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					                                                       prayer requests
 1 John 5:14 This is the confidence which we have before Him, that, if we ask anything
 according to His will, He hears us. 15 And if we know that He hears us in whatever we
      ask, we know that we have the requests which we have asked from Him. NKJV

Ruby Able— Gerald & Elaine C. grandchild                                 Rosanna Strickland (Chuck Heckert’s daughter)
Jennifer Payne Anderson– numerous medical conditions                     Jr. Sullivan having complications after hand surgery
Zach Armstrong– B-cell lymphoma (friend of Heath Nantz)                  Bishop Taylor (Jackie Davis’ nephew) home
Gran Barger-Alzheimer's (Cindy Young’s dad)                              Chad Vandeventer
JoAnnn Batchelor—has cancer in lung, spine, & liver                      Melissa Vest’s grandmother Charlotte- in hospital critical condition
Joe Bergeron’s sister Julie– brain mass                                  Susan Wetzel– Norton’s with complications with heart
Michael Bouillard                                                        Arnold Wilhite– Ann H’s son off Hospice at home
Larry Bowsman (Phillip’s father)                                         Jeff Wingler (Helen Collier’s son) at Jewish Hospital
Boone Burton                                                             Arcadia Church in Louisville
Marlene Burton-memory problems                                           Eden Children’s Village– Doma, Zimbabwe
Connie Carmichael– brain tumor                                           Elijah & Kristen Peters—New Zealand missionaries
Mary Carnes—Ann N’s sister                                               Dino & Mata Tzanetos– missionaries in Athens
Linda Crane– fell and broke her wrist
Jeffrey Cullins (Friend of Lisa D.) In hospital with spinal meningitis   Dealing with Cancer
Janell Densmore– in hospital                                             CJ Anderson                          Johnny Jarboe
Angie Deuser-(Cynthia Porter’s sister) Cancer                            Sophia Anderson                      Vivian Loechte
      Engle-                            MRI–
Ryan Engle-(brother of Monica Elam) MRI– head                            Bill Beckett                         Armin Lawson
Cindy Ewing– having surgery on Aug. 24th in Seymour                      Terry Blair                          Dan Maddox
Devon Farrar-marine training                                             Scott Blankenbaker                   Bruce Mathews
Patty Green-(Marcia Gwaltney’s mother)                                   Larry Bowsman                        Brian Mathis
Bailey Hamilton—Muscular Dystrophy                                       Brian Bream                          Kaylyn McWhirk
Jason & Leslie Harrel                                                    Martha Brown                         Don Meyer
Brayden Haub– unborn baby diagnosed with PFFD                            Jason Buchanan                       Judy Meyer
Terry Hazelip (Todd Hazelip’s brother) hit by semi                       Rod Carter                           Alisha Miller
Ann Heichelbech– Cataract surgery Sept. 13th. Needs someone to           Dr. Kalen Carty                      Hal Miller
take her
                                                                         Lynn Caufman                         Naomi Oppel
Pam Hensley— friend of Vicki Dowling
                                                                         Lonnie Coats                         Barbara Newberry
Randy Houston– medical problems
                                                                         Roberta Coats                        J.D. Owsley
Teresa Hurst—stroke
                                                                         Jan Cooper                           North Rainey
Crystal Jenkins
                                                                         Jill Cooper                          Michelle Ridge
Jared Abram Rose-Jones (Kyle Warman’s son)
                                                                         Mary Cooper                          Landon Roberts
MJ and Martha Kemp
                                                                         Linda Day                            Mary Russell
Eva Kinzie– Toni A’s mother
                                                                         Melba Denny                          Kay Sculley
Jason Lyles—heart problems
                                                                         Angela Deuser                        Dwight Shoults
Kathleen Mays– stroke in local hospital
                                                                         Stacey (Balentine) Fleming           Eddie Shoults
Danny McNew (brother of Ronnie McNew) heart attack
                                                                         Kathy Gilliat                        Laney St. Claire
Carl Mitchell– brain tumor
                                                                         Bo Green                             Shannon Sullivan
Ruth Moore— Elaine C. mother
                                                                         Rose Horner                          Sarah Warren
Maxine Morris– back issues
                                                                         Sarah Huffman                        Joe Wells
Avis Naugle– in Jewish Ho. suffered a stroke
                                                                         Holly Humphrey– 4th grade            Arnold Willhite
Marvin “Pud” Naugle- (Laurie Edwards father
                                                                         Terry Hurst
Larry Nickels—Tami Branaman’s father
Chad Nickels– Tami Branaman’s brother                                    Serving Our Country
Ruby Nickels-surgery to repair compound fractures
                                                                         Jonathan Barclay—Africa           Corey Crawford
Aleca Pate– niece of Janie Heninger
                                                                         Jackie Kaina-Iraq                 Bob Kinzie—Iraq
Max Plaskett—MDS, Robbie Sculley’s cousin
                                                                         Drew Klem                         Michael Morgan
Cloa Scott—spinal issues
                                                                         Todd Rosalez-Iraq                 Wesley Sosh-Iraq
Family of David Stanley– recently passed away
                                                                         Brent Walters                     Stephen Heichelbech
Family of Nathan Stidham– tragic death
                                                                         Tim Howard
Jana Sells- (Co-worker of Laura Temple) cancer in lymph nodes

  We are trying to keep the prayer list up to date.
  Please notify us of any changes in the status of                                 Thursday Night Prayer
     those on the list, let us know by emailing                              Please join us for a time of prayer at
                                            7pm each Thursday evening at the
                                                                                       church building.

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