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					                                                                                                    FEBRUARY 2011

Delaware Valley NCRS Chapter Newsletter
Chairman’s Notes                                              In this issue:
by John Kane                                                  • Chairman’s Notes
                                                                —by John Kane
!        e snow will stop, really, although I know it is
                                                              • From e Archives
hard to believe. Only a few short weeks to Spring. Mark
your calendar — March 20th.                                     —text and photos by Bob Cook
         A few of our members attended the NCRS               • Membership Application/Renewal Form
Winter Regional Convention in Old Town in Orlando             • It’s e Year Of e 1961!
Florida three weeks ago. e severe snow storms during           —by John Mulhern III
the show week presented real problems especially for
those traveling by air on Wednesday and ursday               • NCRS Gallery at Carlisle Application Form
coming down from the Northeast. However, once we              • Photos From e Fall
got there the weather was great. Especially considering         —photos by John Mulhern III
that the snow at my house was about 18 inches deep
                                                              • 2011 Chapter Officers
but luckily it fell just after I left.
                                                              • 2011 Chapter Events Calendar
         Our most recent Run for the Ribbons at
County Corvette in October was a wonderful success.
Frank Stech and Elaine Raisner put forth another great
effort. is year with the new venue there were many          From The Archives
new issues to overcome that had become second nature        by Bob Cook
to us all after all the years that this meet was held at
Bryner Chevrolet. It took a great effect by the Show
Committee as well as the entire membership on show                  If you get a few minutes during this cold
day to make it run so smoothly. anks to everybody,         winter, dig through your old les to see if you have any
especially Elaine and Frank. It is no accident when a       old Delaware Valley Chapter newsletters. We need
show runs that well: it is primarily due to all the         December 1986 through December 1988 and February
preparatory work done weeks before. Good job,               1991 through February 2000. If you have any of these
everybody!                                                  newsletters or any old pictures or other memorabilia,
                                                            please bring it (or them) to the meeting. I can scan and
         is year was also a change in the location for
                                                            return any items to you.
the Christmas Party which was held at the Cock n' Bull
restaurant. A hearty well done to Elaine and Tim                    On page 2, I have
Raisner who worked very hard to manage the transition       included two pictures of
to the new location. Attendance was up this year and        an item from the
the food was excellent.                                     archives — a “Vehicle
                                                            Owner’s Glove
         anks go to Kevin Goodman and Hal Emrich
                                                            Compartment File”. It is
for organizing the Road Tour of the remaining Bucks
                                                            an envelope in which to
County covered bridges last fall. e road tour was
                                                            keep your glove box
again very well attended and the weather cooperated.
                                                            items. You can also
                                                            record your “technical

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                                           FEBRUARY 2011

and maintenance information” on the
 ap and reverse side [Strange. It seems
intended for people who drive their cars
— Ed.]. I believe these were sent to all
NCRS members some years ago.
Does anyone remember receiving

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                                                                                              FEBRUARY 2011


     8:00 PM on the third Wednesday during February, April, June, August and October at the
                           W illiam F. Bolton Dixon Am erican Legion
                           493 Bethlehem Pike, Fort W ashington, PA
     Take the Pennsylvania Turnpike to Exit 339 (former Exit 26), Fort Washington/ Ambler Exit; go
     straight after you pay toll onto Pennsylvania Avenue. (Note: Do not go onto Route #309.) Stay on
     Pennsylvania Avenue 0.9 mile until it dead-ends into Bethlehem Pike. Make left onto Bethlehem
     Pike for 0.5 mile. The American Legion is on your left.

     We also have a Chapter Meet in October, Judging Seminars, NCRS Gallery at Corvettes at
     Carlisle, Ride and Drives, Annual Holiday Party and other activities, dates to be announced.

    Membership dues are $30 per year. February is our renewal month each year.

                      MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION
                  RENEWAL / CHANGE of ADDRESS FORM
Name: ______________________________________ Spouse: ______________________________________

Street Address: _________________________________________________________ NCRS #: __________

City: _________________________________________________ State: ____ Zip + 4: __________-________

Phone Number: (______) ______-________ E-mail Address: _____________________________________

    Note you must be a current National NCRS member to join the Delaware Valley Chapter.

____ I would like to join the Delaware Valley Chapter at this time. ($30)

____ My $30 annual renewal enclosed.

____ Please note my change of address.

                 Please return completed form with remittance if required payable to:

                        DELAWARE VALLEY CHAPTER NCRS
                                      C/O Ivelis Mulhern
                                        725 Polo Road
                                  Bryn Mawr, PA 19010-3825

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                                                                                                      FEBRUARY 2011

It’s The Year Of The 1961!
by John Mulhern III

!         1961 was the
  rst of two years for the
“ducktail” solid axle
Corvette, an effective
updating by Bill Mitchell
and his designers of Harley Earl’s now aging mid-1950s
design. e new model year also introduced the now-
iconic four rounded taillights (currently in their 51st
year) and removed the heavy teeth from the grill. 1961
was the nal year for the availability of contrasting
coves and wide whitewall tires. It’s interesting to see
four of these styling touches included on the cover of
the 1961 brochure at the right.
          Other changes for 1961 included more
standard equipment — an oft-seen Chevrolet strategy
near the end of a Corvette generation life cycle. All
Corvettes now included courtesy and parking brake
warning lights, sun shades, windshield washers, and a
temperature-controlled radiator fan (ah; the raw,            second most popular exterior color) and white.
unadulterated luxury of it all!).
                                                                     Either fuel injected engine (regular cam or high
          Base price for 1961 was $3,934 (up $62 from        lift cam) was the most expensive option, at $484.20.
1960) or about $28,900 in today’s dollars. Commonly          More than half of the buyers elected to remain with the
ordered optional equipment included heater (98% of           base single 4-barrel 230 bhp engine, which would still
new Corvette buyers paid $102.25 for this option),           get a Corvette from 0-60 in a little over 8 seconds.
whitewall tires (89% paid $31.55), signal-seeking AM         Moving to the top of the line fuel-injected engine (up
radio (85% paid $137.75), 4-speed manual                     25 horsepower to 315 bhp gross for 1961) would cut
transmission (64% paid $188.30 for an upgrade over           about two seconds off that time.
the standard 3-speed manual), Positraction (63% paid
                                                                     Rare options for 1961 included the regular cam
$43.05 for this manual transmission-only option), and
                                                             275 bhp fuel-injected engine (about 1% of
auxiliary hardtop (52% at $236.75). Getting all this
                                                             production), the heavy duty brakes and special steering
equipment brought the price to $4,674 or about
                                                             (2%), “wide” 5.5-inch wheels (3%), power top (4%),
$34,400 in today’s dollars.
                                                             and power windows (6%). It is not known how many
          e most popular exterior color was once again      buyers ordered the 24 gallon fuel tank, the nylon
Ermine White (29% of production) with the most               blackwall tires, or the positive crankcase ventilation (in
popular interior color once again Red (41% of                its rst year of availability).
production). New exterior colors included Fawn Beige
                                                                     Corvette production was up 7% over 1960 to
(fairly successful at 12% of production) and Jewel Blue
                                                             10,939. Some of this increase may have been due to the
                                 (one year only at 8% of
                                                             premier of “Route 66” as a weekly series on CBS on
                                  production). e most
                                                             October 7, 1960.
                                  popular contrasting cove
                                  color combination was
                                  Roman Red (itself the

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                                                                                                                                                      FEBRUARY 2011

                                                    APPLICAT ION FORM
                                                                    Please: Print or Type

Name(s)                                                                                                               NCRS #
City                                                                                                       State                             Zip
Phone Day (                     )                                        E-Mail
Phone Eve. (                    )                                        Cell Phone (                     )
Photo: Driver’s-side, front-end, car, by itself, as shown.
Photos will not be returned.
Engine Specs: CID                                                                     HP
Transmission:                                                                        Rear End Ratio:
Exterior Color
Interior Color                                                                                                            Leather       Vinyl
Body Style:       Coupe               T-Top                                         Convertible                     Soft Top      w/ Hard Top
Wheels and Tires:
Current Mileage:                           I am the                                                        owner for                  years.
Special Edition:                                                                                               Example: Pace Car, Grand Sport
Options: Example A/C, power steering, etc.

Prior Awards: Please include all significant awards


Brief History / Highlights: ~30 words or less

Whereas all participates, including owners, and voluntarily enter into the Delaware Valley Chapter hosted NCRS GALLERY, it is agreed as follows: All participates
will insure their vehicle(s) & property against loss, damage, & liability, & provide proof of insurance. Owners & all participants hereby agree to indemnify and hold
harmless Delaware Valley Chapter NCRS, NCRS and Carlisle Events, it’s officers, directors, agents, employees, or assigns for acts or omissions which may result
in the theft, damage, destruction, or injury to them or to others occurring during or as a consequence of this event, wherever located.
 All entrants and cars will be required to arrive at the Carlisle Fairgrounds by noon on Thursday and cars will not be removed until Sunday at 3:30 pm.

Signature                                                                                                                        Date
                                            Inquiries can be made by E-mail:
Please Complete and Return to:                  NCR S GALLERY PO Box 2853 Warminster, PA 18974-0086

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                                                                                       FEBRUARY 2011

Photos From The Fall
photos by John Mulhern III

                                                        Judging sharks at the Fall Chapter Meet

                                                 A few thousand horsepower — mostly Sportsman entries
        Corvette Copper at County Corvette

        Steel blue metallic convertible detail              Hard at work judging mid-years

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                                                                                             FEBRUARY 2011

                                                           Solid axle follows C5 on the October Road Tour

   NCRS Display at Corvettes for Chip in November

2011 Chapter Officers
Chairperson                          Treasurer                           Website Administrator
John Kane                            John Keane                          Hal Emrich
(215) 497-9361                       (215) 542-0790                      (215) 297-0646
1973 Boxwood Drive                   P.O. Box 404                        7065 Ferry Road RD #1
Newtown, PA 18940                    Gwynedd Valley, PA 19437            New Hope, PA 18938                                             
                                     Meet/Activity Chairperson
Vice Chairperson                     Elaine Raisner                      Chapter Historian
Ivelis Mulhern                       (215) 675-4299                      Bob Cook
(484) 432-8995                       393 Camberly Drive                  610-274-1447 home
725 Polo Road                        Warminster, PA 18974                302-753-4619 cell
Bryn Mawr, PA 19010                  Fax (215) 675-3775                  305 Kelleher Drive                           Landenberg, PA 19350
Secretary                            Judging Chairperson
Steve Gansky                         Frank Stech                         Newsletter Editor
(215) 579-7113                       (856) 665-1557                      John Mulhern III                       755 North Broadway                  (484) 432-8996
                                     Pitman, NJ 08071                    725 Polo Road
                                                  Bryn Mawr, PA 19010
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                                                                            FEBRUARY 2011

2011 Chapter Events Calendar

16 Membership Meeting • Wm. Bolton American Legion • 8:00 PM

26-27 Mason-Dixon Chapter Spring Meet • Havre de Grace, MD

20 Membership Meeting • Wm. Bolton American Legion • 8:00 PM
28-30 Joplin Heart of America Regional • Joplin, MO

19-21 Central New Jersey Garden State Regional • Wildwood, NJ

9-11 Ontario Regional • London, ON
15 Membership Meeting/Cruise Night • Wm. Bolton American Legion • 7:00 PM

9-18 National Road Tour [dates vary depending on road tour selected]
18-23 National Convention • Novi, MI

17 Membership Meeting • Wm. Bolton American Legion • 8:00 PM
26-28 NCRS Gallery XI at Corvettes at Carlisle

5 Membership Meeting • Wm. Bolton American Legion • 8:00 PM
6-8 California Regional • Sacramento, CA
TBA 31st Run For e Ribbons • County Corvette • West Chester, PA
27-29 Texas Lone Star Regional • Frisco, TX

3 Holiday Dinner • Cock ‘N Bull Restaurant • Peddler’s Village, PA

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