Notice Concerning Retained Earnings Dividend Payments

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                                                                                        Tokyo, May 12, 2011

             Notice Concerning Retained Earnings Dividend Payments
Japan Tobacco Inc. (JT) (TSE: 2914) announced that the Board of Directors of the
company have made a resolution concerning dividend payments of retained earnings as
set forth below. The record date thereof is March 31, 2011.

1.     Dividends

                                                      Most recent forecast                    FY03/2010
                                                Announced on February, 7, 2011                     Actual

        Record date         March 31, 2011                March 31, 2011                    March 31, 2010


     Dividend per share          ¥4,000                      \2,800                   (Ordinary dividend \2,800)

                                                                                    (Commemorative dividend \200)

 Total dividend amount      ¥38,085 million                     -                           \28,740 million

       Effective date        June 27, 2011                      -                            June 25, 2010

  Source of dividends       Retained earnings                   -                          Retained earnings

2.     Reason

Based on the fundamental policy which aims for competitive shareholder return in the
capital market, taking into account the implementation status of the company’s mid to
long term growth strategy and consolidated financial performance, the Board of
Directors of the company have made a resolution to propose a year-end dividend of
¥4,000 per share based on the company’s performance this year. Accordingly, the
annualized sum will be ¥6,800 per share which includes ¥2,800 of the retained earnings
dividend payments made at the end of the half year.

The resolution will be submitted at the 26th ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders of
the company scheduled for June 24, 2011.

(Reference) Breakdown of annual dividends

            Record date                   Half year-end                        Year-end                     Annualized

                                                                        Ordinary dividend \2,800
        FY03/2010 Actual             Ordinary dividend \2,800                                                 ¥5,800
                                                                      Commemorative dividend \200

         FY03/2011Actual             Ordinary dividend \2,800           Ordinary dividend \4,000              ¥6,800

       FY03/2012 Forecast            Ordinary dividend \4,000           Ordinary dividend \4,000              ¥8,000
Japan Tobacco Inc. is a leading international tobacco product company. Its products are
sold in over 120 countries and its internationally recognized cigarette brands include
Winston, Camel, Mild Seven and Benson & Hedges. With diversified operations, JT is
also actively present in pharmaceuticals and foods. The company’s adjusted net sales
excluding tax(*) were ¥1.956 trillion (US$23,531 million(**)) in the fiscal year ended
March 31, 2011.
* Adjusted net sales excluding tax on a consolidated basis do not include revenue from the imported
  tobacco, domestic duty free, the China Division and other peripheral businesses in the Japanese
  domestic tobacco business. Nor does it include revenue from distribution, leaf tobacco, private label,
  contract manufacturing and other peripheral businesses in the international tobacco business.

**Translated at the rate of ¥83.15 per $1, as of March 31, 2011

Contacts: Hideyuki Yamamoto, General Manager
          Mahoko Tsuchiya, Manager
          Media and Investor Relations Division
          Japan Tobacco Inc.
          Tokyo: +81-3-5572-4292

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