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									Official publication of   Corvette club of michigan                February 2011

                                Presenting 2010 Top Mens and Ladies

                Since 1958           Charter
                                                         February 2010
 we’re on the web:
 we’re on Facebook: CorvetteClub-of-Michigan
To join/unjoin our email list: Go to CCM Home                                      President’s Pen
page, located right underneath the picture, enter                                Membership Report
your email address and click subscribe/unsubscribe.
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                                                                                 Competition Report
                                                                                   DCSCC Report
                                                                                 Governor’s Report *
                                                                                    NCM Report
                                                                                 Club Info / Minutes
  Our autocross and picnic sites have been ap-                                         Flyers
  proved. Time to put these dates located in our                               * No report this month
  calendar page on YOUR calendar.

                                                                                   Got Track
                                                                                             T       ires? 
      CCM’s Les Stanford representative
 Gary Claudio, 248-807-8061,

 join us                                   e-published by                   Feb 23, Membership meeting

 General membership meetings are held at   Corvette Club of Michigan         Mar 19, Sebring FL, ALMS
 7:30pm on the 4th Wednesday of January
                                           PO Box 510330                   March 23, Membership meeting
 to November at our sponsor:
                                           Livonia, MI 48151                   March 27, CCM Rallye
                                                                             April 15/16, CCM Drivers’
                                           Email publication material to              School
 21711 Michigan Ave.
                                            April 17, DCSCC Autocross
 Dearborn, MI 48123, (313) 565-6000
Greetings from sunny Florida…..or at least almost sunny. There is a tor-
nado watch in central Florida at the present time. We are staying at the
Island One Resort about 6 miles west of Disney. This sure beats the

It won’t be long before we all have our Corvettes out again. Our first com-
petition event will be on Sunday, March 27th. This is a perfect opportunity
to participate with your fellow Corvette enthusiasts and enjoy yourself.
Since it is a March rallye you do not need to drive your Corvette. We have
a novice class for those of you who have not run 5 rallyes. It just takes
two people ( a driver and navigator). Gordon McCann will be the rallye-
master and he puts on a fun event.

A special thanks to Pat Jutras for doing another great job with the CCM
Banquet. Thanks also to Kerry Hlady for helping get door prizes. Hope-
fully Kerry will continue to help CCM with door prizes, but any and all as-
sistance with getting door prizes is welcome.

Mark your calendar for Saturday, April 9th when CCM will be hosting the
Michigan Region Annual Banquet. Contact Joe Scafero to make your res-
ervation. We would like to have a good showing of CCM members at this
event. Joe definitely promises that you will have a good time. If you have
any door prize to donate it would be appreciated. This event will have
members from 15 Michigan Corvette Clubs.

Bruce and I will be working at the Mecum Auction on January 26, 27 and
28. This event will be televised on HD Theater.

See you at the next General Membership Meeting on Wednesday, Febru-
ary 23rd at 7:30 p.m.

If you are looking for a slightly used or brand new vehicle be sure to con-
tact our sponsor Les Stanford Chevrolet-Cadillac. They have a good se-
lection and will definitely give you a good deal.

Mary Wentzel, 2011 President
One would think that activity would be slim to none during the month of January for a car 
club that functions (for the most part) only in warm weather.  However this past January 
has been quite the opposite for the Guru of Membership!  Please join me in welcoming six 
– yes six new members to CCM.  First joining the club from Livonia, with their black 2009 
coupe is Tony and Thelma Sereno.  Then from St. Clair with their black 2005 convertible 
are Bill and Kim Goode, and from even farther east in Port Huron joining us are Erv and 
Connie Lewis with their 2000 pewter convertible.  Bill has already signed up for driver’s 
school, so we hope to see you at many upcoming events.  Welcome to you all!                                                       
In addition to our new members, several folks that were a wee bit late in renewing for 
2011 also came back to the club, so our overall total membership is now at 251. 
Speaking of January being busy, of course we had the annual awards banquet on January 
15th, another job well done by Pat Jutras and her helpers.  Thank you.                                                     
Be sure to check the flickr link on the club website for the photos. 
For those of you that own C4 generation Corvettes (and maybe for those that don’t), I have 
joined the C4 Vette registry (  This is a Corvette forum, much like the 
many other forums available.  But as you may have guessed it is geared specifically at 
owners of C4’s.  It is free to join, if you’re interested take a look.  Oh and in particular they 
have put together a member calendar for 2011, be sure to check out April (you may see a 
certain someone’s Admiral Blue coupe).  The calendars can be ordered in 11 x 17 or 13 x 
19 sizes for a nominal fee.  If you’re interested! 
Remember as of February 1st, only 47 days until the first day of spring and 54 days until 
CCM’s first event of the season – Gordie McCann’s “Luck of the Irish” road rally!   Think 
warm thoughts.  Be sure to check the CCM website, as the competition calendar is now on 
the site.  It looks we have a pretty full competition season, but remember anyone can put 
together a social event – dinner cruise, over night or weekend event, day trip – whatever 
may interest you and fellow club members.  Contact a Board member if you have ques‐
tions or need assistance.     
I don’t know about all of you, but I have already had enough of this winter and the snow!  I 
guess the only good thing about it is the lake levels should be higher come warmer 
weather.  With that I close for this month, remember: Stay informed and Stay involved. 



“Ignite the Passion”                                                                   “Save the Wave” 
Jim Rees
CCM Membership Director
                     SOCIALS 2010 REVIEW

Jan 9th              ANNUAL CCM Banquet for 2009
    31st             Breakfast @ Bob Evans & Henry Ford
                     Engines at the Henry Ford Museum

Feb. 28th            Sunday @ Aubree’s for lunch (Rodney)

March 6th            DCSCC BANQUET
      14th           FEATHER BOWLING
      20th           MICHIGAN REGION BANQUET
      21ST           BAKER’S of Milford for lunch
      31st           PRATT & MILLER


            31st   TOUR OF ZORA DUNTOV’S HOUSE

                   BACK TO THE BRICKS in Flint
            22nd   ANNUAL CCM PICNIC & CAR SHOW

                  Les Stanford Chevrolet-Cadillac

OCT.        16th IRWIN’S APPLE ORCHARD in South Lyon


Any ideas for a Social please contact Jennifer Aiken, our
2011 Social Director or any Board member.
Family Membership for the Price of Individual
How would your family like to become members of the
National Corvette Museum, for the price of an individ-
ual membership? Normally $100, you can get this spe-
cial deal for only $50 through Tuesday, January 18.

Family memberships include free admission to the Mu-
seum for one year for member and immediate family,
discounts on NCM-sponsored events, 10% discount
on Corvette Store merchandise, a subscription to
America's Sports Car Magazine and two membership cards and lapel pins.

This promotion is only good for NEW memberships. When buying online through the
Corvette Store, in the special instructions box put the code: NEWYEARPROMO.

Free Corvette Driving School with New Corvette
Since its introduction as a 2009 model, Chevrolet has
offered customers who purchase a new Corvette ZR1
a two day, tuition paid, ZR1 Driving Class through ei-
ther Bob Bondurant’s School of High Performance
Driving (near Phoenix, AZ) or Ron Fellows Perform-
ance Driving School at Spring Mountain (outside of
Las Vegas, NV) – the official Driving Schools of Chev-

For customers who take delivery of any new 2010 or 2011 Corvette model (coupe,
convertible, Grand Sport or Z06) from January 4, 2011 through February 28, 2011,
Chevrolet will offer these customers an opportunity to attend the two day ZR1 Driving
Class at one of the two official Chevrolet Driving Schools of their choice. Eligible cus-
tomers who elect to take advantage of this opportunity within one year of their delivery
date will have their tuition paid for by Chevrolet to attend the ZR1 Driving School class.
These eligible customers will be responsible for their accommodations (lodging, meals,
etc.) and travel to and from the school.

This special limited time offer is in addition to other current Corvette incentive pro-
grams. This offer cannot be exchanged for a cash value or additional vehicle discount.

Michelin Tires Seminar Added to Bash
Friday, April 29 we've added a special treat to our C5/
C6 Bash agenda. Lee Willard with Michelin Racing
Technology will be here to talk about the new technol-
ogy of Michelin Tires.
If you haven't yet registered - our Events Department has a lot of super cool things on
the agenda! If you'd love to take a ride in a 1963 Vintage Racer or a 1962 Solid Axle
Corvette - Bash is your chance! We are offering laps around the NCM campus and
Corvette Drive, and you get a photo in the car. Corvette Racing will be here for a spe-
cial lunch, and our pal Paul Koerner, C4/C5/C6 Specialist, will be here for seminars
and drop in assistance.

Join us, April 28 - 30, 2011! Check out the full agenda, and register online!

Cross the Pond with the Corvette Museum!
Save the date because NCM will be hitting the road
with our "Museum in Motion" events, and the first
stop is France! Planning is still underway, but tenta-
tively mark your calendar for June 7-13, 2011.

The trip will include lodging for at least five nights, tick-
ets to the Le Mans race, tickets to the Corral, Paddock
passes, transportation from Paris to Le Mans and
back, two days of sightseeing from Paris to Le Mans
and transportation to and from the track to lodging and to Le Mans city for the Parade
of Pilots.

If you have an interest in this event, email Roc in our Events Department to stay up to
date as plans are made. We will also announce in eNews when registration goes live.
Spots will be very limited.

Museum in Motion: Mosport / Canada
The 2011 MiM season continues with the Mosport
Tour, July 19-24, to Ontario, Canada. Meeting in Ni-
agara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, the 5-day tour takes par-
ticipants through Ontario enjoying back roads, resorts,
quaint villages, a casino and ending with two days at-
tending the ALMS race at the Mosport International
Raceway. Enjoy a VIP tour of the St. Catharines en-
gine plant, where Corvette motors are made, and the
Oshawa Assembly Plant where Camaros are assembled.

This event is limited to only 35 cars/70 participants and the fee covers hotels for 6
nights, the welcoming banquet; dinner Wednesday, a boat ride and BBQ with Cor-
vettes of Durham and corral access at Mosport. At the track attendees will enjoy cor-
ral parking, access to the paddock, parade lap, celebrity car show and a BBQ lunch.
For members the tour fee is $1700 for the driver and $390 for their guest. Non-
member fees are an additional $40 each and include a Museum membership. The
Museum in Motion tours are very popular and with limited space it’s important to sign
up here promptly while there is still space.

Special Event Notes: You will need a passport to enter Canada and return to the

NCM Auctioning Special Tribute Corvette at Barrett-Jackson 
2010 marked the 50th anniversary celebration of Cor-
vette’s first appearance and win at the 24 Hours of Le
Mans, and to celebrate that significant occasion Chev-
rolet built a special 2011 Corvette Z06, donning the
same Arctic White paint, blue racing stripes and num-
ber “3” as the car it pays homage to… the 1960 Cun-
ningham Corvette which won its class 50 years ago.

Bidders at the 2011 Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale Auc-
tion got a unique and rare opportunity to own this true one-of-a-kind Corvette on Fri-
day, January 21 when this Corvette hit the auction block in support of the National Cor-
vette Museum.

Proceeds from the auction will benefit the Museum’s planned Motorsports Park – a
nearly 500 acre facility complete with road courses, autocross course, skid pad, karting
track and drag strip.

The auction of this car was televised live on the Speed Network between 7 and 9pm
MST. The National Corvette Museum was in attendance at the show with a booth by
the General Motors area to answer any questions about the car and offer Corvette
merchandise and raffle tickets for purchase.
The car hammered at $230,000 and was sold to NASCAR Team owner Rick Hendrick.
                           2011 NCM EVENTS
Hawaiian Cruise                    Anniversary Celebration & Hall of Fame
February 26 - March 5              Induction Ceremony
                                   September 1 - 3
C5/C6 Bash
April 28 - 30                      NCM Benefit at HOD Thunderhill
                                   September 7-8
C4/ZR-1 Gathering
May 12 - 14                        Z06 Fest
                                   September 15 - 17
Corvette Forum Cruise-in
May 26 – 28                        R8C Reunion
                                   September 26 - 30
NCM Le Mans Tour
June 6 - 13                        NCM Benefit at HOD Autobahn Country
VIR HPDE                           October 3
June 27 - 28
                                   Historic Motorama Reunion Tour
Mosport ALMS Road Tour             October 11 - 15 (tentative)
July 19 - 24
                                   Vets 'n Vettes
                                   November 3 - 5
Greetings CCM Competitors,

Welcome to 2011! It’s February and CCM is just under two months away from the be-
ginning of its competition season. The season calendar is now official and you can
find it here in the Slipstream and on the CCM website. Among the events are three
rallyes, bracket drags, several autocrosses, and our annual Waterford Hills and Con-
cours events. This year our inside-points Concours will be held in conjunction with the
Corvette Encounter in June.

First up on the calendar is the “Luck of the Irish Rallye” chaired by Gordon McCann, on
March 27th. This event is not NCCC sanctioned this year, so you don’t have to run a
Corvette to earn points. Look for an event flyer soon in the Slipstream and on the
CCM and Michigan Region websites.

We have been approved to use the GM Hamtramck facility for our autocrosses this
year. However, given the reduced size of the parking lot we have been using for the
last several years, I would like to be actively looking for alternative sites, so please
keep an eye out for something that looks appropriate for autocross events. An ideal
site would have ample space for the course, grid, and paddock, have few obstructions
(such as light poles or islands), and have easy entry and exit for long vehicles and trail-
ers. If you have a suggestion for a site, please let me know.

While on the subject of autocross, I’d like to remind you that the Snell 2010 rated hel-
mets have been released. According to NCCC rules, the 2000 rated models are now
out of date, unless they have a sticker showing the date of manufacture less than ten
years ago. If your helmet is rated 2000 and does not have a sticker showing it is less
than ten years old, it will no longer be acceptable for use at any CCM and NCCC auto-
cross. Remember that if you have to buy a new helmet, both SA and M rated helmets
are accepted by NCCC (however some track event organizers may not accept M hel-
mets, so bear this in mind).

The 2011 Competition Handbook is nearly complete, with just a few changes to be
made before it is approved. Once that is done, the Handbook will be posted on the
CCM website for your reference. Among the changes for 2011 is the introduction of
the CARS competition participation award, with CARS being an acronym for Concours,
Autocross, Rallye, and dragS. Any competitor who is not one of the top 15 drivers at
the end of the year and who competes in one of each of these events will receive the
CARS award at the Awards Banquet following the conclusion of the season. Hopefully
we’ll see many new faces at competition events this year.

Chris Scafero
2011 CCM Competition Director
                                                                          2011 Competition Calendar
                                                                               Updated 1/26/11
                                                                                                                                      SCCA Solo and
                                                                                                       DCSCC, Other Events                                    Waterford Hills Road
                        CCM Competition Events       MI Region NCCC           National NCCC                                              ProSolo
 DATE        DAY                                                                                                                  Racing, Inc. (WHRRI)
                                                                                                      DCSCC Hotline: 313-388-3301                  
 22-Feb     Tuesday                                   Region Meeting
 26-Feb     Saturday                                                          National Officers Mtg
 27-Mar     Sunday            CCM Rallye
 4-5-Apr    Sat-Sun
 09-Apr     Saturday                                 MI Region Banquet
                          CCM New Member
 15-Apr      Friday
                       CCM Driver School Driving
 16-Apr     Saturday
 17-Apr     Sunday      CCM DCSCC Autocross                                                                  CCM Autox                                       WHRRI Open Track Day
 26-Apr     Tuesday                                   Region Meeting
 30-Apr     Saturday                                                          National Officers Mtg
                                                                                                                                     DRSCCA Solo School
 28-Apr     Thursday
                                                                                                                                       Classroom LTU
                                                                                                                                                              WHRRI Driver's School
                                                                                                                                     DRSCCA Solo School
 30-Apr     Saturday
                                                                                                                                          Belle Isle
 01-May     Sunday                                                                                                                  DRSCCA Solo Belle Isle
 07-May     Saturday                                   LCC 4 Rallye
                                                                                                                                                                 WHRRI Race 1
 08-May     Sunday
 14-May     Saturday                                CCC Driving School
 15-May     Sunday                                   CCBC PC Show                                           AROC Autox
 21-May     Saturday                                  SCC PC Show
 22-May     Sunday                                 GVCA Rallye/PC Show
 28-May     Saturday                                 RCWM 4 Rallyes
 29-May     Sunday      CCM DCSCC Autocross          RCWM PC Show                                            CCM Autox
 30-May     Monday                                                                                                                  DRSCCA Solo Belle Isle
 04-Jun     Saturday                                  FCC PC Show
                                                                                                                                                                 WHRRI Race 2
 05-Jun     Sunday                                KCC/CCC 7 Low Speed
 11-Jun     Saturday    Corvette Encounter/CCM Concours/NCCC PC Show
 12-Jun     Sunday                CCM/CCBC/GLCC 7 Low Speed                                                 AROC Autox
 14-Jun     Tuesday                                  Region Meeting
17-19-Jun   Fri-Sun                                                                                                                    Oscoda ProSolo
18-24-Jun   Sat-Sun                        NCCC Convention Colorado Springs
24-26-Jun   Fri-Sun                                                                                                                 DRSCCA Solo Oscoda
 25-Jun     Saturday
                                                                                                                                                                 WHRRI Race 3
 26-Jun     Sunday
  02-Jul    Saturday                                                                                                                                         WHRRI Open Track Day
  04-Jul    Monday     CCM Waterford Time Trials
  09-Jul    Saturday                                  MAG Low Speed
  10-Jul    Sunday                                    MAG Low Speed
                                                                                                                                    DRSCCA Oscoda Test &
15-17-Jul   Fri-Sun
                                                                                                                                       Tune and 3 Solo
 16-Jul     Saturday                                 GVCA Low Speed
                                                                                                                                                                 WHRRI Race 4
 17-Jul     Sunday
 23-Jul     Saturday                                   FCC 5 LS
 24-Jul     Sunday                     CCM 7 Low Speed                                                      AROC Autox
 30-Jul     Saturday                               CCCC 7 Low Speed
 31-Jul     Sunday                                  JCC 7 Low Speed                                                                                          WHRRI Open Track Day
 06-Aug     Saturday   CCM Drags Lapeer Dragway        LCC 4 Rallye
 07-Aug     Sunday                                   SCC 6 Low Speed
                                                                          2011 Competition Calendar
                                                                               Updated 1/26/11
                                                                                                                                      SCCA Solo and
                                                                                                       DCSCC, Other Events                                    Waterford Hills Road
                       CCM Competition Events      MI Region NCCC             National NCCC                                              ProSolo
 DATE        DAY                                                                                                                  Racing, Inc. (WHRRI)
                                                                                                      DCSCC Hotline: 313-388-3301                  
12-14-Aug   Fri-Sun                                                                                                                                           WHRRI Vintage Races
 13-Aug     Sunday                                ACC PC Show
 14-Aug     Sunday             CCM Picnic/NCCC PC Show                                                                              DRSCCA Solo Belle Isle
 21-Aug     Sunday     CCM DCSCC Autocross                                                                   CCM Autox
 27-Aug     Saturday
                                                                                                                                                                 WHRRI Race 5
 28-Aug     Sunday                                                                                          AROC Autox
 06-Sep     Tuesday                                  Region Meeting
 10-Sep     Saturday                                                         National Officers Mtg
 17-Sep     Saturday                             CCC 3 Rallye/1 PC Show                                                             DRSCCA Solo Belle Isle
 18-Sep     Sunday     CCM DCSCC Autocross           CCBC 4 Rallye                                           CCM Autox
 24-Sep     Sunday      Motor City Corvette Concours/NCCC PC Show
 25-Sep     Sunday                                    KCC 3 Rallyes                                                                                          WHRRI Open Track Day
 01-Oct     Saturday
                                                                                                                                                                 WHRRI Race 6
 02-Oct     Sunday
 08-Oct     Saturday           CCM/FCC/RCWM 4 Rallyes
 09-Oct     Sunday     CCM DCSCC Autocross                                                                   CCM Autox
 15-Oct     Saturday                                                                                                                DRSCCA Solo Belle Isle
 16-Oct     Sunday         CCM Raindate
 06-Nov     Sunday                 CCM 3 NCCC Rallyes
 08-Nov     Tuesday                                Region Meeting
 08-Nov     Sunday                                                           National Officers Mtg
CCM Worker Awards for 2010                 CCM Competition Award Winners for 2010

Award Eligibility (new members)            Ladies Awards:
                                           Mary Wentzel: First place award, 3EL class award, FTD
Lisa Brown                                 award, Autocross award, Rallye award
Crystal Janowitz                           Dyan Janowitz: Second place award
Ryan Watson                                Sherry Weiser: Third place award, 1SKL class award
Sydney Watson                              Sharon Meeseman: Fourth place award, 1SEL class award
                                           Marty Firment: Fifth place award, 1SHL class award
High Achievement Awards (50-74pts)         Rhonda Kralemann: Ladies Rookie award
Barb Bush
Don Bush                                   Mens Awards:
Gary Claudio                               Chris Scafero: First place award, Autocross award, 2 A/B
John Firment                               Kris Watson: Second place award, 1SG class award
                                           Bruce Wentzel: Third place award, FTD award, 3E class
Ted Godett                                 award, Rallye award
Alan Johnson                               Brett Watson: Fourth place award
Brandon Lincoln                            Jim McLaughlin: Fifth place award
Chris Mackay                               Ted Godett: Sixth place award, 2J class award
Jim McLaughlin                             Don Bush:Seventh place award, 1SJ class award
Kris Watson                                Paul Yuska: Eigth place award
Sherry Weiser                              Ken Sumner: Ninth place award, Concours award
                                           Gordon McCann: Tenth place award, 1H class award
Outstanding Achievement Awards (>74 pts)
Al Chan
Chris Davies                               Other Awards:
Tom Dunn                                   Barry Saunders: Rookie award, 1SH class award
Marty Firment
Ted Hou                                    Fred King: RP class award
Dyan Janowitz
Pat Jutras                                 Alan Johnson: 2E class award
Fred King
Dave Krom                                  Chris Mackay: 2K class award
Gordy McCann
Carolyn Polomski                           Bill Rietow: 1E class award
Carl Polomski
Jim Rees                                   Tom Frecentese: 1G class award
Joe Scafero
Chris Scafero                              John Phillips: 1M class award
Ken Sumner
Joe Thomas                                 Norbert Czajkowski: 1SM class award
Brett Watson
Diane Watson
Ryan Watson
Bruce Wentzel
Mary Wentzel
Paul Yuska
     2010 Final Results Best 10 out of 12 Events

     Name                     Points    Events   FTD
1    Scafero, Chris            335.86      12      103        Name                Points     Events   FTD
2    Watson, Kris              325.82      10        5    1   Wentzel, Mary         330.00      11       44
3    Wentzel, Bruce            320.00      12      109    2   Janowitz, Dyan        300.00      12       23
4    Watson, Brett             298.57      11       62    3   Weiser, Sherry        282.50       9       13
5    McLaughlin, Jim           288.43      11        6    4   Meesemen, Sharon      137.50       6        0
6    Godett, Ted               278.61      11       23    5   Firment, Marty        127.50       5        0
7    Bush, Don                 245.00       7       15    6   Kralemann, Rhonda*    121.50       5        2
8    Yuska, Paul               239.25       9        5    7   Losert, Phyllis        87.50       3        5
9    Sumner, Ken               238.93      11        1    8   Bush, Barb             70.00       2        4
10   McCann, Gordon            235.00       9       49    9   Watson, Diane          59.00       2        0
11   Johnson, Alan             222.50       7       66   10   Polomski, Carolyn      58.21       2        0
12   King, Fred                219.50      11        4   11   Marchione, Lynne       52.50       2        1
13   Rietow, Bill              210.00       6       60   12   Seidelman, Merideth    35.00       1        4
14   Losert, Mike              175.00       5       76   13   Everhart, Jennifer     32.50       1        0
15   Lincoln, Brandon          170.00       7       22   14   McCann, Sharon         20.00       1        0
16   Dehl, Kevin               166.25       6        0   15   Jutras, Pat            20.00       1        0
17   Phillips, John            165.00       6       35
18   Mackay, Chris             165.00       8       28
19   Hou, Ted                  159.00       6       27        Concerns: Contact Ken Sumner
20   Saunders, Barry*          156.00       6        0
21   Thomas, Joe               147.50       5        0        586-247-6417
22   Frecentese, Tom           147.50       6       21
23   Polomski, Carl            144.21       6        0        * = Rookie
24   Orton, David              136.50       5        0
25   Firment, John             127.86       4        0
26   Czajkowski, Jim*          127.64       5        0
27   Scafero, Joe              120.00       6        0
28   Czajkowski, Norbert*      120.00       6        0
29   Sielczak, Gary            111.00       4       15
30   Chan, Al                   93.75       3       13
31   Dee, William               75.50       3        0
32   Washburn, George           75.00       3        0
33   Krom, Dave                 70.00       2        0
34   Wilson, Rob                56.25       2       22
35   Slusher, Rodney            55.00       2        0
36   Korovesis, Phil            51.25       2        3
37   Corey, Ron                 50.00       2        0
38   Woolner, Paul              45.00       2        0
39   Rees, Jim                  43.00       2        0
40   Cecchini, Tony (Phillip)   40.00       2        0
41   Davies, Chris              30.00       1        0
42   Matsura, Robert            29.00       1        0
Plans are progressing for the 2011 Detroit Council of Sports Car Clubs Championship
autocross series. We’ll briefly describe Detroit Council, plug the upcoming banquet,
and give a preview to rule changes.

Detroit Council of Sports Car Clubs (DCSCC) is an organization made up of member
clubs. As of now, member clubs include not only CCM, but also the local chapter of the
Alfa Romeo Owners Club, Michigan Sports Car Club, Michigan MINI,the Detroit Region
of the Sports Car Club of America, and the Ford Motorsports Club.

DCSCC’s main activity is to coordinate a local autocross championship, and by doing
so coordinates the autocross calendars to minimize date conflicts. Also, DCSCC has
their own rulebook, which is heavily influenced by the SCCA national solo rulebook,
but with allowances for our needs in the Detroit area.

To recognize the 2010 award winners, Detroit Council is planning their awards dinner
at Kart2Kart for March 5th at 5 PM. The date and time is tentative as of this writing. Din-
ner is free for all CCM members and one guest. Discount karting will also be offered.

Please see the flyer for the banquet elsewhere in this issue. I would encourage you to
sign up if you are interested, and if the date/time is different than on the fIyer, I’m sure
that Derek Watkins (DCSCC president) will alert you. Or, alternatively, feel free to con-
tact me (Al Chan) at for updates to the banquet.

In regards to the 2011 rule package, as of now there aren’t any major changes
planned. In 2010, Detroit Council introduced a new category, whereby cars eligible for
Street Prepared could compete in a Street Tire category. We define a “street tire” as
one with a DOT wear rating of 140 or higher, thus avoiding the specialty “R” (soft) com-
pound tires. It looks as if this category will be extended for 2011. There is some discus-
sion about opening up the engine allowances for the Street Modified category, but as
of now, it is solely a discussion.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions about what Detroit Council does,
with rules questions, or any comments in general.

Respectfully submitted,
Al Chan

Elected Positions:
President                  Mary Wentzel
Vice President             Glenn Grace
Recording Secretary        Pat Jutras
Corresponding Secretary    Lynn Banister
Treasurer                  Ted Hou
Second Year Board          Dave Krom
  Representatives          Dyan Janowitz
                           Roy Thayer
First Year Board           Diane Watson
 Representatives           Brett Watson
                           Paul Yuska
Past President             Bruce Wentzel

Appointed Positions:
Competition Director       Chris Scafero
Detroit Council Rep.       Al Chan
Michigan Region Rep.       Chris Scafero
Points Director            Ken Sumner
SlipStream Editor          Ted Hou (e-interim)
Program Director           Gary Claudio
NCCC Governor              Joe Scafero (734-513-6003)
Public Relations           Fred King
Membership Director        Jim Rees
Social Director            Jennifer Aiken
NCM Ambassador             Joe Thomas

Non-Board Positions:
Club Historian              Ray Horenstein
Webmaster            Steve Budaj,
CCM Merchandise             — OPEN —

                         OTHER VIPs
Les Stanford Chevrolet Representative          313-565-6000
 Gary Claudio

Chris Scafero – Competition Director
Chris Davies                Gordy McCann
Ted Godett                  Fred King
John Gruber                 Jim McLaughlin
Dave Krom                   Ken Sumner
Carl Polomski               Joe Scafero
Mary Wentzel                Paul Yuska
Ted Hou
                                        2011 CCM Calendar

January                                February                             March
   o    15: CCM Banquet                  o                                    o     27: Road Rallye
   o    26: Annual business
        conducted at the monthly
April                                  May                                  June
   o    9: MI Region Banquet             o   29: DCSCC Champ AX               o     11: Encounter & CCM
   o    15: New Member                                                              Concourse
        Orientation                                                           o     12: NCCC AX 7 LS
   o    16: Drivers’ School Driving                                           o     18-24: National
        Session (non points)                                                        Convention-Illinois
   o    17: DCSCC Champ AX                                                    o
July                                   August                               September
   o    4: Waterford LS Time Trial       o   6: Bracket Drags                 o     18: DCSCC Champ AX
   o    24: NCCC AX 7 LS                 o   14: Picnic/NCCC PC Show          o     24: Motor City Corvette
   o                                     o   20: Woodward Dream                     Concourse / NCCC PC
   o                                         Cruise                                 Show
                                         o   20: Back to the Bricks-Flint
                                         o   21: DCSCC Champ AX
October                                November                             December
   o    8: NCCC Road Rallye              o   6: NCCC Road Rallye              o     BoD ratification at BoD
   o    9: DCSCC Champ AX                o   Next year Region sanctions             meeting
   o    BoD nominations at BoD               selection
        and monthly meeting

        BoD meeting is the 2nd Wednesday of each month.
        Monthly General Membership meeting is the 4th Wednesday of January thru
    CCM  ­  February Birthdays 

    Keith Bauman                       Lisa Brown 
    Ron Corey                          Marty Firment 
    Margaret Groves                    Bob Jutras 
    Werner Meier                       Ann Motichka 
    Donna Nabors                       Linda Petrosky 
    Glen Rissmiller                    Thelma Sereno 
    Gary Sielczak                      Rick Wallis 


   DATE            DAY                    CCM COMPETITION EVENT                          CHAIRPERSON(S) 
 March 27         Sunday                        Road Rallye                              Gordon McCann
  April 15        Friday                   New Member Orientation                           Jim Rees
  April 16       Saturday        Driver’s School Driving Session/Test & Tune             Comp. Committee
  April 17        Sunday                 Autocross – DCSCC Champ                       Brett & Kris Watson
  May 29          Sunday                  Autocross – DCSCC Champ                              TBD
  June 11        Saturday      Corvette Encounter/CCM Inside Concours/NCCC          Jim Rees/Brett Watson/Joe
                                                 PC show**                                   Scafero
  June 12         Sunday           Autocross NCCC 7 LS – Corvettes only                       TBD
June 18-24      Sat. – Fri.              NCCC National Convention                         Joliet, Illinois
   July 4        Monday                   Waterford Hills Time Trials                  Bruce & Mary Wentzel

  July 24         Sunday            Autocross NCCC 7 LS – Corvettes only            Mary Wentzel/Dyan Janowitz/
                                                                                      Pat Jutras/Diane Watson

  August 6       Saturday                       Bracket Drags                           Fred King/Joe Uksa

 August 14        Sunday                CCM Picnic/NCCC PC show**                      Pat Jutras/Joe Scafero

 August 21        Sunday                  Autocross – DCSCC Champ                              TBD

September 18      Sunday                  Autocross – DCSCC Champ                       Ted Hou / Al Chan

September 24     Saturday              Motor City Corvette Concours II/                 MCCC Committee/
                                             NCCC PC show**                             Jim Rees (PC only)

 October 8       Saturday              Road Rallye – NCCC Sanctioned                  Bruce & Mary Wentzel

 October 9        Sunday                  Autocross – DCSCC Champ                              TBD

November 6        Sunday               Road Rallye – NCCC Sanctioned                 Ted Hou/Jan Van Maanen

               13 CCM Inside Points Championship Events

               ** NCCC PC = NCCC sanctioned People’s Choice car show, no inside points awarded
               Check website for updates -                                   

                                            Michigan Region
                                          Corvette Clubs Awards
                                              April 9, 2011

Cost: $25.00 per person
Place: One Under Bar and Banquet Center
      Located at 35780 Five Mile, Livonia, MI 48154
Time: Social 6:30-7:30 Dinner: 7:30
Cash bar
Awards and Door Prizes immediately following dinner.
Dancing and Entertainment until 1:30am in lower level.

No reserved seating—seating will be on a first come basis.

All Region clubs are asked to donate a door prize
in the amount of $30.
 Directions to Banquet:
 From North-Northwest—go east on I-96 to south I-275 to Six Mile exit (exit 170) , exit (east) onto Six Mile to
 Newburg Rd, go south on Newburg Rd to Five Mile Rd., turn east onto Five Mile and continue on approximately
 3/4 mile. The One Under will be on your left (north side of Five Mile Rd).
 From West—go east on M-14, continue onto east I-96, merge to right, exit Newburg rd (exit 173), go past Newburg
 rd to turn around loop, and go north on Newburg to Five Mile Rd, turn east onto Five Mile Rd approx 3/4 mile. The
 One Under will be on your left (north side of Five Mile Rd).
 From West-Southwest—go east on I-94 to north I-275, exit east I-96 (exit 29), merge to right, exit Newburg rd (exit
 173), go past Newburg rd to turn around loop, and go north on Newburg to Five Mile Rd, turn east onto Five Mile
 Rd approx 3/4 mile. The One Under will be on your left (north side of Five Mile Rd).
          Accommodations at I-96 exit 170:      Courtyard (4 stars) , 17200 N Laurel Park Dr, (734)-462-2000
                                                 Marriot (4 1/2 stars) , 17100 N Laurel Park Dr, (734)-462-3100
                                                 Best Western (5 stars) , 16999 S Laurel Park Dr, (734)-464-0050
          Accommodations at I-275 exit 28:      Red Roof Inn (4 stars), 39700 Ann Arbor Rd , (734)-459-3300
                                                Quality Inn (4 stars) , 40455 Ann Arbor Rd, (734)-455-8100
                                                         ( an NCCC approved Choice hotel)
                    Enter the banquet parking and facility at the top of the hill
Appetizers during social hour

Buffet dinner menu :
Roasted N.Y. Strip               Oriental blend vegetable         Mostaccioli marinara
Chicken Picatta                  Oven roasted red skins           Garden Greek salad
                                        Homemade breads and rolls

   ——————–——————————-detach and mail———————————————————————-
  Name (s) _____________________________________ Club __________________________________
                                    Amount enclosed _________
  Make check payable to Michigan Region of Corvette Clubs     Deadline March 31 please
  Mail to: Joe Scafero, 27530 Buckingham, Livonia, MI 48154   More info call Joe @ 313-515-0734
                                           NCCC OFFICIAL FLYER OUTLINE

SANCTION #           NS-006-001                       TYPE OF EVENT:     Non Sanction RALLYE
DATE:                March 27, 2011                               TSD Rallye

REGISTRATION: OPENS:                  11:00 am        CLUB: Corvette Club of Michigan

           CLOSES:                    11:45 am        REGION:          Michigan Region
DRIVERS MEETING TIME:                 11:45 am        ENTRY FEE:       $8.00

FIRST CAR OUT TIME:                   12:01 pm        LOCATION:         Chase Bank 235 N. Sheldon
                                                                          Plymouth, MI

EVENT CHAIRPERSON:                                           GOVERNOR:

NAME:                Gordon McCann                           NAME:           Joe Scafero

ADDRESS:             13581 Westbrook                         ADDRESS: 530 Buckingham

                     Plymouth, MI 48170                                      Livonia, MI 48154

PHONE #:             (734) 455-3060                          PHONE #: (734) 513-6003
                         DCSCC AWARDS BANQUET
                              2010 SEASON

WHO:                    Registered Drivers, DCSCC Club Members and Their Friends
                        DCSCC clubs: AROC, CCM, DRSCCA, FMC, MMMC, MSCC

WHAT:                   Dinner, Socializing, Kart Racing, and the ...

                             2010 Autocross Championship Awards

MENU:                   Roast Sirloin with Mushroom Gravy, Pasta Primavera, Red Skin Potatoes,
                        California Mix Vegetables, Tossed Salad, Fresh Bread, and Soft Drinks

WHEN:                   Saturday March 5, 2010 at 5:00 PM, come earlier for Kart Driving Sessions
                        at 4 PM.

WHERE:                  Kart 2 Kart
                        42705 Van Dyke Avenue
                        Sterling Heights, MI
                        (586) 997-8800

HOW MUCH: Members of DCSCC Clubs and 1 guest are free, $10 per person for all


RSVP by 2/26/11 TO:                 Derek Watkins
                                    4530 Woodland
                                    Royal Oak, Michigan 48073



Members of DCSCC Clubs (+ 1 guest) may return this form or RSVP by e-mail to: Others return this form with a check made out to DCSCC for $10.00
per person.
Winter Autocross

The heart thumping autocross experience of 2010 may have been replaced by a
blanket of snow, but the summer’s driving adventure continues with many
enthusiasts. For those not able to attend CCM's best event; whether your calendar
was full, or you or your car needed a competitive edge; consider the importance of
a winter autocross.

These winter events are held at numerous times throughout the frigid North, that
will conform to anyone’s over scheduled calendar. Your personal best is preferred
to an aggressive attitude; and the snowy condition creates a parity with any car or

For those of you that did not enter the summer arena, now is the time to take note
of CCM's well managed events for 2010. Those events were designed to give
drivers in STD to FTD class the ability to sharpen their knowledge and awareness
in vehicle dynamics.

For some autocrossers, it’s about being first. For others it’s about improving and
being better. In the final analysis it’s you against the course. The ability to
instinctively react and to stay focused in any environment. The skills that you learn
in the Summer and apply in the winter, helps to make you a complete driver, no
matter what car you are controlling.

Whether it is a high speed event in the summer with fat sticky tires, or a low
speed event in the winter on skinny tires: both setups are going to behave and
react in similar ways. The defining difference will be the attitude and confidence
of the driver.

So the next time it snows and you launch from the starting line; remember that
your previous practices will help make the moments seemingly longer - as you
approach those unusual pylons of ice chunks and snow mounds on your daily travels -
because "it's your personal best that counts."

Enjoy your Corvette’s potential, while preparing for that Winter Autocross.

Article contributed by Glenn Grace.
 Despite never having adopted the metric system for day-to-day use, Americans are familiar
with the basic units, like grams (especially kilograms), meters and such. But when it comes to
the lesser known units, they're clueless, so to help the educational process along a bit feel free
to commit the following to memory:

    • 1 millionth of a mouthwash = 1 microscope

    • Ratio of an igloo's circumference to its diameter = Eskimo Pi

    • 2,000 pounds of Chinese soup = Won ton

    • Time between slipping on a peel and smacking the pavement = 1 bananosecond

    • Weight an evangelist carries with God = 1 billigram

    • Time it takes to sail 220 yards at 1 nautical mile per hour = Knotfurlong

    • 16.5 feet in the Twilight Zone = 1 Rod Serling

    • Half of a large intestine = 1 semicolon

    • 1,000,000 aches = 1 megahurtz

    • Basic unit of laryngitis = 1 hoarsepower

    • Shortest distance between two jokes = 1 straight line

    • 453.6 graham crackers = 1 pound cake

    • 1 million-million microphones = 1 megaphone

    • 2 million bicycles = 2 megacycles

    • 365.25 days = 1 unicycle

    • 2000 mockingbirds = 2 kilomockingbirds

    • 52 cards = 1 decacards

    • 1 kilogram of falling figs = 1 FigNewton

    • 1,000 milliliters of wet socks = 1 literhosen

    • 1 millionth of a fish = 1 microfiche

    • 1 trillion pins = 1 terrapin

    • 10 rations = 1 decoration

    • 100 rations = 1 C-ration

    • 2 monograms = 1 diagram

    • 4 nickels = 1 paradigms

    • 2.4 statute miles of intravenous surgical tubing at Yale University
      Hospital = 1 IV League

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