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                                                  Stirling University’s student newspaper since 1969

Spending review: students hit back
- Thousands to demonstrate in London
- NUS President blasts education cuts
                    By John Sheppard         In a statement released on October
                                          20th, Burns expressed particular
                          News Editor
                                          concern about the effect of the cuts
                                          in Scotland. “These cuts to universi-

                                          ties, combined with Lord Browne’s
        bus-load of students from the
                                          proposals for unlimited tuition fees
        University of Stirling will be
                                          in the rest of the UK, will be hugely
        joining thousands of students
                                          damaging to Scotland. The UK Gov-
and academics in London to protest
                                          ernment must reject Lord Browne’s
against the Government’s education
                                          proposals. Every Liberal Democrat
cuts on November 10th.
                                          MP was elected on a pledge to vote
  The protest, organised by the
                                          against any increase in fees and they
NUS (National Union of Students)
                                          must now hold true to their word.
and UCU (Universities and Colleges
                                          If they break their promise it will
Union), will see groups representing
                                          be a huge betrayal, and one which
universities across the nation come
                                          students won’t forget.”
together to speak out against what
                                            The University of Stirling Conserva-
they see as an unfair attack on their
                                          tive Society has defended the plans
                                          announced in Lord Browne’s report
  Stirling Students’ Union president
                                          and the Government’s comprehensive
Rhianna Humphrey is hopeful the
                                          spending review.
protest will make a difference. “Stu-
                                            Dean Mackinnon-Thompson,
dents are often ignored in traditional
                                          speaking on behalf of the Society,
politics,” she says, “But the thing
                                          referred to Burn’s words as “An unfair          Under the banner “unity is strength”, students and academics from the NUS and UCU will hold a large-scale
is, demos and things like that aren’t
                                          portrayal of the nature of the cuts.”           demonstration in London on November 10th                                             Pictures: De Montfort Students Union
traditional politics. The way everyone
                                            “These cuts to higher education are
engages is changing, or maybe it                                                         student debts of up to £50,000 for          learn from the mistakes the UK              unexpected, these will be rolled
                                          not necessarily unfair,” he said, “It
already has changed. This is partly to                                                   students in the rest of the UK. In          Government is intent on making,             out over a period of four years,
                                          is my belief that students should at
do with the protest culture - the focus                                                  addition to this, the spending cuts         and protect spending on students,           and Scotland is getting a one year
                                          least be expected to make a contribu-
is different. It’s not about parties or                                                  announced by the coalition Govern-          colleges and universities.”                 delay before it has to make any
                                          tion. The reforms proposed by Lord
candidates; it’s directly about the                                                      ment will lead to a consequential             Mackinnon-Thompson was unde-              cuts at all, due to the nature of the
                                          Browne will make higher education
issues.”                                                                                 cut to the Scottish Government’s            terred by the potential impact on           Scottish economic recovery.”
                                          in England and Wales much more
 NUS Scotland President Liam Burns                                                       budget, which is likely to impact           the Scottish budget. “The struc-              The University of Stirling is send-
                                          sustainable, because universities do
voiced his opinion on the spending                                                       universities. Burns appealed to             tural deficit in the UK isn’t just          ing two bus-loads of students to
                                          face a funding gap.”
review, calling the scale of the educa-                                                  Holyrood to maintain spending               an English deficit; it’s a Scottish         the march.
                                            Lord Browne’s proposals recom-
tion cuts “unforgivable”, and warning                                                    on education, saying “Where they            deficit as well,” he said. “Scotland
                                          mend uncapped tuition fees and a
that they will “decimate higher edu-                                                     implement those cuts will be criti-         has its own role to play in making
                                          real interest rate, which could lead to
cation as we know it.”                                                                   cal. The Scottish Government must           the cuts. These aren’t sudden or

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Page 2                                                                                          www.brignewspaper.com                                                                                     November 2010

 Editor --- Will Grant
 editor@brignewspaper.com                     Officers elected in by-                                                                    Graduate unemployment
 dEputy Editors --- andrEW JEnkin &
 kim ClarkE-ovEry
 deputyeditor@brignewspaper.com               election, despite dis-                                                                     reaches highest point in
                                                                                                                                         over seventeen years
                                              appointing turn-out
 onlinE Editor --- dan nunan

 nEWs Editors --- John shEppard,                                                                                                                     By Amanda J Naughton             proposals, and urgently reconsider
 amanda JaynE nauGhton & laura                                                                                                                                News Editor             the direction of travel.”
 donaldson                                                                                                                                                                              Just under 21,000 of students who

 news@brignewspaper.com                                                                                                                                                               recently graduated are known to be
                                                                                                                                                igures    released     earlier this
 sports Editors --- andrEW JEnkin,                               By John Sheppard             Katherin Hurrle and Liam Beattie.                 month by the Higher Education         still unemployed in January.
 sCott lorimEr & iain BlaCkWood                               and Laura Donaldson               Cletus Baalongbuoro, the newly                  Careers Services Unit (HECSU)           Those surveyed who studied IT at
 sport@brignewspaper.com                                                                      elected Black Students Officer, was        show that graduate unemployment              university had the highest rate of
                                                                      News Editors                                                                                                    unemployment with 16.3% of gradu-
                                                                                              pleased to have won. “I feel excited.      has risen to its highest rate for nearly

 FEaturEs Editors --- viktoria Carlson                                                                                                                                                ates assumed to be unemployed after
 & Catriona mCGalE                                    tudents of the University               I feel good about it,” he said, “The       two decades.
 features@brignewspaper.com                           of Stirling turned out in low           job is not mine alone, it is for all of       The poll surveyed 82% of those            six months of finishing their course.
                                                      numbers to vote for new can-            us. I will just play a leadership role     who completed an undergraduate               This was followed by media studies,
 politiCs Editor --- Elsa andrE               didates to take up roles in the Stu-            by organising and inspiring the black      degree last summer and live in the           design, accountancy and electrical
 politics@brignewspaper.com                                                                   students to share what they have with      UK. It found 8.9% of 2009 graduates          and electronic engineering. Those
                                              dents’ Union.
                                                Just over 1,000 students out of               the uni. We have a lot to offer: watch     were still unemployed six months af-         who studied Law showed the lowest
 opinion Editor --- sCott hood
 opinion@brignewspaper.com                    the student population of 11,544                out!”                                      ter leaving university.                      assumed rate of unemployment.   
                                              turned out to vote in the elections,              Victorious     NUS    delegate   Nikki      The last time graduate unemploy-            The survey also found the percent-
 musiC Editors --- nina GlEnCross,            accounting for approximately 8.6%               Holder was similarly excited. “I am        ment hit this level was in 1993 when         age of graduates registering for a
 ross dunn music@brignewspaper.                                                               incredibly thrilled to have been elect-    it reached 10.5%.                            post-graduate qualification within six
 com                                          of the student body.
                                                Candidates were given the oppor-              ed as one of the NUS delegates this           Aaron Porter, NUS President, said,        months of completing their course
 Film Editor --- Garry Gallon                 tunity to campaign throughout the               year,” she said, “I plan to ensure that       “These latest figures show that stu-      rose from 6.6% in 2008, to 8.1% in
 film@brignewspaper.com                       two days, which saw delegates leaf-             the rights of our students are pro-        dents are graduating from University         2009.
                                              leting and voicing their manifestos             tected and that education remains          into the bleakest employment market            Despite     these      figures, research
 arts Editor --- sarah kElly                                                                  equal and accessible to everyone.”         for decades. This is yet further proof       from High Fliers published in June
 arts@brignewspaper.com                       throughout the atrium.
                                                Positions of Black Students Of-                   The new positions mean that stu-       that the radical proposals in Lord           shows that the top graduate recruit-
 hEad oF prooFinG --- JErEmy Watssman         ficer, Post Graduate Officer, Union             dent voices can be heard louder in         Browne’s review to remove Govern-            ers recruited 17.8% more graduates
                                              Trustee and four NUS delegates                  the University. Each position will in-     ment funding for the majority of sub-        in 2010 than 2009. 
 hEad oF photoGraphy --- Emma hazEll          were open for the student vote from             dividually enforce and strengthen an       jects, and simply transfer this cost to        Vacancies in the Media sector
                                              9.30am on October 18th to 6.15pm                area of the Union, and are responsi-       students is unfair and illogical.”           showed the highest increase since
                                              October 19th via the student portal.            ble for the welfare and requirements            “Graduates should be seen as a          2009 and were up by 77.1%.
 BriG, thE roBBins CEntrE,                    The newly appointed candidates                  of the groups they represent. The          critical part of the Government’s              Vacancies in the public sector
 thE univErsity oF stirlinG,                  are     Cletus    Baalongbuoro,  Black          Union Trustee position, according          missing growth strategy, and a vital         showed the highest decrease and
 strilinG.                                    Students Officer, Jacob Longstaff,              to the Union website, seeks in good        component to rebuilding our econo-           were down by 11.2%. These figures
 Fk8 4la                                                                                      faith to ensure that the Union acts in     my. The inter-generational divide in         were released before the govern-
 tEl: 01786 467176 (Ask for brig)
                                              Postgraduate       Officer and   Liam
                                              Beatie, Union Trustee. Four NUS                 a manner that is consistent with its       our society is already gaping, and           ment announced an expected loss
 Fax: 01786 467190
 Editorial and marketing:                     delegates were elected to represent             purposes, and that it adheres to its       this is now just another part to an          of 490,000 public sector jobs by
 editor@brignewspaper.com                     Stirling students at a national level:          members.                                   overwhelming case as to why the Gov-         2014/2015.
 brig is printed on 100% recycled stock.      Coreen Dickson, Nikki Holden, Ann-                                                         ernment should reject Lord Browne’s

                                                                                                                                         Outrage at proposed tuition fee hikes
  Stirling students make Big Difference                                                                                                                    By Kim Clarke-Overy
                                                                                                                                                                                       ing in Scotland to pay much higher
                                                                                                                                                                 Deputy Editor           Should the proposals come to
                               By Nula Webb

                                                                                                                                                                                       fruition,    Liberal    Democrat  MPs

                                                                                                                                                iam Burns, President of NUS            who pledged to vote against any
            n Thursday, October 21 Go-                                                                                                          Scotland has declared plans to         tuition fee rise at the General Elec-
            ing Carbon Neutral Stirling                                                                                                         raise tuition fees up to £9000 per     tion would be forced to reverse their
            came together with the Un-                                                                                                   year "an absolute outrage".                   position.
    ion and the University and held a                                                                                                      The government outlined proposals             "Liberal Democrat MPs in Scot-
    student ‘drop in’ café in The Un-                                                                                                    to switch the cost of courses from the        land and the rest of the UK pledged
    derground called ‘One Change,                                                                                                        state to students in response to the          to vote against an increase in fees,
    Big Difference’.                                                                                                                     cuts in university funding outlined in        their own manifesto pledged to
      The event aimed to promote                                                                                                         the Spending Review last month.               abolish them, and even the coali-
    a low carbon lifestyle to the stu-                                                                                                     This would mean that fees will rise         tion agreement ruled out further
    dents and to get their ideas and                                                                                                     to £6000 for most courses, with               debt. Millions of students across
    views on how the university as a                                                                                                     some universities able to charge up to        Scotland are now relying on the Lib-
    whole can further reduce its car-                                                                                                    £9000.                                        eral Democrats to save them from
    bon footprint.                                                                                                                         The proposals were presented by             these proposals. They must stay
      Students were encouraged to                                                                                                        Universities      and    Science  Minister    true to their word. If they don’t it
    attend with the offer of free tea,                                                                                                   David Willetts, who stated they mark a        will certainly not be forgotten ahead
    coffee, pizza and freshly made                                                                                                       "progressive" reform and "a good deal         of next year’s Scottish Parliament
    smoothies. However, the smooth-                                                                                                      for students".                                elections," said Burns.
    ies had a Do-It-Yourself angle as                                                                                                      They were greeted with a mixed re-            Students have protested that the
    students had to peddle on an af-                                                                                                     sponse from universities and student
                                              The University’s efforts to go green, like recycling schemes in all                                                                      personal promises from the Liberal
    fixed bike to supply the machines                                                                                                    groups. “Increasing fees to a level of
                                              residence halls, can be seen around campus                                                                                               Democrats not to increase tuition
    thus keeping the important theme                                                                                                     £9000 per year is an absolute out-
                                                                                                            Pictures: Kim Clarke-Overy                                                 fees, including those in a video
    of the event apparent.                                                                                                               rage," said Burns. "Saddling students         from Nick Clegg, were essential to
      The event kicked off with Car-           more detail. Students gave their                   Stirling University is pursuing its    with up to £40,000 in student loan            the Lib Dem success in the Gen-
    bon Speed Dating and everyone              own views on actions that were pre-              challenge to be ‘greener’ and now        debt can only put the poorest students        eral Election. NUS President, Aaron
    was given a questionnaire that             sented to them and also suggested                they are getting the students in-        off from going to university, or even         Porter, declared Liberal Democrat
    needed to be completed by differ-          their own actions that they think                volved. The Uni want to increase         from ever applying, which would be a          MPs who vote in support of the
    ent people around the room. This           would benefit the University.                    last year’s total of recycled waste      tragedy for our society and a wrecking        proposals should be "ashamed of
    icebreaker was used to see how               There were many ideas expressed                from 39% to nearly 70%, in their         ball to our economy."                         themselves."
    aware students are of climate              from the students, including the in-             bid to create an environmentally           However, the Russell Group wel-               Opposition members stated that
    change, its risks and how much             troduction of car-pooling, to hold-              friendly campus.                         comed the proposals, declaring them           they will vote against the proposals,
    the students care. When complet-           ing ‘clothes swapping parties’ and                 The University’s carbon manage-        "a life-saving cash infusion". Burns          arguing that it is unfair to transfer
    ed the questionnaires were col-            even having energy efficient moni-               ment committee have been working         further asserted that an increase in          the cost of degrees to students, as-
    lected in a very apt recycling bin.        tors fitted in the residencies.                  closely with Going Carbon Neutral        fees would be disastrous to Scottish          serting that "students will be forced
      The student voice was heard                Upon leaving, the students were                Stirling, a local team dedicated to      universities. "The impacts in Scotland        to choose the cheapest courses, not
    loudest once attendees were given          handed a free ‘goodie bag’ includ-               reducing Stirling’s carbon footprint     will be huge. Increased fees will force       the one that suits them best." Ed
    the opportunity to discuss trans-          ing an energy saving plug, a ped-                by working closely with the com-         Scottish students studying in England         Miliband, leader of the opposition
    port, consumption and energy in            ometer and various information                   munity.                                  into crippling levels of debt and will        accused the government of break-
                                               leaflets.                                                                                 fuel calls for English students study-        ing promises on tuition fees.
November 2010                                                                             www.brignewspaper.com                                                                                                    Page 3

Stirling students struggle for a place to stay
             By Emeline Martineau         vate sector, Veronique had to search           very depressing; it was so hard to
                                          by herself. She tried estate agen-             find a flat because of the language.

                                          cies, but, in vain. She also followed          And nobody tried to help me, to un-
            new university year of-       advice from one of her friends:                derstand me.”
            ten means discovery of        looking for accommodation on the                     The Students’ Union is aware
            a new town, new class-        website ‘Gumtree’, a classified ad             of these situations. “During Fresh-
mates, and new accommodation.             listing. This didn’t help her either.          ers’ Week, I saw quite a number of
The latter is straightforward for         ”Flats were taken very quickly,” she           students without any accommoda-
the majority of students, with first-     said, “Places would go within a cou-           tion.” said Mark Charters. There
years all but guaranteed accommo-         ple of hours of being advertised.”             were a lot of people from overseas,
dation. “When you registered at the             Last solution: going to Stirling         international students and post-
University of Stirling, you received      to find a flat. Veronique spent three          graduate students.”
information from Residential Ser-         days here flat-hunting at the end                  “This has been caused by an in-
vices.”   explains     Mark    Charters   of August. She visited four flats,             creased number of students from
Union Vice President for Education        but did not find anything.   “Most of          first, second and third year and
and Engagement. “99% of the stu-          them were very dirty and very ex-              postgraduate students applying for
dents reply asking for a student ac-      pensive,” she said. As a result, she           student accommodation this year.”
commodation and get it.”                  spent her first week of the univer-            The University of Stirling currently
      For others, like Veronique Hoff-    sity year staying in the Willy Wal-            has over 11,000 students, but only
mann, a German postgraduate stu-          lace hostel. There, she found that                                                     Lack of available residences has left some students out in the cold
                                                                                         2,800 places in university accom-
dent in Stirling for one year, finding    she was not the only one in her situ-                                                                                                                 Pictures: Will Grant
accommodation can be quite an ob-         ation. “I shared a room with eight                A proportion of these places used
stacle course. She applied for Stir-                                                                                              avoided? Not by simply building,              will say to Residential Services, ‘re-
                                          other girls and six of them were               to be guaranteed for fourth year stu-
ling University quite spontaneously                                                                                               according to Charters. “There is              inforce your communication to stu-
                                          also looking for a flat. I also met            dents, but this policy was discontin-
as it was not her first choice. When                                                                                              not a need to expand it, you don’t            dents’, and say to current students,
                                          three guys in the same situation.”             ued and, as of this September, no
she requested a student residence                                                                                                 know what will happen next year.              ‘start thinking about your accom-
                                               Finally, during this first week,          such places have been available to
in the middle of August, there were                                                                                               The number of students can drop,              modation as soon as possible, when
                                          Veronique received a reply to an               fourth years. For him, the problem
none left. “Residential Services only                                                                                             and you don’t want empty space.”              you come back from your break, in
                                          inquiry she had made on Gum-                   is the responsibility of students.
sent me a list with details of private                                                                                            Next year, he says, key words will            February.’”
                                          tree. She and two girls with whom              “They have just expected to get ac-
landlords. I’ve just got the list. No-                                                                                            be “communication and anticipa-                    Residential services declined to
                                          she teamed up with on Gumtree                  commodation from the University,
body helped me more. I wrote and                                                                                                  tion”. “Residential Services need             comment on the matter.
                                          now live in a three bedroom flat in            but the university accommodation
called them, but most of them did                                                                                                 to ensure that all the relevant in-
                                          Bridge of Allan. But she admitted              is quite limited and the market in
not reply.” With no further support                                                                                               formation gets to students. It is all
                                          that her flat finding misadventure             Stirling is being saturated.”
from residential services or the pri-                                                                                             about improving communication. I
                                          had been a difficult time.”It was                    How can these situations be

Research project tracks                                                                  ATM fraudsters target Stirling
the future of our history                                                                                   By Lelde Benke        are on the rise throughout Europe.
                                                                                                                                  Reports published by the European
                                                                                                                                                                               cinek fell victim to card fraud twice
                                                                                                                                                                               last year. Her Halifax Bank of Scot-
                                                                                                                                                                               land card was skimmed at London’s

                                                                                                 olice are warning bank card      ATM Security Team show a 24% in-             Stansted Airport and used to make
                 By Stephen Wood                                                                 users to be on the lookout as    crease in attacks for the January to         a payment and withdrawal totalling
                                                                                                 a skimming device was dis-       June 2010 period compared with the           £400. The bank returned the sum of

                                                                                         covered at a Royal Bank of Scotland      same period in 2009. Locally, two            £100.
         overnments often talk about                                                                                              more devices were fitted on October
                                                                                         cash-machine in Stirling city centre                                                    The second incident occurred while
         “sustainable     development”                                                                                            17 outside Asda stores in Grang-
                                                                                         on October 12.                                                                        the victim herself was in Poland. An
         and its “indicators”: essen-                                                                                             emouth and Alloa.
                                                                                           Community PCs Gavin McDevitt                                                        unidentified     fraudster  completed
tially, the things that show how a                                                                                                  A police spokeswoman urges all
                                                                                         and Bob Hewison attended the                                                          a transaction of £130 using her
country is progressing in both eco-                                                                                               those who have used the affected
                                                                                         scene on Pitt Terrace and disman-                                                     Lloyd’s TSB account. As Miss Mar-
nomics and welfare.                                                                                                               cash-machines to contact their bank
                                                                                         tled the mechanism that was de-                                                       cinek could prove she was out of the
  Sustainable development indica-                                                                                                 immediately to ensure their account
                                                                                         tected by bank staff.                                                                 country at the time her case is cur-
tors can also be used to predict the                                                                                              has not been compromised.
                                                                                           “It’s wise to be observant before                                                   rently under investigation.
development of a country over the                                                                                                   LINK, the UK’s cash-machine net-
                                                                                         using any ATM, checking the out-                                                        Magdalena has lost all her trust in
coming years – but just how reliable                                                                                              work, is offering rewards of up to
                                                                                         side of the machine for any signs                                                     British banking. “I believe the card
can those predictions be?                                                                                                         £25,000 for any information mem-
                                                                                         of tampering. If anything looks out                                                   security system in the UK is really
  That question can now be an-                                                                                                    bers of the public may have regard-
                                                                                         of place, report it to the branch or                                                  poor. It’s never happened to      me
swered by the University of Stir-                                                                                                 ing ATM crime.
                                                                                         contact the police,’’ Hewison ad-                                                     anywhere in the world before,’’ she
ling’s Professor Nick Hanley, who                                                                                                   Stirling student Magdalena Mar-
                                                                                         vised.                                                                                says.
has been awarded a grant of
                                          Professor Nick Hanley
£179,000 to co-ordinate the inter-
national “History and the Future”                                 Pictures: stir.ac.uk    “I believe the
  By bringing together researchers
                                          have been used.
                                                                                          card security
from Stirling, Edinburgh, East An-
glia and Canterbury, New Zealand,
                                           Researchers will also look into the
                                          differences between measures, in
                                                                                          system in the
the project will analyse data from
the United Kingdom, United States,
                                          an effort to come up with true re-
                                          sults. Measuring the death rate of
                                                                                          UK is really poor.
Sweden, the Netherlands and New
                                          a country could, for example, reveal
                                          a lower level of development than
                                                                                          It’s never hap-
  The specific data being analysed
will be economic activity, use of
                                          if the life expectancy rate had been
                                                                                          pened to me
natural resources, pollution levels
and the wellbeing of citizens. Of
                                            By examining the data of the past,
                                          Hanley’s project hopes to be able to
                                                                                          anywhere in the
particular interest is “Genuine Sav-
ings”: an indicator which looks at
                                          determine what countries can do in
                                          the present to help them towards a
                                                                                          world before.”
how much money a country is put-
                                          higher standard of living and eco-              - Magdalena Mancinek
ting back into its country to com-
                                          logical dependability in the future.
pensate for depleted resources.
                                            The project is being funded by the             Card skimming involves a magnet-
  A real-world example would be
                                          Leverhulme Trust, which aims to                ic card reader being placed over the
measuring how much a country
                                          give support to research and edu-              real ATM’s card slot which theives
spends on education, roads and
                                          cation. Annually, it awards portions           use to view your pin.
health services in comparison to                                                                                                 A skimming device was removed from this cashpoint, near Iceland in
                                          of its £50m funds to academic re-                The warning comes at a time
how much forests and oil stores                                                                                                  Stirling town center                Pictures: Amanda Naughton
                                          search like Professor Hanley’s.                when so-called “skimming” attacks
Page 4                                                                                       www.brignewspaper.com                                                                                                 November 2010

Fears for Lib Dem popularity as agenda is diluted by Tories
                         By Colm Currie          Currently Scottish students do not         pays for them. We will not have to raise
                                              have to pay fees, but our neighbours in       VAT to deliver our promises. The Conser-
                                              England, Wales and Northern Ireland           vatives will.”

                                              pay fees, as do students who come here           Clegg and the rest of his party were
        ix months after the coalition Gov-    from overseas. Other UK students who          not especially outspoken in June when
        ernment was formed, it is time        choose to study in Scotland are required      Chancellor George Osborne announced
        to assess how the Liberal Demo-       to pay fees, but they are substantially       the rise in VAT from 17.5% to 20%, ef-
 crats are doing in keeping their own         less than in other parts of the country.      fective from January.
 promises.                                       The Conservative/Liberal government           The Lib Dems also pledged to lower
   Many people must have been sur-            has yet to announce their plans for tu-       rail fares, yet the Government recently
 prised when the Liberal Democrats en-        ition fees, but it is anticipated that they   announced that train fares would in-
 tered a coalition with the Conservatives.    will be increased, which is likely to anger   crease from 2012.
 Shocked, disappointed, angry and be-         most Liberal Democrat voters.                    It is evident from this that the Liberal
 mused were other popular reactions to           Furthermore, the Lib Dems promised         Democrats have not been true to their
 the news.                                    that they would not increase VAT, yet         manifesto, or loyal to those who voted
   The Lib Dems and the Tories do not         have not offered any opposition to the        for them.
 share common ground on many issues,          Government doing just that, despite              On the other hand, it is important to
 and probably form a more contrasting         Clegg now holding the post of Deputy          bear in mind that the Conservatives have
 governmental partnership than either         Prime Minister.                               made some concessions to their junior
 party would have done with Labour.              Clegg is quoted as saying: “Liberal        partners in government. For example,
   Those who watched the much-publi-          Democrats have costed, in full, our           the Lib Dems were strongly in favour of
 cised Leaders’ Debates on television in      proposals for tax cuts. We can tell you,      a new electoral system to replace First-
 the run-up to the election will probably     penny for penny, pound for pound, who         Past-the-Post, which gives an advantage
 recall that Nick Clegg did a lot to try                                                    to the larger parties, while the Conserva-
 to distance himself from both Gordon                                                       tives wanted to retain the current voting
 Brown and David Cameron, but espe-                                                         system. A compromise was reached,
 cially Cameron. Clegg constantly told                                                      with the Tories agreeing to a referendum
 the electorate what his party would                                                        on the Alternative Vote system, which is
 do differently from the Conservatives,                                                     not the system preferred by the Liberals.
 yet they have done little to oppose the                                                                                                    Cameron and his Deputy Prime Minister have been showing a united front
                                                                                               However, this does indicate that the
 actions of their governmental partners                                                                                                                                                 Pictures: financialregulationforum.com
                                                                                            Lib Dems have some influence within
 since the coalition was formed.                                                            the Government, and have not entirely
   With the benefit of hindsight, the Lib                                                   abandoned their principles.         Neverthe-   did so to try and block the Tories.             But we’re not there yet, and it really
 Dems’ election manifesto makes very                                                        less, thousands of Liberal Democrat             Therefore; the Lib Dems jumping into           has been only six months.
 interesting reading. Not only did they                                                     supporters feel as though their party           bed with the Conservatives is likely to
 say they would not raise tuition fees, but                                                 has betrayed them.                              impact negatively upon them at the
 in fact pledged that they would abolish      Clegg and Cameron at Leaders’ debate             Indeed, it is likely that many people        next general election.
 them altogether for first degrees.                       Pictures: blogs.dailypost.co.uk
                                                                                            around the country who voted Lib Dem

Kim Jong-il to appoint youngest                                                                                                             Cable highlights government
                                                                                                                                            priorities as guest lecturer
son as next leader of North Korea                                                                                                                                    By John Kidd          wielding now that they run things in
          By Maria Ristimäki                   and they are now largely regarded as              Regardless of the prospect of a                                                             After reiterating Smith’s idea that

                                               his mentors.                                 power struggle that Kim Jong-il’s com-                   usiness Secretary Vince Cable         small enterprises need lower costs and

         n October 10 the military might         The traditionally strong political role    plicated web of political nominations                    graced Stirling University with       less red tape surrounding them, he as-
         of North Korea was brought            of the North Korean military is another      may elicit, the leadership of North Ko-                  his presence last month, deliv-       sessed the importance of apprentice-
         out to the Kim il-Sung Plaza          important factor, for they will be strict    rea is likely to remain in the family that      ering a lecture entitled “Financing the        ships and diverse training schemes for
in the country’s capital Pyongyang to          to safeguard the army’s privileged           took over the country in the aftermath          future - from recovery to growth”, and         young people, particularly in the man-
celebrate the 65th anniversary of the          position in the society, and can be ex-      of the Second World War in 1948.                it could not have come at a more cru-          ufacturing industry; an area, according
ruling Workers’ Party in front of inter-       pected to be suspicious of Kim Jong-           Being an exceptionally closed society         cial time.                                     to Cable, in which the U.K needs to re-
national media.                                un, who was educated in Switzerland          both to the cultural and political influ-          Speaking for thirty minutes, in what        gain some competitiveness.
     A large number of cameras were            and may have absorbed ideas unheard          ences of globalisation, the informa-            was scheduled as an hour lecture, he             Despite the complexity of the lec-
not, however, directed at the largest          of in the repressive regime.                 tion on every-day life in North Korea is        opened with some congruous recita-             ture’s topic, matters were portrayed
military parade to date, with march-             The transition of power will be close-     largely dependent on the reports of the         tions of 18th century Scottish econo-          in relatively simple terms and in clear
ing soldiers, tanks and weaponry. They         ly observed by neighbouring countries        1,500 foreigners who gain admission             mist Adam Smith’s publication The              enough light for the predominantly se-
were pointed at the rostrum, where the                                                      to the country annually.                        Wealth of Nations and subsequently ran         nior citizen audience to relate to.
country’s current leader Kim Jong-il                                                          The state’s first dictator Kim il-Sung        with this theme throughout his evalua-           By managing to keep the crowd in-
and his recently appointed successor,                                                       is widely celebrated, and schoolchil-           tion of the global recession.                  terested in most of what he had to
Kim Jong-un, stood watching.                                                                dren sing chants telling them to thank             He was here to talk business, swiftly       convey, he managed to remain popular
   Only two weeks before the parade,                                                        the ‘Eternal President’ for creating the        proceeding into an analysis of the             and reassuring.
the veil of secrecy surrounding the                                                         happiest country in the world.                  main reasons for the recent economic             His esteem was helped by the recol-
future heir of the current dictator was                                                       The government is, however, strug-            downturn, he outlined the same fac-            lection of his own personal association
lifted when the country’s news agency                                                       gling to make the mantra coincide with          tors which economists have been citing         with Scotland; he recalled his experi-
KCNA published a photograph from                                                            reality; power cuts are frequent even in        since the outbreak: reckless lending           ence as a P.H.D student and subse-
the ongoing party conference portray-                                                       Pyongyang, and the state can hardly             in the mortgage sector, cheap money            quent lecturer at the University of
ing the Dear Leader with his youngest                                                       produce enough food to feed its popu-           easily accessed through low interest           Glasgow with nostalgia.
son, Kim Jong-un.                                                                           lation of 23 million.                           rates and a general overdependence               However, Dr Cable seemed somewhat
   In the conference, Jong-un was pro-                                                        In the late 1990s these difficulties          upon credit.                                   eager to leave the lecture theatre once
moted to a four-star general in the na-                                                     resulted in widespread famine, killing             He described the policy of “Quantita-       he had finished preaching solutions,
tion’s highly-valued army, and given                                                        an estimated 2 million people. The ap-          tive Easing” that was used at the start        judging from the lacklustre fashion in
a key position in the management of                                                         parent inefficiency of the totalitarian         of the crisis as one of the “extraordi-        which he entertained several questions
the party’s Central Committee, indicat-                                                     practice has resulted in a co-existing          nary things we had only seen in text-          on the externalities we should expect
ing an invitation to take over after Kim                                                    system of private food markets, of              books” in “dealing with the aftermath          to see during this parliament.
Jong-il’s death.                                                                            which the current government does               of [this] complex financial crisis”, em-         Nonetheless this appearance may
     This appointment has been long-                                                        not approve.                                    phasising just how seriously this aus-         well go further than it was intended
                                              Rumours about Kim Jomg-Il’s ill                 Unfortunately for North Koreans, the
awaited, especially after the aging au-                                                                                                     terity needed to be taken.                     to considering the cuts that are antici-
                                              health have been circulated for months        policy line of the country’s government
tocrat suffered a stroke in the summer                    Pictures: megalaserclasico.com                                                       Despite only being six months into          pated to be hitting universities across
of 2008, and has continued to show                                                          is unlikely to change even in the event         the new coalition Government Cable,            the U.K in the next two years.
signs of ill-health ever since.                                                             of a power struggle, for the party has          as a Liberal Democrat MP, wasted no              Let’s hope that the expertise and in-
   The exact extent of the powers trans-       South Korea, China and Japan, who            already asserted in its official news-          time in elucidating that the “first pri-       telligence that protruded Logie Lecture
ferred to Jong-un remains unclear.             could face severe economical losses          paper that it will continue to strictly         ority [is] to get the deficit down within      Theatre can be just as pervasive in the
Jong-un’s aunt and uncle were recently         from high flows of refugees that might       implement the Stalinist model of so-            this parliament”, which perhaps shows          new government during this volatile
given political posts significant enough       arise due to potential political instabil-   ciety and cherish the legacy of the two         the predominance of the ubiquitous             period.
to match those of the emerging leader,         ity.                                         previous leaders.                               firm hand the Tories are notorious for
November 2010                                                                                   www.brignewspaper.com                                                                                                            Page 5

  Browne report leaves students counting the pennies
                      By Daniel Nunan        price could pay a determining factor in        from the report, certain universities         £10,000 per year, marginalising many              and despite it supposedly not affecting
                                             whether students choose to enter higher        such as the London School of Econom-          from attending the courses they provide.          the Scottish higher education system, it
                         Online editor
                                             education as students could be spend-          ics have been in debate over whether to          This has led to a worry that students          is sad to see education become a com-

                                             ing and borrowing more.                        turn private. If this were to occur, higher   from middle class backgrounds will suf-           modity.”
        fter much anticipation from stu-        Most suggest that with fears of having      education institutes that were previ-         fer the most. As the current coalition              Although the Browne report currently
        dents and Universities nationwide,   to pay back far larger sums of money,          ously public could charge in excess of        Government has proposed that students             stands not to affect Scottish universities
        the coalition Government has pub-    students may end up attending universi-                                                      from less privileged backgrounds be               policy-wise, policy makers, principals,
lished the Browne review, which sets         ties elsewhere in the E.U, or simply shy                                                     provided a means of funding as sup-               and politicians north of the border will
allowances for universities in England       away from attending altogether. It has                                                       port for entering higher education, those         be discussing very carefully the future of
to charge up to, and including, £6,000       been speculated that universities and                                                        from wealthier backgrounds may look to            Scotland's current non-fee arrangement
per year in tuition fees. Higher educa-      colleges will have to raise tuition fees in                                                  pay the hefty prices of tuition fees all by       over the next few months.
tion could also look to lose up to 80% in    line with the amount of money they will                                                      themselves.                                         Despite uproar from current and pro-
Government funding. Policies could take      lose in government funding.                                                                     Oliver Harris, an ex-UWE student said,         spective students, many believe that the
effect in 2012 at the earliest.                 However, if students shy away from the                                                    “It's bad enough that I had to drop out           Scottish system could soon be adopting
   The proposals from the review, pub-       high fees, universities look to lose out on                                                  of uni as a result of not being able to af-       a system of tuition fees. Business secre-
lished on October 12, come as a shock        funding for courses which could eventu-                                                      ford just my accommodation, which cost            tary Vince Cable has made known that
to many. Tuition fees in England are         ally lead to them shutting down depart-                                                      over £5,000 per year. That was under              the current framework of Scotland’s
currently capped by the government at        ments.                                                                                       the current system. The new proposed              higher education system is no longer vi-
£3,290, an amount which the majority            It has been argued, however, that the                                                     system will make it even harder for stu-          able, leaving Scottish students outraged
of English universities have adopted as      proposed lift on the cap will allow for                                                      dents to be able to make ends meet.”              over the amount of the UK’s £3.5bn
the price charged for one year of tuition    institutions with specialised subjects to                                                       It initially seemed as though the pro-         budget deficit they should be left to re-
in higher education. But now with a po-      thrive, as the demand for their courses                                                      posed policies would affect Scottish              pay by attending courses.
tential lift on the cap to almost double     will occur regardless of the lift on the fee                                                 higher education minimally. A spokes-               Ruby Grey, a prospective university stu-
the sum, students and institutions are       cap. Along with this, many believe that                                                      woman for Universities Scotland said,             dent, said “It seems as though whilst we
left fearful of how this bodes for them.     more prestigious universities, particu-                                                      "Our position is really straightforward.          have been growing up, our government
   Many expect that when the policy          larly those within the Russell Group, the                                                    Everyone thought that (an influx of stu-          has been building a vast deficit, which
comes into effect, universities across       large representative coalition made up                                                       dents choosing Scottish universities)             we are now left to pay for indirectly.”
England will choose to charge the maxi-      of 20 different universities, will not have                                                  would happen when fees first came in
mum £6,000 in tuition fees to students,      to face such a drastic change in circum-                                                     down south. But there wasn't an influx
much as they did when given the oppor-       stances: the demand for courses taught                                                       then and there isn't much evidence it will
tunity to raise it to £3,000 in 2004. As a   in these schools will remain as high as it     Lord Browne is not very popular among         happen again now."          Fraser McQueen,
result of these expectations, many have      stands already.                                students Pictures: bp.com                     a current Stirling University student,
suggested that with such large sums,            In light of the suggested proposals                                                       says, “It's a terrible thing to happen,

News Corp takeover of Sky to be                                                             Stewart and Colbert defy US media in mock rally
examined by European Commission                                                                                    By John Sheppard       down of the United States - 73% white,            problems, bringing them into focus,
                                                                                                                                          14% black, and the rest Other."                   illuminating issues heretofore unseen
                                                                                                                         News Editor
                          By Elsa Andre                                                                                                     Colbert, dressed as Evel Knievel, made          or they can use that magnifying glass

                          Politics Editor                                                                                                 his entrance via a capsule - suppos-              to light ants on fire and then perhaps
                                                                                                    allies are, by and large, an
                                                                                                                                          edly from his underground 'Fear Bun-              host a week of shows on the sudden,
                                                                                                    American thing nowadays. Us
                                                                                                                                          ker' - similar to the one used to rescue          unexpected dangerous flaming ant

                                                                                                    Europeans understandably have
         ews Corp chairman Rupert Mur-                                                                                                    the trapped Chilean miners. He then               epidemic. If we amplify everything, we
                                                                                            a traumatic history involving massed,
         doch is expected to formally in-                                                                                                 comically challenged all Stewart's ideas          hear nothing."
                                                                                            cheering crowds voicing their adula-
         form the European commission                                                                                                     about sanity and reason, calling on the              What kind of political impact then
                                                                                            tion for a charismatic leader. But they
of his intended merger with BSkyB this                                                                                                    crowd to embrace fear instead.                    will the rally make? It's difficult to say
                                                                                            love it on the other side of the Atlan-
week.                                                                                                                                       While many pundits continue to debate           at this point - although by the time brig
                                                                                            tic, with huge political gatherings
   News Corp is hoping to get the Com-                                                                                                    the perceived political nature of this            is published, the november mid-term
                                                                                            commonplace on the national mall in
mission's approval to buy the 61% of                                                                                                      event, the primary focus was undoubt-             election results will be in. The timing
                                                                                            Washington D.C.
Sky it does not yet own, which would                                                                                                      edly the American media rather than               of the event is critical, and it is likely to
                                                                                               On October 30, there was an interest-
result in the merging of the two compa-                                                                                                   any political movement. In amongst all            increase the Democrat vote- the party
                                                                                            ing one. Vast crowds estimated to be in
nies into one gigantic media entreprise.                                                                                                  the comedy and spectacle, there was a             has been running a ferocious "get the
                                                                                            excess of 215,000 people gathered on
   Because of the companies' huge pres-                                                                                                   very serious point being made.                    vote out" campaign, basing their elec-
                                                                                            the mall, in the name of one common
ence in Europe the deal could pose se-                                                                                                      Just before the grand finale, Jon Stew-         tion strategy on combating their most
                                                                                            cause: sanity.
rious threats to competition, and it is                                                                                                   art addressed the crowd: "We live now in          consistently harmful enemy, politi-
                                                                                               Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert,
on those grounds that the Commission                                                                                                      hard times, not end times...The coun-             cal apathy. It is hard to say, however,
                                                                                            of the Comedy Central network, held
could refuse to grant Murdoch the au-                                                                                                     try's 24 hour political pundit perpetual          whether this will act as the wake-up
                                                                                            their very own Rally to Restore Sanity
thorisation he needs to go ahead with                                                                                                     panic conflictinator did not cause our            call to the moderate majority that the
                                             Murdoch’s influence on the media is            (and/or Fear). The brainchild of Daily
the transaction.                                                                                                                          problems but its existence makes solv-            Democratic party so badly needs.
                                             considerable                                   Show host Stewart, the event was de-
   News Corp will also need the sign-off                                                                                                  ing them that much harder. The press
                                                                    Pictures: gawker.com    signed as a response to the current
of Business Secretary Vince Cable, who                                                                                                    can hold its magnifying glass up to our
                                             to the general election last May.              wave of radicalism and political hyper-
is expected to reach a decision as to
                                                If Cable chooses to intervene he will       bole washing over the US. In a subtle
whether or not to refer the deal to me-
                                             first have to refer to Ofcom, and then         reference to the highly publicised and
dia-regulator Ofcom within two weeks.
                                             to the Competition Commission: a very          borderline-extremist Tea Party move-
   Indeed, many have expressed the con-
                                             lengthy process. It might well be that         ment, Stewart said the rally was meant
cern that the merger of the two com-
                                             the final decision will not be taken for       to give a voice to "The 70-80% of
panies would impair the democratic
                                             another few months.                            Americans who try to solve the coun-
principle of media plurality.
                                                  Some have argued, however, that the       try's problems rationally and be heard
   A few media groups, such as the BBC,
                                             deal would not change anything in terms        above the more vocal and highly visual
Channel 4 and the Guardian Media
                                             of media ownership, because Murdoch's          15-20% who control the conversation."
Group have sent a joint letter to Cable,
                                             own son is the head of BSkyB, giving the            A more comic twist was added by
urging him to reject Murdoch's offer, on
                                             man virtual control over the company.          Stewart's colleague Stephen Colbert,
the grounds of protecting the indepen-
                                                The prospect of the Murdoch clan            who announced his own rally, the
dence of the media in the UK.
                                             becoming even more powerful will be            “March to Keep Fear Alive” , for the
   NewsCorp already owns the Sun and
                                             of some concern to those who defend            same time and place as the Rally to
the Times, two of the UK's most-read
                                             the democratic plurality of the media.         Restore Sanity. This event was de-
newspapers. Combined with Sky, it
                                             Rupert Murdoch is indeed widely known          signed as a larger-than-life parody of
would give the company considerable
                                             for his tendency to pressure editors into      the American media's dramatic and
predominance over the media market.
                                             reporting his own right-wing interpreta-       sensationalistic tendencies
   Cable's decision is going to be a very
                                             tion of current affairs.                          Thus, the Rally to Restore Sanity
difficult one. He faces pressure from his
                                                The regulation process will undoubted-      and/or Fear came about. The event
own party, some of whom will be urging
                                             ly be one to follow closely, and might be-     was kicked off by Jon Stewart, who
him to intervene. He also faces pressure
                                             come a fresh source of tension between         got the crowd going. "Are you ready
from the Conservatives, whose ties with
                                             the two parties at Westminster.                to restore sanity?" he asked. "Looking
Rupert Murdoch are public knowledge;
                                                                                            around, I can see that there are over
the Sun officially supported Prime Min-
                                                                                            10 million people here," he joked, "And
ister David Cameron during the run-up
                                                                                            we have a perfect demographic break-            Stewart and Colbert’s rally was a big success    Pictures: comedycentral.com
Page 6                                                                                    www.brignewspaper.com                                                                                       November 2010

                       Brig’s Official

   What’s Hot/ What’s Not
                  By Catriona McGale
                      Features Editor        Not
Scotland:     See our 'I heart Scotland'
                                                                                                             By Esme Rankin
                                                                                                                                      may use that utterly ghastly term for         jokes aside, we all know, Stir-
feature to find out what makes Scot-                                                                                                  it) to bluegrass, pop, techno, folk,          ling University are offering us an
land so hot. No points for guessing                                                                                                   rock, lounge, and of course a bit of          excellent range of degree pro-

it's not the weather.                                                                                                                 dubstep. Whatever your flavour, we            grammes and undoubtedly has
                                                                                                  eard the one about the
                                                                                                                                      have such an amazing and diverse              a proud standing in the media
                                                                                                  Irish-woman           and  the
The Apprentice: The one reality show                                                                                                  team here at Air3 offering something          field, with many of the UK’s high
                                                                                                  Scots-woman running a ra-
you don't need to be ashamed of                                                                                                       to suit everyone, and with yearrrrrrs         profile figures graduating from
                                             Cheryl Cole: At last the ‘nation’s           dio show? Nope, didn’t think so,
watching.                                                                                                                             of experience, we certainly have a            here. However, it is still increas-
                                             sweetheart’ has been knocked off             but don’t worry, I’ll fill you in.
                                                                                                                                      lot of character to match.                    ingly important these days, to
                                             her pedestal thanks to the Gamu/               I signed up for Air3 Radio at
Moustaches: November is the one                                                                                                          If you fancy tuning in, perhaps            expand your CV beyond the aca-
                                             Katie fiasco. Not to mention how             the beginning of my second year
and only month in which moustaches                                                                                                    when you’re hard at study and you             demic, and clubs such as Air3
                                             well Nicole Scherzinger filled her           and have so far found it to be a
are officially sexy. So ditch the razor                                                                                               need a little pick-me-up or distrac-          Radio offer a real opportunity to
                                             boots (or should that be Jimmy               real blast; everyone was really
in honour of 'Movember' and help                                                                                                      tion, why not give us a go? You only          enhance your CV by taking part
                                             Choos) during the audition stage of          welcoming, and obviously being
raise awareness of prostate cancer.                                                                                                   need log onto Air3’s website(www.             in the many practical opportuni-
                                             The X Factor.                                members of Air3, were totally
                                                                                                                                      air3radio.com) and stream it, or you          ties the club provides.
Harry Potter: It's back to Hogwarts                                                                                                   have the option of using our, ‘3OD’             So, I ask you, what better way
                                             The Only Way is Essex: The reality             Sarah (the Irish-woman) and I
on November 19 for the penultimate                                                                                                    listen again feature listing all the          to build up your CV for possible
                                             show you should most definitely be           have our own music show aptly
instalment of Harry and co..                                                                                                          shows that have been recorded, so,            career opportunities than joining
                                             ashamed of watching.                         named ‘The Bunker’ (anyone who
                                                                                                                                      if you missed your fave show first            Air3, where you can be the DJ?
                                                                                          tells you we’re based in Airthrey
The Chilean Miners: Cheers were                                                                                                       time round, you
                                             Dundee FC: Oh no, they’ve dun it             Castle is telling porkies, it’s ac-
heard around the world as the 33                                                                                                      can listen in again
                                             again! Dundee Football Club has of-          tually a quirky little basement)
Chilean miners were succesfully res-                                                                                                  at whatever time
                                             ficially gone into administration for        where we are let loose on the
cued after 69 days underground.                                                                                                       suits you.
                                             the second time in 7 years. Even             waves for two hours playing what-
                                                                                                                                         There’s more to
                                             footballers are getting affected by          ever we damn well feel like. Plus
                                                                                                                                      Air3 than just play-
                                             the recession.                               some bangin’ tunes, requests
                                                                                                                                      ing music though,
                                                                                          and a little music trivia for y’all.
                                                                                                                                      oh yes, we also
                                             Punishing Success: High earners              Sound good? (reader: “Oh hells
                                                                                                                                      review gigs, and
                                             may be set to pay more interest on           yeah!“)
                                                                                                                                      score some amaz-
                                             their student loans. Why doesn’t               Yep, and there are plenty of
                                                                                                                                      ing interview op-
                                             everyone just save themselves a              shows like this and more, includ-
                                                                                                                                      portunities as well,
                                             few bob and stay at home watching            ing talk shows, sports etc. You’ll
                                                                                                                                      all of which can be
                                             Loose Women?                                 find every conventional and posi-
                                                                                                                                      found on our web-
                                                                                          tively obscure genre here some-
                                             Flu Season: The coughs and splut-            where, from light classical (if I
                                                                                                                                         Now chaps, awful
                                             ters are taking over the lecture halls

“Goldilocks Planet” is Just Right for Supporting Life
                    By Juliet Hounam         of extraterrestrial life in our own so-   a meteorite that had been discovered           stakes’ of finding intelligent life further   can develop better technologies, we
                                             lar system. He says, ‘ this could be      in the Antarctic some years before and         out in other galaxies.                        might be able to measure the con-

                                             by space probes discovering microbes      identified as Martian, was found to have           The finding of planet Gleise 581g,        tents of such atmospheres from the
            ow officially a valid scientific living underground on Mars, or finding    structures that resembled some kind of         is therefore a hugely exciting develop-
            endeavour, the search for al- life in the oceans of Jupiter’s moon,                                                                                                     ground.’ Dr Cline states.
                                                                                       complex chemistry.                             ment. As Dr Cline maintains, to study           For generations, people have won-
            ien life is captivating astro-                                               It has been proposed by scientists,          the atmosphere of earth-like planets          dered about the possibility of life
 biologists worldwide.The recent dis-
 covery of a ‘Goldilocks’ planet has        “The recent                                that thesestructures discovered within
                                                                                       meteorite ALH 84001 could very well be
                                                                                                                                      around other stars, we would need ar-
                                                                                                                                      rays of incredibly developed space tel-
                                                                                                                                                                                    out there. People have written sto-
                                                                                                                                                                                    ries, made movies, and wondered.
 given a new hope to researchers,and
 has sparked new interest in the race       discovery of                               tiny fossils of bacteria type life forms. If
                                                                                       this is true, then they would be the first
                                                                                                                                      escopes. These have recently been envi-
                                                                                                                                      sioned by the ESA’s Darwin and NASA’s
                                                                                                                                                                                    We have the privilege of living now,
                                                                                                                                                                                    at the point in history where we are
 to find life on other planets.
   This amazing discovery was one of        a ‘Goldilocks’                             evidence of the existence of extraterres-
                                                                                       trial life, and proof that life has existed
                                                                                                                                      Terrestrial Planet Finder. We may, how-
                                                                                                                                      ever, be able to study the atmosphere
                                                                                                                                                                                    finally going to answer this ques-
                                                                                                                                                                                    tion. We are going to know. If life is
 many weird and wonderful phenome-
 na being examined by Dr Kelly Cline,       planet has given                           on Mars, either in the past or present.
                                                                                         This fact would then generate further
                                                                                                                                      of transiting earth-like planets as they
                                                                                                                                      pass in front of their parent stars.If we
                                                                                                                                                                                    common, we will find it, and if we
                                                                                                                                                                                    don’t find it, we will know that life
 an astrophysicist who is currently
 visiting Stirling University as a guest    a new hope to                              speculation as to where the bacte-
                                                                                       ria came from. Because Mars and the
                                                                                                                                                                                    is rare in the universe. This is going
                                                                                                                                                                                    to take place in our generation, in
   This ‘ Goldilocks’ planet is now         researchers,and                            Earth are so close, it could mean that
                                                                                       the these life forms are in someway con-
                                                                                                                                                                                    our time. What an amazing time to
                                                                                                                                                                                    be alive!’
 identified as Gleise 158g, which sits
 20.5 million light years away from         has sparked new                            nected to life on our planet.
                                                                                         When volcanoes erupt, rocks are
 us, and is one of a number of plan-
 ets in orbit around a red dwarf star.      interest in the                            thrown out into space. When meteors
                                                                                       make large craters on the earth, rocks
 This finding is a result of more than
 a decade of observations by astrolo-       race to find life                          are thrown out into space. Almost all
                                                                                       rocks on earth contain bacteria living
 gers in Hawaii, using one of the big-
 gest telescopes in the world.              on other plan-                             within them, many of which could sur-
                                                                                       vive a journey through space.This means
   A ‘ Goldilocks’ planet, like earth, is
 one that orbits its star at the right      ets.”                                      that it is certainly possible that life on
                                                                                       one planet could have travelled to an-
                                                                                                                                                                                     More of Dr Clines’
 distance in order to sustain life. Too                                                other planet at some point.
                                                                                                                                                                                     ideas on infinity and
 close to its star, and it would be too Europa.’ Recently, a space probe pro-            If we discover microbes living under-                                                       the universe will be
 hot, too far it would be too cold. Cur- duced photo evidence that there has           ground on Mars, it is very possible that
 rently the focus is to find life forms been liquid water on the surface of            we will find that they are related to life
                                                                                                                                                                                     explored on 18th of
 based on our same molecules; these Mars, despite the fact that it currently           here on earth.’ Dr Cline says.There is                                                        November at 7pm in
 would need liquid water in order to has no atmosphere. However, these                 also evidence that a small amount of
 thrive, and it would be probable that photos clearly show valleys that seem           methane is being produced from under
                                                                                                                                                                                     Lecture Theatre B3.
 they would need an atmosphere to to have been carved by rain and water                the surface of Mars. All these discover-
 hold them together.                                                                                                                  Dr Kelly Cline has held a number of
                                               This is the not first time that the     ies are particularly exciting, as if we can    talks on the wonders of the universe
   Dr Cline claims however, that it is possibility that life may have thrived          find evidence of life in our solar sys-
 more likely we will find solid proof on Mars has been suggested. In1996,                                                             as Stirling University
                                                                                       tem, then that almost certainly ‘ups the
November 2010                                                                               www.brignewspaper.com                                                                        Page 7

What drinkin’?    By Catriona McGale            ered by police, which was produc-
                                                                                               I (Brave)Heart Scotland
                                                                                                         By Catriona McGale
                      Features Editor
                                                ing counterfeit vodka tagged Glen's.                         Features Editor
                                                At a quick glance you would likely

E                                                                                          I
        ver woken up from a night out           have presumed this was in fact a             n celebration of St.Andrews day
        with your head thumping, your           genuine bottle of Glen's vodka.              on 30th November Brig takes a
        stomach churning and yet you               However, again you can usu-             look at some of Scotland;s greatest
could swear you didn't have that                ally catch these fakes out by look-        achievements. So slip into your kilt,
much to drink? 'Must've lost count af-          ing closely at the bottle. The Food        tuck into some haggis and remind
ter those first couple of vodkas' you           Standards Agency advised that a            yourself why you should be proud
think, well maybe you did, or maybe             genuine bottle of Glen's vodka can         to be Scottish. (Or residing on our
it wasn't vodka you were drinking in            be identified by the AGC logo on           bonny shores as the case may be.)
the first place.                                the base of the bottle and the em-
  The sale of fake alcohol in the UK            bossment of 70cl 58mm C12173
is on the rise and it is currently es-          approximately 5mm from the base
timated that 8% of bottles of spirits           of the bottle. Genuine bottles of
in the UK are counterfeit.So what ex-           spirits also include a 'drink aware'                       No
actly does this mean? Well in some              warning and an indication of how
                                                many units the drink contains so if                  Tuitions Fees:
cases counterfeit alcohol has sim-
ply been watered down meaning the               these are missing from the bottle                  Scotland is one of
worst that can happen is that your              or if the information is written in a              very few countries
                                                foreign language steer clear.                                                           Gerard Butler/
£10 isn't going to get you quite as                                                            around the world where
drunk as you were hoping. Now, while               Unfortunately, it is not always                                                    Paolo Nutini/Sean
                                                possible to spot a fake in this way            students can attend uni-
I'm sure that may seem like a huge                                                                                                 Connery: We’ve certainly
                                                because as the industry grows the               versity for free. Maybe
concern, believe me there is a much                                                                                                 produced some bonny
bigger one.                                     manufacturers are continually im-                we should appreciate
                                                proving the standard of their prod-                                                          lads.
   As in many other instances of coun-                                                            our 9am lectures a
terfeit drinks the ethanol, which is            uct, making them appear more and
                                                more genuine. Therefore, the best                      bit more.
drinking alcohol, has been replaced
with methanol. Methanol is in fact an           thing you can do to stay safe is
alcohol as well but it's primary pur-           buy your alcohol from a reputable
pose is to fuel cars, not nights out.           retailer such as a large supermar-
Therefore, unsurprisingly, consuming            ket, as it is generally smaller shops
methanol has serious consequences.              who will cut costs by buying coun-
At best, it can result in a headache,           terfeits.
dizziness and vomiting. At worst, it               However, it is not just in shops
can result in death.                            that fake alcohol is becoming rife, it
  In an interview with The Times,               is also being sold in bars and clubs
Dr. Ida Bagus Alit explained “when              and it can be much more difficult to
methanol gets into the bloodstream              identify in this environment. Dr Di-
the victim deteriorates very quickly.           ane Benford of the Food Standards
It attacks the eyes, the liver and the          Agency warns that to keep safe you
kidneys.” It takes as little as 4ml of          should smell your drink first and if
methanol to cause permanent blind-              it smells odd leave it and go some-
ness and only 60ml can kill you.                where else. Ok, so you might look
  So what should we be looking out              like you are on a very unique kind              Telephone: How would                Television: We also have      Music: It’s not just
                                                of pub crawl but as the age-old say-                                                 a Scot to thank for the   bagpipes, Scotland is
for to avoid getting caught out by                                                                 we survive today,
                                                ing goes it's better to be safe than
these fatal frauds? Well the first sign                                                          without our I-Phones               wonder of TV, which was    filled with talent such
is to check out the label on the bottle.        sorry.
                                                   The police, local councils and the             and Blackberries if               invented by John Logie       as Biffy Clyro, Franz
With counterfeit products there can
be a tendency for spelling mistakes             Food Standards Agency are work-                   Alexander Graham                     Baird in the 1920s.         Ferdinand and of
                                                ing together to crack down on this                                                                             course, The Proclaim-
as well as the general quality of the                                                            Bell hadn’t invented
                                                growing problem and have closed
label looking poor and the names be-                                                             the telephone in the                                                     ers.
ing generic and vague. So as much               down several factories and shops
as we all love a good bargain, it re-           producing and selling counterfeit                       1870s?
ally is best to spend that extra fiver          alcohol across the UK. However,
on a genuine bottle of Smirnoff than            whilst the risk is still out there it is
settle for that cheap, non-descript             important to take measures to keep
'Russian Vodka' and put your health             yourself safe.
at risk.                                           If you are ever concerned that
                                                you may have consumed counter-                                                                                     Hogmany: No-
  That said, some counterfeit bottles
aim to trick customers into believ-             feit alcohol go to A&E immediately                                                                                 body brings in
ing they are an existing name brand             and report the incident to the food                                                                               New Year as well
product. This was the case in a Le-             standards authority who can inves-                                                                                  as the Scots.
ceistershire factory recently uncov-            tigate the matter further.

                                                                                                                                                                    Shopping: With
                                                                                                                                                                  bustling Buchanan
                                                                                                                                                                 Street, Argyle Street
                                                                                                                                                                and Sauchihall Street.
                                                                                                                                                                along with the quirky
                                                                                                                                                                 vintage shops of the
                                                                                                                                                                West End and numer-
                                                                                                                                                                ous shopping centres,
                                                                                                                                                                Glasgow has consist-
                                                                                                                                                                ently been voted 1 of
                                                                                                                                                               the top shopping cities
                                                                                                                                                                     in the world.

 Don’t judge a bottle by it’s cover, unless you look really closely.
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          The Dark Budget Cloud Looms                                                                                                       This Just In...Shhhh!
              By Ehssan Shamoradi                                                        bare bones in the process.                                                            worst example of the behaviour of
                                                                                                                                                          By Scott Hood
                                                                                           It becomes a slippery downward                                                      the cinema goer of today. Sitting
                                                                                                                                                          Opinion Editor
  W      e’ve all seen it in the news over                                               spiral, with all effects mingling to-                                                 in front of a group of people who
         the last few weeks, George Os-                                                  gether into one detrimental cocktail                                                  must have been around 15 or 16
  borne, Chancellor, has wielded his
  axe, ready to strike a potentially
                                                                                         delivered to our education. Fewer
                                                                                         staff means bigger class sizes,
                                                                                         which means professors will find
                                                                                                                                    A    t what point in the last few years
                                                                                                                                         did it become socially accept-
                                                                                                                                    able to chat openly and freely in the
                                                                                                                                                                               years-old, I was astounded to hear
                                                                                                                                                                               them laughing, hitting each other,
                                                                                                                                                                               and dissecting the film’s every de-
  deadly blow on universities coun-
  trywide. However, as new students,                                                     it more difficult to interact and          cinema? Did I miss the memo?               tail in real-time. I almost shook my
  what does this hold for the future of                                                  manage their students, resulting             Not being a regular cinema-goer,         head clean off my shoulders in fact,
  our degrees?                                                                           in a less conducive environment for        or a big film fan in particular, per-      when one of them, running down
     Every first year will have, by now,                                                 learning. It means fewer module            haps this has been something that          the stairs to, I assume, the toilet,
  familiarised themselves with Stir-                                                     options; meaning fewer degrees;            has gradually crept in over the last       tripped, and the rest of them were
  ling’s revamped library. Though                                                        meaning less academic achieve-             few years, in my absence, or may-          in raptures!
  we’ve been told repeatedly how                                                         ment.                                      be the general public are just too           “It costs eight pounds to get in,
  vast a transformation from the di-                                                       That’s not to mention the ramifi-        scared of some hooded thug stab-           shut up and stop wasting your own
  lapidated this £12 million pound                                                       cations to Stirling remaining com-         bing them in the face to say some-         money!” I screamed, in my head
  investment really is, it’s hard not to                                                 petitive globally. As a whole, the         thing, but one thing’s certain; it         at least, repeatedly, over the space
  take it for granted – even under cur-                                                  UK currently spends 1.4% of GDP            bloody ruins the film!                     of the hour and a half of the film.
  rent circumstances.                                                                    on higher education, less than the           I broke from the norm twice in the       Maybe, I thought to myself at one
     At this moment, Stirling is braced                                                  OECD average, and well below that          last few weeks, and ventured out to        point, they just don’t know any bet-
  for cuts of up to £10 million. The                                                     spent by the United States at 2.9%.        my local Odeon to see the thriller,        ter, perhaps this is just the way it is
  time for protests and recrimina-                                                       When we reduce this further the            “Buried”, and the horror sequel,           now. I realised this wasn’t the case
  tions is almost over, all that’s left                                                  quality of our education will dip,         “Paranormal Activity 2”, which I           though, when they were all deathly
  is for Osborne to pull the trigger, a                                                  meaning fewer people wanting to            looked forward to on each occasion.        silent during the infrequent five
  trigger steeped in the blood of as                                                     study here, meaning prospective            However, the pre-show expectations         minute visits of an Odeon usher.
                                             The library may be all shiny and
  much as 25% of the university bud-                                                     students leaving for pastures new.         of monstrously-priced popcorn and            This “incident” wasn’t quite my
                                             cool, but how does it affect the
  get. Exploring the library’s compact                                                     As the noose on the purse strings        uber-diluted Irn-Bru, were swiftly         worst cinema experience, although
                                             future?            Picture: Will Grant
  study rooms, the retractable book-                                                     tighten, societies that do so much         replaced by me; tutting, huffing and       it almost equals the time a man
  shelves - I can’t help but wonder - is       While the university has a ten-year       to add to the ambience of Stirling         shaking my head in an over exag-           in his forties answered his phone
  this a dying breed? What will the fu-      plan for capital investment aiming          will also be threatened. Take Brig         gerated manner, akin to some sort          whilst sitting beside me in a packed
  ture hold in store for us, the current     to improve and modernise, it’s hard         for example, each edition costs over       of riled, busybody pensioner on a          screen at “Bruce Almighty”!
  first years?                               to see how it will be financially vi-       £600 to print, a total we struggle         rush hour bus.                               So, were “Paranormal Activity 2”
     It so happens that the class of         able in the current climate. Consid-        to make now, never mind when the             I mean, yeah, we’ve all been             and “Buried” good films? I genu-
  2014 have signed up to study at            er how a little pitter-patter of rain       cuts tighten their unforgiving grip.       teenagers ourselves, excited about         inely do not have a clue, but I rather
  a time of changing circumstance.           causes us to scurry from under the            It’s all fine and well to lecture us,    a day out with our mates, and we           enjoyed feeling like a moaning old
  What the university can offer us           tired old Atrium roof. That’s not go-       the new first years, on the need           all liked a laugh and a joke, but at       git in my own head for a little period
  now, and what will be available in a       ing to fix itself, time will only erode     to take greater responsibility over        least when I was a teenager (seems         of time!
  few years could be radically differ-       it further, yet it will most likely be      our education. I just hope that the        I might still be in grumpy pensioner           It might just be time, at the ripe
  ent. Unlike older students, we don’t       put on the back burner so Stirling          funds for the future won’t be cut too      mode yet), we had the decency to           old age of 22, to get some com-
  have the luxury of a short stroll to       can focus on protecting basic es-           severely by the government, and our        whisper in the cinema.                     fortable slippers and a soft rock-
  the exit - we’re stuck at the begin-       sentials; cutting future improve-           educational outcome hasn’t been              During    Paranormal     Activity  2,    ing chair, and set my email to Daily
  ning, for better or worse.                 ments and reducing staff to the             decided before it has even begun!          in particular, I       experienced the     Mail: Re: The Youth of Today!

                  Addiction: Mud Wrestling The Beast Within
                                                 learned something today -                                                                                                     into lecture theatres, to stop me
   By                                            ‘Chronic      Procrastination’
                                                 a thing. It’s a legitimate psy-
                                                                                   is                                                                                          from sobering up and experiencing
                                                                                                                                                                               a hangover. In fact, I should have a
                                             chological thing recognised by                                                                                                    constant supply of alcohol, to keep

   John Sheppard                             legitimate     psychological
                                             If you don’t believe me, run it
                                                                              people.                                                                                          hangovers permanently at bay. If
                                                                                                                                                                               ever one should creep up on me,
                                             through Google – you’ll find wiki-                                                                                                there should be a Greggs on cam-
                                             pedia backs me up, as does a                                                                                                      pus with an ever-ready supply of
   News Editor                               website      called     “procrastinators
                                             anonymous” (last post made in
                                                                                                                                                                               recovery food. I know we can make
                                                                                                                                                                               this happen, because I can’t be the
                                             December 2005, true to their                                                                                                      only party addict at Stirling.
                                             nature). Facebook has a Chronic                                                                                                         In all seriousness though, why
                                             Procrastination     awareness      page,                                                                                          not? We shouldn’t stop at chronic
                                             and Psychcentral.com is offering                                                                                                  procrastination,    this     should be
                                             advice on battling the symptoms.                                                                                                  a thing too. If we keep going, we

      “No-one is lazy                        You hear that, Mr Editor? I’m not
                                             lazy, I suffer from a psychological
                                                                                                                                                                               could make all personality flaws
                                                                                                                                                                               a thing of the past. That guy who

   any more.                                 disorder, and you have to start ac-
                                             commodating my increasingly ab-
                                                                                                                                                                               won’t shut up about himself? He
                                                                                                                                                                               has Shatner Syndrome. The girl

    Just like Tiger                          stract artistic interpretations of
                                             the word ‘deadline’ or I’ll take you       Caption? Yeah, I’ll do it later...
                                                                                                                                                                               who’s always making stuff up?
                                                                                                                                                                               Murdoch’s Disease. That one insuf-

   Woods isn’t a                             to a tribunal.
                                                    No-one is lazy any more. Just
                                                                                                                                                           Picture: Aida Rad   ferable friend you have who seems
                                                                                                                                                                               to know everything under the sun,
                                                                                        I’m not trying to undermine any of         without a party, and I begin to suf-
   womaniser,     he’s                       like Tiger Woods isn’t a woman-
                                             iser, he’s a sex addict. Or how no
                                                                                        these psychological insights. I’m          fer withdrawal symptoms. The con-
                                                                                                                                                                               apart from ‘nobody likes a smart-
                                                                                                                                                                               arse?’ I can’t think of a name for
                                                                                        trying to take them further.               tents of my stomach will start to
   a sex addict.”                            kids are bad, they all have ADHD.
                                             I think I remember when that hap-
                                                                                             I don’t know about you, but I’m       ferment, in a futile attempt to get
                                                                                                                                                                               that one (something about Paxman,
                                                                                                                                                                               maybe?), but you get the idea.
                                                                                        partial to a good party. I basically       me internally drunk. You can surely
                                             pened – I must have been about                                                                                                         Somebody, please, take this idea
                                                                                        spend most of my existence shuf-           see where I’m going with this.
                                             7 or so, when all the teachers                                                                                                    and run with it. Get a psychologist
                                                                                        fling around bored, pretending to                I AM A PARTY ADDICT AND I
                                             stopped shouting at the rowdy                                                                                                     on board, appeal for recognition,
                                                                                        like the gawking cretins who sur-          DEMAND SPECIAL TREATMENT TO
                                             kids and started treating them                                                                                                    and I’m pretty sure we can make
                                                                                        round me every day, waiting for a          ACCOMMODATE         MY       DISORDER!
                                             differently, because the Had A                                                                                                    this happen. I’d do it myself, but
                                                                                        party to happen. Then when one             You know what I’m talking about.
                                             Problem that Wasn’t Their Fault.                                                                                                  my chronic procrastination disor-
                                                                                        happens, I’m happy, because I can          No classes before 3. No assign-
                                             Don’t get me wrong, don’t get of-                                                                                                 der precludes me from taking part
                                                                                        get drunk enough that I actually do        ments or essays to be done in my
                                             fended if you have ADHD or you’re                                                                                                 in any and all productive activities.
                                                                                        like the gawking cretins who sur-          own valuable party-time, ever. I
                                             Tiger Woods or anything, because                                                                                                  Doctor’s orders.
                                                                                        round me. Make me spend a week             should be allowed to take alcohol
November 2010                                                                         www.brignewspaper.com                                                                                                         Page 9

                                   The Only Way Is Essex...But Not Like This!
              By Kim Clarke-Overy        Nuts magazine. This is classy pro-         tanning, and countless asinine at-          of the UK’s top-rated schools, the             deeply ingrained in pop-culture, the
                                         gramming at its best.                      tempts at conversation. ‘Ya goin’           lowest suicide rate in the UK, and             backlash in response to ‘The Only
                    Deputy Editor
                                          Stereotypes abound – the other            dahn Suga hut tonight darlin’?’ etc         has more coastline than Cornwall.              Way is Essex’ is unlikely to change
                                         week, viewers were treated to the          etc.                                        Plus, this may come as a shock,                anything. It would just be nice for a

A    s an Essex-girl, I’m used to a
     certain amount of piss taking.
In fact, I rarely tell people where
                                         ‘The place where
                                                                                      To be honest, the characters are
                                                                                    no worse  than those in other half-
                                                                                                                                but not everyone from Essex is like
                                                                                                                                Jodie Marsh! Keith Flint (of The
                                                                                                                                                                               change to feel proud of where I’m
                                                                                                                                                                               from for a change.
                                                                                    reality/half-scripted    shows    (Jersey   Prodigy), Depeche Mode, Alan Da-                 Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to
I’m actually from, normally set-
tling on, ‘oh, I live around London
                                         nail bars, night-                          Shore, The Hills etc). Some even            vies and Helen Mirren all hail from            buy some white boot polish for my
                                                                                    come across as quite sweet and              Essex. Chelmsford prides itself on             stilettos. I scuffed them quite badly
somewhere,’ rather than leaving
myself exposed to the inevitable
                                         clubs and tan-                             naive, albeit walking stereotypes.          being the birth-place of radio. And            in a drunken fight and need them
                                                                                    Mark,     for     instance,  predictably    Boudica kicked some ass around                 the perfect colour to highlight my
judgement      and    remarks  about
teenage pregnancy. Those bad-boys
                                         ning salons are                            tangoed, constantly trash-talks his         Colchester back in the day.                    blonde hair extensions.
                                                                                    best mate (called Arg…of course)              I’m not entirely sure what I hope
only come out on Wednesdays. But
the screening of new docu-soap
                                         a big part of                              and struts around in seven-hundred          to achieve by writing this article.
                                                                                    quid jackets, and three-hundred             The ‘Essex-girl/man’ cliche is so
‘The Only Way is Essex’ on ITV2
got me so annoyed, I thought fuck
                                         everybody’s life!’                         pound watches. Even the tag-line of
                                                                                    the show screams stereotype. ‘The
it! I’m going to bite the bullet and
write an irate rant. Even if it does
                                         screams ITV2.                              place where nail bars, nightclubs
                                                                                    and tanning salons are a big part
mean I have to admit to where I’m
from (Southend-on-Sea, since you
                                         Fucksake. The                              of everybody’s life!’ screams ITV2.
                                                                                    Fucksake. The damn show is even
   For those of you who haven’t seen
                                         damn show is                               sponsored by a cold-sore cream.
                                                                                      I just don’t understand why ITV2
the programme, listened to Chris
‘I’m a Northerner, Essex people
                                         even sponsored                             felt it necessary to make such a
                                                                                    programme. Since the term ‘Essex-
don’t have brains’ Moyles, or come
across one of the related Facebook
                                         by a cold-sore                             man’ was first used in an article by
                                                                                    Simon Heffer in The Telegraph in
groups, ‘The Only Way is Essex’
follows a group of tanned, chavvy
                                         cream.”                                    1990, the good, honest hard work-
                                                                                    ing folk of Essex have been lumped
(yes, we say chav down south. Deal                                                  together into one homogenous,
with it.) ‘birds and blokes’ from                                                   orange,       common,       Frosty-Jacks-
around Brentwood. One is a friend        sight of one of the ‘birds’ getting a      drinking entity. Never mind the             Full speed ahead to “tits and teeth!” or maybe not!
of Jack Tweed. Another appeared in       vajazzel, several sessions of spray-       fact that the county boasts several                                                                      Picture: Chris Illman Photography

               My Ex-Box: “Im kind of concerned by what goes on
                in my head. I like to go there some weekends!”
                   By Simon Ewing        spot on the horizon and running            the same way, I suppose, that the           the bread represented a complete              a double helping of deep, deep
                                         until you’ve reached it, or jumping        taste of a good meal can linger on          waste of money and the filling was            shame. No thanks. Bye.
                                         up and down like a maniac in the           agreeably in your mouth for some

A    round November last year, I re-
     alised my life was missing some-
thing. It wasn’t cool enough, there
                                         middle of a conversation saying
                                         “No, thanks. Bye.” which has since
                                                                                    time after you’ve pooped it out. I
                                                                                    see what he means. I guess it’s the
                                         become my favourite method of              videogame equivalent of having a
weren’t enough people in it, and it      hooking up with girls at parties! It’s     song stuck in your head, and usual-
certainly didn’t have enough dis-        also highly indicative of my prob-         ly I don’t have a problem with that.
tractions in it; nothing to keep me      lem with playing video games.              The only sixpence of wisdom I can
from explaining in 2,500 words, the         You see, it would have been fine if     offer in this regard is that music
relationship between character and       I could have played an hour or so          is a much older, more established
environment in George Eliot’s novel      of the game, and then gone away            form of entertainment; everyone
Adam Bede (1859). I soon realised        to do stuff in another desolate            listens to music, which makes it
that the solution to my problem          nuclear wasteland, e.g. the rest of        more socially acceptable to have
was an Xbox 360, so, after explain-      my life, but that’s not how it worked      songs stuck in your head. Likewise,
ing to my parents in 2,500 words         out. Instead, after turning off my         it’s okay to find yourself wonder-
the relationship between character       Xbox it would still be playing on          ing how characters from films and
and games console in Simon Ew-           and on inside my head. I couldn’t          books are getting on after you’ve
ing’s life (2009), I persuaded them      stop thinking about these games.           finished the film or book.
to buy me one for Christmas.             I’d constantly be figuring out which          Maybe my difficulty with games
  The plan was perfect, I thought; I’d   quest to accept, remembering to            is that since they’re relatively new,
get cool, and get everyone over to       quicksave every five minutes, and          they’re suspicious. They seem to
my place to play The Beatles Rock        memorizing the button combina-             exist exclusively for people with
Band. Everyone would want to hold        tion for a Perpendicular Tax As-           absolutely no social life or interper-
my hand, love me yeah yeah yeah,         sault. My thoughts bubble-bobbled          sonal skills whatsoever. I’m kind of
and kiss me all over my mouth and        with colourful blocks falling around       concerned with what goes on inside
face. But the first game I got for my    hovering gold coins, all in time to        my head, since I still like to go there
Xbox was Fallout 3 which, in case        the song from the Lion King game.          some weekends. I’d rather that the
you don’t know, is a 200-hour epic       Simple things like waiting for a bus,      stuff it’s filled with are things that
role-playing game set in a desolate      and choosing which kind of cereal          have been approved by at least
nuclear wasteland. Your character        to buy (currently I’m on Tesco Malt        a hundred years’ worth of smart
starts out as a cute wee baby and        Wheats. They keep hunger locked            people talking about it, rather than
you grow up and learn all sorts of       up until at least half an hour or so       what I actually enjoy, which is jump-
skills like how to use a teaspoon to     after you’ve eaten them), turned           ing on turtles.
defend yourself from wild animals,       into an orgy of pointing, clicking,           I ended up trading in my Xbox at
and how to turn a sock and some          grinding for XP, and eating loads          Gamestation. It was freaking me
belly button fluff into one of your      of cherries while being chased by          out too much, but it’s okay because
5-a-day! This is one of the main         ghosts. I’d usually been thrown out        I got £100 for it, which I spent on
selling-points of the game: you          of the shop by then.                       stuff like pasta and soap and some
have a ridiculous amount of free-           I’ve spoken to people who experi-       coleslaw from the reduced aisle. It
dom in how you spend your time           ence the same thing with games,            was a horrible sandwich. But the
while you’re playing it. You can do      but they don’t regard it as a prob-        purpose of this article wasn’t to
all the things you wished you could      lem. One of my flatmates says that         talk about sandwiches, unless it            Xbox 360 - Confined to the bin for being “too suspicious”.
do in real life, like picking a random   this is really a desirable after-effect;   was allegorical sandwiches where                                                         Picture: Scott Hood
Page 12                                                                                www.brignewspaper.com                                                                                November 2010


          We’re confident in the way that we know
          this record is the best record we could

          have made. Hopefully people like it.
    Brig Music Editor Nina Glencross caught up with The Xcerts
    frontman, Murray Macleod and drummer, Tom Heron after

    their set at ReLoaded Fest to discuss all things Scatterbrain...

    T   he Xcerts have just come off stage af-
        ter their explosive set at ReLoaded Fest
    in Tolbooth. A sweaty frontman Murray Ma-
                                                        Smile, is said to have been created from per-
                                                        sonal tragedy but does Scatterbrain follows
                                                        a similar underlying theme or is it more op-
                                                                                                            Macleod laughs then proceeds with a more
                                                                                                          serious answer. “The good thing was we had
                                                                                                          no distractions. We recorded the first album
                                                                                                                                                            are a band undoubtedly driven by perform-
                                                                                                                                                            ing live, fuelled with raw energy and passion,
                                                                                                                                                            preferably in front of a huge festival crowd.
    cleod offers us some cola as he and drum-           timistic?                                         in Wales and our phones would always go off       “If you’re outside on a big stage with the
    mer Tom Heron clear a table in the dress-              “Less optimistic”, asserts Macleod with a      just before takes but all our friends wouldn’t    wind blowing, it has that festival feeling,”
    ing room at which we sit. At the time of the        sheepish laugh. “Yeah, it starts pretty bleak     dare call us this time round because they         muses Heron. Macleod agrees but within
    interview, it’s just days before the release of     and ends pretty bleak. With the first album,      knew how expensive it would be so we’d just       reason. “It does depend on the tent at a
    their second album, Scatterbrain, and spirits       it felt more like a photo album. I can look       get the occasional Skype”, reflects Macleod.      festival because some are small and awful
    are evidently high within the band.                 back on those songs now and think about           “That way we could completely immerse             sounding. There’s just no room to breathe
      “This time round there’s been more of a           the people I was writing them about so the        ourselves in the making of the record, just       and the sound is just stuck in this tiny little
    buzz outside so that’s made us really excit-        songs are more like photos basically. This re-    the three of us and Mike (Saprone), the pro-      sweaty tent. We got a little taster of the Main
    ed”, says Macleod. “I think any time you are        cord is a lot more self-absorbed on my part.      ducer.”                                           Stage at Rockness this year which was nice.”
    releasing an album, you’re going to be ex-          It’s mainly about myself and a couple of            But, as Heron remembers, recording the            And it looks like this was a taste of things
    cited naturally because you’ve put so much          other things that I experienced.”                 album did have its downsides, especially for      to come with everyone wanting a piece of
    work into making the album but there’s more            The album was recorded in the quiet Amer-      a band whose rightful place is onstage.           the little band from Aberdeen who are no
    excitement from outside that we can see             ican suburbs of Long Island, a fair distance        “I was upstairs in Mike’s living room on the    longer so little. But are the band confident
    from people talking online and more people          from home, not that they saw this as a bad        drums and the other guys were downstairs          about the future or will they stay grounded
    turning up to shows.” And it’s no surprise          thing. “I’d been to New York a few times but      in the basement so we weren’t together, I         and see how it goes?
    when the album has received such positive           never to Long Island or somewhere so sub-         couldn’t look at Murray or Jordan (Smith,           “I’ve just had an ear bashing about be-

    feedback including 4 star ratings from both         urban yet still very American”, says Heron.       bass) and catch their eye”, he remembers.         ing egotistical from two females”, jokes
    Kerrang! and Rocksound.                             “I got excited about the smallest things like       “Mike had this tiny microphone that he          Macleod. “But I seriously can’t stand that
      Their 2009 debut, In The Cold Wind We             fire hydrants and massive 7-Eleven stores!”       was talking to Tom into”, adds Macleod. “I        kind of stuff in music, people acting over-
                                                                                                          was sat on the sofa at the back of the studio     confident. I hope I didn’t come across like
                                                                                                          when he was recording Hurt With Me and I          that. I just don’t get it. We’re just playing
    THE                                                                                                   shouted “Aw yeah, I think it needs that fill.”    music. People in the crowd are doing far
                                                                                                          Then there was a silence and Tom goes “...        more important things than us, doctors,
                                                                                                          Did you say something?” So I had to lean          lawyers, etc. Those are important. Being a
                                                                                                          right in to explain.                              musician...”
                                                                                                              “But a live experience is a spectacle”,         “It’s a hobby, that eventually pays”, con-
                                                                                                          states Macleod. “You’ve really got to put on      tinues Heron. “I’d say we’re confident in the
                                                                                                          a show.”                                          way that we know this record is the best
                                                                                                            And for anyone who hasn’t witnessed The         record we could have made and hopefully
                                                                                                          Xcerts live, this is exactly what they do. They   people like it.”

                                                                                                                                                                        brig NIBS
                                                                                                  Last month, Spotify turned two years old.

                                        The Difference

                                                                                                  Now, two years on, Brig Music writer Andy
                                                                                                  McDonald looks at how far the music
                                                                                                  streaming program has come...                                        The latest music news
  W     ith its own iPhone application and a
        shout-out on The Inbetweeners, you’ve
  probably heard of Spotify by now. But, for
                                                       be plenty in the database to amuse yourself
                                                         Some artists have been omitted: there’s an
                                                                                                         decimal places less than a penny for the play
                                                                                                         of a song. Swedish newspaper Expressen
                                                                                                         reported that the artist earning the highest
                                                                                                                                                                SIR CLIFF
                                                                                                                                                                                TO    TOUR     WITH     BOY

                                                                                                                                                                Fans of Sir Cliff Richard don’t seem too
  the uninitiated, it’s a computer program that        absence of AC/DC, it’s barren in terms of         revenue from Spotify (created in Sweden) was           happy to hear that the famous 80’s popstar
  allows online users to scan countless music          the Beatles, and as for Metallica, well, you      electro-pop diva Lady Gaga, with over one              will now be joining him on tour in Germany.
  artists and albums with almost instant play-         remember their whole Napster lawsuit, right?      million streams earning her $167 (around               “What on earth is he doing?” exclaimed
  back at the level of quality of a CD. Overlook       New material is being uploaded to the server      £106). If this were indeed the case, then              one fan. “When he can fill arenas round the
  the annoying adverts for Hollyoaks-approved          all the time though, with glam rock legends       one would think that the bands are not being           globe, why does he need to headline a tour
  idiot music and what you have is a sleek, sexy,      T. Rex only recently making an appearance.        paid as much as they should. However, with             on which Boy George also features?”
  usable interface for your browsing and listen-       Even if you’re looking to check out to the        the rise of file-sharing programs, including
  ing pleasure.                                        most obscure, underground acts, have a pop        Limewire and BitTorrent, then at least artists         NICKI MINAJ ON HOTTEST MC LIST
    Of course, that’s not to say that pop chart        at it. Chances are you’ll at least find some-     are being given some reward for their efforts          BEFORE DEBUT RELEASE
  abominations are all it caters to. The buried        thing to do with what you’re after.               instead of losing out through illegal down-            Nicki Minaj’s debut album, Pink Friday, is
  treasure within its catacombs range from the           There remains, though, the question of          loads. Spotify also includes links to buy its          yet to be released later this month but the
  offensive cacophony of punk nutcase GG Allin         fairness for artists – are they being compen-     hosted songs (subject to availability) so, in a        rising American rapper has still managed
  to the classy melodies of arena-straddling,          sated? The wealth of Internet sites seem to       way, it is surely the lesser of two evils.             to make it to number six on MTV’s Hottest
  toilet attendant-bothering vixens Girls Aloud.       share the consensus that Spotify does not           Don’t bother trying it out on CampusNet              MC List. Minaj has guested on a number
  Whatever your cup of tea, there’s bound to           pay its artists a realistic amount, often a few   though – it’s blocked.                                 of tracks with some huge names this year,
                                                                                                                                                                so it’s no surprise that her debut is eagerly

                  F              L              A     S     H    B    A                                              C              K                           IRON & WINE GO 70S POP

                                               Television - Marquee Moon                                                                                        Sam Beam has revealed that the next Iron
                                                                                                                                                                & Wine album, Kiss Each Other Clean, which
                                                                                                                                                                is due out next year, will be less folky and
                      Irini Vikentiov takes us back to when Punk Jam and Psychedelic opened the doors to a new era...
                                                                                                                                                                more poppy, with influence of 70s pop,
  M      arquee Moon is considered as the start-
         ing point of a particularly creative artis-
  tic period, which was meant to change dras-
                                                       experience great recognition in the United
                                                       States, whereas in Europe audience and me-
                                                       dia ‘constructed’ its posthumous fame, when
                                                                                                         combined with the soulful, agonized voice of
                                                                                                         Verlaine delivers a audio masterpiece with
                                                                                                         breathtaking samples – like the ones in the
                                                                                                                                                                jazz, blues and African elements. 

                                                                                                                                                                JOHNNY    FOREIGNER          TO     RELEASE
  tically the ideas and impressions about the          NME declared it to be the fourth best album       track Prove it – through which one can easily
                                                                                                                                                                NEW MINI-ALBUM
  position of music in the international fore-         of all time in 2003.                              detect the band’s love and inspiration from            you thought you saw a shooting star but yr
  front. Back in 1977, the first complete release      The album’s diachronic value relies on the        the ensembles of Velvet Underground. In                eyes were blurred with tears and that light-
  of the American band Television became               band’s ability to distinguish the important       means of character, Television seem to have            house can be pretty deceiving with the sky so
  a mainstay of a rapidly developing under-            from the chatterbox. Supporting always the        created a sentimental delirium, a melancholy           clear and sea so calm is due for release on
  ground wave that emerged through the New             minimalistic- in terms of sounds – flair, Tele-   that makes the listener want to cry and dance          November 15th. 
  York Scene of CBGB (Country, Blue Grass and          vision achieved to create a perfectly clean       at the same time, while listening to tracks
  Blues). Today, Television are widely regarded        yet striking composition, thanks to the driv-     like See no Evil, Elevation and the homonym            LIL WAYNE SET          TO    BE    RELEASED
  as one of the founders - along with bands like       ing guitar solos from Tom Verlaine and Rich-      Marquee Moon. On the whole, the band suc-              FROM PRISON
  the Patti Smith Group, the Ramones and Talk-         ard Lloyd. The rhythm section of the songs        ceeded to meet the exigencies of time as               Big celebrations are under preparation as
  ing Heads - of the punk/new wave movement            shares the same charming character which,         well as orders of today’s mainstream wave by           Lil Wayne’s release date, November 4th,
  of the early 70’s; as for Marquee Moon, it has                                                         putting together a sound that would embody             draws nearer. Most likely to take place in
  by right been named as the band’s debut al-                                                            the aggressiveness of Punk with a radical vo-          Miami,   Wayne’s    post-prison celebration
  bum and a “manifest” of the period, thanks                                                             cal character; a unique instrumental texture;          may include a concert and has already
  to its instrumental virtuosity, elliptical lyrics                                                      8 music stories that can literally elevate the         been dubbed by Birdman as “Weezy week-
  and introspective mood. The album didn’t                                                               listener.                                              end”.
November 2010                                                                            www.brignewspaper.com                                                                                                Page 13

  Officer Kicks - Hold The                                             The Saturdays - Higher                                                    Gorillaz - Doncamatic

  H    old the Magic? How about holding
       my attention first. A track so unin-
  spiring you don’t really know where to
                                                                       W     hilst Higher is perfectly recognisa-
                                                                             ble as a Saturdays’ tune, they fail
                                                                       to excel in the opportunity to try some-
                                                                                                                                                 D   oncamatic is awash with an element
                                                                                                                                                     of grandeur that directs the song
                                                                                                                                                 in the midst of powerful vocals, that
  begin. I think they’re being serious as                              thing new with their sound so it feels                                    completely envelopes the Plastic Beach
  my internet search for “most lyrical clichés in a song ever win-     typically manufactured. Overall though, Higher will guarantee             theme on previously released singles. This non-album track is
  ner 2010” proved fruitless. Scouting for Girls seem ground-          Top 40 success.                                                           proof of Gorillaz ability to keep their music fresh, interesting
  breaking in comparison.                             Graeme Young                                                    Ashleigh Dodds             and consistently good.                               Ross Dunn

  Ulterior – Cleanliness Is                                            Duffy - Well, Well, Well                                                  Mitchell Museum                 -    Tiger
  Next To Godliness                                                                                                                              Heartbeat

  T   he first minute or so is just build-up
      yet when it gets to a minute and a
  half, it feels like a nuclear war in your
                                                                       W    ell, well, well, Duffy’s back (yes, I
                                                                            had to do that). Described as ‘seri-                                 N    ow this is cute. If you like Weezer,
                                                                                                                                                      you’ll like this. It’s light, it’s cheery
                                                                                                                                                 and gets your shoulders swaying. It’s
                                                                       ously fun’, the latest offering from the
  head. Still, I have to think, half a minute of something good,       bint in the Coke ad is tired, boring, and annoying - all at the           romantic but not overly romantic, you can tell there are feel-
  doesn’t make up for over two minutes of a guy with an average        same time. So at least she’s achieved something.                          ings in there but they’re not overpowering. Just like a medium
  voice.                                                                                                                                         chicken at Nandos.
                                                     Nicola Smith                                                                  Ross Dunn                                                          Nicola Smith

   Bo Burnham -                                                                                            Small Black - New Chain
   Words, Words, Words

   B    o Burnham is a funny guy. After seeing
        his show at the Edinburgh Festival, which
   was based on this release, I bought his previ-
                                                     ity of his work. De-
                                                     spite this, the level
                                                     of humour Bo has
                                                                                                             S    mall Black have risen gloriously from the
                                                                                                                  glo-fi basement after their initial self-titled
                                                                                                                                                                    cade. Panthers and
                                                                                                                                                                    Search Party both
                                                                                                             EP was released in April.                              ooze a new side to
   ous album, self-titled Bo Burnham, which was      is incredible for a 19                                       New Chain starts with what is one of the          their inertia-crunk grooves that embellished
   thoroughly enjoyable.         The new album,      year-old, the timing of his jokes are perfect.          best tracks on the album, Camouflage. Hazy             their first EP, the new sound epitomises a
   Words, Words, Words is definitely more lively     There is also a lot more speech based seg-              SK-5 chimes still dreamily weave through a             modern take on glo-fi.
   and upbeat than his first one, however It al-     ments on this album, compared to the last               song that sets up the album well. It still has              The song, New Chain is rather ironic. De-
   most feels that some of his new jokes seem        one. As I’ve seen Bo live a few times, listen-          all the charm and guise of tracks like Bad             spite connotations of a fresh sound, the
   like they’ve required too much effort and         ing to his words without any live images did            Lover, but the welcome addition of improved            track is the closest the album has to a song
   don’t seem to flow as well as his old ones.       take away the experience, as you miss out on            post-production is always a bonus.                     that could’ve been lifted off of their EP. This
   The song Words, Words, Words is accompa-          his fantastic facial expressions.                            Hydra has a delicate oriental theme to it,        isn’t necessarily a bad thing, the ornate
   nied by a video when the album is download-            Not surprisingly this album is disappoint-         and sounds like a superior Animal Collective           drum tracks have become their trademark
   ed off of iTunes which is very funny. It did      ing after seeing all this material live on stage        track. The slow release culminates delayed vo-         and the album would be lost without it.
   cross my mind that Bo Burnham is trying to        but you still get the general gist of what it’s         cals, finger clicks and big beats that are pretty            New Chain is a spectacular achievement
   commercialise himself which I don’t think is      all about. If you like a bit of comedy now and          tasty.                                                 for what seemed like a one-dimensional
   his best idea.                                    then and don’t mind the odd bit of discrimi-                 At times the album has a tendency to slip         genre. Glo-fi was resigned to summer, but
        He has started trying to make his songs      nation, then you’ll love this album.                    back to the 80s, and it’s a beautiful trip that’s      New Chain has enabled the genre’s sustain-
   sound too poppy which removes the original-                                                               provided by equipment from the same de-                ability in an increasingly discerning climate.
                                                                                         Joshua Hepple
                                                                                                                                                                                                              Ross Dunn

   LIVE REVIEWS                                                                                                                                   GENRE CORNER
  Darwin Deez                                      The New York band are more than         Against The Machine was a personal                                       ShoegazeChain
  King Tuts,
                                              just some catchy songs that fill the
                                              gaps in The Inbetweeners, they can
                                                                                                  I can’t remember enjoying a gig         S   hoegaze is one of the more
                                                                                                                                              literal  genres   that
                                                                                                                                          Coming out of Britain in the
                                                                                                                                                                                                and Cocteau Twins.
                                                                                                                                                                                  My Bloody Valentine are a prime
                                                                                                                                                                                  example of shoegaze, their gui-
                                              dance too, and it’s hugely entertaining      this much, and to be honest I wasn’t
  Glasgow                                     to watch. Ballroom interludes include
                                              the music of the Spice Girls, discoed
                                                                                           expecting much. But such tardy gim-
                                                                                           micks like dance routines usually
                                                                                                                                          80s, journalists coined the term
                                                                                                                                          because musicians would often
                                                                                                                                                                                  tar feedback and excessive use
                                                                                                                                                                                  of pedals contributes to literal
  14/10/10                                    up that eventually develops into hand-       masquerade bad music but this didn’t
                                                                                                                                          look so disjointed and introspec-
                                                                                                                                          tive whilst performing that they
                                                                                                                                                                                  meaning of the genre.
                                                                                                                                                                                      A lot of bands today still carry
                                              clap-esque   audience     participation.     detract from their brilliant set, it com-      looked so detached, hence the           the mantle, Maps, Sigur Rós, A
                                              Switching between Enya and Rage              plimented it and kept the audience             idea of the artists staring at          Sunny Day In Glasgow and Se-
                                                                                           entertained.                                   their shoes.                            cret Machines, to an extent, have
                                                                                                 Radar Detector was a high point in           Notable pioneers and founders       been influenced by shoegaze.

    T  he first rookie mistake of going
       to a gig is not checking whose
                                                                                           the show. The crowd exploded to the            of the genre are The Jesus and                                  Ross Dunn

                                                                                                                                                WANT TO WIN TICKETS TO SEE
                                                                                           first few frantic riffs and Darwin’s line:
  supporting. It was a frantic jump up                                                     “You and I buy star maps and drive my

  the stairs of Tuts to catch the last few                                                 car around Los Angeles”. What is a Ra-
  songs from Little Comets. One Night In                                                   dar Detector anyway?
  October never seemed more appropri-                                                             What made the show even more            Leftfield are playing to a sold out crowd at Glasgow’s Barrowlands on Saturday
  ate.                                                                                     enjoyable was Darwin, smiling at the           November 20th and YOU could be part of the 1900 strong crowd. The rules are
       But this wasn’t any night, this was                                                 crowd’s reaction to their songs, and           simple: the first person to email music@brignewspaper.com with the correct an-
  Darwin Deez’s night. These guys may                                                      their sound guy smiling back at him.                                        swer to our question wins!
  look like they got left behind in the 80s
                                                                                                                                          Q. Leftfield’s classic track, Phat Planet, is featured in a
                                                                                           I think it’s the first time I’ve seen a
  but they’re flawless in every other way.                                                 band being genuine on stage, it was
  Songs like Bad Day created an electric                                                   quite refreshing.                                            TV advert, but what advert?
  rapport with a crowd that have already      Darwin Deez: Every day ought to be a
  been won over.                              bad hair day                                                                                     Answers to music@brignewspaper.com by no later than 15th November.
                                                                                                                           Ross Dunn
Page 14                                                                                     www.brignewspaper.com                                                                                   November 2010

  Sitges Film Festival 2010: Buried in the sand?
                       By Garry Gallon       was also nervous for them. For              romp that takes in sex, drugs, cult     ler, Kevin Bacon and Ellen Page.
                           Film Editor       me, they were great, but I knew             conspiracies and crazy lesbian          Of course it’s going to get a big
                                             that for most people they had               witches. But, featuring a graphi-       release, right? Well, despite the

                                             tough sell written all over them.           cally liberal attitude to sexuality,    similarly themed Kick Ass getting
           n the plane back from the           All I knew about Quentin Du-              it might just be too underground        stellar reviews earlier this year,
           Sitges International Fantas-      pieux’s Rubber when I went into             in tone for it’s own good.              Super’s problem is that it’s al-
           tic Film Festival of Cataluña,    the theatre was that it involved a           And then there’s what should           most      decidedly    un-commercial;
   earlier this month, I felt a strange      rubber tyre with telekinetic pow-                                                   Wilson’s Frank is so psychotic
   mix of emotions. One was defi-            ers rolling across the desert …                                                     it almost goes beyond comedy
   nitely identifiable: elation, for hav-    and psychically blowing people’s                                                    to horror levels, a crazed Page             lease.   I’m
   ing come face to face with one of         heads off. I didn’t know what to                                                    practically rapes someone, and             Super
   my idols, Donnie Darko director           expect. What I got was fantastic,                                                   the amount of gore will make The
   Richard Kelly. The other feelings         an extremely funny post-modern                                                      Daily Mail drop Hit Girl and get to
   pertained to three specific films         satire about even making this sort                                                  work on bashing this instead. The           nervous because I don’t want these
   I’d seen, and weren’t so clear; I         of ‘no reason’ film. But, not know-                                                 sad thing is, for all its shock and         three films to suffer the same fate;
   was both excited about the films,         ing this, are people going to line                                                  grit it’s also ingenious and hilari-        Kaboom! has already been released
                                             up to see a film about a rubber                                                     ous, with Page totally stealing the         in France, but is without a release
                                             tyre? Would knowing even make a                                                     show as the over-eager, Robin-              date in any other country.
                                             difference?                                 Kaboom                                  stlye sidekick.                              The films weren’t the slickest
                                              Further up on the weirdness                                                         Sitges’ reputation is growing for          things ever to grace celluloid-Ka-
                                             scale is Kaboom, a return to di-            be the easiest sell of the three;       films that have little in the way of        boom for example features an ex-
                                             rector    Gregg      Araki’s    bonkers     James Gunn’s Super. A comedy            legs beyond satisfying the genre            plosion I could probably better in
                                             teenage-comedy-meets-sci-fi       films     about an average Joe who decides        fans who show up at the festival.           After Efects-, but they were messy
                                             of the 90’s. Featuring hot young            to become a costumed vigilante          Last year’s crop included Jared             in a lovable way. They may not be
                                             stars Thomas Dekker (Sarah Con-             and faces the harsh reality, it         Leto’s sci-fi Mr. Nobody, that, de-         for everyone, but shouldn’t people
                                             ner Chronicles) and Juno Temple             has an amazing cast headed by           spite a limited release in Europe           get a chance to see them first and
                                yet     I    (Atonement), it’s a shallow yet fun         The Office’s Rainn Wilson, Liv Ty-      is still awaiting a UK or US re-            decide that for themselves?

                                                                                                                                 AIRTV Review Corner
                               Jackass:3D                                                                                         From now on brig film will be turning it’s reviewing gaze each
                                                                                                                                 month to our sister media society Airtv, giving you a flavour of

                               For and Against                                                                                   what you can tune into on www.airtvonline.com.

                                                                                                                                                  Ehssan Shamoradi

                                                                                                                                        tudents of Stirling have two

      Hilarious”’                                                                           “Terrible”                                  new waysays to avoid study-
                                                                                                                                        ing courtesy of new episodes
                                                                                                                                  of the creative content shows from
                                                                                                                                  AirTV: Stirling Vice and Terror Bas-
                                  By                                                                               By
                          Ross Sayers                                                                    Stephen Wood

 I                                                   v.s                                I
     f there’s one kind of comedy                                                            t’s hard to tell who the title of
     that’s universal, it’s people hurt-                                                     Jackass describes: is it the per-                                               Terror Basket - Lust
     ing themselves. From the dawn                                                           formers, or the audience?
 of time, people have gained merri-                                                      If the TV/film franchise has                                                        Terror Basket- Lust
 ment from watching their neighbor                                                     passed you by: Jackass showcases a
 slip, fall and generally look like a                                                  group of men who are so devoid of                                                     Lust marks our second outing in
 bit of a prat. So when a group of                                                     talent, wit or capability to adhere to                                                the horror filled world of Terror
 guys come together to inflict count-                                                  social norms that they deliberately                                                   Basket, the brainchild of Brig’s film
 less hours of pain onto each other                                                    hurt themselves.                                                                      editor Garry Gallon. The good old
 for our amusement, I say we salute                                                      Imagine      You’ve    Been   Framed                                                creepy intro promises impending
 them. In this case, by buying a tick-                                                 crossed with the Saw franchise, act-                                                  doom and sets the tone for a clas-
                                                                                                                                  Stirling Vice                              sic horror narrative. The episode
 et for Jackass 3D!                                                                    ed by drunks. A man goes down a
   Mixed reviews are coming in so far                                                  bowling lane and crashes into some                                                    centres around a young woman go-
 for this third outing for the Jackass                                                 bowling pins. A crocodile bites a          Stirling Vice - Episode 1                  ing about her business, becoming
 crew, although most of the negative                                                   man’s nipple. Countless other bar-         Stirling Vice is Ian Campbell’s co-        increasingly aware that her home’s
 ones made their mind up before                                                        gain basement tortures were en-            lourful take on the crime genre.           haunted past is more than just a
 even going into the cinema. The                                                       dured by this gang of morons.              The première episode sees Darren           myth. Filmed in Spain, it’s to Gar-
 positive ones however, along with                                                       It’s not even dumb fun, like You’ve      Diggs, Stirling’s bringer of justice,      ry’s credit he manages stop motion
 many       average     Joe’s   comments,                                              Been Framed’s grannies falling into        hot on the heels of the latest threat      effectively to create a fleshed out
 say this will not disappoint fans                                                     wedding cakes. It’s a smörgåsbord          to Stirling University. The episode        standalone piece, minus the Uni-
 (“laughing ‘til you cry” being a pop-                                                 of practiced pratfalls, set-up slap-       has a clear focus and exudes well          versities’ resources.
 ular phrase).                                                                         stick and artificial agony. There’s no     placed confidence and belief in
   Sure, it’s easy to write this off as                                                hilarious spontaneity when you’ve          what it’s doing.                             You can watch the latest episodes
 being juvenile and trashy, but if          Jackass 3D will be re-                     organized the pain.                          The two leads, played by Ian             of the shows at www.airtvonline.
 you’re GUARANTEED* to laugh your                                                        If it weren’t already the nadir of       Campbell      and    Alan   Cairncross,    com.
 face off right onto your popcorn,          leased in the UK on the                    entertainment, Jackass has outdone         form a convincing and dynamic re-
 isn’t that a ticket worth buying?          5th of November.                           itself by employing cinema’s latest,       lationship that will be sure to wreak        Look forward to further updates
   *Not actually guaranteed, but if                                                    laziest gimmick: 3D. Because what          havoc on Stirling campus in epi-           from Brig about Airtv in the future.
 you laugh when someone gets hit in                                                    we really need is to feel like we’re       sodes to come.                             .
 the gonads (e.g. everyone, ever), it’s                                                sharing a room with these halfwits.
 a safe bet.
November 2010                                                                         www.brignewspaper.com                                                                                          Page 15

   Pick of the Pics
                                                                                          November’s film highlights, as reviewed by the Brig team. We have
                                                                                          part one of a long goodbye to a certain Mr. Potter. Then in Los Angeles
                                                                                          aliens start abducting large swathes of the population, while Robert
                                                                                          Downey Jnr. races towards the city in this year’s The Hangover.

                  Harry Potter and The
                                                                                                                                         split into two films in      world’s attention. Featuring hook
                                                                                                                                         an attempt to main-          lines such as “The Motion Picture
                                                                                                                                         tain the content of          Event of a Generation” and “The

                  Deathly Hallows
                                                                                                                                         the     book;     keeping    Finale of the World Wide Phenome-
                                                                                                                                         fans who may have            non” there is no doubt that the film
                                                                                                                                         raised objections to         has been anticipated.

                       Part 1
                                                                                                                                         missing     content     in     What will be interesting is to see
                                                                                                                                         The Half Blood Prince        is what will be used to fill the gap
                                                                                                                                         happy.                       Harry Potter’s departure from the
                                                                                                                                           Without     a    doubt,    cinema leaves. A regular summer
                                                                                                                                         the     box-office    tak-   box-office hit, fans will be lost know-
                                By         good and evil rests upon Harry, Ron
                                                                                                                                         ings of releasing it in      ing there is not another film com-
                                                                                                                                         two parts would have         ing 2012. Luckily with films such
                          Sean Hall        and Hermione’s shoulders as they                                                              been a large contribu-       as The Hobbit finally underway, the
                                           are mercilessly hunted by the forc-                                                           tor, but with the pro-       fantasy genre will not be neglected.
                                           es of darkness. Having abandoned

                                                                                                                                         duction announcing it          Yet it will be difficult for any writer
        owhere is safe.”                   the sanctuary of Hogwarts, they                                                               would not be released        to capture the charm and spell Harry
        This tag-line from the new         must now hunt down and destroy                                                                in 3D due to concerns        Potter had over its audience without
        Harry Potter film The Deathly      the Horcruxes, and ultimately so                                                              over poor quality it is      being accused of merely mimicking
Hallows Part 1 sure is a far cry from      Lord Voldemort.                                                                               nice to see that the         the story. Though it is the unique
our first encounter with the wizard-          Directed again by David Yates who                                                          studio does genuinely        take on the concept of wizard and
ing world back in 2000. Ten years          joined the franchise with Order of                                                            have the film at heart.      the magic involved which makes the
down the line, and six films later,        the Pheonix, the film guarantees to                                                             With three trailers        franchise so popular and the pen-
the globe storming success reaches         transport its audience into a world                                                           released, all receiv-        ultimate film, I can assure you, will
its darkest hour yet in what prom-         of magic and imagination once                                                                 ing millions of views        not disappoint.
ises to be an unforgettable, epic          more. The film features various new                                                           worldwide, a dark and        “It all ends here.”
finale.                                    locations, as well as the return of                                                           stylised poster cam-
  The Deathly Hallows Part 1 wastes        some old favourites (including Grin-                                                          paign, a massive fan
no time in diving into the action.         gotts’ Wizarding Bank, not visited                                                            following and even           Harry Potter and The Deathly Hal-
Dark forces advance as he-who-             since The Philosopher’s Stone). The                                                           the option to ‘join the      lows Part 1 will be released on the
must-not-be-named and his army             film also looks like it will provide                                                          battle’ on the Face-         19th of November, while Part 2
of death eaters take over Harry’s          some brilliant performances, with
                                                                                     as newcomers including Rhys Ifans                   book page; Harry Pot-        will be released on the 15th of July
world. Unity has never been more           the return of the cast we’ve stuck
                                                                                     (The Boat That Rocked),                 ter boasts a enormous advertising        next year.
important as the battle between            with throughout the story, as well
                                                                                       The final installment has been        campaign which has caught the

    Due Date                                 The film has more than a whiff of
                                           The Hangover about it, as we see
                                           director Todd Philips and Galifiana-                  Subs vs. Dubs                                                        crazed fanatics who seem to do
                                                                                                                                                                      everything but enjoy the stories
                               By          kis reunite, as well as many of the                                                                                        they purport to ‘support’.
                                                                                                                                                                         While we’ve established dubs
                     Stuart Kenny          behind the scenes Hangover crew
                                           returning. If this doesn’t reel you in
                                           however, perhaps the presence of
                                                                                            (At the Edinburgh                                                         serve a purpose, there’s still ques-
                                                                                                                                                                      tion marks over their quality, or
                                                                                                                                                                      lack thereof. Rather than expose
                                           Downey Jr., who has been on some-
                                           what of a film hot streak lately, will,
                                           as he has stated Due Date may be
                                                                                             Anime festival)                                                          some insidious attempt to trash
                                                                                                                                                                      foreign films as some would have
                                           “the second greatest movie” he has                                                                                         you believe, it exemplifies the dis-
                                           ever made. Critics are describing                                    By                                                    parity between West and East that
                                                                                                                             over the Atlantic, however, and it       dubs try to bridge.
                                           the film as a cross between The                        Ehssan Shamoradi           magically transforms into a lolli-          When you consider Japanese,
                                           Hangover and Planes, Trains & Auto-
                                                                                                                             pop. This is indicative of the tag       like English, has many puns and
                                           mobiles, which could potentially be
                                                                                                                             animation has in the West of be-         turns of phrase that are com-

D                                                                                     I
                                           a very amusing amalgamation.
         ue Date tells the tale of Peter                                                  t’s the Scotland Loves Anima-      ing for children. In Japan, by con-                     pletely lost in transla-
                                             Although it would be highly opti-
         Highman (Robert Downy Jr.),                                                      tion Film Festival in Edinburgh.                                                           tion; when you con-
                                           mistic to hope for the same success
         who is forced to take a road                                                     Anime fans from all over the                                                               sider Japanese has
                                           as The Hangover, Due Date has a
trip with ambitious actor Ethan                                                       West rub their eyes, dust out                                                                  line punches instead
                                           strong shot at being a side-splitting
Tremblay (Zach Galifiankis) in order                                                  the costumes and evacuate their                                                                of punch lines due to
                                           success when it hits cinemas on
to get back to his wife in time for                                                   caves for the yearly pilgrimage.                                                               placing verbs at the
                                           November 5th.
the birth of their baby, which is due                                                 A joyous, liberating affair - until                                                            end of the sentence;
in five days.                                                                         someone mentions they prefer                                                                   when you consider
                                                                                      dubbing over subtitles. Then it’s                                                              dubbers have to try
                                                                                      no holds barred, hide the women                                                                and copy the sponta-
                                           previously directed Alien vs. Preda-
                                                                                      and children – fight-oh!                                                                       neity of the original
                                           tor: Requiem (although don’t be put
                                                                                        Why bother with dubs is the                                                                  in a fixed time frame,
                                           off by this!), and provided special
                                                                                      obvious question. It also has a                                                                you’ll begin to appre-
                                           effects for the likes of Avatar and
                                                                                      simple answer: subs don’t sell.                                                                ciate why dubs tend
                                           300. The brothers funded the film
                                                                                      Like it or not, mainstream and                                                                 to be... well, awful.
                                           themselves, and managed to in-
                                                                                      foreign doesn’t usually mix, and                                                                 So in the end the
                                           clude over 900 visual effects shots
                                                                                      with animation there’s a number                                                                hostility over dubs is
                                           on a budget of around $15 million
                                                                                      of particular pitfalls. The languag-                                                           meaningless.          Fans
                                           that would barely cover Brad Pitt’s
                                                                                      es involved are polarised both in                                                              of the original can
                                           lunch. Almost all of Skyline was
                                                                                      grammar and enunciation for one.                                                               still enjoy subtitles,
                                           shot in Greg Strause’s condo in
                                                                                      Foreign audiences face the daunt-                                                              dubbing does noth-
                               By          California, and if nothing else, the
                                                                                      ing task of digesting massive mul-                                                             ing to endanger this.
                                           film should bring in a healthy profit.
                     Stuart Kenny             Judging from the trailer, the film
                                                                                      tisyllabic names that mean noth-       trast, animation is often seen as        What it does is offer the content
                                                                                      ing to them.                           an opportunity to be much more           to a wider audience who might

                                           looks like a combination of In-                                                   visceral and graphic than would
       kyline revolves around mysteri-                                                  We’re not given an easy time                                                  not normally be interested, due
                                           dependence Day and Cloverfield.                                                   ever be allowed with real life ac-
       ous, meteor-like lights crash-                                                 with culture either. Traditional                                                to either not liking subtitles or be-
                                           Whether it’s aliens hoovering up                                                  tors.
       ing into Los Angeles, and                                                      dress, fishy cuisine and seasonal                                               ing unable to decipher the foreign
                                           humans into a spaceship or simply                                                   This division in values, language
drawing people outdoors. These                                                        festivals – Japan is riddled with                                               subtleties. It is elitist and self-de-
                                           annihilating well-known landmarks,                                                and culture has led many within
people soon discover that when                                                        customs requiring a 10 minute                                                   feating to try and deny people the
                                           the Strause brothers appear to have                                               the industry to consider dubbing
addicted to the light, they are ab-                                                   exposition for most foreigners to                                               choice. Rather than be annoyed,
                                           created a remarkably realistic sci-fi                                             a localisation, rather than a trans-
ducted into the sky by an extrater-                                                   grasp. Even when grasped, we                                                    fans of the product should be
                                           film for such a small budget. De-                                                 lation. Dubs cater towards a dif-
restrial enemy, and that the whole                                                    don’t always like what we find.                                                 thankful for the additional income
                                           spite a fairly unknown cast, Skyline                                              ferent audience, often bigger and
population of earth is in danger of                                                     In Pokemon for instance, our he-                                              that does so much to keep the
                                           is set to be a box office hit when it                                             younger, who simply enjoy the
being wiped out.                                                                      roes - after saving the world - like                                            shows we love alive.
                                           arrives in UK cinemas on November                                                 story, leaving the worrying to the
  Skyline comes from FX whizz                                                         the occasional puff of a fag. Swim
team, Greg and Colin Strause, who
Page 16                                                                             www.brignewspaper.com                                                                                              November 2010

                               The Other L Word
                    By Sarah Kelly          Similarities can also be found be-                                                                                                       portraying the characters. As long
                           Arts Editor    tween Queer as Folks Nathan, and                                                                                                           as you can stomach Roxanne Mc-
                                          Lip Service’s Cat, who both fill the                                                                                                       Gee’s awful attempts at an accent
                                          role of the monogamous and ever-                                                                                                           the dialogue is one of the shows

        ny people familiar with The       faithful best friend, whose hidden                                                                                                         strengths.
        L Word or Queer as Folk know      love leaves them constantly the vic-                                                                                                          In terms of its plots Lip Service
        that in order for a TV show       tim of numerous affairs. The rela-                                                                                                         is treading very familiar ground,
 about homosexuality to work the          tionships between the lead and best                                                                                                        familial rejection, heartache, lone-
 show must operate in a homosexu-         friend are often the main plot arc                                                                                                         liness, commitment &c. which
 al world where every guy is gay and      over many series, and sometimes                                                                                                            is sadly an inevitability when the
 every girl is game. Anything else        entire show runs, for example Chan-                                                                                                        characters are clearly influenced
 would make such shows indistin-          nel Fours adaptation of Julie Bur-                                                                                                         so heavily by it’s own competition.
 guishable from other homosexuality       chills Sugar Rush, which was possi-                                                                                                        However the show does manage
 – friendly shows such as Desperate       bly the last British lesbian centred                                                                                                       to establish some new ground, by
 Housewives, Grey’s Anatomy or Coro-      drama almost a decade ago.                                                                                                                 taking away the glamorous pre-
 nation Street whose depictions of          The supporting cast will often in-                                                                                                       tence that imbued The L Word the
 gay characters in a straight world       clude at least one, if not all of the                                                                                                      show feels more real, more tan-
 are often prudish and stereotypical.     following: A kooky/crazy one, a still                                                                                                      gible, and it is easy to believe that
   The setting is almost always a cos-    confused bisexual one, and the                                                                                                             you could one day bump into any
 mopolitan city, in Queer of Folk this    settled down couple who are ripped                                                                                                         of the shows characters shopping
 is Manchester, and in The L Word it      apart and fixed numerous times.                                                                                                            along Queen Street.
 is California. The setting for BBC3’s    Lip Service has every single one of                                                                                                           Lip Service isn’t original, and
 new lesbian lifestyle show, Lip Ser-     these.                                    The cast of Lip Service practise looking demure and bored                                        it has yet to do something excit-
 vice, is Glasgow, and the show pro-        So how does Lip Service differ from                                                      Pictures: www.beehivecity.com                   ing that would persuade me it
 vides character-driven plots and a       what has gone before? The show                                                                                                             was unmissable viewing, however
 setting as vital to the characters       has drawn much attention after a                                                                                                           since The L Word called time last
                                                                                    representation? Certainly it is gritty      lent itself to vacuous dialogue or
 identities as their sexualities.         recent study by Stonewall found                                                                                                            year it is exactly this kind of show
                                                                                    then The L Word, with realistic use         overt innuendo. On the other hand
   The leading characters are often       that only 46 minutes of 126 hour                                                                                                           that has been missing from our
                                                                                    of sex toys featuring prominently           Queer as Folks dialogue was often
 very much the same in each of            of popular television programming                                                                                                          screens. Although it isn’t as irre-
                                                                                    and issues regarding that first time        stilted, realistic yes, but overtly so -
 these shows. In Lip Service Frankie      depicted homosexuality positively                                                                                                          sistible or fantastic as The L Word
                                                                                    ‘tipping the velvet’ handled well and       In my opinion Moffats strength has
 walks the grunge-butch commit-           and realistically, and some have                                                                                                           was, Lip Service is realistic and it
                                                                                    honestly. Additionally the sex is of-       never laid in his characterisation
 ment-phobic lesbian ground al-           argued that the show is the BBCs                                                                                                           is positive, and better than that
                                                                                    ten depicted in detail, but manages         or dialogue (although Sherlock has
 ready trodden by The L Words unfor-      way of filling their equality quota in                                                                                                     it’s also pretty damn good.
                                                                                    to avoid being titillating or porno-        given me cause to rethink). Lip Ser-
 gettable and irresistible Shane. This    one easy to swallow show whilst be-
                                                                                    graphic.                                    vice falls into neither of these traps,
 inability to stay faithful is also the   ing hidden away safely on the often                                                                                                         Lip Service is    on   BBC3 Tues-
                                                                                       The dialogue too is more real and        and its use of Glaswegian collo-
 trait of the cocky Stuart in Stephen     awful BBC3 channel. But is Lip Ser-                                                                                                        days at 10.30pm
                                                                                    less light-hearted then The L Word,         quialisms show a certain level of
 Moffats Queer as Folk.                   vice actually a realistic or positive
                                                                                    whose glossy exterior sometimes             research has gone into accurately

 What’s on this Month...                                                                                            Poetry Corner
The Changing                              MacRobert
Rooms                                     Himalaya Alpine Style - 6th                Sicilian                                                   Wee Tour of
 Raydale Dower - 9th Octo-
                                                                                     Ceremony                                                   the Neighbourhood
 ber                                      Doug Scott has made 45 seperate
                                          expeditions to the mountains of                                                                       By the canal, where some numpty has dumped a Ford Ka,
                                                                                     Planning on passing through,
                                          Asia in his lifetime. Visit his talk to                                                               are reeds, dock leaves, empty vodka bottles, used
 The exhibitions at The Changing          hear more about his amazing expe-          we stopped;
                                                                                                                                                condoms like shed snake skins, bones of a pitbull terror.
 rooms are so frequently changed          riences and find out more about his        the air had bellowed, unexpect-                            Behind in the unlit underpass, in need of a council lick,
 that the place has well deserved         plans to return.                           ed, with church bells.                                     stinking of urine and lighter fluid, someone
 it’s name. This month see’s the ar-                                                 Our sandals hobbled round on                               has scrawled, ‘YMB no1! Gradys a dead man!’
 rival of a new exhibition by Raydale
                                          Snow White of the Seven                    the cobbled street.                                        and ‘call this number if u fancy a shag 999’.
 Dower which mixes the everyday
                                          De’Wharffs - 24th Novem-                   Behind us came a cavalcade, a                              Listen and you can hear all the late engines above
 with the surreal.
                                                                                     procession                                                 rushing to office jobs, conference calls, or cardiology.
 Promising to be a great exhibition,      ber                                                                                                   On the other side there is the supermarket and petrol station
 and showing until the 4th of De-                                                    of black wails and censering
                                                                                                                                                the Chinese takeaway, the pubs offering karaoke
 cember, the Raydale Dower exhibi-        This years MacRobert’s panto kicks         cassocks
                                                                                                                                                and stripteases, the greasy spoon, all in a complex
 tion is sure to be worth a look.         off early this year, so why not get in     enshrouded in frankincense.                                bounded by a highway and a large roundabout.
                                          the festive mood and make a trip to        Such grief,
                                          see this years excellent pantomime         such grief in a public place, I                            Kieran Murphy
                                                                                     had never before seen:
                                                                                     grief that struggles in your
                                                                                     chest like a bug
                                                                                                                                           Service Provider
                                                                                                                                                Become a commodity. Just
     For the most up to date Arts                                                    in its chrysalis.

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      articles, including reviews,
                                                                                                                                                on the internet. Just do
                                                                                     comes the image,                                           it, because you’re worthless.
                                                                                     another out of my youth, of a

     fashion and creative writing                                                    dead crow in the local park,
                                                                                     and I am alone, mother and
                                                                                                                                                Snog a dolphin; teach your cat Chopin;
                                                                                                                                                lip-sync to Nsync; berate a celebrity.
                                                                                                                                                If it’s not on youtube it didn’t happen.
                                                                                     fatherless. Autumn is settled.
              go online to                                                           I see the chest cavity                                     Twitter till blisters burst. Go
                                                                                                                                                on a dating show. Have drastic surg

      www.brignewspaper.com                                                                                open
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                                                                                     like the spires of a cathedral.                            Don’t believe the type. Just do it

                                                                                     Kieran Murphy                                              Kieran Murphy
November 2010                                                                             www.brignewspaper.com                                                                                            Page 17

             The Stylish World of Mad Men
         By Christopher Smail           filling our dreams with white pearls                                                                                                Yates novel. Here we have draped
                                        and art deco architecture.                                                                                                          cream curtains and glass vases full
                                           But Why is Mad Men so acclaimed?                                                                                                 of carnations - all flawless. The fine

                                        Well the shows success lies in its                                                                                                  cut suits and pencil skirts not only
     on Hamm is a virtuoso actor
                                        ability to make the audience pine                                                                                                   give the audience visual appeal but
     whose sculptured features are
                                        for the 1960s, a time when ciga-                                                                                                    immerses them into the world of
     reminiscent of such classic Hol-
                                        rettes came in silver cases, fami-                                                                                                  Mad Men.
lywood leading men as Carey Grant
                                        lies lived in life size doll houses                                                                                                   It is a period drama; therefore the
and Gregory Peck. This is largely
                                        and glasses of scotch and martinis                                                                                                  costume and set design are crucial
due to his award winning turn on
                                        were sipped in Fifth Avenue offices.                                                                                                to its success. just as in such BBC
the TV programme Mad Men. The
                                        It makes sense really, if you think                                                                                                 adaptations of Jane Austen and
actor has stated in interviews that
                                        about it. In contemporary Britain                                                                                                   Charlotte Bronte. You can gain a
whilst he had been a smoker for
                                        we are living in the midst of reces-                                                                                                window into the mind of a person
many years previous to his role as
                                        sion and austerity and the constant                                                                                                 by observing how they choose to
Don Draper, during shooting he had
                                        threat of terrorist attack. We dress                                                                                                dress. Look at the character of Pete
to take it up again and smoked doz-
                                        casually in football shirts, tracksuit                                                                                              Campbell, here we see his ambition
ens of herbal cigarettes. It would
                                        bottoms and trainers. It is not hard                                                                                                and his ruthless nature in the tight-
be accurate in fact to compare Mad
                                        to see the appeal of 1960s New                                                                                                      ly wound neck ties and tailored grey
Men to one of those cigarettes its
                                        York for a modern audience.                                                                                                         and sapphire blue suits which are
characters are perpetually puffing
                                           The quality of the writing and                                                                                                   sculpted onto his 12 year old boy
on - when you watch it you get that
                                        the characters who, no matter                  Mad men recreates the fashion and feel of 1950s New York                             shoulders.
same hazy sensation you feel when
                                        how flawed, are still admired and                                                                  Pictures: www.fanpop.com           There are so many things to ad-
you have a cigarette again after a
                                        adored accounts for the shows suc-                                                                                                  mire and love about Mad Men, for
long break without one, and my
                                        cess. Guys look up to Jon Hamm’s                suit of her dreams.                        and beauty. The Manhattan offices        some it will be the fashion, others
what a glorious sensation that is.
                                        Don Draper as a traditional repre-                You could write a dissertation on        which Don Draper and Co. inhabit         the memorable characters. How-
Like cigarettes the show is also very
                                        sentation of masculinity: that cool             the fashion and design of Mad Men.         are defined by their clean lines and     ever what is truly wonderful is that
seductive and addictive.
                                        scotch drinking exterior of a man               The costumes and set design play           minimalist design; we see sharp          each of us will take away something
  From The Simpsons’ spoof of its
                                        who keeps his emotions firmly bot-              as crucial a role in the show as the       mahogany desks and light beige so-       different from the show. It has so
gorgeous title sequence through to
                                        tled up inside where they belong;               acting or the writing and it is here       fas which are exquisite and refined.     much to offer. Is it the best show
Tom Ford’s debut feature A Single
                                        his big windowed office and his                 where the shows genius surfaces.              When the action shifts to the home    currently on television? Almost cer-
Man, Mad Men has seeped into al-
                                        constant infidelities with a series             Costume designer Janie Bryant and          life of Betty and Don, Bishop turns      tainly.
most every area of our popular
                                        of beautiful women. Likewise Peggy              production designer Dan Bishop             his skilled eye to recreating classic
culture. Its intoxicating blend of
                                        is a character many women would                 have created and brought to life           American suburbia, his representa-        Mad Men Season 4 is currently
high drama and 60s nostalgia has
                                        look up to, she is earnest but also             1960s New York with such grace             tion being much akin to a Richard        being shown on BBC4
washed over us like a great wave,
                                        fearless when it comes to the pur-

                     Another World Exhibition: Falling Down the Rabbit Hole
          By Christopher Smail          evidence of its importance and sig-             tions (I’m still in mourning over           surrealism didn’t see themselves        black and white photographs
                                        nificance. You can see the lingering            the fact that I missed the Diane            as specifically surrealist artists.     by Man Ray, Andre Masson and
                                        of Surrealism in modern cinema in               Arbus exhibition in the spring of           These artists included John Arm-        Denise Bellons. They are truly

    have always had a penchant for      the form of David Lynch’s twisted,              this year). Another World attempts          strong and Edward Wansworth. I          masterful photographs full of
    surrealist art. There is some-      nightmarish fantasies and in the                to grant us a detailed and varied           admire the curator’s attempts to        darkness and beauty. Lee Miller,
    thing quite enchanting and in-      world of fashion in the guise of                window into the lives and work-             bring new artists into the public       the influential model and photog-
spiring about the art that was pro-     hip British designer Gareth Pugh                ings of the surrealist artists and          consciousness but it doesn’t really     rapher is represented here by a
duced during this period, from the      whose creations are less about                  for the most part it is greatly             work here simply because most           couple prints of her street style
fairy tale films of Jean Cocteau to     clothing and more about art instal-             successful. However it is this very         British surrealist painting wasn’t      photography, most notably Rats,
the dreamscape paintings by Sal-        lation.                                         desire for diversity, to unearth the        very good, or, at least, wasn’t of      Tails, Paris, France (1930). This
vador Dali which adorn the walls of                                                                                                 the same quality as the likes of        piece reflects totally where the
so many student rooms. Naturally                                                                                                    Miro, Dali and Magritte working in      strength of surrealism lies: taking
when I read that the Dean Gallery                                                                                                   the rest of Europe. However that        an ordinary object and painting it
in Edinburgh would be construct-                                                                                                    is not to say that there are not a      or photographing it in a way that
ing a bold exhibition this summer                                                                                                   couple of treasures to be found         makes it look completely strange
of surrealist artwork, which would                                                                                                  amongst the rough seas, one being       and otherworldly.
feature paintings on loan from                                                                                                      Ithell Colquhoun’s Gouffres Amers         Another World is an exhibition of
some of the world’s most presti-                                                                                                    (1939). Colquhoun was an Indian         substantial size and it really takes
gious art galleries and museums                                                                                                     born, British based, artist and this    more than one visit to truly ap-
I was very excited. Another World,                                                                                                  work clearly displays her talents.      preciate all it has to offer. Some
an accurate title I think, features                                                                                                 It is stated in the writing that ac-    of the best pieces in the show are
a large variety of art from the sur-                                                                                                companies it that she was inspired      indiscreet in size and you have to
realist movement, spanning many                                                                                                     by Shakespeare’s The Tempest but        look really hard to find them, for
decades and also presenting work                                                                                                    to me it owes more to Scandina-         example Henri Rousseau’s Statue
from the Dada movement, which                                                                                                       vian Folklore and Norse Mythology       of Diana in the Park (1909), caged
was a loose precursor to Surreal-                                                                                                   than anything else; the picture         within its golden frame is a mys-
ism. In this show we are able to                                                                                                    looking like a particularly macabre     terious painting with its muted
see up close Rene Magritte’s heav-      Phallic symbolism by Dali, part of the ‘Another World’ exhibition                           portrait of the ancient God of the      colours and grandiose portrayal
enly Threatening Weather (1928), a                                         wPictures: www.im-akermariano.blogspot.                  sea, Poseidon. Death permeates          of the statue of Diana. Early
noted painting of luminous beauty;      com                                                                                         the canvas - its colours and its        drawings by Salvador Dali are
we are able to bear witness to the                                                                                                  content.                                reminiscent of Tim Burton’s goth-
infamous porcelain urinal sculpture                                                                                                    It is in the room that explores      ic illustrations. Whilst not perfect,

Fountain (1917) by Marcel Duch-           On a typically, dreary, drizzly               lesser known works and artists,             surrealism outside the traditional      Another World is an admirable and
amp and Joan Miro’s symmetrical           day in Edinburgh I made my way                that is the show’s Achilles heel.           realms of painting that Another         comprehensive exploration of
Head of a Catalan Peasant (1925).         through the grey puddles and                  This is never more true then in the         World really gets into its stride and   the Surrealism movement and I
The unconscious, the nature and         clawing wind along Belford Road                 gallery space dedicated to British          it is here you can see how it devel-    would encourage you to take this
manifestations of dreams, theories      and arrived at the Dean Gallery, a              Surrealism; the very name itself,           oped in the world of photography,       journey into another world.
of logic and reason: all of these       constitute member of the National               as it turns out, is as an oxymoron.         collage effects and pencil and cray-
were themes that Surrealist artists     Galleries of Scotland. It is a grand            Surrealism was never embraced in            on studies. Dominating much of
explored in a variety of mediums        and opulent building with stunning              the British Isles in the same way           one of the walls is a photographic
including sculpture, painting and       landscaped gardens housing some                 as it was in the rest of Western            study of mannequins, originally         Another World is at the Dean
photography. The movement’s             beautiful classical sculptures and              Europe. It never existed as a               shown in the legendary Exposi-          Gallery, Edinburgh until 9th
influence can still be seen in          over the years has held a number                genuine movement over here and              tion Internationale du Surrealisme      January 2011, Students £5
contemporary art today which is         of influential and acclaimed exhibi-            the artists that loosely explored           show in Paris in 1937, featuring
Page 18                                                                                      www.brignewspaper.com                                                                                   November 2010

                                                                                                                                                                                Ladies undone by
Student a victim of Dundee FC crisis                                                                                                                                            strong Dundee
                 By Scott Lorimer              since I was 15 so it’s a struggle hav-
                                               ing no income and the bills continue
                                                                                          whether to stay on after this semes-
                                                                                                                                     teams in Scotland there’s not a lot
                                                                                                                                     of money going about [in Scotland],”
                                                                                                                                                                                O     n Wednesday 20th October, Stir-
                                                                                                                                                                                      ling University Ladies Hockey 1sts
                                                                                                                                                                                played their BUCS Cup game against
                          Sports Editor                                                                                                                                         Dundee University 1sts. With their
                                               to come in.”                                  Before coming to the University,           Speaking      positively about    his
                                                                                                                                                                                third game in a week at Dundee, the

                                                 To make matters worse for the            McHale spoke to Sports Performance         course McHale said, “I’m enjoying
         professional football player,         29-year-old, he has a wife and two         Co-ordinator, Jason Atkins about his       it. I’m not finding it too hard at the     ‘City of Discovery’ would be beginning
         who studies part-time at the          young children to support, and ex-         options to study part-time while ful-      moment, but I am enjoying the work.        to feel like a second home. After the
         University’s    Sports      Studies                                                                                                                                    ladies first match against a mixture of
                                               plains he may have to take any job of-     filling his role at Dundee. Upon hear-     I’m doing the course part-time after
department, is fighting to stay on his                                                                                                                                          their 1sts and 2sts players at the week-
                                               fer that comes along, “I’ve earned an      ing of his position Atkins said, “I’m      I was training and lecture times and
course after being sacked from his                                                                                                                                              end, they knew it was going to be a
                                               income from football all my life, but      really sorry to hear that Paul’s been      seminars worked out quite well.”           good and gritty game.
club.                                          I think I’ll have to look at an income     released [by Dundee] due to the di-           McHale also said that he had a plan       Stirling  started    the    match   well,
  Paul McHale, 29, was released from           from out with football, anything to        rectors’ miss-management and I ad-         after his degree, “I was hoping to         putting pressure on the opposition
Dundee Football Club after they en-            get money in.”                             mire how calm he has been about the        move into sports management after          and keeping the score equal at 0-0 for
tered administration last month for                                                       situation.”                                the first few units had finished but       the first ten minutes. With the sun in
the second time in just seven years.           “the administra-                              But Atkins believes that 29 year-old    I’ll need to play it day at a time just    Stirling’s eyes, they were finding it dif-
The club owes debt in excess of £2                                                        still has options for playing football,    now.”                                      ficult to get a result from subsequent
million, over £400,000 of which is             tor held a meeting                         “Right now Paul is at a cross-roads           McHale is currently on trial with       pressure. This led to Dundee increas-
owed to the tax authorities.                                                              in his career. He can look for another     local side Stirling Albion, making a       ing pressure on the defence. The Stir-
  McHale, who was let go along with            with the players,                          full-time club, go part-time where         substitute appearance against Dun-         ling defence managed to clear away a
                                                                                                                                                                                number of short corners by combining
the management staff of Gordon                                                            you can get some decent money              fermline on Saturday 30 October in
Chisholm and Billy Dodds as well as            told us the situa-                         from some clubs in Division Two or         the IrnBru First Division.
                                                                                                                                                                                excellent skill with teamwork. Despite
                                                                                                                                                                                the stronghold of Stirling’s defence,
eight other players now faces the un-                                                     there are some junior clubs. There            He joined Dundee in 2007 after a
certainty over his future in football.         tion that the club                         is the option of our scholarship pro-      two-year spell with Clyde.
                                                                                                                                                                                the Dundee team managed to score a
                                                                                                                                                                                goal. A further two goals were scored
  Speaking to brig sport McHale told                                                      gramme but we can’t offer him near-
of his surprise of being released, “It         us in, then took us                        ly enough as his situation requires.
                                                                                                                                                                                by Dundee before half time, which was
                                                                                                                                                                                not helped by the bias of the umpires,
was a real shock, on the morning the                                                      But the door is always open for Paul
administrator held a meeting with all          in one by one to                           if he ever wants to train with us.”
                                                                                                                                                                                leading to the decrease in confidence
                                                                                                                                                                                within the Stirling team.
the players and told us of the situa-                                                        However McHale has ruled out the                                                     After half time, Stirling really put the
tion that the club is in, then he took         tell is if we were                         possibility of joining the University                                                 pressure on Dundee leading to many
us in one by one to tell us if we were                                                    football team, “I have spoken to Ja-                                                  shots on goal, unfortunately saved by
to be kept on or not. No one knew at           to be kept on or                           son about the scholarships, but in                                                    the Dundee keeper. The Dundee team
                                                                                                                                                                                who scored a further goal turned
all who would be going.”                                                                  my position now I’m just looking to
  With Dundee having a near fully fit          not”                                       take on any paying job to support my                                                  around play, the result of extremely
                                                                                                                                                                                bad umpiring, as the rules of play in-
squad would have been hard to pre-                                                        family.”
dict who would be leaving the club. “I                                                                                                                                          side the 23 line were not adhered to.
                                                 With a lack of income comes the             With recent high profile football                                                  Play continued, continuously being
was fully fit, but I think it was maybe        threat of dropping out of university       players making the news, such                                                         turned over by both teams. Unfortu-
because I hadn’t been playing much             for Paul, who studies as a mature          as Wayne Rooney earning around                                                        nately, Dundee scored a further goal,
in the first-team that lead to me be-          student, “I hoped to get my degree         £250,000 per week, the gulf in earn-                                                  but Stirling kept their heads high and
ing let go.”                                   in sports studies, then after that go      ings is plain to see. “There is the                                                   kept up a great standard of play.
  McHale admits that he is now find-           on to do a Postgraduate degree in          glamorous side to it and football is a     Paul McHale (right) earlier in the           The match finished with Dundee win-
ing it increasingly difficult with no          sports management, but now I’m             great way to make a living,” McHale        season for Dundee FC                       ning 5-0.
source of income, “I’ve had a job              having to have a hard think about          admits. “But apart from the top six                         Pictures: David Young

Edinburgh arrive just in time to see off Stirling                                                                                       Netballers battle hard
                                                                                                                                                       By Stuart Kenny            lowed the opposition, particularly
                     By Blair Codie              The second period saw a collapse         time.                                                                                   their fast moving centre, to control
                                               of Stirling’ s defence, as Edinburgh         Speaking to injured Stirling player,                                                  the game. Stirling began to up their
                                               broke twice to make the score 0-3,         Kenny Dunn after the match he point-          Stirling Uni 33                           game when they managed to slow
    Stirling Uni 3
                                               giving the home side a lot to do in the    ed out that the Stirling side was not         Edinburgh University 2nds 47              down play, with defence Emma and
    Edinburgh University 8
                                               second half of the match.                  at full strength and had at least four                                                  Charlotte working well to start some

                                                 In the opening five minutes of the       of their first team starters missing,
T    he Stirling University lacrosse                                                                                                        he Stirling girls faced a tough       flowing moves, but the opponents
                                               third period Edinburgh continued to        along with himself. However, he did               challenge against an in form Ed-      kept piling on the pressure with var-
     team played hosts to Edinburgh
                                               dominate and forced three top class        mention that he felt the “team had           inburgh 2nd team this week, with           ious counter attacks. This allowed
on the 20th October with the home
                                               saves from Ritchie, who was making         done well regarding the strength of          the game opening at a fast pace.           Edinburgh to open up a dominant
side on the end of a disappointing
                                               a top class performance. Then, in the      the side” and that overall they did            Stirling took advantage of some          gap over Stirling this quarter, lead-
3-8 loss, but restricted a rampant
                                               ninth minute, the impressive Kent          very well to restrict a recently free-       sloppy play from Edinburgh to open         ing 35-25 at its close.
Edinburgh side to few chances.
                                               got Stirling back in the match with        scoring Edinburgh side to only eight-        up a small lead, with sharp shooting         In the fourth quarter the Edin-
  The Stirling team have never beaten
                                               a fine long range effort, which made       goals. When asked about where he             GS Ruth Abraitis converting well.          burgh high balls kept on coming,
Edinburgh in lacrosse but came clos-
                                               the score 1-3.                             thought the match had gone wrong               However, Edinburgh regained fo-          with their tall goal shooter scoring
est to victory in the same fixture last
                                                 Two minutes later Kent scored his        for his team mates, Dunn said that           cus quickly, with fast flowing passes      often from close-in, and making al-
year, resulting in an 8-8 draw.
                                               second of the match after a fine save      “bad refereeing decisions” had cost          and many lofted balls to their goal        most every rebound. Stirling added
  The match was in severe jeopardy
                                               from Ritchie, and then quick counter       his side: “I had to referee today, and       shooter, who was certainly not lack-       height to their attack force also,
because as the 2pm start time ap-
                                               attacking play saw Edinburgh left          I’m an injured player, I can’t referee.”     ing height. This lofted ball was to        upping success rate for lofted balls
proached, Edinburgh were still to be
                                               exposed at the back, which allowed-                                                     be a frequently recurring, and suc-        and Stirling’s rebounding. However,
seen. Stirling allowed the match to
                                               Kent to capitalize, meaning that the                                                    cessful, tactic for Edinburgh, who         the home team missed some good
be delayed until 2.30pm, and if Ed-
                                               score would be 2-3, with the remain-                                                    made constant use of their player’s        chances, and Edinburgh capital-
inburgh had still not shown it would’
                                               der of the quarter and the final quar-                                                  height. Overly optimistic passing by       ised, rarely hitting an inaccurate
ve resulted in a forfeit and a win for-
                                               ter to play.                                                                            both teams led to several turnovers        shot. The end result was a disap-
                                                 Kent’s second seemed to have an-                                                      in the quarter, with most points           pointing 47-33 loss for the Stirling
  However, Edinburgh finally arrived
                                               gered Edinburgh as they went on to                                                      coming when the teams became               Girls.
at 2.25pm and the match went
                                               break Stirling’s defence a further                                                      more patient. At the end of this first       After the game the girls said, “it
ahead, albeit with a 55 minute delay.
                                               three times before the end of the 3rd                                                   quarter Stirling held a 14-11 lead.        was a hard-fought match, against
  Edinburgh, fresh from a 16-3 vic-
                                               quarter. With the score at 2-6 to the                                                     Edinburgh took control in the sec-       a tough Edinburgh side with a sol-
tory over Aberdeen University made
                                               away time with just one quarter to                                                      ond quarter, with tight man-mark-          id defence.” However the girls can
the early start, breaching a resolute
                                               play, it seemed unlikely Stirling could                                                 ing forcing Stirling into longer shots     take positives out of the encounter
Stirling sides defences in the 12th
                                               salvage anything from the game.                                                         and various uncompleted passes,            and remain confident for their next
minute of the first quarter, making
                                                 In the eighth minute of the final                                                     whilst the persistent Edinburgh            match away to Aberdeen University,
the score 0-1. Keeper Andy Ritchie
                                               quarter, Edinburgh put the match                                                        high ball continued to cut through         but will have to be on top form hav-
could do nothing but pick the ball out
                                               beyond doubt as they scored their                                                       Stirling’s zonal marking tactics. The      ing lost four of the last five encoun-
of the net after a period of sustained
                                               seventh of the match, leaving Stirling                                                  opponents were good out wide, and          ters between the sides.
period of pressure from Edinburgh.
                                               trailing by five, with only 12 minutes                                                  very accurate with their passing,            Stirling now lie third in their BUCS
  After a time out, Stirling started in
                                               remaining. Kent did, however, get                                                       establishing a lead of 25-20 in the        league, having played four matches
the ascendancy and were controlling
                                               his third of the match in the 12th                                                      quarter.                                   already this season.
most of the possession and keeping
                                               minute, making the score 3-7. Then,                                                       The determined girls started bet-         Edinburgh’s victory maintains their
Edinburgh restricted to their own
                                               in the dying minutes of the game,                                                       ter in the third, but the strong Ed-      100% start to the season and sees
half, with Malcolm Kent forcing sev-
                                               the five goal cushion was restored as                                                   inburgh defensive unit strained           them into first place over-taking St
eral good saves from the Edinburgh
                                               Edinburgh made the scoreboard read                                                      Stirling into missed shots and inac-      Andrews on nine points.
keeper.                                                                                   Edinburgh were just too strong for
                                               3-8 and that’ s how it stayed until full                                                curate, rushed passing, which al-
November 2010                                                                                 www.brignewspaper.com                                                                                                            Page 19

Students fight back in dramatic style                                                                                                                                                 November
                By Iain Blackwood                                                                                                                                                     Fixtures
                      Sports Editor
 Stirling Uni FC XI 3
 Dalrymple (70), Manson (78),                                                                                                                                                         Basketball
 Parr-Gallagher (82)                                                                                                                                                                  Uni of Strathclyde v Stirling 03/11/10
                                                                                                                                                                                      Heriot-Watt v Stirling 10/11/10
 University of Leeds 2                                                                                                                                                                Stirling v Uni of Glasgow 17/11/10

        tirling first XI football team got                                                                                                                                            Stirling v Aberdeen Uni 24/11/10
        their BUCS Mar North Premier
        League season off to a dra-                                                                                                                                                   Stirling v Loughborough Uni 03/11/10
matic start against the University of                                                                                                                                                 Stirling v Civil Service 06/11/10
Leeds last week.                                                                                                                                                                      Stirling v Whitehill Welfare 13/11/10
  The students had to battle back                                                                                                                                                     Lothian Thistle v Stirling 21/11/10
after finding themselves 2 - 0                                                                                                                                                        (CUP FINAL)
against a side they were dominating.                                                                                                                                                  Stirling v Northumbria Uni 24/11/10
                                                                                                                                                                                      Preston Athletic v Stirling 27/11/10
The home side missed a hand full of
chances and left themselves wonder-                                                                                                                                                   Golf
ing why they weren’t ahead.                                                                                                                                                           Stirling v Aberdeen Uni 17/11/10
  The Yorkshire side travelled up                                                                                                                                                     Stirling v St Andrews 24/11/10
that morning and they thought they
would be going back down south                                                                                                                                                        Hockey
with the points but the hard fighting                                                                                                                                                 Uni of Edinburgh 3rd v Stirling 03/11/10
                                                                                                                                                                                      Robert Gordan 1st v Stirling 10/11/10
students turned the match around
                                                                                                                                                                                      Uni of Strathclyde 1st v Stirling17/11/10
to win 3 - 2.                                                                                                                                                                         Stirling v Heriot-Watt 2nd 24/11/10
  The first half was a half of much          The first XI celebrate as they come back from two goals down to beat the University of Leeds
frustration as many opportunities                                                                                                                          Pictures: Scott Lorimer
were missed by the home side.                the keeper. Moments later after               for a dramatic finish for the last             Coach for the University of Leeds           Stiring v Uni of Glasgow 10/11/10
  In the opening 10 minutes both             some great play in midfield, Michael          ten minutes. In the 82nd minute              was ex-Leeds United striker Brian             Aberdeen Uni v Stirling 17/11/10
sides saw an equal amount of pos-            Pentland was through one on one               the come back was complete as                Deane and he spoke exclusively to
                                                                                                                                                                                      Rugby Union
session but from then on Stirling            but like most of Stirling’s efforts it        Parr-Gallagher headed the ball home          Brig Sport.
                                                                                                                                                                                      Stirling v Uni of Sheffield 03/11/10
where playing good football and              was straight at the keeper.                   after more excellent play on the left          “I am a bit disappointed with the           Stirling v Aberdeen Uni 17/11/10
moving the ball around well.                   After some encouraging words                by Pearson.                                  result as whole but they [Stirling]           Robert Gordon Uni v Stirling 24/11/10
  The first chance fell to Craig Man-        from coach, Stevie Burchill at half              After the match the team were             played really well. Stirling played
son after an excellent cross on the          time the students started the sec-            delighted with the result and first          with a lot of heart and guts; they            Tennis
left by Calum Scott, but there wasn’t        ond half as they ended the first.             win of the competition.                      had a plan and they stuck with it.            Stirling v Loughborough 03/11/10
enough on Manson’s shot to take it             In the 57th minute the battling stu-           Defender Chris Mckee said, “We              But we traveled up this morning so          Leeds Metro’p v Stirling 10/11/10
                                                                                                                                                                                      Stirling v Uni of Manchester 17/11/10
past the keeper.                             dents came undone again against               were the much better team and we             you could say they were at a slight
                                                                                                                                                                                      Stirling v Loughborough 24/11/10
  Minutes later Scott was involved           the run of play. A Leeds substitute           dominated possession. Every shot             advantage but it will be a disadvan-
again on the left and he drifted into        scored with his first touch of the            we had went straight at the keeper.          tage to them when they travel south.          Volleyball
the box but his shot was hit straight        game which was a sweet strike into                It was a great come back and we            We are a little bit disappointed, if        Uni of Abertay v Stirling 06/11/10
at the keeper again.                         the top of the net leaving Filler with        deserved to win as we were on top            you lose a 2-0 lead at any level you          Stirling v Uni of Abertay 07/11/10
  After such a positive start by the         no chance.                                    throughout the match”.                       are kind of frustrated and annoyed            Stirling v West of Scotland 14/11/10
home side, in the 14th minute the              With half an hour still to play the            Coach, Stevie was also delighted          but we have travelled a long distance
                                                                                                                                                                                      Water Polo
visitors put the ball in the back of         students had a long way back but              with the result, he said “ I think we        so you cant question the efforts of
                                                                                                                                                                                      Stirling v Dundee Uni 03/11/10
the net after Stirling keeper Sam            they kept their discipline and took           were better in the first half then we        the players.”                                 Stirling v Robert Gordon Uni 17/11/10
Filler made important stop mo-               the game to the travelers.                    were in the second but they scored             The footballers can also celebrate          Stirling v Uni of St. Andrews 17/11/10
ments before.                                  In the 70th minute, substitute              two great goals.                             their fantastic efforts as they have          Uni of Edinburgh v Stirling 24/11/10
  Stirling didn’t let the goal affect        Darren Dalrymple found some space                The important thing was not to            reached the Alex Jack Cup Final.
them as they continued to press for-         in the box, after some great play on          rush things and not get frustrated,          They traveled to Tynecastle on the            Women’s
ward. Manson flicked a long ball by          the left by Scott, and he placed the          I thought once we got the first goal         23rd October and beat the Edin-
Filler on and it fell to Emmot Parr-         ball past the stretching keeper.              then we would get more.                      burgh side 3 – 1 with goals coming
                                                                                                                                                                                      Uni of Strathclyde v Stirling03/11/10
Gallagher but his shot went narrowly           After constant Stirling pressure,              I’m delighted with the first win          from Manson, Dalyrmple and Corr.              Queen Margaret v Stirling 10/11/10
wide of the near post.                       Manson managed to bundle the ball             because it’s important to win your             The students will meet Lothian              Stirling v Glasgow Uni 27/11/10
  Just before half time, Robert              home after a scrappy corner in the            home games. We are the new boys              Thistle in the final on Sunday 21st           Stirling v Dundee Uni 24/11/10
Pearson was in space for a half              78th minute.                                  in the league so it’s going to be            November for a 2pm kick off. The
volley but his shot was straight at            The students set themselves up              tough”.                                      venue is yet to be announced.                 Football
                                                                                                                                                                                      Edinburgh Napier v Stirling 03/11/10
                                                                                                                                                                                      Glasgow Cale v Stirling 10/11/10
                                                                                                                                                                                      Glasgow Uni v Stirling 17/11/10

Ladies keep up winning start to the season                                                                                                                                            Stirling v Abertay Uni 24/11/10

                                                                                                                                                                                      Scottish Agricultural College v Stirling
                 By Graeme Young             ling’s solid backline, defender Maren         gled shot slipped agonisingly past           the best efforts of St Andrews.               03/11/10
                                             Hofler was a standout. Her partner in         the post.                                      Man of the match Sarah Hutton af-           Edinburgh Napier v Stirling 10/11/10
                                             central defence Toy Lana had a good             Tally-Harry Thomas looked danger-          ter the match said “It wasn’t our best        Stirling v Aberdeen 17/11/10
                                                                                                                                                                                      Stirling v Glasgow Cale 24/11/10
  Stirling Ladies 1                          game and despite being in the wars            ous and her constant running was             performance today but despite that
  Nelson (42)                                she continued to put in strong tack-          giving the St Andrews backline a lot         we managed to grind out a win. We             Lacrosse
  University of St. Andrews 0                les.                                          of problems, she could also count            know we can play better than that but         Stirling v St Andrews 03/11/10
                                               Just before the break Stirling began        herself unlucky when her shot came           we are still pleased that we got the          Glasgow Uni v Stirling 10/10/10

S    tirling’s   ladies   football team      to put the pressure on the visitors           off the bar during Stirling’s impres-        win.”                                         Aberdeen Uni v Stirling 17/11/10

     maintained their perfect start to       and St Andrew’s keeper made some              sive attacking spell.
                                             smart saves from Thomas and Sine-               The home team had many impres-                                                           Netball
the season with a 1-0 victory over a                                                                                                                                                  Aberdeen Uni v Stirling 13/11/10
resolute St Andrews team. Lauren             ad McLeod respectively.                       sive performers on the day but no
                                                                                                                                                                                      Stirling v Strathclyde Uni 20/11/10
Nelson’s goal direct from a corner             Minutes before the interval, Lauren         one probably stamped their authority                                                       Stirling v St Andrews 27/11/10
was enough to give the home side all         Nelson managed to direct her cor-             on the game than midfielder Sarah
three points on Wednesday.                   ner into the St Andrew’s net. Her in          Hutton. Hutton managed to drive her                                                        Rugby Union
  Stirling started the game the bright-      swinging cross was too hot to handle          team on several times in the game                                                          Stirling v Glasgow Uni 03/11/10
                                             for the keeper who could only force           and also provided many opportuni-                                                          Stirling v Heriot-Watt 10/11/10
er of the two teams and Tally-Harry                                                                                                                                                   St Andrews v Stirling 17/11/10
Thomas was seeing a lot of the ball          the ball into her own net.                    ties with her accuracy from free-
                                                                                                                                                                                      Stirling v Dundee Uni 24/11/10
on the left wing and created several           After getting the goal just before          kicks.
opportunities in the early stages.           half-time Stirling started sluggishly           The only real threat St Andrews                                                          Tennis
  The game wasn’t as end to end as           early on in the second half.                  caused the home side was with a suc-                                                       St Andrews v Stirling 03/11/10
their previous fixture against Strath-         That didn’t last long however and           cession of corners late on. Physically                                                     Stirling v Glasgow Uni 10/11/10
clyde two weeks earlier but despite          they managed to for the first time            the visitors looked more imposing in                                                       Stirling v Aberdeen Uni 17/11/10

St Andrews energetic display they            create a few clear cut chances.               stature but couldn’t manage to turn
                                               Sinead McLeod, who was impres-              that into to any sort of advantage.                                                        Volleyball
probably lacked enough quality to                                                                                                                                                     Glasgow Cale v Stirling 07/11/10
trouble Stirling.                            sive throughout with her well timed             Stirling managed to comfortably                Captain Sarah Hutton shields the
                                                                                                                                                                                      Stirling v Robert Gordon 14/11/10
  That was in no small part to Stir-         runs from deep managed to ghost               see the game out in the closing stag-            ball from a St Andrews challenge          Glasgow Uni v Stirling 21/11/10
                                             into the St Andrews box and her an-           es and earn a deserved win despite                                Pictures: Graeme Young

                                                                                                                                                  Page 19 - Football fight-

                                                                                                                                                  Page 18 - Student caught
                                                                                                                                                  up in Dundee debacle

Swimming duo are Stirling’s silver lining
           By Iain Blackwood &               Studies at Stirling said “A lot of work
                                             has gone into that relay, so many
                  Scott Lorimer              hours in the pool, a lot of team work
                  Sports Editors             so it was great to come away with a
                                               This year with the strength and

         he Scotland team have ar-           depth of the Ozzy’s I think silver was
         rived back from Delhi and the       realistically the best we could hope
         University of Stirling can be       for. I’m very happy with silver”.
proud of their three medallists that           Jak Scott, 19, has been swimming
contributed to the team’s success.           alongside Hunter as part of the
   The Commonwealth Games in Delhi           Scholarship       Programme       and  this
was a massive stepping stone for two         was his first major event. At a young
very talented swimmers as Andrew             international age he has a lot of po-
Hunter and Jak Scott came back with          tential in the up and coming future
two silver medals after competing            for the London 2012 Olympics and
in the 4x200m freestyle relay. Both          the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth
athletes are part of the International       Games.
Scholarship Programme here at the              Jak said “For my first major games
university.                                  to win silver, it means everything.
   The two Scots swam alongside Rob-         I knew I wasn’t going to do it indi-
bie Renwick and David Carry which            vidually and to go in with those ex-
made up the Scottish team that               perienced guys and come away with
won silver and broke a new nation-           silver, it can only bode well for the
al record. The Scots were clearly in         future.”
contention for a medal as the team             “Before the race I was so nervous.”
made up of already medallists, Ren-          Scott continues, “I could see my par-
wick and Carry, as well as Beijing           ents up in the stand as well and that
Olympian, Hunter. It was Scott’s first       just made me more nervous. But I
major event and he came through to           just focused and thought, ‘it’s just
assist the team to victory.                  another 200m freestyle in a 50m
   The team battled well as they were        pool’”.
up against tough opposition from the           Reliving the race Jak recalls, “I went
likes of New Zealand, Australia and          third in the relay. I got out and I was
South Africa.                                absolutely shattered but by the time I
   It was a close finish for the Scottish    managed to come round and realised
team as Australia had a four second          what was happening again, we were
gap and the South Africans were con-         all just going mental, shouting on
testing closely with Scotland for the        Robbie to push it as hard as he could
silver medal. The finishing time was         and he did, he did us all very proud.”
07:14.02 for Scotland and Renwick              Another graduate, Colin Fleming ex-
battled hard in the final leg to clinch      ceeded himself and came away with
silver.                                      a gold medal in the mixed doubles
   Hunter swam the quickest and even         tennis
beat his average time when he com-             Fleming and Scotland team mate
peted in the individual 200m free-           Joss Rae beat Australians, Paul Han-
style event earlier in the games.            ley and Anastasia Rodionva, 7-6 (9-
   Hunter spoke to brig sport and            7), 6-7 (2-7) 6-2.
said, “I went first in the relay so I          Euan McGinn, High Performance
had a good 5 minutes to sit and wait         Tennis Coach and Team Scotland                Andrew Hunter (left) and Jak Scott (right) show off their medals on return to the University’s swimming centre
and see the race unfold, so it was           Tennis Coach, said: “It was a fantas-
                                                                                                                                                                                                            Pictures: Scott Lorimer
quite tense at the start. But when           tic performance by both players to
                                                                                           er and his success shows how the             formances across the Scotland team            been producing through their Inter-
Robbie touched us into second over           win a gold medal for Scotland. As a
                                                                                           scholarship programme at Stirling            that helped the Scots to an excellent         national    Scholarship Programmes
the South Africans, it was absolutely        team, we went in with no pressure or
                                                                                           and University tennis more widely,           games build up for Glasgow 2014.              and many more athletes will be look-
phenomenal.”                                 expectations, which enabled them to
                                                                                           can deliver gold medal champions.”              The University of Stirling can be          ing for major achievements in the
   Hunter, a graduate student in BAcc        play freely and showcase their talent.
                                                                                             There were some outstanding per-           pleased with the talent that they have        years to come.
Hons      Accountancy       and   Business     Colin is a world class doubles play-

Stirling Albion in stadium name change
              By Iain Blackwood                Stirling Albion are the first senior        Doubletree is a sign of us moving the         since they haven’t been changed for           of roughly 150.”
                                             football club to be owned by a sup-           club forward and using as many rev-           17 years.”. He added.                           Albion is also moving forward in
                    Sports Editor            porters trust, the club was taken over        enue sources as possible in the local           When asked about the fans re-               the league and after positive results
                                             by the group in July. Albion are now          area.                                         sponse to the new stadium name, Mr            against Partick Thistle and Dundee

L   ast week Stirling Albion Football
    Club signed a three-year contract
with DoubleTree by Hilton and have
                                             looking to challenge the traditional
                                             sponsorship routes and involve local
                                                                                             “It’s important to get local busi-
                                                                                           nesses on our side and today [29th
                                                                                                                                         Goodwin said ”I the hope fans can
                                                                                                                                         see what we are trying to do, we are
                                                                                                                                                                                       last month; the target for survival is
                                                                                                                                                                                       looking good.
                                             businesses.                                   Oct] we have clinched a deal with             establishing relationships and part-            “At the moment on the pitch, a win
renamed the stadium to DoubleTree              The three-year deal with DoubleTree         B&Q for them to advertise with us.”           nerships with local businesses so we          will move us in the top places but a
Dunblane Stadium as part of a spon-          is worth in the region of £50,000 to          Goodwin continues.                            can generate revenue into the club            defeat could see us drop a couple of
sorship deal.                                Albion and the sponsorship includes             “Areas of the club are in need for          and to keep this football club moving         places so every point is important
  The Bino’s home was formally               the stadium name. The contract also           decoration and refurbishment and              forward.                                      but we are delighted with the season
known as Forthbank Stadium but it            offers the option to be extended for          we have agreed with B&Q if they can             The response we got from the uni-           so far” said Mr Goodwin.
has now been renamed after the Dun-          up to 10 years.                               help to sponsor us, we would then             versity at the Partick Thistle game is          The Bino’s will travel to Cowden-
blane Hydro Hotel. DoubleTree by               Paul Goodwin, member of the Sup-            buy all the materials we need from            an example about creating relation-           beath on Saturday 6 November for a
Hilton are the owners of the famous          porters Trust spoke exclusively to            them. Just for example the chang-             ships, we offered free entry for stu-         crucial league game.
hotel in Dunblane.                           brig sport and said: “The deal with           ing rooms are in need of decoration           dents and we got an excellent turnout

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