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 June, July, August, Sept 2011
Sew, this winter I was seduced to the dark side! Yes, it was envy
                                                                        You own the best
and lust that did it. It all started last year at the National Quilt
Association convention. It was just around the corner from our
booth. It was right there! Next to the aisle. It was so pretty! And
soft. And it looked easy. I saw myself wearing it. I even had to
special order it! It was a sweater…in the form of yarn…balls of
yarn. It would require practice and time. But, I had to have it.
You see, it is not my fault! Most of the girls at the shop dabble in
                                                                         own                           best.
knitting. I would even say that Ming is a master knitter. I used to
knit YEARS AGO. My house-mate Tav, got me started because
she was knitting a pretty green sweater with a basket weave tex-
ture. She suggested a simple pullover that was knitted with dou-                      e
                                                                              s in th
ble yarns. That would make it fast…to some degree. Within that           See u s Mall.
year, I made 3 sweaters. The next one was a navy and beige               Vendo 500
stripe. The third was a 3 tone blocked number with cables. I put           B ooth
the knitting needles down on my fourth sweater because it was
lace and the pattern never looked right. Come to find out years
later, I was picking up my knit stitch from the wrong side of the
I practiced my knitting in the evening making dish towels. I
played with different type of needles. And finally in January, I
started that beautiful sweater. So far, I have made a few minor
mistakes, though none can be detected with the naked eye. The
only problem is that it is nowhere near being finished. Where did                         It’s time to own a BERNINA!
I get this grand idea I could make a sweater in a few months?
How did I end up making 3 sweaters in one year? Simple! I was
poor, we had no TV, and a lot more time on my hands. So, Tav
and I would sit and knit.
Today, I have a household to manage, a husband, animals to
care for, a business to run, a family to visit, a room full of sewing
stuff, places to ride my bike and between it all, I gotta get some
sleep! Before it gets too warm, I will put a few more rows into         Layaway your aurora 440 and get
that sweater before it gets set aside. I will keep in practice this
summer knitting those easy cotton dish cloths.
The questions you might be asking…did I sew this winter? Of              an extra $100 off the NQA price
course I did! I worked on some embroidery projects with my                        and purchase the optional
wonderful Series 830, made a beautiful plum velvet jacket with
bobbin work embroidery (it’s hanging in the store), made a few                   Embroidery Module for $799!
garments and mended some stuff that was piling up. I plan on
making some new spring and summer clothes and a dress to                Because of the demand for this
wear to a wedding. I also need to make a quilt I promised my
niece.                                                                  machine, we only have a limited
But, through it all, the one thing I do love about sewing is that
most projects don’t take a year (or more) to complete!                         number to sell.
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