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					                                    DONALD R. ISHAM
                              2430 Vanderbilt Beach, Ste 108-286
                                      Naples, FL 34109
Office (239) 217-6281              Home (239) 821-3187    

       General Management, IT and Financial Executive
 Domestic & International Assignments / Executive Management / Human Resources /
    Business Development / Marketing / Sales / Strategic Alliances / Key Account
    Management / Operations Management / Financial Management / Information
         Technology / Application Development & Deployment / Outsourcing

Accomplishments / Core Competencies / Capabilities
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Key Accomplishments as a Consultant and Business Leader
Increased IT Consulting Practice new sales revenue by 30% and add on revenue by 60+%.

Improved Companies sales by 125% and the pipeline of qualified leads by 300%

Slashed sales cycle by more than 60%

Accelerated $50M in revenue and restored corporate and initiative creditability.

Generated new revenue opportunities, identified areas where costs and waste was
minimized/eliminated, and reduced headcount

Career Achievements, as a Financial Executive
Redesigned Accounting and Decision Support Systems

Played a key role in turning around company’s European operations.

International Financial Systems design and development initiative

Reorganization of the Finance and Administration Organization

Core Competencies and Related Business Cases
Leading Change

Leading People

Results Driven

Business Acumen and Entrepreneurial
Building Coalitions / Communications / Senior Management Consulting

Effective Communications

Other Capabilities
Enterprise Thought Leader

Solution Architect

Technical Leadership

Sales Management

Management of Startup Operations

Strategic and Operations Planning and Analysis

Business Process Engineering

Business Process and Enterprise Application Design and Development

Enterprise Systems – Global Enterprise System Deployment

KEY ACCOMPLISHMENTS, as a Consultant and Business Leader
Increased new sales revenue by 30%                     and add on revenue by 60+% for Global
Consulting Services of U.S., Inc. Instituted solution-selling methods that targeted CIOs to win
new business. Targeted CIO’s. Established consulting relationships with IBM national suppliers
to open a pipeline of prospects in need of services in many different IT disciplines.

Improved sales by 125% and the pipeline of qualified prospects by 300% at Allen
Systems Group. Refocused sales practices from information-gathering telephone sales to
a consultative approach. Improved the sales force’s product knowledge. Created a new
hiring methodology that was far more effective in attracting top-level sales personnel.

Slashed sales cycle by more than 60%. Started a Management Services Division
at Allen Systems Group, Inc. in which a salesperson would identify a prospect and sell an
assessment. Set prices that encouraged the customer to allow obtain an assessment,
providing the company an adequate margin and a major source of leads.

Accelerated $50M in revenue and restored the company’s credibility by
eliminating failed deployments for EDS arising during implementation of the IT Service
Request Management and Asset Acquisitions Management (procurement) tools.
Designed a methodology that cut deployment cycles times by 80%, saving an estimated
$1,000s per deployment. Smoothed out EDS’s User Acceptance Testing methods,
reducing reported defects and eliminating substantial rework.

Generated new revenue opportunities, identified areas where costs and
waste was minimized/eliminated, and reduced headcount. At GTE Data
Services, Inc. (GTEDS), this was accomplished through alignment of human resources
with newly implemented financial processes and systems. The work improved the
capabilities of the accounting and financial planning departments to communicate
meaningful financial information across the enterprise. Integration with marketing and
sales systems was a major break through for the company to assess performance and
identifies opportunities to save cost and improve revenue generation. For GTEDS, I
developed financial models to improve the analysis of financial date that expose risks and
opportunities. Armed with this new information, business units began to have more
insight into the impact their organizations had on GTEDS business model and were better
equipped to evaluate alternative courses of action for investment in the commercial
markets. This new view of the enterprise enabled the organization to develop creative
pricing models for the commercial ventures to assure the company did not violate
regulatory requirements.

CAREER ACHIEVEMENTS, as a Financial Executive
Redesigned Accounting and Decision Support Systems
GTE Data Services, Inc.
As key manager I was responsible for establishing accounting practices according to
FASB and GAAP, policies, methodologies and systems to execute all aspects of the
financial function. I developed financial models that identified risks, opportunities and
alternative course of action for investment in the commercial markets. Created pricing
models for the commercial ventures that to assure the company did not violate regulatory
requirements. Managed a staff of thirty, with budgetary control of $1.4 M.

   This $650 million, 3,000 employees regulated business unit served both internal
   customers, corporate operations, as well as the non-regulated commercial sector.
   The accounting and decision support systems were obsolete due to the changes in
   the telecommunications industry and the pursuit of non-regulatory business.
  I performed an extensive review of all accounting and decision support systems
  which lead to a comprehensive needs analysis.
  Based on my findings, I reorganized financial structures, procedures and staff to
  deal with the completed financial information requirements of the business.
  I updated the local business unit’s financial policies.
  Working with my team, we realigned and enhanced the capabilities of the financial
  systems to support reporting.
  I designed, developed and implemented a Financial Data Store, to deliver to the
  business units’ timely and accurate financial information from the decision support
  I developed revenue and expense studies to meet regulatory requirements that were
  compatible to the non-regulated or commercial environment pricing methodologies.
  My design of the general ledger was enhanced worker productivity and provided
  consistent and accurate financial information to GTE Data Services, Inc corporate
  The financial policies and practices I updated aligned business operations financial
  date to accurately report meaningful results.
  The segmented Data Store I designed and developed allowed non-financial users to
  access tailored financial information about their respective Vice President
  organizations. This saved countless hours in handling redundant information and
  eliminated 100% of the errors associated with the original process.
  The changes I made saved the company $150,000 in the annual financial and
  regulatory audit fees. As a direct result of the aforementioned actions, no material
  or audit points were noted in the annual audit reports.
  I was able to reduced staff by 40% while increasing support services and improving
  the quality of information distributed by my group.
  The improved systems I built better reflected the way the company was doing
  business and provided better planning and forecasting information..
  Effectively, I shifted control of the financial information to the owner of the data
  via the establishment of the financial data store.

Played a key role in turning around European operations
GTE Marketing Services, LTD
I served as United Kingdom controller and as the European financial director for GTE
Marketing Services European operations.        I implemented financial, accounting,
budgeting, policies and procedures for all European operations. I provided counsel to
area management on all matters relating to financial and accounting information and
served as a key member of the senior management team for European operations with
revenues of $50 M+.

   The European operations based in the United Kingdom with a German subsidiary
   were startup companies and was established as the nucleus to serve and develop the
   European Markets. These organizations had ill-defined marketing and sales
   objectives and were experiencing negative impacts due to lack of planning, internal
   and external communications, ineffective management, lack of internal controls.
  I re-organized the 70 member finance and administrative organizations in both the
  UK and German operations.
  I realigned staffed to provide a better fit within the financial organization. I further
  developed and implemented financial and decision support systems, and installed
  sufficient internal controls to safeguard corporate assets.
  I lead the area management through its first budgets and long range planning
  I established relationships with public accounting, banking, legal and tax
  I lead a team to installed credit and collection procedures and based on GTE
  financial practices, I developed policies to control receivables.
  Through the organization and business review I contributed to the reorganization
  plan for the UK and German operations.
  My team supported area management during the assessment of all functional areas
  of the business and provided advice as to the future outlook of the companies,
  which included the review of potential acquisitions and joint ventures in Europe.
  The scope of the assessment examined general economics and political
  environments, consumer protection, potential acquisitions, union organizations,
  government policies, market potential and industrial banking environments.

  I developed a responsive finance and administrative organization which met the
  business needs of the European operations.
  Through my contributions the management team closed down unprofitable business
  segments and re-negotiating unprofitable saving the company $10 million in
  investment and subsequent losses.
  Based on my reorganization recommendations I save the company $2.5 M annually
  by reducing fixed administrative costs and improving operational efficiencies
  through computerization.
  Installation of sound credit and collections polices my team was able to increased
  collections activity from 40% to over 90% of outstanding contracts. We reduced
  average outstanding receivable from 18 months to 3 months.
  I open up communications between corporate headquarters in the U.S. and local
  area management through introduction of computerized decision support systems.
  I performed weekly updates and provided reliable and timely financial analysis and
  forecast, on a monthly and quarterly basis.
  Based on my research, I trimmed the income tax liability of the company by 30%
  by reorganizing the firm as a branch of the parent firm as opposed to a limited
  company in the UK.
  My team and myself presented to management assessments that identified high risk
  expansion ventures and investment in the European markets that save the US
  Corporation millions in potential losses.

International Financial Systems design and development initiative
GTE Directories Corporation
I designed, developed, and implemented financial databases and decision support
systems, and accounting systems, which directly supported the International Accounting
Operations of GTE/DC. I defined and implemented global accounting and financial
management methodologies, strategic planning models to achieve the company’s
worldwide business objectives.

   The company was embarking on computerizing its international accounting and
   financial decision support systems. The challenge was to covert manual archaic
   accounting operations to a computerized and standardizes accounting and financial
   reporting system. These systems would be compatible with domestic based
   accounting and financial practices. To complicate the task, different countries
   required unique governmental reporting and staff skill sets relative to computers
   also needed to be developed. Other obstacles were language and cultural
   differences between the US counterparts.
  I designed and developed financial systems and decision reporting systems
  compatible with the domestic systems. This required the integration of local and
  corporate systems. I lead the firms local IT staff to develop interfaces between PC,
  mini and mainframe computers to extract critical financial data and deliver it to the
  desktop. A leverage project plan and training programs were designed to
  implement the systems in any foreign location. I customization the systems on site
  to meet local government and corporate reporting needs. For communication
  purposes, education classes were conducted on site. The topics I covered was
  GTE Financial Practices, accounting processes, and the use of the accounting
  systems. I created training materials and performed tool training to the account
  group and IT department to assure the expected results were achieved.

  The results achieved were outstanding; world wide financial operations were
  standardized. Through my direct efforts foreign financial staffs were reduced by
  5%, without any increased for five years. Reporting to corporate was consistent
  with closing schedules in the US which shortened the closing process of the foreign
  location.    Improved communications through financial support systems were
  achieved. The professional staff’s productivity increased, morale improved, and
  personal development was enhanced with these new tools.
  My efforts exceeded expectations of the Vice President of International Operations,
  Vice President/Corporate Controller, and the Director of International Accounting
  Operations by meeting and exceeding all objectives.

Reorganization of the Finance and Administration Organization
St Petersburg Printing Company, wholly owned Subsidiary of GTE/DC
I managed all the printing plant’s accounting, treasury and financial functions according
to FASB, GAAP, and GTE financial practices requirements. These included financial
and cost accounting systems, budgets, inventory control and purchasing. I oversaw credit
and collection activities, acted as a liaison with the banking community, and provided
information for legal testimony to regulatory agencies. I managed a staff of eleven, with
budgetary control of $750,000.
   The financial organization of St. Petersburg Printing Company was fragmented and
   dysfunctional. Inadequate financial controls, poor manual systems and low
   employee morale contributed to large write offs and improper pricing models that
   negatively impacted the ability to compete in the commercial market.

  I re-invented the accounting organization and aligned people, processes and systems.
  This required recruiting and educating accounting and administrative staff.
  Rebuilding a problem cost accounting system was one of the key actions I took to
  eliminate the cause of mismanaging plant inventories.
  Through my efforts I was able to create a positive team atmosphere in the
  accounting department which solved a serious morale problem.
  Through the acquisition of new computers manual systems were replaced to
  improve accounting operations, inventory control, budgets, and reporting.
   I installed internal controls consistent with corporate guidelines and GTE financial
   I installed employee development programs, to enhance accounting knowledge and
   personal growth.
   Through improved accounting practices and proper inventory audits of fixed assets,
   I created a fixed asset valuation model that supported the valuation of the printing
   plant’s fixed assets.

  Through my efforts the accounting and administration staffs developed into a
  cohesive, effective team.
  I eliminated late, inaccurate reporting and reduced time required to produce
  monthly financial reporting by 80%.
  Working with senior management, I was able to solved difficult personnel
  problems in the accounting department, resulting in improved morale and
  departmental effectiveness.
  Given my guidance, three employees furthered their careers in accounting and in
  the corporation by improving their skills and became productive employees in
  higher level positions within the company.
  By my creative designed I implemented an effective budget and financial
  forecasting systems that would predict bottom line results within 1% of planned
  Using the fixed asset valuation model I created, the company’s legal counsel won a
  major court case against the county that over assessed the plant’s fixed assets. The
  outcome of the case saved the company $1.3 M in property taxes annually.

Leading Change
This core competency encompasses the ability to develop & implement an organizational
vision which integrates key global program goals, priorities, and values. Inherent to it is
the ability to balance change and continuity; to continually strive to improve customer
service and program performance; to create a work environment that encourages creative
thinking; and to maintain focus, intensity and persistence, even under adversity.

Related Business Case: Global Process and System Deployment
Electronic Data Services, Corporation (EDS)

This is a major initiative by a EDS, a major IT services outsourcer. The project called
Digital Workflow Next Generation (DW NG) is set of 11 processes (Digital Workflow)
supported by a suite of complex enterprise tools and supporting technologies (Next
Generation) that support standard IT service delivery, procurement, asset management,
and eProcurement service offerings.

EDS was experiencing problems in deploying the Request Management component of
DW NG. Current deployment methods were not adequate and as a result the EDS
realized losses from deferred deployments. In extreme cases customers did not accept
other modules of DW NG costing the company millions of dollars in deployment
expenses and untold lost revenues. The primary reasons why deployments were failing in
request area were threefold. First, current deployments were not adequate to deploy
request management, secondly, there was a lack of understanding by the deployment
teams and senior leadership of the complex customer relationships that needed to be
resolved before deployment activates commenced, and third, the corporate culture did not
consider alignment of process, people, and system to support DW NG.

This misalignment caused planned expense reductions and productivity improvements to
be lost. Customer perception of the company’s ability to deploy came into question.
Deployment expenses increased due to poor resource productivity, as a result of not
having the right people at the right place at the right time. Revenue losses were directly
related to longer deployment cycle times (time to market) and failed deployments. All of
these factors have negative impacts to the project’s ROI.

To correct all these negative factors required me to lead change on two levels. The first
was the technical process corrections that had to be made and the second was to change
the mentality of the participants, both in EDS and in the clients of EDS.

I aligned human resources, processes and systems to get them working together. This
critical success factor cannot be overstated, when managing any initiative in a business. I
did it by bringing the leadership together with key capability leads I convinced the group
we needed to work through an alignment process. After given the go ahead, I begin my
work with mapping, analyzing and optimizing the work processes to capture the
knowledge of how the various teams perform their work. This led to identification of
critical deployment issues that needed to be fixed to improve employee productivity and
apply the changes to the global initiative. Also, I concluded that the current deployment
systems had evolved over the course of time by different groups, but these tools were not
designed for DW NG, difficult to leverage, and absolutely worthless in certain

After presenting to the leadership of the initiative and gaining their acceptance of the
program, I formed a team to work through the complexities of aligning resources,
processes, and the tools all working in a balanced and coordinated fashion to effectively
support DW NG deployments.
Through this effort my team and I recommended the establishment of a Core Deployment
Team to lead and direct all deployment and implementation efforts. I recommended the
team needed to have a blend of experienced, highly effective and skilled experts in their
respective fields.

We identified the groups’ responsibilities and held them accountable for the success of
each deployment. Although this was a cross-functional team, I suggested that a single
leader reporting to the capability leads and senior management direct the team. My team
developed goals, objectives, and key performance indicators to measure the success of
the deployment. The core team leader set the teams direction and based on schedules and
pre-assessment information acquire during the planning stages with the customer.

At my direction and guidance, we developed a deployment methodology and a master
framework that the global deployment teams would work within. I defined the Core
team’s responsibilities and established they would work directly with the deployment
groups to communicate deployment objectives. I integrated training with the core team’s
responsibilities to assure consistent education methods were executed and each
deployment team member understood their roles and expected contribution to the
deployment effort.

   In summary, I took the following actions:
    Establish a dedicated highly effective and skilled Global Deployment Team
       consisting of cross discipline experts accountable for the success of all Global

      Staff the team with senior managers and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), who
       created a global deployment strategy and methodology, development of training
       materials, and produce meaningful reference documentation based on their
       deployment experiences.

      Established that the Core Team was held accountable for the success of each
       deployment based on post deployment operational reviews and process audits to
       assure consistency with DW principles, practices, and processes.

      Successfully built a team, whose members represented a balance of disciplines
       responsible for, implementing all aspects of the DW NG vision.

      Created an appropriate marketing plan for DW NG and established a chain of
       communication to inform all stakeholders the interrelationships of the people,
       processes, and systems critical to successfully deploying DW NG.

In summary, I managed a global change in methodology and culture so that the current
issues were fixed and so that the likelihood of similar issues arising in the future were all
but eliminated. I led a team through a very challenging and complex transformation
within in EDS. The results were outstanding, because the positive impact to EDS also
rolled over to their client companies. Through my guidance and business insights,
customer creditability was restored, client satisfaction at an all time high and deferred and
failed deployments were eliminated resulting in cost savings and accelerated revenue to

Leading People
This core competency involves the ability to design and implement strategies which
maximize employee potential and foster high ethical standards in meeting the
organization's vision, mission, and goals. Leadership Competencies: Conflict
Management, Cultural Awareness, Integrity/Honesty, Team Building.

Related Business Case: Financial Systems Design, Conversion, and
GTE Data Services, Inc.
Situation /Opportunity
GTE Data Services (GTEDS) is a $650 million, 3,000 employee business unit that serves
both internal GTE Telcos (regulated business) and external customers, GTE Information
Services, a non-regulated commercial venture. The accounting and decision support
systems were obsolete due to the changes in the telecommunication industry and the
pursuit of non-regulatory business. The financial organization is fragmented with
technology and financial systems not meeting the needs of the organization they served.

My challenge was to design, convert and implement a state of the art system that would
meet today’s needs and accommodate further growth and change down the road.

I performed an extensive review of all accounting and decision support systems which
led to a comprehensive needs analysis. I established new financial structures to reflect
GTEDS current business operations. With my group, we reviewed all financial reporting
requirements and design new ways to distribute financial information across the
To meet the needs of the business financial controls and reporting, I updated GTEDS
financial polices. I reorganized the department to be in line with the newly defined
general ledger and accounting practices for both the regulated and non-regulated business

Working with IT and the external auditors, I realigned and enhanced financial systems to
support the financial reporting function of the company. To assure the many
organizations within the company had timely and accurate financial information in a
format they could use, I designed, developed and implemented a LAN Base Financial
Data Store, to improve the company’s decision support system.
I developed revenue and expense studies to meet regulatory requirements that were
compatible to the non-regulated or commercial environment pricing methodologies.

By building a new general ledger and decision support system, I improved usability,
enhanced productivity and delivered consistent and accurate financial information
through the organization. After I updated the financial policies, I effectively
communicated throughout the finance organization a sound solution to deliver timely,
accurate, and meaningful financial data to run the business based the direction that
GTEDS was taking due to deregulation and its commercial ventures.
When I implemented a segmented data store, non-financial users could access their
financial data for operational analysis and in turn advise their respective Vice President
organizations on proper courses of action. By implemented this resource, I saved
countless hours in handling redundant information and eliminated 100% of the errors
associated with the original process.
As a direct result of my ability to design and install new financial systems, I saved the company
$150,000 in audit fees on the annual financial and regulatory audits. As a direct result of the
aforementioned actions no material items were noted in the annual audit reports as a result of the
changes I implemented. I was able to reduce staff by 40% while increasing support services and
improving the quality of the work.
Through changing accounting practices I effectively improve the finance organization
worth to the rest of the company.

Results Driven
This core competency stresses accountability and continuous improvement. It includes
the ability to make timely and effective decisions and produce results through strategic
planning and implementation and evaluation of programs and policies. Leadership
Competencies: Accountability, Customer Service, Decisiveness, Entrepreneurship,
Problem Solving, Technical Credibility.
Related Business Case: Financial System Architecture, Design
Development and Implementation
GTE Directories Corporation
Due to late year end reporting and fluctuation in exchange rates, GTE Directories
Corporation (GTE/DC) realized 3 months into the new fiscal year that foreign profits
were overstated by $40 million, which required a major adjustment and restatement of the
previous years earnings at the corporate level.

To resolve this situation, GTE/DC embarked on computerizing its international
accounting and financial decision support systems. The goal was to standardize systems,
automate manual processes, and change incompatible practices that were not in sync with
domestic based reporting systems. This condition existed in each of the 17 countries the
company-conducted operations. To further complicate the task, different countries had
unique governmental reporting requirements and in these countries computerized
accounting reports were not acceptable to meet government reporting rules. Other
obstacles were language and cultural differences. I was a single manager supporting the
international accounting group and I was tasked to provide solutions to resolve reporting
issues with the US parent.

My job was to insure lead a major part of this project by creating the financial system
architecture, and the overseeing the design development and implementation

I crafted what others referred to as an eloquent solution that was tailored and acceptable
to each one of GTE/DC foreign operations. The company had business in 17 countries, I
needed to consider local and government reporting requirement in developing the

This effort required the best of my entrepreneur skills and relationship management to
gain unquestionable trust with a diverse group of accounting and financial professionals
in each of the business units. Through my technical leadership I plan and executed, and
schedule trips abroad to work through the many issues to build appropriate solutions to
meet the corporate goals.
With a team made of domestic and foreign accounts, we studied available financial
systems that would meet both domestic and foreign financial reporting requirements.
After the vendor was selected, by country I designed and developed the financial systems
to meet corporate and foreign business units reporting requirements. This required
creating interfaces with various systems to efficiently extract financial data, record it into
the general ledger, and deliver electronically financial data to the international accounting
department at the US corporate headquarters located in Dallas, Texas.

I developed the month end and annual closing processes and schedules for each of the
locations. I ran two pilots programs in Panama and Hong Kong to test the approach.
Based on my findings, I finalized the implementation methods and formalized the
I prepared and managed all project plans and performed the implementations myself,
supported by domestic and local IT resources. During each implementation, I found
small issues that required quick decisions on my part to overcome the implementation
obstacle(s). I performed customizations on site to closed process and tool gaps. I
developed the training program and modified the training materials for each location. All
classes were taught by myself and conducted on site to assure effective communications
and important concepts were not lost in the translation.

To assure the board of directors at GTE/DC and GTE senior leadership that reporting was
accurate, timely, and in compliance with GTE Standard Financial Practices, I conducted
regular updates to these groups. I held lessons learn sessions after each installation to
improve the deployment process. For the ensuing 12 months to assure each operation
was in compliance, I visited each location and performed an operational audit to assure
the standard operating practices were being followed and system integrity was intact.

The results were outstanding. World wide financial operations were standardized, timely
and accurate reporting was achieved. I raised the trust level and respect with GTE/DC
board members and senior management.        Reporting to corporate was consistent with
closing schedules in the US, which met the closing process in the foreign locations, were
shortened by three days. Material year end adjustments were eliminated through the
installation of GTE Standard Financial Practices, GAAP, and FSAB requirements
supported by the accounting systems. Communicated financial results were vastly
improved between the foreign business unit and the corporate headquarters. Resource
productivity increased, morale improved, and personal development enhanced. My
contribution in the areas of financial system architecture, design development, and
implementation were key elements to the success of this initiative.

I exceeded all expectations of the Vice President of International Operations,
CFO/Corporate Controller, and the Director of International Accounting Operations.

Business Acumen and Entrepreneurial
This core competency involves the ability to acquire and administer human, financial,
material, and information resources in a manner, which instills public trust and
accomplishes the organization's mission, and to use new technology to enhance decision-
making. Leadership Competencies: Financial Management, Technology Management,
Human Resources Management.
Related Business Case: Startup Company
GIE, Inc.
This is a startup venture serving the Healthcare Industry. The company’s distinct focus is
on the integration of computers, telecommunication, electronic payment systems and
organizational aspects of meeting the business needs of healthcare providers, payer
institutions, managed care groups, government and others requiring patient records and
billing data shared among a diverse group of service providers. The management systems
to transfer patient data were fragmented and efficient. A new application utilizing
Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) concepts and emerging internet communications
capabilities was discovered, developed, and implemented to meet patient information
transfers to a diverse and fragmented provider groups. While on the face of things, this
appeared to be a technical challenge, it was, in reality, a business challenge requiring that
I created a business solution for our client but also insure that GIE, a fragile startup, made
money for the investors and gained traction in this intensely competitive and uneducated

I applied data transfer and new emerging technologies to integrate the primary healthcare
practice management systems with the insurance companies, medical labs, and hospitals
using telecommunication.

I developed a communication HUB and data switch to capture time sensitive data and
transmit information to an insurance carrier’s databases, which in turn brought back to
the healthcare provider eligibility information and other information the healthcare
provider needed to process the financial piece of delivered services by the healthcare

I implemented a payment system with an appropriate degree of integration, consistency,
and connectivity to improve cash flow for the practice and better manage patient

To accelerate system development and sell the services, I formed various strategic
alliances and partnerships to design and develop relational database structures, set up
network client/server architectures, implement multimedia applications; image and
information capture systems to improve access to current medical data meeting archiving
requirements. I set up a network of Independent Sales Organizations (ISOs) to execute
the companies marketing and sales programs.

In this incredible complex health care environment I was able to provide economical and practical
solutions that benefited the healthcare provider by building an information exchange network to
transfer data to the insurance companies with validation, which in turn expedited payments back
to the provider reducing accounts receivable write offs by 95%.
I created value for both the insurance companies and the healthcare provider by
eliminating redundant claims processing. I change the healthcare practice management
processes and implemented tools to improve office efficacy. I improved the provider
cash flow by 40% and eliminate lost money due to processing insurance claims with
inaccurate data. These improvements allowed more time to work with the practice
administrators to develop solutions that improve operational efficacies within the

Just as important, my efforts were critical to the success of GIE. This challenge tested
my business acumen as well as my technology skills.

Building Coalitions / Communications / Senior Management Consulting
This skill involves the ability to explain, advocate, and express facts/ideas in a
convincing manner, & negotiate with individuals & groups internally & externally. It
involves the ability to develop a professional network with other organizations & to
identify the internal & external politics that impact the work of the organization.
Leadership Competencies: Influencing/Negotiating, Interpersonal Skills, Partnering,
Political Savvy, Oral & Written Communication. Senior management consulting attribute
is the ability to provide guidance/counsel to top executive management and the firms
clients with respect to information assurance.

Related Business Case: Development of European Business Venture-
Turnaround Operations
GTE Marketing Services, LTD, England /GTE Directories Corporation (GTE/DC)

GTE Marketing Services a US firm, started GTE Marketing Services to sell directory
advertising to the Business-to-Business market place in Europe. The European
operations were based in the United Kingdom, with a German subsidiary, located in
Hamburg. The purpose of these companies was to establish a base of operations in
Europe to serve and develop the Yellow Page and electronic media markets.
Approximately a year after startup, these organizations were failing.
 I was assigned to the UK operations by GTE/DC’s management board to determine the
key issues, report with an accurate assessment of the operations from financial and
operational perspectives, and provide a reasonable financial outlook for the operations
based on the marketability of the service offerings. I reported to the management board
my assessment and recommendations. GTE/DC senior management board immediately
took action on my recommendations and formed a new management team to turnaround
the operations, or close it down. I was assigned to the position of Area Finance Director
– Europe. Since there were many factions to GTE Europe and since I was a “corporate
interloper”, I had to build coalitions and foster communications to be effective. As you
might expect, European senior management did not welcome me warmly.

The companies (UK / German) had ill-defined market goals, poor business plans, and
ineffective management. My work was two-fold, straighten out the financial function
and build an effective financial organization for the European operations, and support the
European management board to correct marketing and operational deficiencies.

I organized the 70-member finance, administrative, and IT organizations in both the UK
and German operations. I staffed the finance group functions with a mix of employees
and used contractors for the professional positions. I personally conducted an internal
audit for both companies uncovering many accounting irregularities and discrepancies.
The results were documented and sent back to GTE/DC, which was also reported to GTE
the parent company of GTE/DC.

Initially, I installed a new accounting system, internal controls, developed a daily,
weekly, and monthly reporting of key performance indicators to keep management
abreast of the status of operations as new programs were installed to keep management
informed as to the effectiveness of the changes.

I led the area management through its first long range strategic plans and current business
planning cycle.
At the direction of GTE/DC, I re-established the business relationships with the
company’s local public accounting firm, banking, legal, and tax authorities. The credit
and collections polices were inadequate and required and overhaul. With my team we
installed credit and collection procedures and developed policies to control receivables.
I was a major contributor to a reorganization plan for the UK and German operations.
As the companies started to turnaround, I worked closely with the management board to
assess the current and future position of the companies as well as evaluated potential
acquisitions and joint ventures in Europe.
The scope of my work included, but not limited to the examination and assessment of the
general economics and political environments in each country, consumer protection,
unions, government policies, and an assessment of the current market conditions. With
the European management team in collaboration with GTE/DC senior management
valuations of the marketplace were made to determine the viability of the operations.

The results were gratifying. Under my leadership, we effectively developed a responsive
finance, administrative, information technology, and marketing organizations, which
supported the business needs of the European operations. I eliminated unprofitable
business segments through re-negotiating contracts and unprofitable business ventures,
saving the company $10 million in investment and perpetuating losses. I also help to
reduce fixed administrative costs through reorganization and computerization.

At the same time, we increased collections activity from 40% to over 80% of outstanding
contracts, and reduced average outstanding receivable from 18 months to 3 months.

To insure that things stayed fixed, I fostered improved communications and established a
collaboration environment with corporate headquarters. Working with the GTE/DC tax
department, UK taxing authorities, I recommended a change in the business structure and
that would reduce the tax liability by 30%. This was accomplished by establishing the
operations as a branch of GTE/DC opposed to a limited company in the UK.

I directly supported the local management team in all aspects of the business. My work
and input was respected and considered critical to the decision making process to achieve
success in this venture. I also reported directly to various members of the senior
management board at GTE/DC, who also learn to rely on my projections and assessments
of the situation.

As a key member to the European area senior management team and based on my work
and recommendations, the team was able to curtail certain expansion plans and avoid
substantial losses if the company continued in the course the previous management set.
This renaissance was a direct result of my ability to build coalitions and foster
communications to be effective, and earn the trust of European senior management.

Effective Communications
The ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing to develop authoritative
guidance on complex IT issues and to work effectively with senior executive staff and
non-IT technical experts.

Related Business Case: Global Leverage Solution Knowledge Transfer
Electronic Data Services, Corporation (EDS)
EDS is major outsourcer of Information Technology services. To improve their service
delivery the company created and developed a leveraged global solution to improve IT
service delivery and track corporate assets for EDS’s client companies. To accomplish
EDS’s goals, the company created Digital Workflow Next Generation (DW NG), which
is a set of 11 processes and enterprise systems, developed by Peregrine Systems, Inc. to
support the initiative. As a key consultant working in the capacity of a solution architect
to the process and architecture group, I worked with client account representatives and
the EDS engineering organization to develop solutions to resolve unique requirements
with EDS clients.

In one example, we had a large financial institution as a client. The DW NG deployment
was stalling, teams were fragmented, and issues were developing with the client. Most of
the team members from EDS and the client were non-technical and had very little
experience with the processes and toolset. My challenge was to rectify this unacceptable
situation. The fix required technical savvy, as it turned out, my ability to communicate
effectively both orally and in writing to develop authoritative guidance on complex IT
issues and to work effectively with senior executive staff and non-IT technical experts
was more critical to success than anything else.

Approach to get this deployment back on track is based upon a thorough understanding of
the attitudes, values and behaviors of the client and the deployment teams. It is my
philosophy to deploy any process and supporting technologies, success is directly
dependent on the depth and breath of knowledge of the client and deployment resources
as well as the presence of strong deployment leadership.

After studying the results and the issues, I quickly understood the challenge and
concluded the client teams understood the business requirements and the functionality of
their current systems, but were non-technical and not well informed using DW NG
processes and supporting applications. To communicate a very complex subject relative
to the DW NG deployment, I quickly prepared recommendations and collaborated with
the EDS leadership and team members to gain consensus to move forward with the client
team. This did not typically happen within EDS, but the situation was critical.

To get the deployment back on track fast with the objective of addressing the client’s
concerns and issues, I created materials, presentations, and designed a series of
workshops that I conducted online using remote meeting technology. The topics
included definition of the EDS deployment process, client responsibilities, realignment of
the deployment teams, and a thorough understanding of the DW NG vision and value to
the client organization. Further, I built a new project plan that was more in line with the
deployment requirements.

I facilitated the meetings and delivered the demonstrations to both the EDS and client
deployment teams. Every application that was in scope and relevant to the deployment
process was discussed thoroughly. To avoid major time delays and not fall behind in the
project plan, where appropriate I combined the knowledge transfer sessions with actual
deployment related tasks.

After I brought the client to a level of understanding of the DW NG and got them to a
point where they could relate the value of the project to their own operations, a
tremendous transformation took place. Based on the knowledge transfer sessions I led,
the client was able to get the process back on track avoiding a deferred deployment.
Also, through this enlightenment, a new understanding of DW NG and deployment
practices was achieved within the EDS deployment community. When I was working
with the EDS teams assigned to the project, it was learned the importance of aligning
process, people, and systems to meet client expectations. The deployment leadership
learned how to schedule the right people, at the right time and place to meet the demands
of DW NG deployments.

From EDS’ perspective the approach and methods used to teach a set of complex topics
to business people carried over to other deployments. It was observed and commented,
that using this method, continuous improvement to the deployment process and methods,
became automatic as natural cross-functional groups started to work together to improve
the overall deployment effectiveness and the initiative success. Further, the deployment
teams had insight into the issues that can arise during the process and was in a better
position to take corrective action against potential threats.

My technical savvy, while critical, was not enough. My ability to communicate the
vision, technical, and management concepts and my ability to install non-toxic change
were the final pieces of the puzzle set the direction and success of the initiative.


Enterprise Thought Leader

Electronic Data Services, Corporation (EDS) / Peregrine System, Inc.

I provided Thought Leadership and state-of-the-art solutions across the enterprise to
client companies and executives in areas of system development, accounting, financeial
management, and information technology. For EDS I needed to provide insight into the
long-term implications of technology solutions. For Peregrine clients I conducted myself
as a “corporate thought leader,” supporting the advancement of technology and business
processes. To accomplish my mission, I kept current on the latest technology and
business developments affecting Peregrine and EDS clients and envision the long-term
implications of technology solutions. In many situations I suggested leading-edge
alternatives to ensure state-of-the-art client solutions.

Solution Architect

Peregrine Systems, Inc.
I worked diligently to increase client satisfaction by understanding the client business
issues, needs, and strategic direction. I studied the client project commitments,
contractual obligations, service delivery requirements, use of effective relationship
management skills in order to effectively manage client relationships.

In this environment I am required to proactively determine and document business
requirements, assess and mitigate risk to the client’s business, provide best-in-class
services/products that meet client needs, translate business needs into creative solutions,
manage programs/projects to meet contractual obligations. Finally, to meet all client
commitments, I acted with a sense of urgency and with a long-term perspective.
Technical Leadership

Peregrine Systems, Inc.
This requires the ability to lead a technically driven IT workforce with various areas of
specialization. As a Peregrine technical implementation consultant, I lead teams of
developers, process engineers, data base administers, and tool configuration groups
through the development life cycle and implementation of Peregrine’s suite of Service
and Asset management.

Sales Management

Allen Systems Group, Inc.
Sales Management and Improvement program. I had overall responsibility for
developing the Consolidated Service Desk sales team in North America consisting of 22
sales executives and 6 sales engineers. I designed and developed the sales processes that
support a long-term sales cycle in a complex selling environment. The challenge
required me to make a major paradigm shift in the sales staff thinking, from a presenter
of product functionality and features to one who can become a buying facilitator and
consultant to the company’s prospects and customers.

This was accomplished by the implementation of a corporate wide structured sales
methodology. With the ultimate goal of growing revenue and profit, the focus is on
educating the sales staff to establish credibility and competence with the prospect. I
implemented a selling management system that enable the sales organization to control
its operations, while accurately providing senior management visibility and predictability
of revenue at an opportunity level. The effort pulled the team together and increased
sales by 125%, while reducing the sales cycle by 60% from the previous fiscal period.

Management of Startup Operations

GIE, Inc.
I successfully developed the business from the ground up starting from the business
concept (idea stage) to fully functional operation new Healthcare Corporation medical
claims and patient records information exchange between healthcare providers. Startup
included setting operations, development of financial policies and procedures,
implementation of information systems (hardware and software), establishing G/L chart
of accounts, sub ledgers, and cash management procedures. I sought out financing for
the venture and manage all investor and banking relationships. My main focus of the
startup management is intense marketing and sales programs, employee motivation,
excessively conservative control of cash, management of product and administrative
costs, and remaining focused on the corporate objectives as set in the business plan.

Strategic and Operations Planning and Analysis

GTE Corporation
I supported corporate executives to refine their strategic plans based on the development
of “flash” financials that depict actual weekly, month-to-date, and quarter-to-date income
statements, as well as “projected” end-of-period statements. I created Key Performance
Indicators to explain current variances and assist in predicting future results.
Business Process Engineering
Integrated Solutions Management, Inc.
As business process engineering consultant, I provided both process analysis and
development to support the ISM’s service and asset management process engineering
practice. I built and supporting enterprise applications based on ITIL and the company’s
service management Focus 2000 Architecture and Process Model.

I provided technical implementation services expanded existing the companies service
offerings with the objective to offer a more extensive and effective solutions to the
customer. My distinct focus was implementing service and infrastructure management
applications based on the company’s service delivery model, processes, and project
management methodologies. My work involved, process development, requirements
definition, aligning the organization resources, training, and building tools to gather the
data. My problem solving was energized through dialogue and collaboration based on
experience, engagement reviews, research, and development efforts. The relationship
success I developed was the result a of strong team orientation committed to helping
client organizations achieve their service and asset management goals.
Business Process and Enterprise Application Design and Development

Electronic Data Services, Corporation (EDS)
EDS created Digital Workflow Next Generation (DW NG). Digital Workflow (DW) is a
set of 11 processes that provides Service and Asset Management capabilities to the
company’s customers. Next Generation (NG) represents the tool sets that have been
developed to support the DW processes. As a key consultant to the process architecture
group, I provided consultations to the client account representatives and the companies
engineering group relative to Peregrine’s ServiceCenter and AssetCenter suite of
products to support DW. I worked with the eProcurement to group to develop integrated
solutions between AssetCenter and ServiceCenter and eProcurement applications.

I worked with various teams to design and developed the financial module to support
charge back billing to clients. My work included providing support to the Architecture
Process Team, deployment teams, utilizing a thorough understanding of Digital
Workflow processes, system architecture, tools, and capabilities.

I worked with a team of account business analysis, process resources, developers, and
project managers to implement DW NG for EDS customers. As an outsourcer of IT
services, the company has over 1000 deployments and of which, over 300 were in
process, which includes financial institutions, technology firms, automotive, energy, and
telecommunications. I actively participate in the requirements definition, business and
technical design decisions, and development oversight of many of those customers.

Enterprise Systems – Global Systems Deployment

Electronic Data Services, Corporation (EDS) / Peregrine Systems, Inc.
My role in deployment activities include project management, conducting process and
tool assessments, deployment planning, and data migration. I provided support to the
global deployment organization. My work also took a twist to focus in on the creation of
a global deployment methodology and the building of a common international
organization to promote standards management processes. The solution requires the
capability of pulling product and services content from many disparate sources in
different formats. With the organization in place, processes implemented, and tool
development complete; the global deployment solution is a highly efficient method to
deploy DW NG.