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									                        The Tower
                           University of Central Oklahoma
 Winter 2011
Vol 5, Number 3        College of Education and Professional Studies
                                                                                  Inside this issue:

Letter From the Dean                   periences to occur for our students and
                                                                                  Letter from     1-2
                                       faculty members. Our colleagues from       the Dean
Dear Friends,                          the Department of Professional
       I trust that you are well, enjoyed
                                       Teacher Education, the Department of       UTPA Grant      3
a peaceful and joyous holiday season,  Kinesiology and Health Studies, and
and are now in the process of making   the Department of Occupational and         CEPS Notes      4-6
2011 a banner year. The most promi-    Technology Education continue to re-
nent news item on campus was the re-   alize the benefits of space in the new     APS & ECE       7
cent announcement by President Webb    building to better serve students’
announcing his retirement effective    needs.                                     KHS             8-
June 30, 2011. We appreciate the great The Urban Teacher Preparation Acad-                        10
leadership and support President Webb  emy, our collaborative venture in
has provided our community and wish                                               OCTE            11-
                                       Oklahoma City Public Schools that                          13
him and his family all the best in the prepares undergraduate teacher candi-
next stage of his life. We also look for-
                                       dates for serving students’ needs in ur-   PSY             14
ward to welcoming and working with     ban schools, continues to go well un-      SPC SERV        15
the new president who will be selected der the most capable direction of Dr.                      16-
by the RUSO Regents.                   Bill Pink. The first cohort of students    Conferences
       As you can see in this edition of
                                       have now completed over half of their      Research        21
The Tower, many exciting things are    full year of clinical experiences with     Opportunity/
happening for our students, faculty,   the support of trained mentor teacher      Grants
and staff in the college. Enrollment   and administrators at Linwood Ele-         Scholarships/   21-
this semester remains quite strong and mentary School, Taft Middle                Grants          23
our trend of increased enrollment in   School, and Capitol Hill High
the college over the past five years   School. Selection of the second co-
continues. Many of our classes are     hort of students is underway so that
now being convened in the new Cen-     this new group of students will be
ter for Transformative Learning and it prepared for their year of clinical
appears that our use of these new      experience in 2011-12.
learning spaces is contributing many
positive transformational learning ex- (cont. on page two)
The Tower                                                                Winter 2011, Page 2

Letter From the Dean                              ies Advocacy Council (formerly known as the
                                                  Advisory Board). We are grateful to the dedi-
(cont. from page one)
                                                  cated members of this group for their interest
A search is underway to select a coordinator      in and support for our work to help students
for this program. The funding received from       in our college.
the Inasmuch Foundation Grant is being used              On January 24, we hosted an Emeriti
to further develop the student support and        Faculty and Staff Luncheon that was attended
professional development aspects of this pro-     by 13 Emeriti Faculty and Staff members rep-
gram. We continue to work with our partners       resenting well over 200 years of service to
to find ways to continue to refine and expand     our college. In addition to lunch, we explored
this promising program during a time of ma-       how we might capture some of the history of
jor change for all schools, especially those in   our college over the past 20 years in order to
metropolitan areas.                               ensure that we do not lose our ability to know
       The Principal Preparation Partnership      the great people who have staffed our college
Cohort program, led by Dr. Kirk Webster,          and the things they accomplished. I hope to
continues with a cohort of students in the Ed-    have more news on concrete developments in
mond Public Schools and a combined cohort         this area soon.
of students from the Putnam City and Yukon               As you review this edition of The
School Districts. This partnership involves       Tower you will see some of the tremendous
careful selection of candidates managed in        accomplishments of our students, faculty and
collaboration with district leaders and is as-    staff members. It is with great humility and
sisting many of the metropolitan Oklahoma         pride that I am blessed to see magic happen-
City school districts to ensure an ample sup-     ing in our college on a daily basis. Please feel
ply of well prepared principals for the future.   free to contact me anytime you might like to
We are hopeful of beginning this program in       come and witness firsthand some of our tal-
the Moore School District in the near future      ented and dedicated people and the great
and continue to receive interest from many of     work they are doing to fulfill our college mis-
our district partners.                            sion of developing individuals and delivering
       A major effort is being made to further    programs and services to meet the needs of
enhance our development and fund raising          the professional communities served by the
efforts in the college. Our development man-      college.
ager, Ms. Judy Reyes-Henderson has spent          Best wishes,
great energy in assisting me in developing the    Jim Machell
College of Education and Professional Stud-

                               College of Education and Professional Studies
                                         General Faculty Meeting
                                              will be held on
                                     Wednesday, March 9, at 3:15 p.m.,
                                            Location: EDU 102.
The Tower                                                                            Winter 2011, Page 3

                  What’s Happening at CEPS
As a member of the University of Central Oklahoma Urban Teacher Preparation Acad-
emy's (UTPA) first cohort, senior Elementary Education major Sherri Drwenski finds
herself transforming as an educator as she heads toward the halfway point of her year-
long student teaching experience at Linwood Elementary in Oklahoma City. "One of the
most important things the UTPA is doing is giving me the confidence that I can be suc-
cessful teaching in this urban setting," Drwenski said.

The Inasmuch Foundation put its confidence behind the UTPA and the impact it is hav-
ing on future teachers like Drwenski, announcing a $400,000 grant to the UCO Founda-
tion to support the program. A partnership between Central and Oklahoma City Public
Schools (OKCPS), the UTPA prepares students to teach in high-need urban schools                Sherri Drwenski
through an intensive clinical and mentorship program, the first of its kind in the state.

                                                                        "We are grateful to our partners at the
                                                                        Inasmuch Foundation for seeing our vi-

  The Inasmuch Foundation                                               sion of establishing an innovative initia-
                                                                        tive in the UTPA," said Bill Pink, Ph.D.,
                                                                        associate dean of Central's College of
                                                                        Education and Professional Studies.
                       awards                                           "This support strengthens our initiative

     $400,000.00 grant to                                               The UTPA provides students with a full
                                                                        year of clinical experience (student
                                                                        teaching) in an OKCPS classroom, fol-
           Urban Teacher                                                lowed by continued mentorship and pro-
                                                                        fessional development throughout the
                                                                        first two years of their teaching careers.
        Preparation Academy                                             On top of their classroom experience,
                                                                        UTPA students are offered professional
                                                                        development opportunities including ex-
perience in working with English language learners and their families, classroom management methods for stu-
dents from culturally diverse backgrounds, practice in understanding the needs of students in economically
challenging environments and teaching literacy.

The Inasmuch Foundation grant will assist in the hiring of UTPA program staff, constructing an electronic
framework for professional development, providing more scholarships to increase cohort sizes and start-up
costs associated with the UTPA's new Academy Apprenticeship Program. The Academy Apprenticeship Pro-
gram will provide high school students in OKCPS with the opportunity to visit Central for a series of workshops
about the teaching profession. The goal is to encourage them to attend Central and become a member of a
UTPA cohort. For more information about the UTPA, visit
The Tower                                                         Winter 2011, Page 4

            What’s Happening at CEPS

   The College of Education and Professional Studies‘ scholarships
   are now open for the 2011-2012 academic year. Deadline to ap-
   ply is February 11, 2011, 5pm. There are a variety of differ-
   ent types of scholarships available from both the College of Edu-
   cation & Professional Studies and the UCO Foundation. Scholar-
   ships are awarded based on academic merit, financial need, in-
   volvement in campus activities and/or leadership. To apply,
   please visit .
   For information or questions, please contact Judy Reyes-
   Henderson at or (405) 974-2763.

         Support CEPS Students As Tax Time Nears

       Giving to the College of Education & Professional Studies is easy. You
      may designate your gift to any of the our scholarships or program ac-
      counts. To donate to the college, please visit to desig-
     nate your tax deductible gift or pledge. If you have questions or would
    like to set up a scholarship or have your gift designated somewhere else
      in the college, please contact our College Development Manager, Judy
          Reyes-Henderson at 974-2763 or at

                            UCO Career Services is hosting the 2011 Spring Career &
                           Internship Fair, Wednesday, February 2, 2011, 12:00 p.m.-4:00
                          p.m. in the Nigh University Center Ballrooms. Many local and
                          national organizations will be at the event to discuss full-time
                            employment, internship, and graduate school opportunities.
                                      Professional attire is required for entry.
                           For more information, contact Career Services at 974-3346,
                    or Room 338, Nigh University Center.
The Tower                                                      Winter 2011, Page 5

             What’s Happening at CEPS

      Governor Mary Fallin Names Central Alum
      Rita Aragon, Secretary of Veterans Affairs

Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin has named retired
Major General Rita Aragon as her next secretary of
veterans affairs. ―No one is more experienced or
more effective when it comes to Oklahoma‘s mili-
tary and veterans needs than Rita Aragon,‖ said
Fallin. ―As an accomplished military woman and a
dedicated public servant, I know Rita will make an
invaluable member of my cabinet.‖

In addition to a distinguished military career,
Aragon has served as an elementary school teacher and an elementary school
principal. She was named an OKC Chamber of Commerce Excellent Educator of
the Year in 1990 and an Oklahoma City Principal of the Year in 1992. Aragon also
serves on the boards of the Red Cross Chapter of Central Oklahoma, the Okla-
homa Commission on the Status of Women and the Girl Scouts of Western Okla-
homa. Rita is a three time degreed student from Central. She currently serves
as our college‘s 2010/2011 Leader in Residence and is a member of our college‘s
advisory council.

            CEPS-Dedicated Smart Board Training
 At the beginning of each semester, a series of CEPS dedicated trainings are pro-
   vided specifically for our college, faculty, and staff. Please register for these
   events (called Smart Board Basics/CEPS) using the Learning Center website
         All trainings take place in the EDU 206 collaborative classroom.
The Tower                                                    Winter 2011, Page 6

            What’s Happening at CEPS

              2011 Oklahoma City Public Schools
        District Teacher of the Year Finalist
          Nikki Coshow—6th grade teacher at Edgemere
                 Elementary; 17 years experience
            Nikki Coshow is a member of our OKCPS
                  Principal Preparation Cohort.
                     Congratulations, Nikki!

       Applications for Faculty Merit-Credit
                   Due Feb. 15
   Applications for Faculty Merit-Credit are due by 5 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 15.
   Visit to view the ap-
  plication and guidelines. For more information, contact Lori Beasley, Ed.D.,
                       at 974-3371 or

    The Office of Research and Grants announces a grant opportunity for
  students to support research, creative and scholarly activities beginning in
   the Fall 2011 semester. The opportunity includes grant money, a stipend
  for a research assistantship and a tuition waiver. Due date is 5 p.m. Thurs-
   day, Feb. 17, for grant proposals. To learn more, visit
The Tower                                                             Winter 2011, Page 7

            Dept. of Advanced Professional Studies

                       Supporting Innovative Educators Award
Shannon Shay, CEPS graduate student in Educational Leader-
ship and Assistant Principal at Westfall Elementary in the
Choctaw Nicoma Park school district, was awarded the SKIE
Award on November 4, 2010. The SKIE Award is the Support-
ing K20 Innovative Educators Award. The Supporting K20 In-
novative Educators (SKIE) award was introduced in 2008 as a
way of recognizing educators who have excelled and have a
passion for the innovative use of technology to enhance the
learning experience for students. The Supporting K20 Innova-
tive Educators (SKIE) award was introduced in 2008 as a way of recognizing educa-
tors who have excelled and have a passion for the innovative use of technology to
enhance the learning experience for students.

                Dept. of Early Childhood Education

  Dept. of Early Childhood Education and Dept. of Mathematics
                         and Statistics
                             Collaborate on Publication

                        Dr. Darlinda Cassel has published an article in
                        the Oklahoma Journal of School Mathematics
                        with Dr. Carol Lucas from the Department of
                        Mathematics and Statistics
                         Cassel, D. & Lucas, C. (2010). Banquet seat-
 Dr. Darlinda Cassel
                        ing leads to algebra and geometry. Oklahoma       Dr. Carol Lucas

                        Journal of School Mathematics. (2) 2.
The Tower                                                        Winter 2011, Page 8

         Dept. of Kinesiology and Health Studies

KHS Student and Faculty Member Present
        at SOPHE Conference
Dr. Sara Cole, Community Health faculty, and Community Health student
Lacey Aldrich attended the 61st Annual Society for Public Health Education
(SOPHE) conference in Denver, CO in November. Dr. Cole presented, ―Sexual Com-
pulsivity among Older, Heterosexual Adults‖. Dr. Cole was also awarded a 2010
Presidential Citation in recognition of ―outstanding dedication and contributions to
SOPHE‘s first textbook, Health Promotion Programs: From Theory to Practice.

Ms. Lacey Aldrich, Community Health student, presented ―Best Advice from
Health Education Leaders‖ at the Department of Kinesiology and Health Studies Fall
Research Symposium on December 1, 2010. This presentation showcased the re-
sponses Ms. Aldrich received from her interviews with health education leaders at
the SOPHE conference.

    Dr. Melissa Powers to Receive CAAD
      Outstanding Researcher Award
  Dr. Melissa Powers will receive the Council for Aging and
  Adult Development (CAAD) Outstanding Young Re-
  searcher Award for 2011. This award is to recognize an
  outstanding researcher who has been working for less
  than ten years in the area of recreation and physical activ-
  ity for older adults.
  Dr. Powers will present at the CAAD Research Sympo-
  sium on Thursday, March 31, 2011 at the AAHPERD con-
  vention in San Diego, California.
The Tower                                                      Winter 2011, Page 9

   Dept. of Kinesiology and Health Studies (cont.)

          Dr. Cole Co-Authors Chapter in Turkish Textbook
A textbook titled ―Health Promotion Programs From Theory to Practice‖ with a chap-
ter co-authored by Dr. Sara Cole has been selected by the Turkish Ministry of Health
to use with doctors who work in the Turkish Ministry‘s community health pro-
grams. The Turkish government is also exploring, with the help of Jossey Bass, the
translation of the book into Turkish.

         Dr. Diane Rudebock co‐authors with Stacy Ogbeide
Dr. Diane Rudebock co‐authored with Stacy Ogbeide an article that was recently
published in The New School Psychology Bulletin entitled ―Gender Differences be-
tween Body Weight and Psychological Well‐Being during Young Adulthood: A Brief

             Kinesiology and Health Studies
        The purpose of the Symposium is to highlight the transformative ac-
       complishments of KHS students. The KHS Symposium is held each fall
                              and spring semester.

                    Spring 2011 Symposium
                         Date: Wednesday, April 27, 2011
                      Location: Wantland Hall & HPE Building
        All KHS students wishing to make a presentation at the KHS Sympo-
         sium must submit an abstract or summary by the posted deadline.
         Abstract/Summary Submission Deadline: 5:00pm, Friday,
                            March 4, 2011
The Tower                             Winter 2011, Page 10

  Dept. of Kinesiology and Health Studies (cont.)
The Tower                                                                   Winter 2011, Page 11

  Dept. of Occupational and Technology Education

     Dr. Kristi Frush joins the Occupational
         and Technology Department as
             Adult Education faculty
   Dr. Kristi Frush joined the Occupational and Technology
   Department as an Assistant Professor in Adult Education in
   January of 2011. She will primarily be working with the
   Reach Higher - Organizational Leadership program.

   Kristi previously lived in Denver, Colorado where she
   gained teaching experience in both undergraduate and
   graduate programs at Regis University and Colorado State
   University. Her doctorate was earned in 2009 in Adult and
   Postsecondary Education from the University of Wyoming.

   Kristi and her husband of 18 years, Nick, and their teenage
   children are looking forward to being a part of the UCO community.

                                                    Professional Health Occupation’s
                                                     Student Presents at American
                                                             Association for
                                                            Respiratory Care
                                                     Shauna Cilberg presented (oral and poster) at
                                                     the 2010 AARC (American Association for
                                                     Respiratory Care) International Respiratory
                                                     Congress held in Las Vegas, Nevada held Dec.
                                                     6-9, 2010. Her abstract is published in the Res-
                                                     piratory Care journal.
                                                     Cilberg, S., & Barnes, K. (2010). Effect of incen-
tives on registered respiratory therapist credential achievement. Respiratory Care, 55(11), 1158.
The Tower                                       Winter 2011, Page 12

   Occupational and Technology Education (cont.)

Industrial Safety Students
      “In the Field”

Mr. Robin Lacy of the OCTED department
taught an intersession class from January 3-
7: Focus Topics in Construction. The class
consisted of two days of classroom in-
struction, followed by three days in the
field where the students had the op-
portunity to join safety professionals
in tours of construction sites at the
VA Hospital, the Devon World En-
ergy Headquarters, Mustang High
School, and the I-40 Crosstown. The
students were presented with 10-
hour OSHA Outreach Training
Cards upon completion of the class,
and had a great week with the op-
portunity to merge theory and prac-
tice. Host companies included
Northwest Crane Services, FlintCo
Construction, Holder Construction,
Schindler Elevators, Sherwood Con-
struction and Duit Construction. Alumni
of the Industrial Safety program that facili-
tated the week’s activities included Bill
Young of OG&E, Casey Logue of Timber-
lake Construction, Industrial Safety Intern
student Austin Helm of Northwest Crane
Services, Rocky Rowlett of FlintCo Con-
struction, Bryce Columbus of Schindler
Elevators, Matt Machell and DeeDee Madi-
son of Sherwood Construction, and Kirby
Clements and Jeremy Voight of Duit Con-
The Tower                                                        Winter 2011, Page 13

   Occupational and Technology Education (cont.)

      Industrial Safety Students Visit Shawnee Facility

Recently, the Wood Group Pressure Con-
trol manufacturing facility in Shawnee
hosted a group of students that are ma-
joring in Industrial Safety at the Univer-
sity of Central Oklahoma (UCO). The
seniors, who were enrolled in a
―Professional Safety Development‖
course, were given a tour of the manu-
facturing facility and had an opportunity
to ask questions about the safety pro-
grams at WGPC, the safety profession,
and entering the workforce. ―From the
moment we arrived on the property, it
was evident that you, your employees and the Wood Group Pressure Control facility
are all members of a first-rate organization.‖ Robin H. Lacy, Jr., UCO Program Coor-
dinator – Industrial Safety.
Jason True (third from left) leads students on a plant tour.

           Dr. Len Bogner Asked to Serve as
                     Advisor to Journal
     Dr. Len Bogner, OCTED faculty member, has been
     asked to serve on the Board of Advisors for the jour-
     nal, Career and Technical Education Advisor. Dr.
     Bogner ‗s primary responsibility will be to advise in the
     career and technical education field.
The Tower                                                  Winter 2011, Page 14

                       Dept. of Psychology

  Dr. Caleb Lack and psychology graduate student Matthew Kincheloe were inter-
     viewed by KSWO News 7 about their participation in Oklahoma Research Day

  Dr. Lack also took three students (David Weed & Lauren Winston - grads, Shan-
     non Thomason - undergrad) to the national conference of the Association for
     Behavior and Cognitive Therapies in San Francisco.

                                         Thomason, S.P., & Lack, C.W. (2010, No-
                                         vember). Presence of and impairment
                                         from obsessions and compulsions in ath-
                                         letes. Poster accepted for presentation
                                         at the annual meeting of the Association
                                         for Behavioral & Cognitive Therapies,
                                         San Francisco.

   Weed, D.B., Winston, L.R., &
    Lack, C.W. (2010, November).
     Social aggression, gender, and
     sex in young adults. Poster ac-
     cepted for presentation at the
     annual meeting of the Associa-
     tion for Behavioral & Cognitive
     Therapies, San Francisco.
The Tower                                                     Winter 2011, Page 15

                     Dept. of Special Services

                      Can You Hear Me Now?
                Students from Speech, Language Pathology
                   Participate in Public Service Project

Eight students from Speech, Language Pathology Department were invited by
Megan Mitchener from the Metro Transit and Parking Authority to aid in their annual
health fair in downtown Oklahoma City. Supervised by Brandon Vincent and Mrs.
Reynolds, free hearing screenings were offered to everyone in attendance at the
transit center. Approximately 85 people were screened by otoscopy and general
audiometric testing for hearing sensitivity.

―The experience was not only a great service to
the public, but also to our students. The students
were overwhelmed by the lack of care these peo-
ple received due to their inability to pay for health
insurance. A lot of the people we tested could not
follow-up because they either could not pay for it
or they simply did not have transportation. The
learning experience for the students was priceless
in my eyes because it provided them with ―real
world‖ experience outside the clinic. They had no
idea how many people were without insurance, not to mention transportation or a
place to call home.‖ Brandon Vincent, Staff Audiologist.

The UCO Speech-Language Pathology program was established in 1964. In 1978,
the program implemented the Master degree program. The graduate program
achieved national accreditation by the Council for Academic Accreditation of the
American Speech-Language-Hearing Association in 1993. The program was located
in Old North until 2001 and moved into new faculty offices and clinical spaces in
2005. The UCO program is committed to giving students a broad knowledge base
and balanced experiences with a variety of clients and patients to prepare them for
any employment setting they might choose during their careers.
The Tower                                                    Winter 2011. Page 16

       Upcoming Conferences and Events

       The Twenty-Eighth Annual Multicultural Education Institute
         “Multicultural Education: The Time is Now”
                                March 4-5, 2011
                            University of Central Oklahoma
                                 Edmond, Oklahoma

 The Multicultural Education Institute will be held March 4-5, 2011 at the
 Nigh University Center. Students may enroll for 1-2 hours of graduate or
 undergraduate credit. Not-for-credit attendees will receive a certificate for
 diversity training. Questions? Contact Donna Bass or
 Please Note:
 1.     The Call for Proposals for our new Graduate Student Research
 strand remains open, as does our call for professional proposals.
 2.     The first 20 UCO faculty members who sign up to attend will re-
 ceive a registration fee waiver.
 Please take part in what promises to be a transformative learning experi-
 ence! We hope to see you there.“ For more information, please visit: “

            2011 Heartland eLearning Conference

 Registration for the 2011 Heartland eLearning Conference is now open.
 The conference will be March 7–8 at UCO. To register, visit http:// The first
 100 faculty members to register will receive a free all-conference pass. Use
 the following registration code to obtain a free all-conference pass: UCO-
The Tower                                                Winter 2011, Page 17

        Upcoming Conferences and Events

      Oklahoma Association for Supervision
          and Curriculum Development
            Spring Conference 2011
             Thursday, March 3, 2011

  University of Central Oklahoma in the Nigh University Center Ballroom
                       (3rd floor of the Nigh Center)
         2ND Street & Garland Godfrey Drive, Edmond, OK 73034
 (Map on website ⋆ Free parking east of Nigh University Center)

 Meeting student needs and meeting state standards creates challenges
 for all educators. OASCD is proud to announce Marilee Sprenger as
our featured speaker for the 2011 Spring Conference. Marilee‘s presenta-
  tion will focus on the importance of differentiation to meet those chal-
  lenges and increase student achievement in every classroom. Marilee
 Sprenger has extensive classroom experience in elementary, secondary,
and university settings and specializes in translating educational research
   into practical application and techniques. Recent publications include
Learning and Memory: The Brain in Action, ASCD, 1999; Becoming a Wiz
   at Brain Based Teaching, Corwin Press, 2001; Differentiation Through
 Learning Styles and Memory, Corwin Press, 2003; and Memory 101 for
                  Educators, co-author, Corwin Press, 2006.
                     We hope you can join us!
The Tower                                                               Winter 2011, Page 18

           Upcoming Conferences and Events

Call for Papers—Society for Information Technology and Teacher
           Papers Due January 31, 2011, Conference Dates March 6-11, 2011

Nashville, Tennessee is the site of the 22nd annual conference of the Society for In-
formation Technology and Teacher Education. This society represents individual
teacher educators and affiliated organizations of teacher educators in all disciplines,
who are interested in the creation and dissemination of knowledge about the use of
information technology in teacher education and faculty/staff development. SITE is
a society of the Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education
(AACE). For more information, go to the website

            First Notification and Preliminary Call for Papers
                           Conference Dates March 4-7
The Canada International Conference on Education (CICE) will be held from
the 4th to 7th of April, 2011 in Toronto, Canada. The CICE is an international refe-
reed conference dedicated to the advancement of the theory and practices in edu-
cation. The CICE promotes collaborative excellence between achttp://

            American Educational Research Association
                     2011 Annual Meeting Call for Submissions
                      New Orleans, Louisiana April 8–12, 2011
The 2011 AERA Annual Meeting will be held from Friday, April 8, through Tuesday, April 12, in
New Orleans, Louisiana. The program will consist primarily of presentations selected through this
open call for submissions and a peer review process guided by program chairs of divisions, com-
mittees, and special interest groups (SIGs). In addition, there will be invited speakers
and symposia, panel discussions, professional development courses, and graduate
student programs. For more information visit
 The Tower                                                         Winter 2011, Page 19

           Upcoming Conferences and Events

            National Association for Multicultural Education

                  Chicago, Illinois — November 2-5, 2011
                      Call for Papers due April 18, 2011
  The 21st Annual International NAME Conference will enrich multicultural education
 research and practice by grounding our work in new perspectives of this bigger pic-
 ture. We invite teachers from preschool through university, education leaders and
 counselors, and community activists to submit proposals that offer constructive
 ways of grappling with intersecting identities and oppressions. We invite proposals
 that embody the paradoxes and promises of examining the intersections of race,
 ethnicity, class, language, gender, sexual orientation, religion, disability, immigration
 status, and other dimensions of diversity. We also invite proposals that contextual-
 ize the current attack on multicultural education within broader movements, institu-
 tions, and discourses, and policy. For more information visit

  American Society of Training and Development Interna-
            tional Conference and Exposition
                        Orlando, Florida — May 22-25, 2011
 Held each spring, this premier event for workplace learning and performance pro-
 fessionals welcomes attendees from more than 70 countries. For more information

      56th Annual Conference of the Western Society for
             Kinesiology and Wellness (WSKW)
               October 12-14, 2011 at Harrah‘s in Reno, Nevada, USA

WSKW attracts leading professionals in the fields of kinesiology and wellness. It offers
all participants the opportunity to learn about and present scholarship, while develop-
ing strong professional relationships in a personal atmosphere. For more information
 The Tower                                                      Winter 2011, Page 20

          Upcoming Conferences and Events

   Governor's Global Education Conference (GEC)
      Weds., March 9 — Claremore, Oklahoma
The 2011 Governor‘s Global Education Conference (GEC) is scheduled for Wednesday,
March 9, on the campus of Rogers State University in Claremore, Okla. Since 2007,
GEC has served more than 600 K-16 education leaders, administrators, faculties and
teachers, in addition to constituents from public and private business and legislative
partners in state of Oklahoma. GEC focuses on a collaborative partnership among all
stakeholders involved with global education and study aboard in Oklahoma. The 2011
conference theme of "Global Education: 101" will feature a series of "pit stops" atten-
dees can make to learn about basic international education practices. Online registra-
tion is now available, and other information is coming soon, so mark your calendar.
The focus of Oklahoma's Global Education Conference is the infusion of global educa-
tion in PK-20. Our mission statement clearly defines our purpose:
             Vested by our diverse heritage, we commit ourselves,
                     as educators, students and ambassadors
           to practice global education, citizenship and engagement
                                for Oklahoma's future.
For more information about the Global Education Conference, contact Erin Taylor, Ph.D.,
405.225.9163 or, or Saeed Sarani, M.B.A., 405.225.9192 or

                          Grant Opportunities

The UCO Office of Research and Grants announces a grant opportunity
for students to support research, creative and scholarly activities beginning in the
Fall 2011 semester. The opportunity includes grant money, a stipend for a research
assistantship and a tuition waiver. Due date is 5 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 17, for grant
proposals. To learn more, visit
 The Tower                                                              Winter 2011, Page 21

   Research, Scholarships and Publication Opportunities

                   Labyrinth Research Study
The purpose of this project is to evaluate the labyrinth as a tool for
managing stress for employed family caregivers. Labyrinths are
used in various settings to provide opportunities for reflection and
meditation, but research is needed to scientifically study and meas-
ure the effects of experiencing the labyrinth. If you are interested
in participating in this research study and you meet all the follow-
ing criteria, please click the link below by January 19, 2011:
       I am currently a full-time UCO faculty or staff 18 years or older
       I can walk 1/3 mile
       There are demands on my time and energy because of an adult family mem-
ber's illness or need for assistance. These demands on my time include things such as
assistance with shopping, home maintenance, transportation, checking on them by
phone, making arrangements for care, responding to their emotional needs, dealing
with health and/or cognitive problems (National Alliance for Caregiving definition).
If you are unable to participate in the study but feel like you need to talk to someone
about the stress you are experiencing as a caregiver, please contact the Employee As-
sistance Program: 800.413.8008, the UCO Mercy Clinic on campus: 405.974.3115 or

                             Grant Opportunities

 Deadline Date – February 15, 2011
 Grant Resource – Social Equity Venture Fund
 Category – Rwanda Travel and Study for 3 Public School Teachers and 1 Catholic School
 Description – The SEVEN Fund (Social Equity Venture Fund) is a virtual nonprofit entity run by
 entrepreneurs whose strategy is to increase significantly the rate of innovation and diffusion of
 enterprise-based solutions to poverty. The fund is inviting K-12 teachers from around the United
 States to apply for a summer 2011 fellowship. The SEVEN Fund 2011 Teaching Fellowships will
 enable teachers to travel to Rwanda and study enterprise solutions to poverty in that country.
 Size of Grant – 2 weeks expenses + $1,000 stipend
 Cost Sharing or Match – No
 Web -
The Tower                                                               Winter 2011, Page 22

                             Grant Opportunities

Deadline Date – February 2, 2011
Grant Resource – National Science Teachers Association and Shell Oil Company
Category – Science Lab Renovation
Description – The National Science Teachers Association, the largest professional organization in
the world working to promote excellence and innovation in science teaching and learning, and
Shell Oil Company have launched a new competition for middle and high school teachers that will
bring laboratory resources to school districts across the United States. Through the NSTA Shell
Science Lab Challenge, schools will compete for up to $93,000 in total prizes, including a grand-
prize school science lab makeover valued at $20,000.
Cost Sharing or Match – No
Web -

Deadline Date – February 11, 2011
Grant Resource – Bezos Family Foundation
Category – High School Students and Teachers in Aspen Ideas Festival
Description – The Bezos Scholars Program @ the Aspen Institute seeks twelve top public high
school juniors and twelve dynamic educators to receive seven-day, all-expenses-paid scholarships
to attend the Aspen Ideas Festival, June 26 to July 2, 2011, in Aspen, Colorado. The program was
created by the Bezos Family Foundation to help cultivate the next generation of leaders. The pro-
gram seeks independent thinkers, demonstrated leaders, and engaged community members.
Size of Grant – 12 awards of 1 student and 1 teacher – 1 week all expenses + $1,000 for project
Cost Sharing or Match – No
Web -

Deadline Date – February 11, 2011
Grant Resource – US Department of Education
Category – Advanced Rehabilitation Research Training
Description – The purpose of this program is to provide research training and experience at an
advanced level to individuals with doctorates, or similar advanced degrees, who have clinical or
other relevant experience. ARRT projects train rehabilitation researchers, including researchers
with disabilities, with particular attention to research areas that support the implementation and
objectives of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, and that improve the effectiveness of services.
Size of Grant – 4 awards of $150,000
Cost Sharing or Match – No
Web -
The Tower                                                                                                  Winter 2011, Page 23

                                             Grant Opportunities

                       U.S. Department of Education —
The following application packages are available for grant competitions that are cur-
rently open. Applicants may wish to request an official copy of the package as im-
portant information may be scrambled when downloading the electronic version,
and so that we may have a record of how to contact you in case there is a change
in the competition. Instructions for obtaining a free printed copy are specified in the
detailed information below about each open competition.
                                            FY 2011 Discretionary Grant Application Packages

FY 2011 Discretionary Grant Application Packages
NOTE: Some ED competitions require applications to be submitted electronically through

 List of Currently Open Grant Competitions
 (Latest Closing Dates appear at top of list.)

 CFDA#                                             Closing Date                              Program Name [and Principal Office]

 84.133A-3                                         3/7/2011                                  Model Systems Knowledge Translation Center
 84.133A-5                                         3/7/2011                                  National Data and Statistical Center for the Trau-
                                                                                             matic Brain Injury (TBI) Model Systems [OSERS]
 84.133A-1                                         3/7/2011                                  National Data and Statistical Center for the Spinal
                                                                                             Cord Injury (SCI) Model Systems [OSERS]
 84.153A                                           3/2/2011                                  Business and International Education Program
 84.017A-1 and 3                                   3/1/2011                                  International Research and Studies (IRS) Program
 84.133F-1                                         2/25/2011                                 Research Fellowships Program [OSERS]

 84.060A                                           2/14/2011                                 Indian Education Formula Grants to Local Educa-
                                                                                             tional Agencies [OESE]
 84.133S-1                                         2/11/2011                                 Small Business Innovation Research Program
                                                                                             (SBIR)--Phase I [OSERS]
 84.133P-1                                         2/11/2011                                 Disability and Rehabilitation Research Projects
                                                                                             and Centers Program--Advanced Rehabilitation
                                                                                             Research Training (ARRT) Projects [OSERS]
 84.133G                                           2/4/2011                                  National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation
                                                                                             Research Field Initiated Program [OSERS]
 84.149A                                           1/19/2011                                 College Assistance Migrant Program (CAMP)
 84.141A                                           1/19/2011                                 High School Equivalency Program (HEP) [OESE]

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