Cash loans in kuna in Erste bank with a deadline of up to 7 years

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                                                                          Cash loans in kuna in Erste bank
                                                                           with a deadline of up to 7 years
Zagreb, May 30, 2011 – Erste&Steiermärkische Bank d.d. (Erste bank) has expanded its offer with
cash loans in Kuna with a repayment deadline of up to 7 years and loans in Kuna for farmers, also
with a repayment deadline of up to 7 years. With this type of loans, clients benefit from cash
financing without the currency risk. The loans will be available as of tomorrow, May 31, 2011.

In its range of cash loans, the bank offers various models and combinations, so clients can choose
loans without guarantors and a warranty deposit, loans with a creditworthy guarantor or loans with
an insurance policy with a one-time payment of the premium.

The advantage of loans in Kuna comes from the elimination of the exchange rate risk, which is
especially relevant in the context of the kuna movement against foreign currencies. While the loan
with a seven-year repayment period could previously only be contracted with a currency clause in
Euro, this is now available without a currency clause, i.e. in Kuna:


           Amount of the loan: from HRK 7,400.00 to HRK 74,000.00 (minimum EUR 1,000.00, maximum EUR
           Repayment deadline: 7 years
                                     EFFECTIVE                                       AMOUNT OF
               INTEREST                                                                                       TOTAL AMOUNT*
                                     INTEREST                     FEE                ANNUITY IN
                 RATE                                                                                             IN HRK
                                       RATE                                             HRK

              from 8.99%
             with the client            10.07%                                          1,190.22                   101,458.27
                                                            min. HRK 250
           Effective interest rate, amount of annuity and the *total amount the client needs to pay are calculated with the stated
           conditions, the amount of loan of HRK 74,000.00, repayment deadline of 84 months, on January 1, 2011.

The interest rate on cash loans in Kuna, depending on the model and assessment of
creditworthiness, will range from 8.99 to 10.90 percent for clients and from 10.20 to 11.90 percent
for those without the client status in Erste bank.

Apart from that, loans to farmers will also be available in Kuna, with a maturity deadline of up to
seven years. Those will include:
   1. Loans for milk producers
   2. Loans for investments in agriculture
   3. Loans for the purchase of heifers
   4. Loans for sowing

Sud upisa u registar: Trgovački sud u Rijeci  MBS: 040001037  Matični broj: 3337367  OIB: 23057039320  Poslovni račun: 2402006-1031262160
SWIFT: ESBCHR22  Temeljni kapital 1.698.417.500,00 kn, uplaćen u cijelosti i podijeljen na 16.984.175 dionica, svaka nominalne vrijednosti 100,00 kn.
Uprava: Petar Radaković, Tomislav Vuić, Borislav Centner, Slađana Jagar, Christoph Schoefboeck  Predsjednik Nadzornog odbora: Herbert Juranek
The interest rate on farmers’ loans in kuna, depending on the model and assessment of credit
rating, will range from 7.50 to 9.90 percent on average, and the Erste bank client status is required.

In the first four months of this year, Erste bank granted a total of 8,730 cash loans in the total value
of over HRK 630 million. According to the total value of placements, the value of newly approved
cash loans is 20 percent higher than in the same period last year.

According to the latest official statistics, Erste bank recorded a growth in the segment of retail
financing faster than the average in the market, so its market share grew from 13.54 percent at the
end of December last year to 13.59 percent at the end of March this year.

We are at your disposal for all information!

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