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									              Company                   Summary                           Web Address
AccuTech Systems, Inc.   A leader in providing comprehensive
                         technologically advanced Security
                         Management and Fire Alarm Systems
                         nationwide. Founded in 1987,
                         AccuTech Systems, Inc. is a full
                         service, security integration company,
                         excelling in design and installation of
                         customized Electronic and Physical
                         Security Systems. Our prompt,
                         personalized service and state-of-the-
                         art products guarantee complete
                         customer satisfaction.
Achates Systems, Inc.    Achates Systems, Inc. designs and
                         develops software for activity based
                         and strategic cost management, project
                         and vendor cost controls, contract
                         administration, managerial financial
                         decision making, budgeting and
                         contractor and vendor bid analysis. We
                         also provide project, program, contract
                         administration implementation services
                         that optimize the use of our solutions.
                         Our software provides for multi-source
                         data entry, performance and variance
                         analysis, historical and baseline
                         tracking and exception reporting based
                         upon parameters set by the user.
                         Using the information our software
                         provides improves decision making
                         and reduces risk by providing the
                         information and exception analysis
                         managers need at the push of a button.
Acquired Data Solutions, Inc.       Acquired Data Solutions, Inc. (ADS) is a
                                    software consulting and engineering
                                    services firm. We provide companies
                                    with high quality, cost effective
                                    solutions to their data acquisition and
                                    process control needs. We help our
                                    clients with the design, development,
                                    integration and support of their
                                    software and engineering automation

Advanced Power Technologies, Inc.   APTI was founded in 1986 and is
                                    dedicated to the development and
                                    integration of leading edge high
                                    technology systems, instruments and
                                    software for national defense and
                                    commercial applications. We try to turn
                                    visionary ideas into visible
                                    accomplishments in diverse
                                    disciplines, including optical and
                                    multispectral analysis; advanced signal
                                    and image processing; hyperspectral
                                    sensors, systems and processing; high
                                    power microwave/mm wave
                                    engineering; and antenna
Advanced TelCom Group, Inc.         ATG is an Integrated Communication
                                    Provider (ICP) serving small to mid-
                                    sized business with local, long distance
                                    and high speed Internet services with
                                    the highest quality, locally managed
                                    customer service in every market we
Advenix Communications, Inc.   Advenix is an Application Service
                               Provider that develops, manages, and
                               delivers Internet-based sales and
                               marketing campaigns for businesses
                               and organizations.
AED                            AED is a technology solutions 
                               company, providing central office and
                               data center engineering solutions to
                               clients. AED provides site surveys,
                               records development, space planning
                               and innovative software solutions to
                               Telecommunications and Internet

AEPCO, Inc.                    Facilities management software, video
                               streaming technologies, video
                               teleconferencing, internet products,
                               military logistics services, procurement
                               and contract management software,
                               LAN/WAN, etc.

AERCON, Inc.                   AERCON, Inc. provides high
                               technology and media presentations.
Aether Systems, Inc.   Aether Systems, Inc. is a leading
                       provider of wireless and mobile data
                       services allowing real-time
                       communications and transactions
                       across a full range of devices and
                       networks. Using its engineering
                       expertise, its Aether Intelligent
                       Messaging (AIM) software platform, its
                       ScoutWare family of products (Aether
                       Software) and its customer service and
                       network operation center, Aether
                       Systems is a one-stop source for
                       corporations seeking comprehensive,
                       technology-independent wireless and
                       mobile computing solutions. Aether's
                       wireless and mobile data services can
                       increase efficiency and productivity for
                       companies in a wide variety of
                       industries, including financial services;
                       transportation logistics; health care
                       and field sales.
AIMSTAR Information Solutions, Inc.   AIMSTAR Information Solutions, Inc.
                                      provides information technology
                                      consulting and software development
                                      service to government, academic, and
                                      commercial entities. These services
                                      focus on database systems and
                                      include: Database design, Database
                                      system development, Oracle database
                                      administration, End user query tools,
                                      Data warehousing, Web-enabled
                                      databases, Multimedia databases,
                                      Multimedia educational software. Our
                                      core technology set includes Oracle,
                                      Java, perl, and object-oriented
Allegheny Power                       Allegheny Power is an investor-owned
                                      electric utility that serves a five -state
                                      region encompassing almost 30,000
                                      square-miles. Allegheny Power also
                                      owns Friendship Technology Park, a
                                      260 acre campus-style, Class A
                                      oriented development.

Allied Technology Group, Inc.         Allied Technology provides information
                                      technology services, system
                                      integration, software development,
                                      telecommunication and electronic
                                      engineering design and technical
                                      services, health programs and policy
                                      research and analysis.
Altvia Technologies, Inc.   E-LEARNING: Altvia Technologies is a
                            provider of technology based training
                            solutions for the delivery, creation, and
                            management of training and education
                            programs for organizations and
                            individuals. Our solutions implement
                            technology based training through
                            corporate Intranets and the Internet.
                            We provide technology independent
                            turnkey solutions by designing and
                            providing customized e-learning
                            solutions. E-SERVICES: From e-
                            commerce solutions to database
                            development and optimization, Altvia
                            Technologies provides cost-effective,
                            technology independent solutions.

amerivault corp.            amerivault corp. provides a completely
                            secure, fully automated, offsite backup
                            and retrieval solution for distributed
                            systems. Utilizing our industry leading
                            software, our service will recognize
                            changes to files ("Delta Processing") in
                            the backup set, encrypt the files for
                            enhanced security, compress the files
                            to reduce transmission time and send
                            the backup files over
                            telecommunication lines.
Applied Systems Analysis & Processing Applied Systems is a minority owned,
                                      8A certified Information Technology
                                      Services Firm providing Application
                                      Development, Data Architecture, Data
                                      Modeling, Network Design, Network
                                      Security, E-Commerce Application
                                      Development/Support, Education,
                                      Training and Management Consulting

Applied Theory Corporation            Internet solutions company, now public
                                      in a National rollout. Maryland
                                      headquarters and N.O.C. just opened.
                                      Hi-speed access, web-site hosting,
                                      security analysis, web enabling, clients
                                      include: many Fortune 100 firms.

ARBROS Communications, Inc.           Telecommunications company.  
Ardexus Corporation                                                
Argosy Omnimedia, Inc.                An Internet E-Commerce software
                                      development company specializing in
                                      Microsoft and Sun Internet
                                      technologies as applied to business to
                                      consumer (B2C) and business to
                                      business (B2B) site and application
ArsDigita                             ArsDigita builds and distrubutes the
                                      ArsDigita Community System (ACS), an
                                      open-source application development
                                      platform and suite of enterprise
                                      applications. ACS enables companies
                                      to create e-business solutions
                                      emphasizing collaboration within and
                                      beyond organizations.
Asiemo Consulting LLC       Asiemo Consulting is a professional
                            services firm that provides network
                            design, management and outsourcing
Aspen Systems Corporation   Aspen Systems Corporation in a project-
                            oriented company involved in the
                            collection, manipulation and
                            dissemination of information using
                            state-of-the-art technology. Services
                            include operation of information
                            clearing houses, call centers and
AT&T                        AT&T is a global company that 
                            provides communications services and
                            products, network equipment and
                            computer systems to businesses,
                            consumers, telecommunications
                            service providers and government
Atlantech Online, Inc.      A business-to-business Internet
                            Service Provider providing T-1, DSL,
                            ISDN, dedicated & dial-up connectivity
                            as well as web hosting services and co-
                            location and dedicated server hosting
                            solutions through our ServerAnswer
ATTRONICA                   Attronica is a leader and independent
                            computer solutions provider with
                            rational commercial clients,
                            specializing in providing highly
                            customized IT infrastructure &
                            application solutions which are
                            configured, integrated and implemeted
                            to the client needs.
B2eMarkets                         B2eMarkets had developed the first end-
                                   to-end, intelligent eSourcing
                                   application that allows buyers to
                                   negotiate the lowest total cost for
                                   purchased goods and services.
                                   B2eMarkets' Strategic eSourcing
                                   Management (SeSM) solution is
                                   embedded with a proven sourcing
                                   methodology, content, and coaching to
                                   capture, retain, and share sourcing
Balmar Printing & Graphics, Inc.   Balmar Printing & Graphics, a full
                                   service printer, specializing in total
                                   publishing support: design, graphics,
                                   desktop publishing, copying, color
                                   printing, mailing, and fulfillment for
                                   area businesses, color copying, and
                                   document management.

bConvergent, Inc.                  bConvergent is the market leader in the
                                   development and sale of technology
                                   solutions that eliminate the need for
                                   businesses to install and maintain
                                   traditional voice and date network
                                   hardware in remote and small officers.
                                   bConvergent's infrastructure solutions,
                                   based on our unique and revolutionary
                                   software and ASP delivery model,
                                   provide small offices with enhanced
                                   functionality at significantly less
                                   expense than traditional hardware-
                                   based systems.
Bear Code LLC                      Bioinformatics and 3D visualization
Bluewater Consulting Group LLC      Bluewater Consulting Group is a small
                                    high-tech consulting company
                                    specializing in enterprise application
                                    development and integration.

Booz Allen & Hamilton, Inc.         Management and Technology
Broadwing Communications            Provide data solutions to medium and
                                    large sized businesses.
BrowserMedia                        BrowserMedia is a high-end, eBusiness
                                    solutions provider for rising
                                    companies. We leverage cutting-edge
                                    technologies to create custom Web and
                                    Wireless applications for companies
                                    that are serious about establishing a
                                    dominant online presence. Our team of
                                    software engineers, developers,
                                    strategists, and designers utilize their
                                    broad skill-sets to deliver eBusiness
                                    solutions that work.

Calypso Performance Services, LLC   Calypso Performance Services, LLC is
                                    an instructional design and
                                    performance support consulting firm
                                    focused mainly in the
                                    telecommunications and technical
                                    arenas. Our areas of expertise include
                                    instructional design, training
                                    development, training delivery,
                                    technical product and systems
                                    documentation, and process
                                    documentation. In addition, we are a
                                    certified reseller of Cisco equipment.
                                    Calypso is a minority-owned business.
Cidera, Inc.     Cidera, Inc., the Internet broadcast
                 backbone, is an international leader in
                 the satellite delivery of broadband
                 content to the edge of the Internet.

Cigital          Reliable Software Technologies (RST)
                 offers products and consulting
                 designed specifically to help
                 companies build high quality, reliable
                 robust and secure software from the
                 ground up - the essence of software
                 assurance. is an Internet professional
                 services agency of Euro RSCG
                 worldwide, a Havas Advertising unit.
        offers complete end-to-end
                 web enabling services for its Fortune
                 1000 and emergining Internet based
                 clients, specializing in Internet-based
                 marketing and customer relationship
                 management systems.

Cisco Systems    Cisco Systems, Inc. is the worldwide
                 leader in networking for the Internet.
                 Cisco's Internet Protocol-based (IP)
                 networking solutions are the
                 foundation of the Internet and most
                 corporate, education, and government
                 networks around the world. Cisco
                 provides the broadest line of solutions
                 for transporting data, voice and video
                 within the buildings, across campuses,
                 or around the world.
CitySoft, Inc.                                   
Client Network Services, Inc. (CNSI)   CNSI provides IT consulting services to
                                       both Government and commercial
Clovis                                 Technology consultants with on-site
                                       work and recruiting services.
Commerce One                           Commerce One is the leader in global e-
                                       commerce solutions for business.
                                       Through its products, and services,
                                       Commerce One creates access to
                                       worldwide markets, allowing anyone to
                                       buy from anyone, anytime, anywhere.
                                       We help the world's leading companies
                                       to become e-companies by forming e-
                                       marketplaces for their industries and
                                       regional areas.

Commercial Air Power & Cable, Inc.     Commerial Air Power & Cable is a full
                                       service design & installation firm
                                       specializing in critical-site
Compass Computer Services              Compass Computer Services, Inc.
                                       provides technology consulting,
                                       systems integration and internet
                                       services and applications. Compass
                                       helps businesses from planning and
                                       design to implementation, to select and
                                       use managed technology solutions to
                                       positively impact their bottom line. We
                                       provide technology solutions on time
                                       and within budget. Compass also
                                       assists law firms in practice automation
                                       and legal technology, including pre-
                                       litigation and trial support services.
Complete Data Solutions, LLC   CDS provides customized data 
                               management and analysis solutions to
                               Government and commercial clients in
                               the Washington metropolitan area. We
                               combine small company focus with
                               extensive experience in system design,
                               database administration, data
                               standardization, and analytic
                               methodology development to solve
                               your toughest data problems.

Compro Systems, Inc.           Compro Systems, Inc. provides
                               computer hardware and software
                               integration and support maintenance to
                               area businesses.
Computech, Inc.                Computech designs and implements
                               automated systems related to business
                               and finance, frequency assignment and
                               management, and law enforcement
                               management systems.

Computer & Telecommunication   Software Development Outsourcing to
Systems, Inc. (CTS)            Russia by Western software developers
                               and users is in the early stage of fast
                               growth. CTS has contracted to provide
                               the in-country USA business
                               management of marketing, sales, and
                               delivery of software development
                               oursourcing by a well-staffed well-
                               experienced Russian Software
                               Development Center.
Computer Technology Services, Inc.   Computer Technology Services is a
                                     professional-services firm specializing
                                     in: information management and
                                     technology services, training, and
                                     communication services, educational
                                     technology & classroom services,
                                     software development, & systems

Convergent Communications            Convergent delivers comprehensive
                                     single source communications
                                     solutions, including data products,
                                     local and wide area networking,
                                     telephone systems, video conferencing
                                     equipment, internet services, and
                                     network management.
Convista, Inc.                       Convista, Inc. is an Information
                                     Technology Consulting company
                                     focused on building web-based
                                     Internet/Intranet Application Services
                                     Provider (ASP) systems. We are known
                                     for our expertise with companies
                                     encompassing the Healthcare
                                     Integrated Delivery Systems, start-up
                                     Health Care Dot-Com companies and
                                     Health and Human Services
Corporate Network Services, Inc.     Corporate Network Services is a  
                                     Technology Partner that specializes in
                                     computer networking, providing LAN
                                     design, cabling, installation, technical
                                     support, application development, and
                                     hardware/software solutions.
CPR MultiMedia Solutions      CPR specializes in the presentation of
                              computer and video imagery. CPR
                              rents, sells, integrates and services
                              systems for teleconferencing, training,
                              CI3, and decision support. CPR travels
                              nationally to provide temporary video &
                              computer shows for clients.

CTRL Systems, Inc.                                           

CTX Corporation               CTX, a knowledge engineering   
                              company, has built an unparalleled
                              customer service record by combining
                              web technologies with enterprise
                              management tools to ignite business
Cyberlog Technologies, Inc.   Cyberlog Technologies offer design,
                              development, implementation, and
                              hosting of B2B websites, e-Commerce
                              websites, and IT networking solutions.
                              Additionally, Cyberlog Technologies
                              offers ASP and MSP solutions as well
                              as e-Marketing and Unity Mail

CyberTeams, Inc.              CyberTeams, Inc. provides content
                              management systems that are easy to
                              install and use, streamline content
                              development and management,
                              increase speed to publishing, and are
                              affordable for any company or
                              organization that has a static or
                              dynamic web site.
Cyntergy                              Cyntergy provides project      
                                      management, documentation,
                                      implementation and training,
                                      configuration, center services, regional
                                      training centers, technical help desk
                                      and other call center services for the
                                      hospitality, foodservice, retail, and
                                      retail banking.

Danya International, Inc.             Danya International is a dynamic
                                      company committed to bringing
                                      research and technology to people to
                                      improve health, enhance well-being,
                                      and increase knowledge. Our services
                                      and products provide clients with the
                                      most innovating and effective solutions
                                      to their communications and education
                                      needs. Our highly experienced team
                                      brings the unique ability to model and
                                      develop product content and then
                                      deliver that research to the market
                                      using the latest technology tools.

Data Computer Corporation of America Systems engineering, software &
                                     management consulting, Professional
                                     services company
Data Return                          Date Return is a leading managed web
                                     & application hosting provider on the
                                     Microsoft platform.
Data Science Automation              Data Science Automation, Inc. is your
                                     strategic partner for cooperative
                                     technical computing and automation
                                     engineering. DSA provides its clients
                                     with a comprehensive set of products
                                     and services for industrial and
                                     laboratory automation, vision and
                                     motion system integration, as well as
                                     general data acquisition, analysis and
                                     automated test applications.

Data Systems Analysts, Inc.          DSA provides systems/software   
                                     engineering - telecommunications
                                     systems and real-time applications,
                                     expertise in international and military
                                     standards for automatic message
                                     handling, satellite technology, signal
                                     systems and network management.

Data Unlimited International, Inc.   Labroratory Information Management
                                     System (LIMS) software products
                                     include Starfruit IdentiTrack for
                                     parentage labs, Combind DNA Indexed
                                     System (CODIS) labs, and DNA testing
                                     labs. Starfruit CrimeLab is for forensic
                                     community that covers drug, trace
                                     analysis, latent print, mobil, and
                                     evidence control. Startfruit DNA is
                                     system development kit to customize
                                     LIMS for bioscience community.

DataSource, Inc.                     Information Technology firm. Software
                                     Development & systems integration
                                     business process analysis and re-
DDK Technology Group, Inc.                                       
Deltek                         Enterprise Solutions for Project-
                               Based/Professional Services
Digital Corporation            Digital Corporation provides    
                               information systems and technology
                               computer training services, in addition
                               to consulting and placement services
                               to the IT community.

Dynamic Applications, Inc.     DAI has developed an Interactive
                               Automatic Applications Development
                               engine for Non-programmers to
                               develop PALM OS data collection
                               applications. No software is needed.

DynCorp                        DynCorp provides engineering,  
                               scientific, technology, management and
                               technical services to U.S. and foreign
                               government agencies and commercial
                               clients. Markets include the information
                               technology, energy, environmental, and
                               aerospace technology industries.

Early Morning Software (EMS)   Intra-company communications    
                               services specilaizing in creating
                               communications materials in printed
                               and electronic (Web) format; custom
                               software services specializing in
                               database, automated data collection
                               and Lotus Notes applications.
EasyRes Technologies   EasyRes Technologies, Inc.      
                       ( provides
                       affordable Internet-based reservation,
                       management and distribution solutions
                       for leisure tour companies including:
                       tour operators, wholesale travel
                       agencies, destination marketing
                       organizations (DMO) and central
                       reservation centers. EasyRes'
                       revolutionary browser-based
                       applications will seamlessly intergrate
                       our reservation telephone call center(s)
                       with a powerful internet booking engine
                       that will allow consumers, travel
                       agencies, and groups shop and book
                       travel real-time online from your
                       website. You will also be able to
                       distribute or private label your products
                       on other websites including our own
                       leisure travel portal site.
e-Centives, Inc.               e-centives, Inc., based in Bethesda, MD.
                               is a leading online direct marketing
                               infrastructure company that provides
                               businesses with Incentives technology,
                               services and expertise. The company
                               was founded in 1998 and has
                               established relationships with top
                               internet sites like Excite, ZDNet,
                      and more than 150
                               brand-name marketers, including
                               Tower Records,, and
                      With its proprietary
                               technology, services and expertise, e-
                               centives allows marketers to deliver a
                               wide range of personalized promotions
                               to consumers based on their unique
                               shopping interests.

Edge Software Services, Inc.                                

Edward Lockard                 Networking and e-commerce solutions.

EER Systems Inc.               EER Systems delivers quality products
                               and services on schedule and within
                               budget. EER's main business areas
                               include information systems, aviation
                               systems, aerospace systems, training
                               systems and equipment, and new
                               product development.
EpiTech, Inc.                A small woman-owned corporation.
                             EpiTech combines writing,
                             communication, development and
                             instructional design to offer services in
                             the following areas: Instructional
                             Design & Development; Technical
                             Training; Multimedia Design; Web Site
Ericsson IP Infrastructure   Ericsson IPI is a leading provider of
                             internet-class routing solutions for
                             operators and service provider
eStoreUSA                    We provide affordable, user-friendly,     www.estoreUSA.COM
                             full service 2-commerce solutions that
                             enable small businesses to sell
                             products over the Internet.

Evive Corporation            Evive offers an advanced physical
                             access control solution for businesses
                             of all sizes in stand-alone and multi-
                             tenant office buildings. Through the
                             use of biometric technology- currently
                             human finger scans- Evive offers an
                             access control system for a low
                             monthly fee with little or no start-up
                             costs and no equipment to purchase.
                             This system, called BioOffice enables
                             the same cutting edge, high security
                             solutions that large government and
                             Global 500 firms have utilized for years
                             to be available to enterprises of all
                             sizes at an affordable price.

Expion, Inc.                 Company provides IT e-support
                             services to businesses and IT vendors.
Fastnet Corporation               Fastnet is a growing Internet Service
                                  Provider offering Internet access and
                                  enhanced services, such as web
                                  hosting, managed security solutions
                                  and other value added products to
                                  small and medium sized enterprises
                                  through our regional customer network
Federal Data Corporation          Federal Data Corporation provides fully
                                  integrated computer systems including
                                  hardware, software, peripherals,
                                  communications, and networks. They
                                  also offer a comprehensive array of
                                  consulting, outsourcing, integration,
                                  and training services.

Fidelity Systems, Inc.                                        
FileTek, Inc.                     FileTek, Inc. develops, markets and
                                  supports integrated data storage and
                                  access management solutions that
                                  allow organizations to meet their
                                  business intelligence needs through
                                  efficient collection, storage and
                                  management of, timely shared access..

Financial Insight Systems, Inc.   Financial Insight Systems is a Microsoft
                                  Solutions provider specializing in web-
                                  based technologies and a leading
                                  provider of computer related financial
                                  information systems to the institutional
                                  investment community.

Forensic Technology, Inc.         Forensic Technology, Inc. developed
                                  IBIS which is an image anlaysis system
                                  for acquiring, storing, and analyzing the
                                  images of bullets and cartridge cases.
Fortrex Technologies, Inc.     Fortrex Technologies is a leading
                               provider of information security
                               consulting, services, and solutions.
Fraunhofer Center - Maryland   A non-profit research and applied
                               technology transfer organization that
                               works with small and large
                               organizations in improving their
                               software practices. Fraunhofer Center -
                               Md. is a part of the Fraunhofer USA

FTDATA                         FTDATA provides IT strategies and
                               solutions for the corporate enterprise,
                               specializing in executive strate
                               integrated product solutions, and
                               technical services.
Fusion Lighting, Inc.          Fusion Lighting is a privately-owned
                               manufacturer of the Light Drive 1000,
                               an electrodeless sulfer lamp. The
                               sulfur lamp technology is an energy
                               efficient, full spectrum light source with
                               a spectral distribution similar to
Gaver Technologies, Inc.          Gaver Technologies, Inc. (GTI) is
                                  headquartered in Frederick, Maryland
                                  with a satellite project office in
                                  Germantown, MD. GTI is a professional
                                  service firm that applies consulting,
                                  information and technology in
                                  innovative and productive ways to
                                  enable clients to improve their overall
                                  performance, to extend their enterprise
                                  ahead of the competition to better
                                  serve their customers. The company's
                                  services portfolio covers Management
                                  Consulting, Solutions Consulting,
                                  Business Process Management,
                                  Information Solutions, and Enterprise
GE Capital                        Innovative solutions to the
                                  everchanging equipment needs of
                                  growing companies - lost cost
General Dynamics                  General Dynamics Advanced       
                                  Technology Systems Commercial
                                  Optical Products Group:
                                  nstalation/commissioning of complete
                                  DWDM systems.
General Dynamics - K3 Strategic   Manage the Alliance of 9 companies K3
Alliance                          and NSA and provide technical support
                                  in the areas: systems engineering,
                                  specialized software, QRC
                                  development, stopgap preproduction,
                                  test and integration, studies, and signal
Genuity                                Genuity delivers complete network
                                       solutions, including dial-up and
                                       dedicated Internet access, high-
                                       performance Web hosting, VPNs,
                                       managed Internet security, network
                                       management, systems integration, and
                                       Web-based application development for
                                       integrating the Internet into business
Global Networking Solutions, LLC       Professional services firm that
                                       specializes in Network management,
                                       optimizing networks for performance
                                       while reducing network costs.

Global Science & Technology, Inc.      Global Science & Technology is a small
                                       high technology engineering services
                                       firm specializing in systems and
                                       software engineering, information
                                       system technologies, satellite weather
                                       systems and scientific research.

Global Systems & Strategies, Inc. (GSS) GSS is a professional services firm that
                                        provides network and systems
                                        consulting services to commercial and
                                        government clients. GSS specializes in
                                        the areas of multi-tiered network design
                                        and trouble shooting, performance
                                        management, systems management,
                                        and security. GSS also has expertise in
                                        designing and implementing video
                                        conferencing and collaborative
                                        solutions over the internet.

GloboMax LLC                                                        
GMSI                 Global Management Systems, Inc.
                     (GMSI) is a world-class network and
                     systems integration company
                     specializing in designing and
                     implementing enterprise systems.
                     Services include LAN/WAN
                     Engineering, Integration &
                     Administration, Network Operations
                     Center Design & Implementation,
                     Network System Migration, Network
                     Security, Video Teleconferencing,
                     Internet, Intranet, and Web Page
Gould Fiber Optics   Gould specializes in the design, test,
                     and manufacture of advanced
                     integrated optic solutions. Gould
                     incorporates their highly reliable fiber
                     optic components, custom Fiber Bragg
                     Grating packaging, and other acquired
                     technologies into value-added modules
                     providing a fully tested solution for
                     your application needs. ISO 9000
Graphon Corporation                    Headquartered in Silicon Valley,
                                       Graphon Corporation is a leading
                                       innovator of web-enabling, server-
                                       based software solutions. Graphon
                                       has revolutionized the speed, manner,
                                       and efficiency of moving software
                                       applications across the Internet.
                                       Without costly software modifications
                                       or dedicated servers, Graphon's
                                       Bridges software instantly web-enables
                                       applications for convenient access
                                       anywhere on your LAN, WAN or the
                                       World Wide Web.
Griffin Networks                       We are computer networking    
                                       consultants/technicians. We install and
                                       maintain computer networks.                  is an internet recruiting
                                       solution for companies looking to
                                       attract qualified sales professionals.
                                       The company is building a B2B
                                       community of sales professionals,
                                       which offers targeted content and
                                       career tools designed for sales
Honeywell Technology Solutions, Inc.   Honeywell provides technical and
                                       management services to customers by
                                       designing systems, applying and
                                       integrating technology and providing
                                       skilled employees and high
                                       performance teams empowered by total
                                       quality principals.
Houston Associates, Inc. (HAI)   HAI provides communications,  
                                 telecommunications, and systems
                                 engineering services in the design,
                                 installation, operation, and
                                 maintainence of high performance,
                                 wide-area communications networks,
                                 as well as comprehensive management
                                 systems support.
HT Medical Systems, Inc.         HT Medical Systems designs, builds,
                                 and sells computer-based medical
                                 simulators that allow medical personnel
                                 to learn procedures without putting
                                 their patients at risk.
Hughes Network Systems           Hughes Network Systems is a   
                                 telecommunications company
                                 providing total network solutions in
                                 satellite communications throughout
                                 VSAT and TES products, and
                                 networking solutions through their
                                 integrated packet switching products.

Hypertek, Inc.                   Hypertek provides contract design and
                                 development of electronic controls
                                 including embedded systems &
                                 PC/windows interfaces. They specialize
                                 in control communications networks
                                 for building, home, and industrial

I/Tech Services Inc.             Information Technology Services,
                                 Computer Training, Web-based
IBM Corporation                  IBM Corporation provides information
                                 services, hardware, software
                                 engineering, and systems integration.

Ideal Link, Inc                  Digital Publishers             
IEEE/NCAC Consultants Network   IEEE/NCAC offers professional services
                                in high tech areas related to
                                electronics, computers,
                                telecommunications, management
                                consulting, systems engineering,
                                business proess re-engineering,
                                litigation consulting, et al.
IIT Research Institute          IIT's areas of expertise include
                                software, Ada technology, networking,
                                intelligent gateways, transportation
                                systems, communications, guidance
                                and control, reliability engineering,
                                environmental sciences, productivity
                                improvement, and manufacturing.

IMACOM, Inc.                    IMACOM has developed the Digistar
                                system to successfully take an existing
                                x-ray system and convert it to a high
                                quality filmless digital-imagining suite
                                for a fraction of the cost of a new
                                system. The company is an innovator
                                of the high definition diagnostic
                                imaging suite upgrade industry.
                                Imacom was the first to develop the
                                advanced PC workstation-based
                                diagnostic digital imaging system, first
                                to incorporate a high-resolution CCD
                                camera for x-ray imaging, and also the
                                first to include DICOM compatibility as
                                a standard feature.
Imaginet, Inc.                 Imaginet New-Media provides   
                               customized technical documentation
                               and training services for IT
                               organizations. We produce digital and
                               print media used to support IT products
                               and systems. Private IT companies and
                               government agencies use our media to
                               communicate technical and marketing
                               information to their employees,
                               partners, and customers. We produce
                               users manuals, training courses, job
                               aids, technical manuals, engineering
                               drawings and documentation, CDROM
                               and Web-based training applications
                               9CBT/tbt), Help systems, and
                               performance support systems. Our
                               staff of engineers, writers, designers,
                               instructors, programmers, and
                               specialists produce digital and print
                               media for user support, engineering
                               support, and marketing support, using
                               the latest new-media technologies.
                               Imaginet - we put new-media to work;
                               linking people with technology.

Impact Innovations Group LLC   Professional technology services to our
                               clients in the government, healthcare,
                               commercial and intellignece
                               communities. Our solution: using E-
                               business, customer contact centers,
                               document management, info
                               warehousing & security.
In Source Software Solutions            In Source Software Solutions defers a
                                        variety of non-proprietary, industry
                                        standard Windows and Windows NT -
                                        based software solutions designed
                                        specifically for manufacturing
                                        processes. Applications include
                                        human-machine interfaces (HMI),
                                        supervisory control and data
                                        acquisition (SCADA) collection and
                                        tracking of production data, PC-based
                                        control, real-time database.
Industrial Quality, Inc.                Industrial Quality, Inc. specializes in the
                                        development of non-destructive testing
                                        technology, instrumentation and
                                        services. The company is engaged in
                                        contract research and development
                                        activities in the area of X-ray & neutron
Information Management Consultants,     IMC, Inc. is in the business of helping
Inc.                                    its customers succeed by solving
                                        complex business problems through
                                        the use of information technologies.
                                        IMC does this by offering solutions for
                                        rapid development for improving core
                                        business processes.

Information Resource Associates, Inc.   Systems consultanting firm that
                                        develops technical solutions on the
                                        web, database and client server arenas.
                                        Approximately one half of our projects
                                        consist of technical system developers
                                        across a range of computer diciplines.
Information Systems Support, Inc. (ISS) ISS offers clients a full range of
                                        technical services including software
                                        engineering; LAN/WAN design,
                                        engineering, and implementation
                                        services; telecommunications with a
                                        speciality in telemedicine,
                                        teleradiology, and emerging health and
                                        medical applicatio

Informix Software, Inc.               Informix Software provides innovative
                                      database products that assist the
                                      world's major corporations to attain
                                      competitive advantage. From parellel
                                      processing to small workgroups
                                      Informix is widely recognized as the
                                      technology leader.

Ingenium Corporation                  Ingenium's core competencies include:
                                      Telecommunications Support Svcs;
                                      Internet/Intranet/Extranet Systems Dev.;
                                      Software Engineering; Acquisition &
                                      Program Management and Computer
                                      Facilities management.

Integrated Communications             Information systems development,
Technology, Inc.                      internet/intranet software development,
                                      computer programming, java
                                      programming, network implementation
                                      and management, systems integration,
                                      network capacity planning, network
                                      performance, network security.

Integrated Systems and Research Corp. System engineering, hardware/software
                                      development. Quick prototyping.
IntelliObjects, Inc.        IntelliObjects, Inc. specializes in the
                            design, implementation, and
                            deployment of enterprise class e-
                            commerce infrastructures based on
                            Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE)
                            technologies. We are a team of senior
                            software and system engineers that
                            have extensive practical hands-on
                            experience developing web based
                            systems for fortune 500 companies and
                            large government agencies. Whether
                            you need a single software engineer or
                            an entire software development team,
                            IntelliObjects can help. We thrive on
                            taking projects experiencing difficulties
                            and turning them into winning projects.
                            Call us today and see what the power
                            of innovative and proven approaches to
                            web and e-commerce development can
                            do for you! We are business partners
                            with BEA Systems and Rational

International Computers &   ICT is a high technology company that
Telecommunications, Inc.    provides quality aviation/airport
                            systems, computers, and
                            telecommunications products and
                            services for a wide array of government
                            and private sector clients throughout
                            the world.
International Systems Marketing (ISM)   ISM, a Value Added Reseller for
                                        Network Security products, offers
                                        firewalls, intrusion detection, risk
                                        assessment, smartcard authentication,
                                        PKI solutions, biometric authentication
                                        as well as pre and post installation
InterSystems Corporation                InterSystems Corporation is the leading
                                        provider of high-performance database
                                        management systems, optimized for
                                        Web and client/server transaction
                                        processing applications.

Intervise Consultants, Inc.             Intervise is an information systems
                                        consulting firm that provides computer
                                        software and engineering support
                                        throughout all phases of a project life-
                                        cycle. Intervise provides technical
                                        assistance to clients in implementing
iStrategy Consulting                    iStrategy Consulting implements  
                                        complex accounting, finance and            m
                                        business intelligence applications. We
                                        provide a unique blend of skills:
                                        experienced business professionals
                                        (CPAs/MBAs) with technical depth and
                                        innovative thinking. iStrategy
                                        Consulting is a member of the Oracle
                                        Solution Partner program.
ITA Corporation                         ITA is a computer consulting firm that
                                        focuses on financial (project
                                        management, service management,
                                        distribution management) and human
                                        resources software.
ITM Associates, Inc.                                                     
ITServ, Inc.                        ITServ has developed software and
                                    hardware solutions enabling the world
                                    to customize the Internet for everyone's
                                    individual needs. ITServ's
                                    Internetworking Solutions allow secure
                                    LAN connection and information
                                    sharing over the Internet for project
                                    management and remote office needs.
                                    ITServ's Communications Solutions
                                    provide the best proactive and
                                    innovative means for all your voice, fax,
                                    and email messaging services. ITServ
                                    strives to make the Internet easier to
                                    use for each and every person.                       Online IT job service that targets the
                                    Baltimore/Washington region.
K G Systems Corporation             A consulting firm providing IT and
                                    program management services.
KMC Telecom                                                        
Kushner Management Planning Corp.   Kushner provides management
                                    consulting and services for corporate,
                                    business and technology development.
                                    Primary service areas are strategic
                                    planning, organizational development,
                                    management development, business
                                    development, and acquisitions and

L.N.K. Corporation, Inc.            L.N.K. provides advanced information
                                    systems. Applications are primarily in
                                    image processing, knowledge-based
                                    systems and automatic pattern
                                    recognition. L.N.K.'s expanded
                                    capabilities include applications in
                                    simulation and logistics.
LabBook, Inc.                     LabBook provides XML-aware software
                                  and Internet solutions for drug
                                  discovery and life sciences research,
                                  including information management
                                  tools and technologies that facilitate
                                  data exchange. The Company is
                                  investing in life science-enabling
                                  applications and services that integrate
                                  diverse, emerging scientific disciplines
                                  and biomedical data.

LanStar Systems, Inc.                                             
Link Plus Corporation             Telecommunications with applications
                                  to Internet (i.e. DSL, VOIP), wireless,
                                  modems, digital video & digital audio
                                  broadcast, RF-radios, telephones
                                  (digital cellular, landline, cordless),
                                  military, etc.
Lockheed Martin Mission Systems   Lockheed Martin Federal Systems 
                                  provides advanced information
                                  technology products and services,
                                  including complex systems integration
                                  services, aerospace solutions,
                                  customized computer information
                                  handling, and control systems to
                                  federal agencies.
Logicon FDC                       Government Reseller/Integrator  
Loral Cyberstar                   Orion and its International Private
                                  satellite Partnership supplies video,
                                  television, voice and private networks
                                  on an international basis between
                                  Europe (West & Central) and the U.S.
M.C. Dean Voice Solutions, LLC   M.C. Dean Voice Solutions sells,
                                 installs and supports telephone
                                 systems, voice mail, unified messaging
                                 systems, call centers, voice and data
                                 cabling, and voice and data networks in
                                 the mid-Atlantic region.

M2 Limited                       M2 Limited provides integrated
                                 management, technology, globalization,
                                 localization, testing, and translation
                                 services in over 50 languages.

Mansai Corporation               Mansai provides a broad range of
                                 Information Technology Services
                                 including customized software
                                 programming, database
                                 development/administration, migration,
                                 computer/software maintenance,
                                 system integration, network integration,
                                 web development, hosting, information
                                 assurance, network security. We are a
                                 value added reseller of IT hardware.

Manugistics, Inc.                Manugistics is a leading provider of
                                 solutions for customer centric supply
                                 chain optimization. The Company's
                                 solutions are comprised of S/W
                                 products & related services that enable
                                 clients to improve efficiency.
MAR Incorporated                 MAR is an employee-owned        
                                 professional services firm providing
                                 expertise in ocean and naval
                                 engineering, electronic engineering,
                                 computer science, oceanography,
                                 operation of research vessels, and
                                 scientific and technical facilities.

Marconi Communications Federal   High speed networking.          
Mays & Associates, Inc.          Communications & Design firm    
                                 specializing in internet marketing, web
                                 design, logo & trademark design,
                                 interactive CD-ROM authoring, flash
                                 demos, animated presentations, and
                                 corporate & product branding.

Medcontrax, Inc.                 The first and only independent network
                                 solution to facilitate greater efficiencies
                                 in the complex healthcare contracting
                                 process for today and tomorrow.

Megisto Systems, Inc.            Megisto Systems, Inc. is developing
                                 infrastructure equipment that will
                                 enable the scalable deployment of
                                 wireless Intenet services for a diverse
                                 array of roaming mobile terminals.
                                 Megisto is focused on the leading edge
                                 of a new market - the mobile Internet - a
                                 market that has just now started its
                                 growth cycle.
Memberware Technologies Inc.        Website planning, design,     
                                    development, implementation, &
                                    maintenance. Assist government
                                    agencies, member based organizations
                                    & businesses in maximizing website
                                    effectiveness & revenues by providing
                                    superior Internet, Intranet, electronic

MES, Inc.                           Systems Integration, Software
                                    Development, Simulation and Training,
                                    Education Counseling, Tank Targets,
                                    Flight Simulation, Ship, Submarine,
                                    Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW),
                                    Simulator Management, Facilities
                                    Management, Engineering Support
                                    Services, Management Support

Metropolitan Regional Information   Real estate information system.
Systems, Inc.
MHI Communications                  MHI Communications, previously 
                                    named, Multi Media Holdings is a full
                                    service integrated marketing and
                                    graphics firm specializing in the use of
                                    both new and conventional
                                    communications media. It's award-
                                    winning creative services include the
                                    design/development of websites and
Microlog Corporation           Microlog designs, assembles, markets
                               and supports a complete line of DOS &
                               UNIX based voice processing systems.
                               Through its subsidiary Old Dominion
                               Systems, Inc., it provides technical
                               analysis and support services to US
                               Government through prime

Microsoft                      Software manufacturer             
Microwave Dish & Cable, Inc.   Microwave, Dish & Cable, Inc. ranks
                               among the top five (5) national
                               installation companies utilized by the
                               VSAT, DirecTV, and Direcway Divisions
                               of Hughes Network Systems (HNS), a
                               Hughes Electronics Company. MDC
                               offers satellite installation (including
                               television and two-way high speed
                               internet access); local area networks
                               and backbone; multipoint distribution
                               service; cable plant design; voice, data,
                               and video conferencing; project
                               management; turn key services;
                               maintenance, and quality assurance.
                               MDC has installed thousands of
                               communications systems for hundreds
                               of domestic and international, private
                               and public sector clients.
Miravo Communications               Corporate communications company
                                    specializing in assisting technology
                                    companies formulate and develop
                                    branding strategies and corporate
                                    identity products. Very high end
                                    corporate communications strategy
                                    deployment through printed materials,
                                    web site design and development,
                                    multimedia, etc.

MSTD, Inc.                          MSTD, Inc. is a Baltimore based
                                    company that offers BackInTheBlack,
                                    the mortgage servicing industry's
                                    leading web-hosted loss mitigation
                                    software solution.

NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center    The mission of the Goddard Space
                                    Flight Center is to expand knowledge of
                                    the Earth and its environment, the solar
                                    system and the universe through
                                    observations from space. Goddard is
                                    the center of excellence for scientific
National Institute of Standards &   National Institute of Standards and
Technology                          Technology promotes economic
                                    growth by working with industry to
                                    develop and apply technology,
                                    measurements and standards through
                                    four partnerships; the Measurement
                                    and Standards Laboratories, the ATP
NBNTech Inc.                        NBNTech, Inc. is a professional 
                                    services company, specializing in
                                    developing web-enabled database
                                    applications, Internet applications,
                                    corporate Intranets and portals,
                                    e.commerce applications, data
                                    warehousing, client-server systems, CD-
                                    ROM products and handheld and
                                    mobile (PalmOS-base) solutions.
Neocera, Inc.                       Neocera is a microelectronics and
                                    sensor-based instruments and
                                    technology company with leading-edge
                                    materials expertise in thin film
                                    development and production.
Net2000 Communication (Linthicum)                                   
Net2000 Communications              The Net 2000 Group acts as a single
                                    point of contact for businesses in
                                    evaluating, designing, and installing all
                                    aspects of their voice, data, and
                                    multimedia networks.
netImpact                           netImpact is an Internet developer and
                                    hosting provider specializing in custom
                                    solutions for web site maintenance.

NetInterests, Inc.                  e-Health solutions provider to small-to-
                                    medium sized organizations.
NexTone Communications, Inc.   NexTone Communications builds    
                               internet solutions that enable service
                               providers to offer voice-data integration
                               services to small and medium size
                               businesses. Integration of voice data,
                               and fax traffic over the internet lets
                               service providers bundle value-added
                               services. These services include
                               telephony services for rerouting voice
                               and fax calls over th internet, vice-mail,
                               automatic call back, worldwide phone
                               number portability, call forwarding, call
                               waiting, three-way calling, audio
                               conferencing, and speed dialing.

Niku Corporation               Niku provides 100% Internet software
                               solutions that help Professional Service
                               Firms, Internal IT Departments, and
                               other project-driven organization
                               operate more efficiently and effectively.
                               Niku offers software applications that
                               manage the entire service supply chain
                               and provide seamless Internet
                               connections to customers, suppliers,
                               partners, and an ever-growing pool of
                               individual professionals.

NumberOne Technologies, LLC    Provide professional services related to
                               the design and delivery of system and
                               network management solutions that
                               help our clients meet their business
                               goals and gain a competitive advantage
                               through the efficient utilization of their
                               technology resources.
NuWave Solutions LLC                                  

OAO Corporation            OAO provides a broad range of high
                           technology products & services to
                           government and industry. They provide
                           expertise in scientific software
                           engineering and business application
                           systems development and
OAO Technology Solutions                                
OPNET Technologies, Inc.   Computer software - network  
                           simulation software & consulting
OptionWealth, LLC          OptionWealth is a business to business
                           e-commerce company providing
                           objective, reliable and authoratative
                           software tools and information to help
                           employee stock option holders
                           understand their portfolio's potential
                           value and to optimize their net worth.
OrthoSpot, Inc.   OrthoSpot's aggregation of over 500
                  manufacturers' catalogs into a common
                  database facilitates one-stop shopping
                  beginning with the most lucrative
                  healthcare niche - orthopedic surgeons.
                  OrthoSpot's unique, proprietory e-
                  commerce technology reduces the cost
                  of order receipt and fulfillment by
                  80%[I]. OrthoSpot revolutionized an
                  antiquated supply chain - from order
                  placement to fulfillment, using
                  electronic billing and payment systems
                  and automated customer support.
                  OrthoSpot's system interfaces directly
                  with back end systems on both the
                  ordering and fulfillment side of the
OTG Software      OTG is a provider of document  
                  management, imaging and storage
                  solutions to Fortune 500, federal
                  government, and other organizations
                  seeking to eliminate paper, streamline
                  process and improve data storage &
Pacific Edge Software     Pacific Edge provides organizations
                          worldwide with a simple, effective
                          solution for managing their project
                          portfolios. This solution - the Project
                          Office Suite - allows organizations to
                          make more informed business
                          decisions. The ability to see the entire
                          portfolio of projects and to view each in
                          detail ultimately improves the ability to
                          make business decisions. This
                          focused oversight lets organizations
                          configure their environments and
                          processes to achieve the highest level
                          of success.
Pam Little
Panther Computing, Inc.   Panther Computing, Inc. was formed 9
                          years ago to provide professional
                          services for technology planning,
                          software and database design and
                          development and IT investment
                          analysis. We are a small, minority-
                          owned firm servicing primarily the
                          Maryland and D.C. area.
Paradigm Infotech, Inc.   Paradigm Infotech, Inc. is a software
                          development and consulting company
                          based in Columbia, MD with branch
                          offices in the United States, a software
                          development center in India, and a
                          marketing office in London.
Patton Harris Rust & Associates, PC   Patton Harris Rust & Associates, PC
                                      provides advanced technology
                                      applications with geographic
                                      information systems, computer aided
                                      design, digital mapping and systems
                                      integration in planning, design,
                                      surveying & scientific research.

PEPCO                                 PEPCO provides retail electric service
                                      to 1.8 million people in a 640 square-
                                      mile service area in the Washington
                                      area, including the District of Columbia
                                      and portions of Montgomery and Prince
                                      George's Counties.

PEPCO Energy Services, Inc.           PEPCO Energy Services is a full-service
                                      energy company that offers a wide
                                      range of energy and energy-related
                                      products and services targeted at
                                      reducing costs and improving reliability
                                      for commercial, industrial, institutional
                                      and governmental customers.

Phase 1 Incubator, Inc.               Phase 1 is an incubator project
                                      designed to support Internet-focused
                                      companies and other closely related
                                      ventures to allow for increased
                                      collaboration and synergy between
                                      project members.
Phillips International, Inc.                                       
Pivotal Corporation                   Pivotal provides companies with
                                      ebusiness applications that address
                                      Demand Chain Networks. A Demand
                                      Chain Network is the integration of the
                                      front office; sales, marketing, and
                                      customer service fused with
                                      ecommerce to increase revenues and
                                      cut costs.
Planned Systems International, Inc.   Planned Systems offers system 
                                      engineering, software development,
                                      and computer operation support
                                      services on both large scale mainframe
                                      and UNIX based and MS/DOS Windows
Presentation Media Corporation                                      
Prewire, Inc.                         Voice & data cabling.         
PrimeWire                             ATB is a leading Internet company
                                      providing small businesses with
                                      employee management solutions. AYB
                                      members have access to a full array of
                                      services, news and information to help
                                      them attract, screen, compensate,
                                      insure and retain their employees.
                                      Along with HR Manager, AYB's online
                                      human resources department allowing
                                      for integrated business services from
                                      payroll to training, makes
                                      available health insurance, payroll
                                      processing, workers compensation,
                                      background checks, a complete line of
                                      benfits, employee screeing and more.
PSC Systems, Inc.          PSC Systems specializes in data
                           communications systems, system
                           design and hardware, and software
                           maintenance. Products include
                           communication frontends, LAN/WAN
                           gateways, and custom applications.
                           PSC Systems is a 1 Lotus Notes
                           business partner.
QST, Inc.                  Quality Solutions Technology, Inc.
                           (QST, Inc.) is a progressive minority-
                           owned and operated small business
                           (Small Business Administration 8a
                           Certified) with its headquarters in
                           Damascus, Maryland. The firm's cadre
                           of managing personnel consists of a
                           unique blending of multi-disciplinary
                           skills and management expertise. Our
                           diversity of software testing,
                           information systems, network
                           management, management consulting,
                           and human resources services'
                           capabilities, combined with our ability
                           to effectively assess, plan, assign,
                           coordinate and manage support
                           assignments, enables us to excell in
                           meeting a wide range of customer
                           required services.

Quadratec Software, Inc.   Quadratec Software, Inc. is a major      www.quadratec-
                           supplier in the enterprise-wide backup
                           market. Quadratec's flagship product,
                           Time Navigator, is an advanced
                           application suite for backup and
                           restoration of files, databases and
                           applications in mixed platform
Raytheon - Information Technology   Information Technology     
Systems               , a revolutionary Internet
                                    portal, provides an unprecedented
                                    combination of robust technology,
                                    comprehensive services and exclusive
                                    valuable content to dental
                                    professionals. In addition,
                           provides a virtual
                                    community in which dentists can
                                    connect and collaborate with peers.
REALTECH Systems   REALTECH Systems Corporation     
                   delivers network consulting and
                   professional engineering services for
                   Internet service providers,
                   telecommunications carriers and
                   optical network vendors. Drawing on
                   its extensive internetworking
                   experience, REALTECH enables clients
                   to shorten critical cycles for the design,
                   deployment and management of voice,
                   data and video across Next-Generation
                   communications networks.
                   Headquartered in New York City,
                   REALTECH has offices in Albany, NY;
                   Boston; Denver; and Washington, DC.
                   With its recently created "iBoard", the
                   first internetworking advisory board,
                   REALTECH is setting new standards
                   within the industry. Its growing roster
                   of clients includes iWon, Global
                   Crossing/IXNET, Digital Broadband
                   Communications, Metromedia Fiber
                   Network and LighTrade, Inc. More
                   information on REALTECH's cutting-
                   edge technology and network advisory
                   services can be found at
Recovery Point Systems, Inc.   Recovery Point Systems represents the
                               state of the art in end-user disaster
                               recovery capabilities. It offers the
                               Power and the Place, through
                               collocated disaster recovery and data
                               storage facilities, for businesses to
                               recover their critical workgroup, voice
                               and data operations.

Redzone Technologies, Inc.     Redzone Technologies assists  
                               customers in solving business           t
                               problems with technology solutions.
                               Typically, the solutions we offer are
                               network integration, application
                               development, and glueware
RGII Technologies, Inc.        RGII Technologies, Inc. is a woman-
                               owned U.S. Small Business
                               Administration (SBA) 8(a) Certified
                               Information Technology and Systems
                               Engineering firm.
Ribas & Associates, Inc.   Ribas & Associates, Inc. is a veteran
                           and minority-owned firm that
                           specializes in customized web-based
                           solutions, IT services and management,
                           and organizational improvement. Our
                           corporate officers have advanced
                           degrees in engineering, medicine,
                           project management, and business
                           administration and a successful record
                           in implementing projects. We rely on a
                           portfolio of highly experienced
                           information technology, allied health
                           science, and business consultants to
                           quickly scale up to meet the needs of
                           our customers.

Risetime, Inc.             Since 1984, Risetime has provided
                           clients with expertise to deliver high
                           quality solutions. Our solutions
                           integrate one or more of the following:
                           management and technology
                           consulting, custom development, e-
                           business solutions, systems
                           integration, quality assurance and
                           infrastructure services. We are
                           experienced using virtually all popular
                           databases, development environments
                           and application networks.
RiteNet Corporation        Information and telecommunications
SAFEOperations, Inc.                 Risk Management Associates (RMA)
                                     provides high quality, cost-effective
                                     information security solutions.
                                     Consulting services include risk
                                     assessments, policy development,
                                     network design, implementation,
                                     penetration tests and computer crime
SALIX Technologies, Inc.             SALIX Technologies, Inc. is a premiere
                                     provider of high-capacity networking
                                     solutions that enable service providers
                                     to offer next-generation voice fax and
                                     Virtual Pivate Network Services.

Sapphire Technologies                Sapphire Technologies is a leader and
                                     international provider of qualified MIS
                                     (Management Information Systems)
                                     and IT (Information Technology

SAS Institute, Inc.                  SAS Institute develops, markets, and
                                     supports the world's foremost data
                                     warehousing and decision support
Satyam Computer Services Ltd.        Global IT Solutions Company - with
                                     CMM Level 5
Savantage Financial Services, Inc.   Tight IT budget? We're an Oracle
                                     Certified Solution Partner staffed by
                                     CPA's and IT professionals, providing
                                     seamlessly integrated financials
                                     systems and services in commercial
                                     and federal marketplaces for the past
                                     20 years.
Scientific & Engineering Solutions   Scientific & Engineering Solutions
                                     provides fully integrated, high-value e-
                                     Business services within that secure
                                     environment. SES' services
                                     encompass all aspects of network
                                     engineering including network design,
                                     integration and support; systems
                                     engineering services including
                                     framework and Graphical User Interface
                                     (GUI) design and development,
                                     application development, machine
                                     translation, software integration, and
                                     Web development; software support
                                     services including configuration
                                     management, quality assurance,
                                     training, technical publications and
                                     database design and administration;
                                     information security services including
                                     system/software security evaluation,
                                     information assurance, and network
Scitanium, Inc.                      SCITANIUM - Solutions Consulting for
                                     Information Technology - was founded
                                     to assist small and mid-sized
                                     businesses simplify the process of
                                     choosing appropriate technology
                                     solutions. SCITANIUM has an
                                     extensive network of technology
                                     associates, allowing us to offer our
                                     clients flexible, customized solutions at
                                     affordable prices. SCITANIUM provides
                                     an initial technology needs-assessment
                                     consultation at NO CHARGE.
SDI / INFOTECH, INC.        SDI / INFOTECH is an IT services
                            company with focus on Microsoft,
                            Oracle & A5/400 based technologies.
                            The main business is on-site contract
                            consulting services and off-site
                            software development.
Select ' Associates, Inc.   Software products and consulting
Seneca Networks, Inc.       Optical network infrastructure
Severn Companies, Inc.      Severn is a technology integration
                            company providing information
                            management systems solutions to
                            government and commercial clients.
                            Their system architectures encompass
                            UNIX open systems, client-server, and
                            mainframe "Glass House".

SFA, Inc.                   SFA provides a broad spectrum of
                            research and development support
                            services to a number of U.S.
                            government agencies, tactical
                            operations, and information technology
                            applications, particularly in shipboard
Sharer Associates, Inc.     Technology based infrastructure
                            development and management
                            solutions company advising emerging
                            information technology companies on
                            plans, strategy and financing.

SI International            Premiere ISP for labor unions and e-
                            commerce providers.
SigmaNet C/O Startek                SigmaNet is a pioneer in the
                                    development of "direct connect "virtual
                                    communities for ethnic groups. It has
                                    established itself as both a web portal
                                    and an internet access provider for low
                                    and high speed connections. SigmaNet
                                    develops and maintains Virtual Private
                                    Networks as well as web enabled
                                    database applications for enterprises.

Signal Perfection, Ltd.             High Technology audio visual   
                                    engineering, integration, and
                                    construction firm.
Signature Systems, Inc.             Signature Systems, Inc. is e-IT services
                                    firm, specializing in off the shelf and
                                    custom e-business management
Social & Scientific Systems, Inc.   SSS provides services that include:
                                    database development, statistical
                                    analysis, biomedical data management,
                                    microsimulation modeling, LAN
                                    management, IND support, conference
                                    management, publications services,
                                    and survey data collection.

Softel - Communications, Inc.       Softel - Communications helps small to
                                    mid-sized companies translate their
                                    strategic objectives into integrated and
                                    automated business processes,
                                    including integration of interactive web
Softrax Corporation                                                
SOTAS, Inc.                    SOTAS designs, develops, and
                               manufactures equipment which
                               measures the quality of the
                               telecommunications service. Their
                               customers are major telephone
                               companies worldwide. Products
                               include equipment to test voice, fax,
                               data, and optical communications.
Spectrum International, Inc.   Spectrum develops software products
                               and provides supporting services for
                               document management, imaging, and
Spider Internet Technologies   Cyber Terrorism is no longer only a
                               large company problem. Cyber Crime
                               was responsible for more than $265
                               million in losses last year with
                               employees accounting for over 70
                               percent of these unauthorized
                               intrusions. Spider Internet
                               Technologies provides Information
                               Technology risk, threat and
                               vulnerability assessments with
                               recommendations and implementation.
Strategic Business Systems                                   
Sussex Systems, Inc.           Lotus Business Partner specializing in
                               custom software development &
                               consulting. Expertise in Groupware
                               and Internet applications for heathcare
                               and biotech companies using Lotus
                               Notes & Domino technology.
Swales Aerospace                      Swales Aerospace provides full-service
                                      solutions for small satellite missions as
                                      well as a broad range of structural and
                                      thermal management systems and
                                      flight hardware for the global satellite
                                      industry. Swales' end-to-end
                                      capabilities include spacecraft and
                                      instrument design and analysis,
                                      fabrication, integration and test, ground
                                      control and data collection.

System Enterprise, Inc.               System Enterprise provides knowledge
                                      age enterprise level systems and
                                      products in healthcare, education,
                                      teleproductivity, and virtual
                                      collaboratory environments.
Systems and Solutions, Inc.           Enterprise Information Strategies and
                                      Management including Data
                                      Conversion, Data Access, and Data
Systems Application & Technologies,                               
Systems Integration and Development, Systems Maintenance & Technology,
Inc.                                 Inc. (SM&T) is a 15 year old technology
                                     services company that specializes in
                                     applying technology innovations to
                                     aircraft and computer maintenance
                                     environments to enhance system
                                     reliability and maintainability.
                                     Innovations presently being utilized are
                                     internet capabilities, e-business
                                     solutions, database applications,
                                     document imaging solutions, and
                                     network applications. As technology
                                     innovations emerge, SM&T explores
                                     their practical application to determine
                                     feasibility of usage in maintenance
                                     environments. The company integrates
                                     proven methodologies with the new
                                     technologies to achieve unique and
                                     advanced solutions.

Systems Maintenance & Technology,     SMT is a 15 year old technical services
Inc.                                  company organized into two
                                      specialized groups: Information
                                      Technology and Integrated Logistics
Sytel, Inc.                           Sytel focuses on open systems 
                                      migration planning and
                                      implementation, object-oriented design
                                      and programming, systems
                                      reengineering and downsizing,
                                      client/server computing, LAN/WAN
                                      engineering and training/user support.
Tango Enterprises, Inc.   As a software solution provider,
                          Tango's mission is to transform your
                          vision into operational systems. Tango
                          can help fulfill your business needs by
                          building software products and
                          strengthening your internal
                          management systems.
TCSPlus, Inc.             TCSPlus offers strategic integrated
                          eBusiness solutions and software
                          engineering consulting services to
                          companies building and developing
                          online commerce models. We deliver
                          quality, cost effective, scaleable,
                          elegantly engineered end-to-end
                          infrastructure solutions to build and
                          enhance your eBusiness capabilities.
                          At TCSPlus, we have the breadth of
                          technical capability and service
                          experience to become your total
                          eBusiness partner. We translate your
                          eBusiness goals into deliverable
                          solutions. With our range of diverse,
                          customized, technologically advanced
                          solutions, TCSPlus offers quality web-
                          enabled software solutions and
                          industry professionals to manage your
                          complex software development efforts
                          by providing the right combination of
                          best-of-breed tools and a disciplined
                          engineering process.

Tech Alliance Group       Strategic and tactical services for
                          software marketing and business
Telogy Networks, Inc.         Telogy Networks is the leading
                              embedded communications software
                              developer enabling voice over non-
                              telephone networks, including Internet,
                              ATM, Frame Relay and Wireless
                              networks. Telogy's products are its
                              award-winning voice-over packet
                              "Golden Gateway."

Thales Communications, Inc.   Thales Communications, Inc. is a
                              world leader in the design, production
                              and support of secure, tactical hand
                              held radios. Thales Communications,
                              Inc. Products are used by governments
                              throughout the world and include state
                              of the art encrypted radio equipment
                              from VHF through UHF.

The Acorn Group (TAG)         TAG provides business strategy,
                              change management, re-engineering &
                              development to government agencies
                              and industry serving the government.

Tidal Zone Associates, Inc.   Tidal Zone Associates provides
                              information technology consulting. We
                              specialize in modernizing legacy data
                              systems using cost-effective tools and
                              techniques including data
                              warehousing, data mining, and
                              application reengineering.
TINA - Telephone Internet Number   Telephone Internet Number Authority
Authority                          (TINA) is the world's leading integrator
                                   of telephone numbers with the Internet.
                                   TINA's ICUC service is the world's
                                   leading telephone number to Internet
                                   web access, routing and messaging

Tips Technology                    Software for web based content  
TMP Worldwide E-Resourcing                                         
Top-Down Software, Inc.            Software engineering, software and
                                   systems development and consulting.
                                   Groupware, client/server, world-wide
Trawick & Associates               Trawick Associates currently employs
                                   70 professionals experienced in
                                   applications support, system
                                   development, database management
                                   and full life cycle support; was ranked
                                   #102 in the exclusive list of the "500
                                   Fastest Growing Small Businesses"
                                   published by INC Magazine.
Trillium Digital Systems, an Intel   Trillium Digital Systems, Inc. is an Intell
Company                              company headquartered in Los
                                     Angeles, California and is a leading
                                     provider of communications software
                                     solutions for the converged network
                                     infrastructure. Trillium's source code
                                     solutions are used in more than 500
                                     projects by industry-leading suppliers
                                     of wireless, Internet, broadband and
                                     telephony products. Trillium's high-
                                     performance, high-availability software
                                     and services reduce time, risk and cost
                                     of implementing SS7, IP, ATM, Wireless
                                     and other standards-based
                                     communications protocols.

U.S. Army Research Laboratory        ARL is the Army's corporate research
                                     and development laboratory involved in
                                     a broadly based multi-disciplinary
                                     program of scientific research and
                                     advanced technology directed toward
                                     new and improved materials,
                                     components, subsystems, and

United Development USA, Inc.         IT and Telecommunication consulting
UniTree Software, Inc.    UniTree provides very high capacity
                          Hierarchical Storage Management
                          software solutions for large data
                          centers and data warehouses. It's
                          software runs under Sun Solaris, HP-
                          UX, DEC Tru64, SGI-IRIX, and RedHat
                          Linux and supports all major storage
                          devices. UniTree can support
                          hundreds of terabytes and millions of
UserWorks, Inc.           Consulting and R&D services in human
                          factors engineering, usability and
                          ergonomics with an emphasis on the
                          design and evaluation of user-system
                          interfaces.Their services include design
                          requirements analysis, conducting
                          focus groups, and usability testing.

USinternetworking, Inc.   USinternetworking, Inc., is the leading-
                          based application service provider
                          delivering enterprise software as a
Vericom Systems           Vericom Systems, Inc. is a leading-edge
                          professional services integration
                          company offering expert systems using
                          Citrix, Microsoft, Cisco, and Novell
                          technologies. Our system installations
                          range from small department solutions
                          to corporation solutions that have
                          locations spread throughout the world.
Verizon                  Verizon (previously known as Bell
                         Atlantic) is a communications company
                         providing local network access,
                         directory listing and information
                         services, business communications
                         services, and short-haul toll services.

Viacast Networks, Inc.                                
Visual Networks, Inc.    Visual Networks is a developer of
                         telecommunications equipment and       m
                         software which is used to assist data
                         communications services providers
                         and their subscribers with the
                         management of wide area computer
W R Systems, Ltd.        WR Systems, Ltd. is a leading provider
                         of Strategic business consulting
                         services and products for industry and
                         government. With strengths in Supply
                         Chain, eBusiness and technical
                         engineering solutions, we measure our
                         achievements by your bottom line
                         results. Quality standards and
                         performance goals light our path and
                         are keys to success.

Webgalaxy                Premiere ISP for labor unions and e-
                         commerce providers.                      Software, Web, e-commerce       
                                    localization services for IT, Telecom, e-
                                    commerce and Medical companies.
                           provides international
                                    companies with comprehensive multi-
                                    lingual solutions including website,
                                    software, multimedia documentation
                                    localization services.

Westat, Inc.                        Westat provides contract research and
                                    statistical survey service to agencies of
                                    the U.S. government and to a broad
                                    range of institutional and business
Woodbourne Solutions, Inc.          Web based data-driven website             www.woodbournesolutions.c
                                    development in the B2B and healthcare om
                                    sector. Experts in cold fusion, spectra,
                                    and hosting solutions.

World Wide Digital Security, Inc.   WWDSI provides internet security
                                    products and services.
WorldCom                            Voice, Data, Hosting         
WorldPay, Inc.           WorldPay is a global leader in multi-
                         currency transaction processing,
                         secure online credit card payment
                         processing and international
                         eCommerce solutions. WorldPay
                         provides a one-stop service to enable
                         businesses to trade successfully
                         online. WorldPay integrates most
                         available eCommerce store building
                         software (including its own Click and
                         Build) with secure multi-currency
                         payment systems including micro
                         payments solutions and repeat billings,
                         as well as an online fraud guarantee.
                         Headquartered in Cambridge, UK,
                         WorldPay's regional US office is
                         located in Sterling, VA.
Xerox Network Printers   Xerox Network Printers manufacturers
                         and markets color and monochrome
                         networked printers. With the
                         acquisition of Tektronix Color Printer
                         Division, Xerox is now considered one
                         of the leaders in network printing.
                         Xerox now owns the Tektronix Solid Ink
                         technology which features free black
                         ink for the life of the printer.
YAFO Networks   YAFO Networks, Inc. is a leading
                designer, manufacturer and marketer of
                optical-electrical hardware subsystems
                for fiber optic communications
                networks. It provides customers with
                the leading optical communications
                solutions with fast time-to-market.
                YAFO's products reduce the cost of
                transport equipment while greatly
                enhancing transmission quality.

YNOBE, Inc.     YNOBE is an internet service provider
                (ISP) scheduled to launch by July 1,
Zenyon, Inc.    Developing Enterprise Application both
                for the wired and Wireless Arena using
                proven software development
                processes such as CMM and UML.
               Add1             Add2        City   State   Zip    Honorific     FName   MI
704 East Gude Drive   Suite A          Rockville   MD       20850 Mr.         Timothy   S

11724 LeHavre Drive                    Potomac     MD       20854 Mr.         Kenneth   D
1225 Martha Custis Drive   Unit C-1    Alexandria   VA   22302 Mr.   Steven   A

10290 Old Columbia Road    Suite 300   Columbia     MD   21046 Ms.   Taryn    L

20300 Century Boulevard                Germantown   MD   20874 Ms.   Susan    D
1920 Crescent Park Drive                Reston         VA   20190 Mr.   Craig

6525 Belcrest Road          Suite 521   Hyattsville    MD   20782 Mr.   Terrence   A

15800 Crabbs Branch Way     Suite 300   Rockville      MD   20855 Mr.   James      S

20400 Highland Hall Drive               Gaithersburg   MD   20879 Dr.   Jack
11460 Cronridge Drive   Owings Mills   MD   21117 Mr.   Greg
6221 Painted Yellow Gate             Columbia     MD   21045 Dr.   Theodore

10435 Downsville Pike                Hagerstown   MD   21740 Mr.   Bryan        G

1803 Research Boulevard, Suite 601   Rockville    MD   20850 Mr.   Matthew D.
15200 Shady Grove Road    Suite 350    Rockville   MD   20850 Mr.   Scott    C

10005 Old Columbia Road   Suite M150   Columbia    MD   21046 Ms.   Cheryl
8700 Georgia Avenue        Suite 304    Silver Spring   MD   20910 Mr.   Bruce

8830 Stanford Boulevard    Suite 402    Columbia        MD   21045 Mr.   George

6810 Deerpath Road                      Elkridge        MD   21075 Mr.   Mark
717 Light Street                        Baltimore       MD   21230 Mr.   John     C
6110 Executive Boulevard   Suite 1065   Rockville       MD   20852 Mr.   Rob

7 Dupont Circle                         Washington      DC   20036 Ms.   Janis
12626 Quaking Branch Court   Suite 501   Bowie           MD        20720 Ms.   Tarsha

2277 Research Boulevard                  Rockville       MD        20850 Mr.   Albert

3033 Chain Bridge Road                   Oakton          VA   22124-2542 Ms.   Emily

1010 Wayne Avenue            Suite 630   Silver Spring   MD        20910 Mr.   John

8830 Stanford Boulevard      Suite 300   Columbia        MD        21045 Mr.   Jon
15867 Gaither Road                       Gaithersburg    MD        20877 Mr.   Atul
3202 Tower Oaks Blvd.                   Rockville      MD        20852 Ms.   Sunni

16780 Oakmont Avenue                    Gaithersburg   MD   20877-4188 Mr.   Bruce

9700 Great Seneca Highway               Rockville      MD        20850 Mr.   Joe

20410 Century Boulevard     Suite 230   Germantown     MD        20847 Mr.   Michael
4404 Cavalcade Court                    Burtonsville   MD   20866-2204 Mr.   Scott   T

900 Elkridge Landing Road               Linthicum      MD        21090 Mr.   Kathy

2000 L Street, NW           Suite 200   Washington     DC        20036 Mr.   Tom
110 West Road               Suite 215   Towson         MD        21204 Mr.   Ben

4936 Fairmont Avenue        Suite200    Bethesda       MD        20814 Mr.   Kerry

9869 Lyon Avenue                        Laurel         MD        20723 Mr.   Laura   E
8037 Laurel Lakes Court               Laurel      MD   20707 Mr.   Al

21351 Ridgetop Circle                 Dulles      VA   20166 Mr.   Charles

7361 Calhoun Place        Suite 520   Rockville   MD   20855 Mr.   James     A

8865 Stanford Boulevard   Suite 201   Columbia    MD   21045 Mr.   Kurt

410 Boylston St.                      Boston      MA    2116 Mr.   Julius    K
15800 Gaither Drive       Suite 210   Gaithersburg   MD   20877 Mr.   Adnan

312 Main Street           Suite B     Gaithersburg   MD   20878 Mr.   Greg

7075 Samuel Morse Drive               Columbia       MD   21046 Mr.   Derek

12100 Baltimore Avenue                Beltsville     MD   20705 Ms.   Tonya

2722 Merrilee Drive       Suite 150   Fairfax        VA   22031 Mr.   James   C
13 C Street                      Suite E      Laurel     MD   20707 Mr.   Wayne

7798 Jessup Road Route 175                    Jessup     MD   20794 Mr.   Om P.

7735 Old Georgetown Road, 12th   12th Floor   Bethesda   MD   20814 Mr.   J.D.

4300 Montgomery Avenue           Suite 301A   Bethesda   MD   20814 Mr.   Garland   O
1700 Rockville Pike, Suite 315               Rockville       MD   20852 Ms.   Daisy

6301 Stevens Forest Road         Suite 150   Columbia        MD   21045 Mr.   Thomas

12501 Prosperity Drive           Suite 350   Silver Spring   MD   20904 Ms.   Kathy

2121 Cooperative Way                         Herndon         VA   20171 Mr.   Robert
20010 Fisher Avenue, Box 505                 Poolesville     MD   20837 Ms.   Karen
7812 Cessna Avenue                  Gaithersburg   MD   20879 Mr.   Jeffrey

1004 Littlestown Pike   Suite H     Westminster    MD   21157 Mr.   Patrick   M

7945 MacArther BLVD.    Suite 216   Cabin John     MD   20818 Mr.   Martin    F

9475 Deereco Road       Suite 304   Timonium       MD   21093 Mr.   Bob

5714-B Industry Lane                Frederick      MD   21704 Mr.   Randall   C
400 East Gude Drive                   Rockville       MD   20850 Mr.   Chris

8737 Colesville Road     Suite 1200   Silver Spring   MD   20910 Mr.   Bill

5310 Dorsey Hall Drive                Ellicott City   MD   21042 Mr.   David   W

14646 Cambridge Court                 Laurel          MD   20707 Mr.   Bill
15800 Crabbs Branch Way           Suite 260   Rockville       MD   20855-2629 Ms.   Kathy

P.O. Box 1725                                 Frederick       MD        21702 Mr.   Stephen J.

362A Christepher Avenue                       Gaithersburg    MD        20879 Ms.   Flora

8401 Colesville Road, Suite 800               Silver Spring   MD        20910 Ms.   Pamela

13411 Katrinka Drive                          Bowie           MD        20720 Mr.   Jerry        J
8280 Greensboro Drive                        McLean          VA        22152 Mr.   Ted

8561 Fenton Street, Suite 200                Silver Spring   MD        21090 Ms.   LaShica D.

8850 Stanford Boulevard         Suite 3300   Columbia        MD        21045 Mr.   John         D

2000 Edmund Halley Drive                     Reston          VA   22091-3436 Mr.   Gerard D.

227-229 North Holliday Street                Baltimore       MD        21202 Ms.   Sharon
11460 Cronridge Drive   Owings Mill   MD   21117 Mr.   Richard
6901 Rockledge Drive    Suite 700   Bethesda     MD        20817 Ms.   Stephanie

3460 Commission Court               Lake Ridge   VA        22192 Mr.   Devon       J
9509 Key West Avenue    2nd Floor   Rockville    MD        20850 Ms.   Monica      B

208 14th Place, NE                  Washington   DC        20002 Mr.   Edward

3750 Centerview Drive               Chantilly    VA   20151-3222 Dr.   Jai N.
5565 Sterrett Place            Suite 406   Columbia    MD   21044 Ms.   Anne

7301 Calhoun Place                         Rockville   MD   20855 Mr.   Jean-Luc

12250 Rockville Pike           Suite 208   Rockville   MD   20852 Ms.   Kirsten

12250 Rockville Pike           Suite 209   Rockville   MD   20852 Ms.   Gina       M

3311 Olney Sandy Spring Road               Olney       MD   20832 Mr.   Dimitri
2 Courtney Place, Suite 130       3864 Courtney Street   Bethlehem      PA        18017 Mr.   James

4800 Hampden Lane, Suite 1100                            Bethesda       MD        20814 Mr.   Daniel R.

7961 Cessna Avenue                                       Gaithersburg   MD        20879 Mr.   Andrei
9400 Key West Avenue                                     Rockville      MD        20850 Mr.   William P.

11200 Rockville Pike, Suite 310                          Rockville      MD        20852 Mr.   Albert E.

1 Massachusetts Avenue, NW        #310                   Washington     DC   20001-1420 Mr.   Robert
18310 Montgomery Village Ave., Ste.                Gaithersburg   MD   20879-3553 Mr.   Doug

3115 AG/Life Sciences Surge Bldg.                  College Park   MD        20742 Mr.   Victor R.

312 Marshall Avenue                   Suite 1000   Laurel         MD        20707 Ms.   Tatonya

7524 Standish Place                                Rockville      MD        20855 Mr.   Leslie      S
154 North Market Street               Frederick    MD   21701 Mr.   Mark

1301 Virginia Drive       Suite 200   Washington   PA   19034 Mr.   Chris

8529 Guilford Road                    Columbia     MD   21046 Mr.   Don

2721 Phoenix Road         Suite       Annapolis    MD   20701 Mr.   Dan R.
1600 International Dr., Suite B                McLean      MD   22102 Ms.   Michele

7272 Wisconson Avenue, Suite 300               Bethesda    MD   20814 Mr.   Jolene

6411 Ivy Lane, Suite 300                       Greenbelt   MD   20770 Mr.   Chieh-San

7000 Security Boulevard            Suite 300   Baltimore   MD   21244 Mr.   Ira         R

7250 Parkway Drive                 Suite 430   Hanover     MD   21076 Mr.   David
6550 Rock Spring Drive   Suite 400   Bethesda       MD   20817 Mr.   Hilton

1121 Benfield Blvd.                  Millersville   MD   21108 Ms.   Cheryl   A
400 Cochrane Circle           Morgan Hill    CA   95037 Mr.   Drew     M

7805 Misty Court              Gaithersburg   MD   20877 Mr.   Frank

20819 Shamrock Glen Circle    Germantown     MD   20874 Mr.   Sean

7000 Columbia Gateway Drive   Columbia       MD   21046 Ms.   Sandra
4601 North Fairfax Drive    Suite 1200   Arlington      VA   22203-1546 Ms.   Alice

55 West Watkins Mill Road                Gaithersburg   MD        20878 Mr.   Gregory L.

11717 Exploration Lane                   Germantown     MD        20876 Dr.   Leonard

14624 Country Creek Lane                 N. Potomac     MD        20878 Mr.   Martin J.

10 North Jefferson Street   Suite 401    Frederick      MD        21701 Mr.   Ted          S

6710 Rockledge Drive                     Bethesda       MD        20817 Mr.   John

100 Tuscanny Drive          Suite B-1    Frederick      MD        21702 Ms.   Valerie
1128 Riva Ridge Drive               Great Falls    VA   22066 Mr.   James

8100 Corporate Drive    4th Floor   Lanham         MD   20785 Mr.   Barry   S

8051 Cessna Avenue      Suite 160   Gaithersburg   MD   20879 Mr.   Tom
PMB 317, 1290 Bay Dale Drive                Arnold     MD   21012 Mr.   Steve

8850 Stanford Boulevard        Suite 4000   Columbia   MD   21045 Ms.   Judy
3916 Vero Road                 Suite K     Baltimore       MD        21227 Mr.   Derek

640 E. Diamond Ave., Suite C               Gaithersburg    MD   20877-5319 Mr.   Thomas S.

7915 Westpark Drive                        McLean          VA        20147 Mr.   David M.

8401 Colesville Road           Suite 700   Silver Spring   MD        20910 Mr.   David
6903 Rockledge Drive, Suite 510              Bethesda       MD   20817-1818 Mr.   Mark

8065 Leesburg Pike, Suite 700                Leesburg       VA        22182 Mr.   Rob

9200 Basil Court, Suite 400                  Upper          MD        20774 Ms.   Cheryl   C

8202 Harvest Bend Lane            Suite 35   Laurel         MD        20707 Mr.   Roody

12622 Timonium Terrace                       Gaithersburg   MD   20878-3139 Mr.   Giri
10675 Gramercy Place               Suite 317   Columbia       MD   21044 Mr.   Ernie   J

18310 Montgomery Village Avenue,               Gaithersburg   MD   20879 Mr.   David
Suite 610
1375 Piccard Drive        Suite 360                Rockville      MD        20850 Mr.   Norman

2 Democracy Plaza         6707 Democracy Blvd Suite Bethesda      MD        20817 Ms.   Brenda

12 South Summit Avenue    Suite 100                Gaithersburg   MD        20877 Mr.   Michael D.

10715 Red Run Boulevard   Suite 107                Owings Mills   MD        21117 Mr.   Mark

2401 Research Boulevard   Suite 350                Rockville      MD        20850 Mr.   Jose         R

12530 Parklawn Drive      Suite 250                Rockville      MD   20852-1702 Mr.   Robert       S
Six Montgomery Village Avenue        Suite 405   Gaithersburg   MD        20878 Ms.   Lori

2 W. Rolling Crossroads              Suite 102   Catonsville    MD        21228 Mr.   Ronald    M

10131 Darnestown Road                            Rockville      MD   20850-3901 Mr.   Kim

4491 Forbes Boulevard                            Lanham         MD        20706 Mr.   William   T
5450 Whitley Park Terrace, Apt 613               Bethesda       MD   20814-2060 Mr.   Harvey

6811 Kenilworth Avenue, Suite 306                Riverdale      MD        20737 Mr.   Laveen
8260 Greensboro Drive        Suite 100    McLean          VA   22102 Mr.   Gene

219 Adam Smith Street        Suite A      Eldersburg      MD   21784 Mr.   Thomas
3470 Ellicott Center Drive                Ellicott City   MD   21043 Mr.   Donald     C

700 N. Frederick Avenue                   Gaithersburg    MD   20879 Mr.   Michael

7501 Greenway Center Drive   Suite 1000   Greenbelt       MD   20770 Mr.   Rene       B
2440 Research Boulevard      Suite 400    Rockville       MD   20850 Dr.   Denis J.
7609-H Airpark Road          Gaithersburg   MD        20879 Mr.   Joe

9210 Wightman Road           Montgomery     MD   20886-2342 Mr.   Larry

8001 Craddock Road           Greenbelt      MD        20770 Dr.   R.S.

2115 East Jefferson Street   Rockville      MD        20852 Mr.   Bob
6110 Executive Boulevard           Suite 410   Rockville       MD        20852 Mr.   Michael P.

5457 Twin Knolls Road, Suite 101               Columbia        MD   21045-3259 Mr.   Mike
8726 Town & Country Boulevard      Suite 103   Ellicott City   MD        21043 Mr.   Kenneth

101 Orchard Ridge Drive            Suite 1N    Gaithersburg    MD        20878 Mr.   J. Randall

20251 Century Boulevard            Suite 120   Germantown      MD        20874 Mr.   Gordon
6903 Rockledge Drive       Suite 950   Bethesda     MD   20817 Mr.   Alan

12104 Indian Creek Court   Suite H     Beltsville   MD   20705 Mr.   Naren

9420 Key West Avenue       Suite 200   Rockville    MD   20850 Ms.   Sharon

1730 M Street, NW          Suite 600   Washington   DC   20036 Mr.   Robert
20270 Goldenrod Lane         Germantown   MD        20876 Mr.   John

5335 Wisconsin Avenue, NW    Washington   DC        20015 Ms.   Jodi

6715-C Santa Barbara Court   Elkridge     MD   21227-5830 Mr.   John L.
7900 A Westpark Drive     Suite 320   McLean         VA   22102 Mr.   John

210 East Redwood Street   Suite 100   Baltimore      MD   21202 Mr.   Camillo

Code 100                              Greenbelt      MD   20771 Dr.   Milton

100 Bureau Drive                      Gaithersburg   MD   20899 Ms.   Karen
4601 Presidents Drive       Suite 230   Lanham        MD        20706 Mr.   Antonio

10000 Virginia Manor Road               Beltsville    MD   20705-4215 Dr.   T.

1302 Concourse Drive        Suite 400   Linthicum     MD        21090 Mr.   Kevin
2180 Fox Mill Road                      Herndon       VA   20171-3243 Ms.   Beth

46 Seabreeze Road                       Ocean Pines   MD        21811 Mr.   David

13608 Ansel Terrace                     Germantown    MD        20874 Mr.   Christopher
9700 Great Seneca Hwy.                      Rockville       MD        20850 Mr.   Ravi

10440 Little Patuxent Parkway   Suite 300   Columbia        MD   21044-3648 Mr.   George

P.O. Box 1437                               Mitchellville   MD        20717 Mr.   Andre
12510 Prosperity Drive         Suite 300    Silver Spring   MD        20904 Mr.   Lawrence    B

7500 Greenway Center Drive                  Greenbelt       MD        20770 Mr.   Robert E.

7500 Greenway Center Drive     16th Floor   Greenbelt       MD   20770-3522 Ms.   Maisha      B
3400 International Drive, NW                Washington      DC        20008 Mr.   Joseph      F

1395 Piccard Drive             Suite 240    Rockville       MD        20850 Mr.   Rick
9700 Great Seneca Highway         Rockville   MD   20850 Ms.   Shari

6701 Democracy Blvd., Suite 801   Bethesda    MD   20817 Mr.   Amena
4 Research Place          Suite 210    Rockville      MD   20850       Helen

16305 Jousting Terrace                 Rockville      MD   20855 Ms.   Pam
9712 Kerrigan Court                    Randallstown   MD   21133 Mr.   Douglas   E

8850 Stanford Boulevard   Suite 1600   Columbia       MD   21045 Mr.   Sridhar
14532 Lee Road                  Chantilly    VA   20151-1679 Mr.   Jeffrey E.

1900 Pennsylvania Avenue        Washington   DC        20068 Mr.   Norman

2000 K Street, NW - Suite 750   Washington   DC        20006 Mr.   Steve

312 Laurel Ave.                 Laurel       MD        20707 Ms.   Lisa

7811 Montrose Road              Potomac      MD        20854 Mr.   Bob
6430 Rockledge Drive                   Suite 304   Bethesda    MD        20817 Mr.   Eric

10632 Little Patuxent Parkway, Suite               Columbia    MD   21044-3205 Mr.   Nasser

10555 Guilford Road                    Suite 119   Jessup      MD        20794 Mr.   Steve
17115 Old Mill Run                                 Derwood     MD        20855 Mr.   Joseph   R
3206 Tower Oaks Boulevard              Suite 200   Rockville   MD        20852 Mr.   Phil
6011 Executive Boulevard, Suite 211               Rockville     MD   20852-3804 Mr.   Laurence

9909 Founders Way                                 Damascus      MD        20872 Mr.   Warren     K

3945 Freedom Circle                   Suite 790   Santa Clara   CA        95054 Mr.   Mike
1616 McCormick Drive                 Upper      MD   20774 Mr.   Michael   A
4416 East West Highway   Suite 300   Bethesda   MD   20814 Mr.   Bob
350 5th Avenue   #7712   New York   NY   10118 Mr.   Burgess   A
75 West Watkins Mill Road                           Gaithersburg   MD   20878 Ms.   Sandra

2444 Solomons Island Road               Suite 219   Annapolis      MD   21401 Mr.   Bill

200 Harry S. Truman Parkway, Ste. 315               Annapolis      MD   21401 Mr.   R. Gregory
21105 Golf States Drive                   Laytonsville   MD   20885 Dr.   Jorge

10025 Gov. Warfield Parkway   Suite 109   Columbia       MD   21044 Mr.   David

1445 Research Boulevard       Suite 350   Rockville      MD   20878 Mr.   Rao
8970 Route 108                   Suite B     Columbia        MD   21045 Mr.   Vincent

904 Wind River Lane, Suite 101               Gaithersburg    MD   20878 Mr.   Daniel

10801 Lockwood Drive             Suite 170   Silver Spring   MD   20901 Ms.   Maria

1700 Rockville Pike              Suite 330   Rockville       MD   20852 Mr.   Sameer

8500 Leesburg Pike               Suite 202   Vienna          VA   22182 Mr.   Rakesh

1355 Piccard Drive               Suite 380   Rockville       MD   20850 Mr.   Dan
10010 Junction Drive   Suite 202   Annapolis   MD   20701 Mr.   Reginald

313 15th Avenue                    Baltimore   MD   21225 Mr.   Dan
19634 Club House, #315                    Montgomery   MD        20886 Mr.   Jijo

10 Gerard Avenue, Suite 307               Timonium     MD        21093 Mr.   Joseph P.

30 W. Gude Drive              Suite 200   Rockville    MD        20850 Ms.   Wenli

4550 Forbes Boulevard         Suite 300   Lanham       MD   20706-4400 Mr.   Jack        R

9315 Largo Drive West         Suite 200   Largo        MD        20774 Mr.   Paul

12404 Beall Spring Road                   Potomac      MD        20854 Mr.   Eugene

8484 Westpark Drive           Suite 630   McLean       VA        22102 Mr.   John
10411 Motorcity Drive                    Bethesda        MD   20817 Mr.   Ashok

9180 Rumsey Road            Suite D-4    Columbia        MD   21045 Mr.   Dave

11820 Parklawn Drive                     Rockville       MD   20852 Mr.   Mike

8757 Georgia Avenue         12th Floor   Silver Spring   MD   20910 Ms.   Mary

849C Quince Orchard Blvd.                Gaithersburg    MD   20878 Mr.   Michael

45 Shawmut Road             Suite 3      Canton          MA    2021 Mr.   Njeri
910-B Clopper Road                           Gaithersburg   MD   20878 Mr.   Daniel

15245 Shady Grove Road                       Rockville      MD   20850 Ms.   Carol

PMB 214, 905 West 7th Street                 Frederick      MD   21701 Mr.   Gary     M

15308 Spencerville Court       Suite 201 A   Burtonsville   MD   20866 Mr.   Ken
10 Finegan Ct.                               Darnestown     MD   20874 Mr.   Neil
5050 Powder Mill Road                          Beltsville   MD   20705 Mr.   Tom

14705 Mocking Bird Drive                       Darnestown   MD   20874 Mr.   James

4640 Forbes Boulevard              Suite 202   Lanham       MD   20706 Ms.   Sheila       A

8401 Corporate Drive., Suite 610               Landover     MD   20785 Mr.   Timothy J.
9700 Great Seneca Hwy.            Rockville   MD   20850 Mr.   Ajay

605 Post Office Road, Suite 302   Waldorf     MD   20602 Mr.   Gregory V.

6430 Rockledge Drive, Suite 400   Bethesda    MD   20817 Ms.   Jeannette H.
602 Spring Street                      Vienna     VA   22180 Mr.   Roy        F

138 North Hickory Avenue               Bel Air    MD   21014 Mr.   Ronald     T

4808 Moorland Lane         Suite 709   Bethesda   MD   20814 Ms.   Samantha   S
20450 Century Blvd.                      Germantown   MD   20874 Mr.   Bill      A

22605 Gateway Center Drive               Clarksburg   MD   20871 Mr.   Mitch

PO Box 8                                 Cabin John   MD   20818 Mr.   William

8181 Professional Place      Suite 210   Landover     MD   20785 Ms.   Cheryl
1724 Westmoreland Trail                Annapolis      MD   21401 Mr.   John     D

2139 Espey Court           Suite 1     Crofton        MD   21114 Mr.   Wesley

8946 Alliston Hollow Way               Gaithersburg   MD   20879 Mr.   David
20912 Layton Ridge Drive               Gaithersburg   MD   20882 Mr.   Gary

6900 Wisconsin Avenue      Suite 400   Bethesda       MD   20815 Ms.   Carol
131 National Business Parkway   Suite 200   Annapolis       MD        20701 Mr.   Matt    E

2800 Powder Mill Road                       Adelphi         MD   20783-1145 Ms.   Norma

16314 Whitehaven Road                       Silver Spring   MD        20906 Mr.   Dat
1809 Chapel Hill Road                 Silver Spring   MD   20906 Mr.   Frank

1738 Elton Road, #138                 Silver Spring   MD   20903 Dr.   Richard

One USi Plaza                         Annapolis       MD   21401 Mr.   Jeffery L.

1803 Research Boulevard   Suite 302   Rockville       MD   20850 Mr.   Larry        H
13100 Columbia Pike      Room E6B     Silver Spring   MD        20904 Mr.   Don

9639 Dr. Perry Road      Suite 119N   Ijamsville      MD        21754 Mr.   Mark
2092 Gaither Road                     Rockville       MD        20850 Ms.   Debbie

8338 Veteran's Highway   Suite 205B   Millersville    MD        21108 Mr.   Donald

6965 El Camino Real      #105-425     Carlsbad        CA   92009-4100 Mr.   John
241 East 4th Street       Suite 207    Frederick    MD        21701 Mr.   Mustafa

1650 Research Boulevard                Rockville    MD        20850 Mr.   Joseph A.

12401 Middle Brook Road   Suite 160    Germantown   MD        20874 Mr.   John

4720 Montgomery Lane      Suite 800    Bethesda     MD   20814-3444 Ms.   Donna

250 West Pratt Street     Suite 1150   Baltimore    MD        21201 Mr.   Steven
21525 Ridgetop Circle   Suite 175   Sterling   VA   220166 Ms.   Elizabeth

7900 Westpark Drive                 McLean     VA    22102 Mr.   Kevin
1340 F Charwood Road                  Hanover      MD   21076 Ms.   Hiedi

1400 Mercantile Lane      Suite 200   Largo        MD   20774 Mr.   Anthony   L

7441 Brandenburg Circle               Sykesville   MD   21784 Mr.   Prasad
    LName                  Title      Phone            Fax
Miller      President and CEO      (301) 738-8290 (301) 738-8296

Karr        CEO                    (301) 340-9171 (301) 424-0873
Seiden    Director of Marketing   (703) 379-5303 (703) 379-5307

Polaski                           (202) 223-8808 (202) 223-1377

Brown     Director of Marketing   (301) 972-5400 (301) 972-2783
Small    COO                    (703) 796-6021 (703) 796-6023

Brown    Vice President         (301) 683-2112 (240) 465-0653

Whang    President & Chairman   (301) 670-6778 (301) 670-9884

Harris   CEO                    (301) 251-4810 (301) 279-4655
Abel   Director, Corporate Communications   (410) 654-6400 (410) 654-6554
Williams    CEO                             (410) 312-1661 (410) 312-0174

Moorhouse   Vice President, State Affairs   (301) 790-6127 (301) 790-6265

Lee         President & CEO                 (301) 309-1234 (301) 309-0978
Whitfield   Manager, Business Development   (301) 840-3915 (301) 840-3888

Grimes      General Manager                 (410) 381-5110 (410) 381-5875
Morris       Vice President      (301) 434-1955 (301) 439-6868

Gorayeb      District Manager    (410) 872-9300 (410) 953-0122

Kowalski     Account Executive   (410) 379-5272 (410) 379-0467
Darrin       President           (410) 332-7000 (410) 464-9127
Montgomery   President           (301) 816-9373

Richmond     Manager             (202) 204-4114 (202) 204-4010
Devoe      Vice President of Public Relations   (301) 809-6066 (301) 809-9049

Lampert    President & CEO                      (301) 519-5000 (301) 519-5445

Rothberg   Director, Public Relations           (202) 457-2890 (202) 457-2886

Fineran    Director of Sales                    (301) 589-3060 (301) 589-3936

Tag        Branch Manager                       (443) 285-0055 (443) 285-0085
Tucker     President                            (301) 417-0070 (301) 212-5899
Tweet   Marketing Manager   (240) 747-1045 (301) 230-2248

Seger   President           (703) 289-9000 (703) 876-9657

Paiva   CTO                 (301) 315-9300 (301) 453-6208

Howe    President           (240) 632-0808 (202) 478-0061
Bartram      Chief Architect                 (301) 549-3200 (301) 549-1149

Lamm         Manager of Business Operation   (301) 543-4431 (301) 543-4436

Broadwater   Principal                       (202) 347-8070 (202) 347-8071
Drumm        MAE                             (410) 512-4379 (410) 337-6720

Gunther      President & CEO                 (301) 656-1144 (301) 656-2772

Souder       President                       (301) 776-7924 (301) 604-7567
Cunniff       Public Relations Manager        (301) 598-0500 (301) 598-0837

Crew          Executive Vice President        (703) 404-9293 (703) 404-9295

Jacobs        Vice President Communications   (301) 795-3000 (301) 795-3111

Einwaechter   Major Accountant Manager        (410) 309-4887 (410) 309-4899

Weems         Managing Director               (410) 576-9204 (410) 576-0112
Ahmed     Sr. Vice President                (301) 987-6700 (301) 987-2188

Diamond   Partner                           (301) 527-9373 (301) 527-8796

Estes     Business Development/Healthcare   (877) 874-9125 (410) 910-7501

Wolfe     Director of Marketing             (301) 419-2813 (301) 210-5643

Davis                                       (703) 876-5577 (703) 876-5588
Mills                       (301) 490-1014 (301) 490-1187

Bansal    President         (410) 799-9600 (410) 799-3390

Murphy    President         (301) 656-4030 (301) 656-7060

Audilet   President & CEO   (301) 664-9456 (301) 664-7902
Wallace     President/CEO               (301) 468-1160 (301) 231-7119

Lahr        Account Executive           (410) 910-5109 (410) 910-5200

Wehr        Marketing Coordinator       (301) 625-6955 (301) 625-6956

Linehan     Executive Director          (703) 467-1489 (703) 787-7193
Kalantzis   Sales & Marketing Manager   (301) 948-8077 (301) 349-2518
Studley   President                                (301) 590-9400 (301) 590-9402

Moylan    Vice President/Chief Financial Officer   (410) 876-5676 (410) 848-8073

O'Neill   President and CEO                        (301) 320-0700 (301) 320-0599

Irwin     Vice President                           (410) 561-0460 (410) 561-0044

Severy    President/CEO                            (301) 682-8885 (301) 682-7437
Willi       CFO                    (301) 208-3813 (301) 208-3901

Oldham      VP Internet/Wireless   (301) 565-2142 (301) 565-3710

Bower       President and CEO      (410) 992-3760 (410) 992-3772

Donaldson   District Manager       (301) 206-3198 (301) 362-8545
Zadach    Office Administrator              (724) 745-8900 (301) 921-8750

Cook      Staff Consultant                  (301) 619-2740 (301) 695-6785

Kan       President, Billing Contact        (240) 631-7933 (240) 631-7937

Hopkins   President & CEO                   (301) 587-7270 (301) 587-7202

Donahoe   Manager of Technical Consulting   (301) 404-4909 (410) 263-7447
Johnson   Marketing/Sales        (703) 734-8606

Levins    Education Consultant   (301) 588-3141 (301) 588-3141

Wafer     President              (410) 312-3170

Pastore                          (703) 264-0330 (703) 715-4450

Pinder    President              (410) 539-0901
Aquino   VP of Sales & Marketing   (410) 356-8196 (410) 356-8199
Tew       Sr. Manager, Media Relations   (240) 333-6167 (240) 333-6250

Segal     CRM Consultant                 (703) 492-4955 (703) 492-4966
Welch     Senior Director Marketing &    (240) 386-6063 (240) 386-5509
Lockard   Network Solutions Consultant   (202) 246-1904

Gupta     President                      (703) 708-1400 (703) 708-5704
Bistany-    President                 (410) 715-2001 (410) 715-2004

Abazion     Chief Executive Officer   (240) 314-3550 (301) 586-0221

Brecht      VP, Marketing             (301) 231-4955 (301) 231-6082

Schaefer    Director of Operations    (301) 468-3999 (301) 468-0995

Stephanou   President                 (301) 260-7760 (413) 683-6979
Davis    Marketing Manager          (301) 218-6124 (301) 218-6109

Young    Vice Chairman & CEO        (301) 986-0800 (301) 961-3832

Malykh   Vice President             (301) 527-0804 (301) 527-8250
Loomis   Executive Vice President   (301) 251-0600 (301) 251-1991

Girod    President                  (301) 287-0350 (301) 287-0390

Walsh    President                  (301) 838-9141 (301) 838-9144
Ochs     Director, Sales and Marketing   (301) 977-6966 (301) 947-3539

Basili   Executive Director              (301) 405-6541 (301) 405-6638

Holman                                   (301) 483-0100 (301) 483-3122

Levine   President                       (301) 284-7271 (301) 309-0783
Gaver         President & CEO                     (301) 668-7280 (301) 668-7284

Morell        President                           (215) 654-5495 (215) 654-5561

Chapman       Optical Business Development Team   (410) 381-7779 (410) 381-7244

Schoenberger Sr. Member of Technical Staff        (240) 456-5454 (240) 456-5410
Burhofer     Marketing Manager              (703) 748-6438 (410) 309-8605

Solan        Sales Manager                  (301) 941-1930 (301) 654-1328

Cheng        President                      (301) 474-9696 (301) 474-5970

Greenstein   Executive Director, Business   (410) 281-9193 (410) 281-9196

Young        President & CEO                (410) 712-9500 (410) 712-0737
Augustine   Chairman & CEO   (301) 214-8106 (301) 214-8176

Addison     Marcim Manager   410-987-5600   (410) 987-1201
Powers      Business Development Manager   (410) 772-0944 (410) 772-5466

Lloyd       President                      (301) 963-2210 (301) 963-2704

Masterman   CEO                            (301) 528-0477 (301) 528-0477

Murray      VP of Finance                  (410) 964-7098 (410) 964-7300
Guida     Assistant to the President     (703) 284-8700 (703) 525-9785

Merril    President                      (301) 984-3706 (301) 984-2104

Golding   Vice President                 (301) 428-5500 (301) 428-1868

Burns     President                      (301) 315-9101 (301) 217-9053

Baldwin   CEO                            (301) 698-0154 (301) 698-9424

Nyland    VP , Public Sector, Americas   (301) 803-3900 (301) 803-2748

Dorman    V.P. Marketing & Sales         (301) 620-9889 (301) 682-8526
Allen                            (301) 774-8120

Watson   Senior Vice President   (301) 918-1530 (301) 918-1551

Muich                            (240) 683-0252 (240) 683-0253
Bennett   President       (410) 757-6898 (410) 626-0237

Donahue   IT Supervisor   (410) 872-5400 (410) 872-5444
DeGrace    Sales Consultant   (410) 644-6700 (410) 644-9500

Jones      Vice President     (301) 948-2460 (301) 948-9037

Southall   President & CEO    (703) 893-3100 (703) 893-3489

Ronis      Principal          (301) 585-0158 (301) 587-8578
Morein       Executive Vice President   (301) 896-0500 (301) 896-0760

Lucca        Account Executive          (703) 714-0671 (703) 714-0608

Washington   Executive Assistant        (301) 883-9800 (301) 883-2176

Rosales      President                  (301) 490-8007 (301) 604-3112

Ramaswami    President                  (301) 417-9156 (301) 417-9546
Svehla   President & CEO   (888) 317-3666 (410) 884-4149

Sohn     President & CEO   (301) 948-0200 (301) 948-9851
Young         Chief Executive Officer   (301) 670-1813 (301) 670-4706

Eugenio       Sales                     (301) 571-9485 (301) 571-9479

Priddy        President and CEO         (301) 984-6800 (301) 984-1310

Max           Managing Partner          (410) 581-0180 (410) 581-2227

Ayoroa        President                 (301) 948-4471 (301) 948-9639

Procelli, Esq. Vice President           (301) 984-6060 (301) 984-7771
Fox       Marketing/ Communications   (301) 948-1111 (301) 948-1111

Swift     CEO                         (410) 788-7011 (410) 788-7015

Goh       President                   (301) 432-3214 (301) 294-3425

McKee     City Director               (301) 429-3050 (301) 429-5830
Kushner   President                   (301) 897-3445 (301) 897-3444

Kanal     President                   (301) 927-3223 (301) 927-7193
Van Slyke   CFO                                  (703) 770-2800 (703) 288-5512

Hope        Director of Sales/Marketing          (410) 795-1005 (410) 795-1009
Kolasch     President                            (410) 203-9770 (410) 203-9878

Dorio       Sr. Education Requirements Planner   (301) 240-7059 (301) 240-7009

Lavigne     President                            (301) 446-3108 (301) 446-3344
Curtin      Senior Vice President & GM           (301) 258-3210 (301) 258-3300
Rollek        Account Executive                (301) 978-9888 (301) 216-0189

Cain          Business Development Executive   (800) 927-4281 (301) 926-5046

Venkatachala Vice President/Director           (301) 552-4407 (301) 552-5378

Diamond       VP, Corporate Services           (301) 255-3200 (301) 984-5014
Norcio   Sr. Vice President & CFO        (301) 231-0100 (301) 770-2680

Simon    Chief Financial Officer         (703) 245-4544 (703) 245-4500
Mays     President & Creative Director   (410) 313-8177 (410) 313-8178

Hoggle   President/CEO                   (301) 610-6515 (301) 610-6520

Saussy   President                       (301) 515-3672
Preston   President         (240) 453-6341 (240) 453-6208

Shahani   President & CEO   (301) 210-0910 (301) 210-0914

Wagman    Administrator     (301) 838-7120 (301) 838-7172

Merhaut                     (202) 835-3000 (202) 835-2022
Mitchell                                      (301) 540-5504 (301) 540-5557

Ovca       Marketing                          (202) 895-2000 (202) 364-8853

Cobb       Vice President & Chief Financial   (410) 579-1081
Aldridge     VP Sales                            (703) 749-7722 (888) 641-8707

Melchiorre   EVP Marketing                       (410) 468-0586 (410) 385-0097

Halem        Assistant Director of Information   (301) 286-5710 (301) 286-1714

Williams     Sr. Management Advisor              (301) 975-6478 (301) 948-1935
Ferguson     President & CEO           (301) 918-4401 (301) 918-4404

Venkatesan   Chief Executive Officer   (301) 210-1010 (301) 210-1042

Freeman      Account Manager           (410) 735-1049 (410) 735-1010
Durant       Account Manager           (703) 654-2735 (703) 561-5439

Dear         President                 (301) 996-6720 (301) 865-1499

Bennett      CEO                       (301) 916-5393 (561) 679-8121
Narayan   Vice President             (240) 453-6300 (240) 453-6208

Trainor   Senior Account Executive   (410) 884-4040 (410) 884-4041

Fraser    Chief Technology Officer   (240) 396-1011 (240) 396-1011
Werner    Principal                    (301) 625-3000 (301) 625-3288

Lohfeld   Senior Vice President        (301) 345-0750 (301) 345-0952

Hoye      Investor Relations           (301) 486-2473 (301) 486-2482
Greeves   CFO, Senior Vice President   (202) 364-4700 (202) 364-6182

Schultz   President                    (301) 721-1752 (301) 721-0554
Cohen   EVP of Customer Relations   (240) 453-6254 (240) 453-6208

Ali     Sr.UP of Marketing          (240) 747-6400 (240) 747-6200
Suh      Sales Operations Coordinator   (301) 963-1693 (301) 963-2579

Little                                  (301) 963-1099 (301) 963-1099
Riley    President/CEO                  (410) 654-3305 (410) 655-0673

Gadhi    President                      (410) 872-1008 (410) 872-9396
Frank       Vice President                  (703) 449-6700 (703) 449-6713

Carter      Manager, Economic Development   (202) 872-3357 (202) 872-2032

Lovecchio   Account Executive               (202) 739-0800 (202) 739-0801

Losito      Director                        (301) 598-0500 (301) 598-0837

Taylor      Assistant VP & Director of IT   (301) 340-2100 (301) 610-0255
Ball      Senior Sales Executive   (301) 493-8029 (301) 571-2052

Basir     President                (410) 964-8000 (410) 964-8001

Wallace   Vice President           (301) 470-6300 (301) 470-6309
Blouin    Vice President           (301) 990-0150 (301) 990-1965
Gross     President/CEO            (301) 231-7020 (301) 231-7040
Kearney       President        (301) 816-2555 (301) 816-2550

Fleming       President        (301) 916-4522 (301) 916-4522

Constantine   Branch Manager   (301) 788-6453
Gorham     Sr. Manager, Business Dev.   (301) 925-0372 (301) 883-4196

Fleshner   President & CEO              (301) 347-1380 (301) 951-7610
Harrison   VP, Marketing   (212) 290-5024 (212) 290-5081
Guidera    Vice President   (240) 632-7000 (301) 548-0682

Murphy     President        (410) 897-9494 (410) 897-6009

Freeland   President        (410) 224-3554 (410) 224-3767
Ribas      President and CEO            (301) 527-6196 (301) 527-0360

Wray       President - Eastern Region   (410) 992-3401 (410) 992-3402

Ramineni   President/CEO                (301) 251-5636 (301) 251-5639
Grauso     Director of Operations   (410) 992-1942 (410) 992-1931

Simpkins                            (301) 417-0017 (301) 990-6234

Schwartz   Branch Manager           (301) 593-5440 (301) 593-3636

Bagai      Business Development     (301) 881-8840 (301) 881-8844

Malik      Director                 (703) 734-2100 (703) 734-2110

Matthews   Senior Vice President    (301) 258-5627 (301) 258-5630
Daniel   President/CEO   (301) 483-8888 (301) 483-6928

Rogers   President       (410) 837-0528 (410) 537-0529
Antony     Marketing Director          (301) 948-1700 (301) 948-4793

Leitner    Executive Vice President    (410) 308-7621 (410) 561-7890

Yu         CEO & President             (240) 314-0120 (240) 314-0129

Steere     President & CEO             (301) 306-4111 (301) 459-3272

Kowalski   Director of Program Mang.   (301) 350-0938 (301) 350-5153

Sharer                                 (301) 963-2874 (301) 963-3226

Mays       E-Commerce Business Dev.    (703) 762-0062 (703) 873-0962
Saxena     President                          (301) 738-0250 (240) 453-6208

Mazzeo     Systems Sales                      (410) 992-0998 (410) 992-0758

Lasky      Director of Software Development   (301) 231-7125 (301) 231-7148

leMat      President & CEO                    (301) 986-4870 (301) 652-1749

Akbar      President                          (301) 365-7824 (301) 365-6835

Thompson   Marketing Coordinator              (781) 830-9306 (781) 830-9345
McGinnis   President                   (301) 216-3600 (301) 258-0059

Agayoff    Director of Operations      (240) 453-6260 (301) 294-8887

Costello   President                   (301) 698-0225 (301) 698-1532

Kok        Vice President, Marketing   (301) 384-7473 (301) 384-2669
Agate                                  (301) 670-1295 (301) 670-8447
Obrien    Corporate Relations Director   (301) 595-5500 (301) 902-4516

Acklin    President                      (240) 683-1340 (240) 683-1341

Simmons   CEO                            (301) 883-9632 (301) 883-9635

Adams     President/CEO                  (301) 731-3983 (301) 731-6257
Agrawal     President         (240) 453-6240 (240) 453-6208

Billups     CEO               (301) 870-4286 (301) 870-4199

Lee White   President & CEO   (301) 530-1000 (301) 530-1032
Sewall     Business Development   (703) 242-6333 (703) 242-6335

Tan        Recruitment Director   (410) 879-5276

Gumenick   Partner                (301) 922-2511
Simmelink   President           (301) 515-8580 (301) 515-6627

Herbets     President & CEO     (240) 864-7601 (240) 864-7618

Oakes       Managing Director   (301) 765-9485 (301) 763-9486

Croft       President           (800) 747-3766 (301) 429-8771
Goodspeed   President & Chief Technology Officer   (866) 244-4282 (410) 849-5263

Schiesz     President & CTO                        (410) 451-2363

Launi       Director Recruiting Services           (301) 944-1073 (301) 972-6834
Mrenak      President                              (301) 948-1645

Trawick     CEO                                    (301) 654-6088 (301) 656-2251
Litfin      District Sales Manager   (301) 206-3564 (301) 206-3665

Cammarata                            (301) 394-2952 (301) 394-5818

Bui         CEO                      (301) 570-2123 (301) 570-2142
Hanou      Sales Manager              (301) 452-9275 (520) 244-7610

Horst      President                  (301) 431-0500 (301) 431-4834

McKnight   Executive Vice President   (410) 897-4000 (410) 573-1906

Letow      Vice President             (301) 315-5555 (301) 315-5550
Heath     Area Manager, External Affairs    (301) 236-2825 (301) 469-9405

Stinson   Chief Financial Officer           (301) 874-4506 (301) 874-3712
Farran    Director MIS                      (301) 296-2300 (301) 296-2301

McCoy                                       (410) 729-5066 (603) 288-0207

Mays      E-Commerce Business Development
Borobakan   VP - Strategic Development   (301) 668-0330 (301) 668-0335

Hunt        President                    (301) 251-8236 (301) 294-2034

Fendrick    President                    (301) 428-7620 (301) 428-7621

Ruginski    President                    (301) 656-0521 (301) 656-4806

Oliver      Account Executive            (410) 246-9384 (410) 246-9313
Amore    Sr. Manager, Marketing and PR   (703) 444-0260 (703) 430-6795

Brooks   Corporate Account Manager       (301) 309-6866 (703) 790-3884
Valbusa       Director, Marketing Communications   (410) 694-9669 (410) 694-0688

Divers        Controller                           (301) 772-0101 (301) 772-0111

Karunakaran   President                            (410) 419-5882 (410) 552-6265

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