rights
                                                                                           - Respect the life,
                                                                                           liberty, property,
                         - Provision of fundamental                                        livelihood and right
Human Rights
                         human rights and dignity of       - Promotion of good             freedom of
                         women                            governance on the principles     association, expres
                         - Provision of Justice           of equality and social justice   and movement of
                         including legal prosecution      to provide basic human rights    every citizen.
                         against acts of physical and     -                                - Special care of rig
                         domestic violence and                                             of weak, oppressed
                         honour killing.                                                   discriminated &

                                                                                            - Job quota in the
                                                                                           services of Pakistan
                                                           - Absolute guard to the         including operation
                                                          fundamental rights of            services like Army,
                                                          freedom, security, equal         Police, Judiciary,
                                                          opportunity, and equality        Foreign Office and
                                                          before law.                      Intelligence Agenci
                                                          - Establishment of               - Establishment of
                                                          commission for complaints on     Independent
     Minorities Rights
                         - Equal rights for religious     religious discrimination.        permanent Nationa
                         minorities in all the fields     - Scholarships for higher        Commission for
                         like employment, education       education shall be offered       Religious Minorities
                         and religion                     for talented students            complains
                                                          - Integration of minorities      - Right of
                                                          into mainstream of national      administrative cont
                                                          development                      of their places of
                                                                                           - Statutes that
                                                                                              discriminate agains
                                                                                              religious Minorities
                                                                                              and source of
                                                                                              disharmony will be
                                                                                              - Establishment of
                                                                                              Truth and
                                                                                              Commission to
                                                             - Efforts will be made for       investigate how the
                                                            rule of law                       so-called National
                                                            - All special courts including    Accountability Bure
                                                            anti-terrorism and                tried to pervert the
                             - National security is based   accountability courts shall be    course of justice by
                            upon rule of Law so it          abolished                         torturing witnesses
                            should be practiced             - Enunciation of Federal          commit perjury and
      Rule of Law                                           Constitution Court for            wasting ed nationa
                                                            resolving constitutional          resources
                                                            issues                            -An elected leader
                                                            - Establishment of                Pakistan had to lea
                                                            Commission for                    office in a brutalize
                                                            accountability of Kargil crisis   and criminalized w
                                                            1999.                             while none of the
                                                            - Appointment of chairmen         military dictator pa
                                                            of public accounts                a price for mutilati
                                                            committee in national and         the constitution
                                                            provincial assemblies with
                                                            consultation of opposition
                                                            - Restoration of pre Nov 3,
                                                            2007 Judiciary
                                                            - Appointment of Judicial
                                                            commission comprising of
                                                            eminent jurists, judges,
                                                            representatives of lawyers &
                                                            civil society for judicial
                                                            - Appointment of judges on
                                                            - Strengthening of lower
Independence of Judiciary
                                                            - Alternative dispute              - Neutral and
                                                            resolution mechanism for          independent Judici
                                                            social cohesion                   free of political
                                                            - No judge shall take oath        pressures from low
                                                            under PCO as per                  court to higher cou
                                                            constitution of 1973
                                                            - Administrative mechanisms
                            - Nothing specific              for prevention of misconduct
                                                            and implementation of code
                                                            of ethics
                         - Development of               - Revamp NAB and its
                        independent, free of           independence by the
                        government control & non-      selection of its chairman in      - Politically motiva
                        partisan anti-corruption       consultation of Prime             NAB will be abolish
                        institution                    Minister and Opposition           by an Independent
                        - Discouragement of            Leader and 50%                    Accountability
                        Safarshi                       parliamentarians from each        Commission to curb
                        (patronage/nepotism) &         side                              corruption
                        Khushamdi (sycophancy)         - Integrity is the criteria for
     Corruption         culture                        appointments at senior level
                                                       without any discrimination
                                                       - District Ombudsmen offices
                                                       at district level to provide
                                                       relief against bribery and
                                                       - Reduction in misuse of
                                                       power and de-politicization
                                                       of bureaucracy and provision
                                                       of complete tenure
                                                                                          - Democracy never
                                                                                         wages terrorism
                                                        - Dual track approach to         - Dismantle militan
                                                       take resolute steps to deal       groups that take
                                                       with extremism and                hostages and impos
                                                       terrorism                         their writ through
                                                       - Extremism and suicide           force
                                                       bombing is rising against         - Terrorism and
                                                       foreign occupation or foreign     militancy will be
                                                       domination                        vigorously confront
                                                       - Strengthening of law
                                                       enforcing agencies to detect
                                                       terrorist and their groups and
Terrorism & Extremism
                        - Examine the reasons and      - Influence the groups
                        causes for rise of extremism   supporting terrorism through
                        in society                     intermediaries and civil
                        - A National Strategy of       society organizations
                        preparing Special Task         - Promotion of rule of law,
                        Force to combat extremism      tolerance and mutual respect
                        will be developed.             in the country to overcome
                        - This task force will         the sense of desperation
                        present its                    - Intensification of
                        recommendations within         diplomatic efforts to deal
                        100 days of its formation      with the underlying causes
                                                       like Kashmir and Palestine
                                                                                       - Free and vibrant
                                                                                      press is the greates
                                                                                      guarantor against
                                                                                      tyranny and
                                                                                      - Each ministry will
                                                                                      up its own media c
                                                                                      to put across the po
                                                                                      of view of the mini
                                                                                      - Establishment of
 Freedom of Media                                                                     Press Complaints
                                                      - Independent press and         Commission
                                                     electronic media                 on the British syste
                       Belief in the freedom of      - Improvement in Access to       of press complaints
                      expression                     Information laws                 - FM stations licens
                                                                                      to the political par
                                                                                      - Establishment of
                                                                                      private TV channels
                                                                                      and radio stations
                                                                                      within legal

                                                                5.Political Issues

                                                                                       - Establishment of
                                                                                      true Federal
                                                                                      Democracy to make
                                                                                      provincial autonom
                                                                                      - Abolishment of
                                                                                      Concurrent Legislat
                                                      - District Ombudsmen will       list
                                                     be functional (This law          - Due share of
                                                     already exists)                  provinces in natura
                                                     - Party based local              - Distribution criter
Provincial Autonomy                                  government set-up                for NFC award will
                                                     - Distribution of resources on   geographic size,
                                                     the basis of NFC awards to       backwardness & lev
                                                     the provinces                    of development and
                       - It includes the right to    - Announcement of new NFC        population
                      regulate and control natural   award by consensus regularly     - Natural Gas rates
                      resources existing within      at 5 yearly intervals and the    and Royalty formul
                      each province                  principle of provincial          per 1973 constituti
                      - Independent Provinces        autonomy will be fully           - Companies explor
                      with minimum interference      respected                        natural resources w
                      from the center                                                 train locals
                      - Special assistance for                                        - Octroi will revert
                      those provinces that take                                       local government a
                      initiative for poverty                                          be collected by the
                      alleviation                                                     - Return of Sales ta
                                                                                      to the provinces

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