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					Advanced Math &
Science Academy

                             The AMSA Voice
Charter School

points of
interest:                    V o l u m e     1 ,   I s s u e     1

     First issue!
                        Welcome to The AMSA Voice !
     Vote on our
    “clicker vs.
                        Hey, we are writing from the newly           you we write for the new newspa-          This issue is meant to be a teaser
    paper tests”
                        established school newspaper,                per, so my primary instincts tell me      issue—that is, you are not going to
                        known as the AMSA Voice. Based in            we should introduce ourselves. Our        get the full experience when reading
                        one room in the Lower School, Room           team consists of: tenth graders:          it. However, you will get the gist of
     For our next      209, and supervised under the                Raashika Goyal and Christina              our style, and hopefully return for
    issue, we are
                        watchful eye of Mrs. Barbara                 Teodorescu; seventh graders: Ayush        more. We are always looking for
    going to
                        McGann, the newspaper aims to                Kumar, Janet Chen, Julie Zhao, and        questions, comments, opinions,
    publish a recap
                        promote school spirit by recognizing         Catherine Zhang; sixth graders:           criticisms, and any interesting ideas
    of notable
                        student achievements and awards,             Nitika Shekhar, Shrunothra San,           that you may have, so feel free to
    events of this
                        to educate students on various               Richelle Gray, Matthew Skowronek,         contact us at the above email
    2009-2010 school
    year. Feel free     goings-on of the world around them,          Gregory Theos, Benjamin                   address!
    to contribute by    and to broadcast the student’s               Betchelder, and Adrian Anderson.
                                                                                                               We would also like to mention that
    emailing us         opinions of universal as well as
                                                                     We are always looking for new             we are the ultimate green
    ideas,              school-wide topics. In a nutshell, our
                                                                     recruitments, so after reading this if    newspaper, and will always publish
    flashbacks,         purpose is to act as a sort of “formal
                                                                     you want to be a part of our team,        paper-free.
    photographs, and    blog” if you will, as an entertainment
                                                                     feel free to email us at:
    memorable           and informational guide for you                                                        Remember, since the world is a
    memories! :)        curious and inquiring minds [of the                   changing place, our news will
                        21st century.] We also hope to be                                                      dynamically change too!
                                                                     or stop by our meetings at 3:45
                        able to connect the distant Lower
                                                                     every Wednesday at the aforemen-          So, if you’re looking for a certain
                        and Upper School.
                                                                     tioned room at the Lower School.          article in particular, email us or even
                        So, who are we? We’ve already told           [room 209].                               volunteer to be a guest-writer!
Inside this
Bullying:           2   Action of Awareness: Recycling
Featuring Dean
                        Although many of us do recycle,              forbid, global cooling, many of us        This is never good a thing—
Poll—               2
                        there are the occasional people who,         agree that the Earth really has a         especially when done continuously.
                        being lazy or just insensitive, choose       relatively clean landscape, and we
                                                                                                               Therefore, Reduce, Reuse, and Recy-
Music Review        3   not to. The question I have for them         should keep it that way.
                                                                                                               cle. It may be a cliché, but there is
                        is why they don’t. It’s not bad. On
An opinion on       3                                                If people stop recycling and start        never a time when this phrase isn’t
                        the contrary, it’s rather helpful and
student                                                              polluting again, the Earth will be        appropriate. It is important now
                        beneficial for the Earth and place we
Identification                                                       destroyed, and thousands of animal        more than ever due to the increasing
                        live in. Lately, probably due to all
cards                                                                species will die! By not recycling, all   Carbon Dioxide emissions that are
                        the news and publicity surrounding
                                                                     sorts of dangerous and toxic air          already protruding the ozone layer.
Latin Club and      4   recycling, there has been an increase
featured student                                                     chemicals are being brought in to
                        in recycling, and I can hear Mother                                                    Do you drink soda ? If so, instead of
                                                                     the air and water. The people and
                        Nature crying out for joy.                                                             trashing the soda can, recycle it. It’s
                                                                     animals of the Earth will breathe
                                                                                                               that easy! Why not do it? When you
                        Have you ever wondered how the               these in, and although humans may
                                                                                                               outgrow your old clothes, give them
                        Earth got so clean? Although there           not die, they will get very, very sick,
                                                                                                               away or use them for something
                        are all sorts of outrageous theories         and experience all sorts of discom-
                                                                                                               else—reuse! By doing your part, you
                        about global warming, and God                forts.
                                                                                                               are saving the Earth from [further]
                P a g e   2

                                         Announcing the logo contest!
      [INSERT                            The AMSA Voice is looking
                                         for a logo to represent it. It
                                                                                   Pizza Party for the
 LOGO ART                                will be displayed in all future
                                         issues, and will be used fre-
                                                                                   winning class!
           HERE]                         quently. It will be a true                All people are welcome to submit!
                                         honor to be chosen!

                                        Bullying: Featuring Dean Pare
                                        Bullying has always been a major      and as is common nowadays,             During a House Hearing last fall, it
                                        issue in schools worldwide, but is    other girls became increasingly        was found that 27% of the girls who
                                        has been up scaled dramatically in    jealous of her. They crossed her       were bullied online became bullies
                                        the recent years — students are       picture off of the student-body        themselves. Could this escalated
                                        growing more malicious than ever      poster, harassed her on Facebook,      issue be considered revenge against
                                        against their peers, due partly to    and challenged the blurry line that    the female gender? Could it be
                                        the increase in internet (or cyber)   divides bullying and criminality.      hateful insecurity?
                                        bullying, as well as the              Finally, Phoebe could not take it
                                                                                                                     A little-known fact is that
                                        convenience of anonymous              anymore — sadly, she chose
                                                                                                                     cyber-bullying is just as harmful as
                                        websites such as                      death. The girls that harassed
                                                                                                                     any other bullying. Some may feel
                                                 Phoebe were charged with stalk-
                                                                                                                     that since it is not as personal, it is
                                                                              ing and criminal harassment, civil
                                         The unsettling story of Phoebe                                              not as hurtful. However, this is not
                                                                              rights violation, and assault by a
Dean Pare talks to us about his         Prince stirred globe-wide feelings                                           the case. Do not misuse anonymity
views on bullying.                                                            dangerous weapon.
                                        into mad hysteria and absolute                                               to your advantage. Although the
                                        delirium for the future. A quick      It is important to remember that       commentator is anonymous, the
                                        recap: Phoebe Prince was a cute       the subtle difference between          feeling the receiver gets is mixed
                                        Irish girl that moved to South        “bullying activities” and “crime”      between anger, sadness, and confu-
                                        Hadley, MA and attended South         includes a large and essential         sion as to who could have written
                                        Hadley High school. She started       portion of a dreary gray; it’s not     such a resentful statement.
                                        dating a popular football player      just a mod “black and white”.          [continued on page 3]

                                         POLL: traditional paper tests or the “new” clicker tests?
                                         This ‘controversial’ question is       because they are timed. Teachers,        What do you think? Send
  PIE CHART                              often debated at AMSA, among
                                         students, and probably among
                                                                                however, have mostly reached a
                                                                                mutual agreement that they favor
                                                                                                                         your vote to

                                         teachers as well. Some students        the classic paper test. A student
                                         prefer clicker tests, because they     said that “Only two of my teach-
                                         seem to be more fun, and have          ers give me clicker quizzes.” Mr.        So your voices can be heard
                                         multiple choice questions, which       Jewell, a 6th and 11th grade his-        throughout the entire
                                         any student can tell you makes         tory teacher, says, “I like paper        school. The results will be
                                         guessing much easier. However,         quizzes better. Creating a clicker
                                                                                                                         published in a future issue!
                                         some feel that they are stressful,     quiz is annoying.”

                  T h e   A M S A   V o i c e
V o l u m e   1 ,   I s s u e   1                                                                                                                      P a g e   3

                                                                                                                               ADVICE COLUMN:
Bullying: Featuring Dean Pare [continued]                                                                                      Send us your problems, and
                                                                                                                               they could be featured in
                                             In our brief interview with Dean Pare,       held just as accountable as the
                                                                                                                               our next AMSA Voice issues!
   Bullying                                  he highlighted some relevant points          bully themselves. He also re-
                                                                                                                               You can stay completely
                                             that we think are important to note,         minds us that “we will not toler-
 has no place                                especially since we are not just a
                                             school, but AMSA, a considerate
                                                                                          ate bullying at AMSA”. How can
                                                                                          we make AMSA a bully-free
                                                                                                                               anonymous, so send them
                                                                                                                               over and let us help you
  at AMSA!                                   community.                                   community? He believes it starts
                                                                                          by promoting kindness and com-
                                                                                                                               resolve them!
                                             He told us that he believes at AMSA,
                                                                                          passion towards one another.
                                             bullying is a considerable problem — in
[continued from page 2]
                                             fact, he rated it five out of ten. For       Like the meaning behind the motto of
Superintendent Gus Sayer offers some
                                             those of you who think bullying is non-      Rachel’s Challenge, we can make a differ-
advice to parents regarding bullying:
                                             existent at the school, think again. We      ence by seemingly-minute acts of kind-
“They really have their own world.”
                                             have peers being bullied right under         ness. If it seems like someone is having a
Parents who think they know what’s
                                             our noses, and according to Dean Pare,       bad day, ask about it. If someone is being
happening in their child’s world, take a
                                             if you witness a bullying and do not         excluded, you include them — because
look again. This time, underground —                                                                                                    “In a world of top
                                             take any action whatsoever, you can be       you can. Help make someone’s day!
bullying usually happens in secret.
                                                                                                                                        10 hits like, ‘Party

                                                                                                                                        in the U.S.A.’,

                                                                                                                                        it’s...refreshing to

Music Review: Kris Allen’s “Live Like We’re Dying”                                                                                      hear a song that

                                                                                                                                        is lyrical…”
A few weeks ago, when I first listened       new-age-y responses about existing in        What do you think about the full-length
to Kris Allen’s “Live Like We’re Dying”, I   the moment, living without regret, and       version of Kris Allen’s “Live Like We’re
realized why many had believed it was        saying ‘I love you’ early and often to       Dying” Do you think that Kris can
going to be a future hit. It has very        the people in our lives.”                    achieve Daughtry/Underwood/Clarkson
inspirational song lyrics, and as current                                                 -success from the Idol?
                                             In a world of top 10 hits like, “Party in
radio fodder goes, “Live Like We’re
                                             the U.S.A.”, it’s more than refreshing to    In addition, what sort of music would
Dying” is downright eloquent. It man-
                                             hear a song that is lyrical. In addition,    you like reviewed next? We are open to
ages to be new, different, and tradi-
                                             the chorus to “Live Like We’re Dying” is     all sorts of diverse and cultural tastes,
tional at the same time — an accom-
                                             quite catchy. It is at least enough to       so email your suggestions to:
plishment best phrased in a website
                                             make you want to head to iTunes and
review: “…[It] packs in some sweet,                                             
                                             download it as soon as it is available.

An Opinion on Student IDentification Cards
“ID cards are for the safety of our stu-     has lost one of the two things that          additionally, give the school an excuse to increase the number of stu-
dents, our highest concern”, Mrs.            constitute an ID. IDs are made in a          dents in the “detention list”. In fact, six out of seven students in one
McGann says with a solemn look, but          machine in AMSA which uses plastic to        lunch detention incident that I found myself in were there for ID-
there is more to IDs than safety. It is a    make them. The very first original IDs       related reasons. Although a lunch detention is not a permanent mark
way for AMSA to add more stress than         were made of laminated paper, which          on a student’s record, it is embarrassing and definitely nerve-wracking.
the everyday AMSA student already            were cheaper to make, and thus               How can students be expected to always be on top of their games, with
has . IDs cost less than three dollars to    cheaper to replace. Clearly, AMSA Is         homework and other activities on their minds? How can a student be
make, and the lanyard costs no more          trying to make more money with these         always expected to have his/her IDs with them in such a rushed world
than a dollar. The total should be four      new IDs that they have started distrib-      as middle and high school? They can’t. I feel like there should be more
dollars, but AMSA charges five for a         uting this year. IDs are also a reason for   layaway given to students in situations concerning IDs. I also feel that
replacement, even if the student only        students to be more stressed, and            IDs should be returned to the cheaper format, which was just as good.
V o l u m e   1 ,   I s s u e   1                                                                                                                    P a g e   4

              The Latin Club

              And Featured Student: Rahi Punjabi

                                           We walk into      helping with the banner for the toga             given by the Lunenburg club alliance. The
                                           the Latin Club    parade. When the banner is finished, it          $450 scholarship paid the registration fee
                                           and the first     will feature a single Latin phrase that          of this years’ national convention, and
                                           thing we see is   reads, “We Conquer All”.                         was awarded to the student deemed
                                           a group of                                                         most worthy of the prize.
                                                             Whether playing Certamen or building
                                           eager and
                                                             chariots, Latin Club participants have a lot     But how did Rahi win? “I wrote an essay
                                                             of incredible experiences. When asked            about how I have relished and overcome
                                           students en-
                                                             about the club, eight-grader Jay Mohanka         in the face of adversity. I wrote about
                                                             replied, “...Of course I like Latin Club!”. At   how I received the third place trophy at
                                           learning Latin.
                                                             the upcoming convention, the AMSA                last year’s state convention even though
                                           Led by Mrs.
                                                             Latin Club hopes to do well, or, as Artem        it was my first time, “ he explained. “I also
                                           Sinacola, the
                                                             says, Let’s “show them just how big AMSA         wrote about how I’ve made an impact on
                                           Latin Club is
                                                             is in spirit!” We like your attitude Artem!      the JCL (Junior Classical League) and what
                                           more than just
                                                                                                              I expect to gain from attending
              your average after school activity. Every
              Wednesday from 3:30 to 4:40, students
                                                             For our featured student for this issue, we
              from grades 6 to 11 meet in the lower                                                           “The [national] competition is going to
                                                             decided on Rahi Punjabi, a talented ninth
              school cafeteria. Since it began, the Latin                                                     take place in Fargo, North Dakota at the
                                                             grader who recently won a $450 scholar-
              club has grown incredibly in size, with                                                         University of North Dakota. I am looking
                                                             ship in the State Latin Club. We sat down
              around 40 active students now. These                                                            forward to attending the national conven-
                                                             with Rahi and asked him about his experi-
              students participate in conventions, com-                                                       tion in July,” he continued.
                                                             ences, which date back to the sixth grade.
              peting while still having fun. At competi-
                                                             “In the sixth grade, my Latin teacher Ms.        Rahi concluded our interview with some
              tions, students play “Certamen”, a
                                                             Tomala suggested that I attend a                 advice and suggestions for any students
              Jeopardy-like game that involves Latin
                                                             Certamen because I was a good Latin              who plan to be a part of the Latin Club. “I
              vocabulary, daily life, mythology, and
                                                             student. Then when I received third              would suggest joining the Latin Club,
              much more. In addition, these students
                                                             place… I joined Latin Club and have been         attending meetings, and being a good
              compete in athletics, art, and chariot
                                                             active in it ever since,” said Rahi. “Now I      Latin student,” he said. “Attend JCL
              racing. Sounds like fun!
                                                             hold the office of Publications Editor.”         events, attend Certamens, and try to win.
              Nathan Gobes, who helped build the                                                              You should attend the state convention in
                                                             Rahi had words of wisdom regarding the
              chariot last year, explains that the chariot                                                    May and enter many contests — and
                                                             competitions themselves, too. “[They are]
              is entirely hand-made by students. Most                                                         above all, develop a passion for Latin and
                                                             very competitive and everybody has a
              of it is composed of wood, with one                                                             the Romans.”
                                                             passion for Latin [there].” He encouraged
              charioteer. He also told us that with three
                                                             other students to participate too, saying        We would like to congratulate Rahi (on
              groups of people, it took about one
                                                             “...It is also lots of fun, because you get to   behalf of the entire AMSA community)
              weekend. Wow! Talk about a blast from
                                                             meet other Latin students from around            on all his achievements and wish him
              the past…!
                                                             the state.”                                      good luck on the next steps of his Latin
              Meanwhile, on the other side of the                                                             journey.
                                                             The scholarship Rahi won is called the
              room, tenth-grader Artem Nurlat was
                                                             Kathleen Mcguigan Scholarship, and was

    This is the end of our teaser issue. If this were any other ordinary issue, it would
    continue. However, it is not—it is our very first of the year, and as such, we need
    as many responses to it possible. So tell us, what did you like about it? What do
    you think can be improved? Email all your opinions, comments, suggestions, and
    ideas to: We look forward to hearing from you!

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