TIM Spring 06V3

					                         TIM Business Meeting
                       5:30 pm Monday in Marriott Riviera

Dear TIM colleagues,

Please join us for the TIM Business Meeting at 5:30pm
 on Monday August 14th, following Dr. Claudia Bird
     Schoonhoven’s talk in the Marriott Riviera.

Lori Rosenkopf

                                                               Atlanta Marriott Marquis
                                                             265 Peachtree Center Avenue
                                                                  Atlanta, GA 30303

                                   TIM Social
                    6:30 pm Monday in Marriott Monte Carlo

Dear TIM colleagues,

Join us for the best social in the town. Once again it will offer plenty of food, drinks,
TIM Division members and (as Chris has suggested on page 2) crashers. It will be held
following the TIM Division Business Meeting at 6:30pm Monday in the Marriott Monte

Lori Rosenkopf

                                                                PDW: Digital Transformations: A Multi-Level
                                                                Approach To Better Understand The Impact Of

                                                                The PDW discusses the results of a 4-year research
                                                                project on Digital Transformations: The Social
                                                                And Economic Impact Of Information And
                                                                Communication Technology (ICT). The workshop
                                                                consists of four 45-minute sessions which use
                                                                different levels of analysis. First, Len Waverman
                                                                and Virginia Acha introduce the economic impact
                                                                of ICT and the relevance of the 'digital divide'.
                                                                Second, Michael Jacobides and Stephan Billinger
                                                                discuss what is the impact of ICT on the industry
   Please be aware that, similar to Dr. von Hippel’s            level and show how ICTs are transforming sectors
 Distinguished Speaker Session in Hawaii (pictured              and change the boundaries of organizations. Third,
above), we anticipate that Dr. Schoonhoven’s talk in            Fernando Suarez and Gianvito Lanzolla describe
  Atlanta will be well attended. Come early, stay for           changes on the firm level and discuss factors that
 the business meeting (Marriott Riviera) and social .           determine ICTs' impact on firm performance. In all
                         Photograph courtesy of Kwanghui Lim.   sessions, the presenter gets direct feedback from a
                                                                discussant and from the other presenters, who use
                                                                their view to illustrate the correlation between the
                                                                different levels of analysis. A final session brings
      Announcements                                             together the various perspectives and discusses
                                                                implications for public policy, strategy and
                                                                operations. Discussants will be Richard Langlois
                                                                and Lorin Hitt and we aim to foster open
                                                                discussion throughout the PDW. In addition, we
                                                                will set-up a homepage prior to the event to obtain
Tenure-Track Positions                                          additional input from other researchers
The University of Redlands School of Business                   events.html)
invites applicants for several tenure-track faculty             Scheduled: Saturday, Aug 12 2006 9:00AM - 12:00PM at
positions, at open rank. The School of Business                      Atlanta Marriott Marquis in International 1
offers innovative undergraduate and graduate
degree programs at locations throughout Southern                IEEE Transactions on Engineering
California.     The University of Redlands is                   Management 2005 BEST PAPER AWARD
approaching its centennial year and is recognized               ANNOUNCEMENT
as a premiere regional liberal education institution,
situated on a picturesque campus in the City of                 The IEEE Transactions on Engineering
Redlands, within one hour of Los Angeles, Palm                  Management department editors and the Editor-in-
Springs, or the mountains and Lake Arrowhead.                   Chief, George. F. Farris have evaluated all the
Review of applications will begin on Sept. 1, and               papers published in the Transactions in 2005 for
positions will remain open until filled. For further            the Best Paper Award and selected a winner and
information please contact Pamela Powers at (909)               two runners-up.
335-4041 or email Pamela_Powers@redlands.edu.
Our website address is: http://www.redlands.edu.                The Best Paper Award recipients are Robert J.
                                                                Kauffman and Xiaotong Li for their paper,
                                                                                                (Continued on page 12)

(Continued from page 11)                                         Knowledge Management Doctoral Consortium
“Technology Competition and      Optimal Investment                            2006 - Call for Papers
Timing: A Real Options            Perspective.” The            The Monieson Centre at Queen's University School
nominator cited the paper        for its “insightful           of Business is hosting a doctoral consortium that
arguments, sound empirical       study, and useful             may be of interest to Ph.D. students conducting
contributions.”                                                knowledge management-related research. The Fifth
                                                               Annual Knowledge Management Doctoral
Honorable mention goes to two other papers, Hong-              Consortium will run from November 11-13, 2006 in
Bae Jun, Hyun-Soo Ahn, and Hyo-Won Suh, “On                    Kingston, Ontario, Canada. We are currently
Identifying and Estimating the Cycle Time of                   accepting submissions from doctoral students in the
Product Development Process,” and Pek-Hooi Soh                 early-to-middle phases of their dissertation research;
and Edward B. Roberts, “Technology Alliances and               the submission deadline is June 23, 2006.
Networks: An External Link to Research                         The Monieson Centre will cover all expenses
Capability.”                                                   related to meals and accommodation, and will
                                                               assist with travel expenses for those students
Yi-Yu Chen                                                     selected as Knowledge Management (KM)
Editorial Assistant                                            Doctoral Consortium participants. Attendance is
IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management                    by invitation only, and is limited to ten students.
                                                               The Consortium provides Ph.D. students with an
Bentley College announces its first PhD class. In the          opportunity to share and discuss their research with
fall 2006, Bentley will welcome its first class of             peers and distinguished faculty discussants. Each
doctoral students, pursuing their PhD in either                year, high calibre students and academics from
Accountancy or Business. The Bentley PhD                       across North America and Europe meet to discuss
programs are designed to produce a new generation              research and exchange ideas. Last year's faculty
of scholar, teacher or practitioner interested in              discussants included Susan Jackson, Rutgers
various aspects of business, technology and society.           University; Lynne Markus of Bentley College;
All Bentley doctoral students will be skilled in both          Michael Zack of Northeastern University, and
quantitative and qualitative research methods and              Yolande Chan, of Queen's University.
benefit from an integrative set of signature seminars          For more information, please refer to the Call for
in ethics, globalization and the social sciences.              Papers: http://business.queensu.ca/knowledge/
Foundation courses for the PhD in Business are                 events/docs/KMConsortium2006CallForPapers.pdf
Microeconomic Theory, the Psychology and                       If you have any questions, please contact us. We
Sociology of Work and Organization and                         look forward to receiving this year's submissions.
Information Systems. The core for the PhD in                   Best regards,
Accountancy encompasses Financial Accountancy,                 Dany Di Tullio
Auditing and Assurance and Managerial Control                  dditullio@business.queensu.ca
Systems. In addition, students in both programs take
four specialized courses that fit with their particular        Maggie Matear
research interests.                                            mmatear@business.queensu.ca
                                                               Knowledge Management Consortium Co-Chairs
For more information, please contact:                          The Monieson Centre
Cynthia Clark Williams, PhD                                    Queen's School of Business
Doctoral Program Assistant Director                            Goodes Hall, Room 446, 143 Union Street
Assistant Professor of Management                              Kingston, Ontario K7L 3N6
Bentley College                                                Canada
175 Forest Street
Waltham, MA 02452
Ph 781.891.2015
http://www.bentley.edu/phd/                                                                     (Continued on page 13)

(Continued from page 12)                                    CONFERENCE SPONSORS:
 Fourth West Coast Research Symposium On                    Center for Technology Entrepreneurship,
         Technology Entrepreneurship                        University of Washington
          September 8th And 9th, 2006                       Lloyd Greif Center for Entrepreneurial Studies,
The Center for Technology Entrepreneurship                  University of Southern California
(University of Washington), the Lloyd Greif                 Stanford Technology Ventures Program, Stanford
Center for Entrepreneurial Studies (USC), and the           University
Stanford Technology Ventures Program (Stanford
University) are jointly sponsoring the 4th West
Coast Research Symposium on Technology                      The Spring issue of the PICMET Newsletter,
Entrepreneurship this year.                                 TMN (Technology Management Newsletter) is
                                                            available now. You can see the current issue (as
Theme: Technology Entrepreneurship                          well as any of the archived previous issues) by
Location: Univ. of Washington, Seattle Campus.              visiting www.picmet.org, and clicking
Date:        8th and 9th of September 2006                  "Newsletter" on the left.
(Special doctoral student seminar on September 7
details will be provided later)                             Please note that PICMET'06 (Portland
We invite authors to submit papers to the research          International Center for Management of
symposium. Our goal is a stimulating forum for              Engineering and Technology) Conference will be
scholars interested in technology entrepreneurship          held at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Istanbul on
research to exchange ideas of mutual interest. The          July 8-13, 2006. Under the theme "Technology
location is the beautiful Pacific Northwest, a              Management for the Global Future", PICMET'06
spectacular setting at this time of year. Papers            is addressing a wide range of concepts and issues,
focusing on the nexus of technology and                     particularly emphasizing the role of innovation in
entrepreneurship will be given preference.                  maintaining technological leadership in the global
We expect an intimate conference of about 30
leading scholars from around the world. The                 The review of papers has been completed. The
conference organizing committee invites the                 sessions are being scheduled now. There is an
submission of unpublished working papers that               impressive list of speakers from 40 countries.
advance the state of knowledge on technology                More than 300 presentations will be made by well
entrepreneurship. The committee will select papers          known researchers, educators, high level
for presentation. Selected participants will receive        executives and government officials. Tutorials will
the conference proceedings, meals, and lodging for          be conducted by experts in the field. Site visits
2 nights. Please submit complete unpublished                will be arranged to a robot manufacturer, to an
working papers in either Microsoft Word or                  R&D Center and a highly automated white goods
Unsecured Adobe Format to                                   manufacturing plant.
                                                            Keynote speeches will be delivered at the plenary
The DEADLINE for submission is Monday, June                 sessions by authorities in the technology
19th, 2006.                                                 management field. The keynoters are listed
                                                            alphabetically below:
We hope to see you in Seattle!
                                                            Dr. Naim H. Afgan, Instituto Superior Tecnico -
CONFERENCE ORGANIZING COMMITTEE:                            Portugal Se Ho Cheong, V.P, R&D Innovation,
Kathy Eisenhardt, Stanford University                       Samsung (SAIT) - Korea Dr. Robert H. Dryden
Suresh Kotha, University of Washington                      and Dr. H.C.M. Erzurumlu, Portland State Univ-
Alan Meyer, University of Oregon                            USA H.E. Prof. Dr. Jusuf B. Habibie, former
Nandini Rajagopalan, University of Southern                 President, Indonesia Thomas H. Lipscomb,
California                                                  Thomas H. Lipscomb, Fellow, Annenberg Center
for the Digital Future - USA                                  Innovation Myopia: Beyond Labor Savings in Offshore
Dr. Eiichi Maruyama, RIKEN - USA                              Manufacturing
Dr. Caner Oner, Exec. V.P., OYAK - Turkey Dr.                 Marc Meyer (Matthews Distinguished University
Edward B. Roberts, MIT - USA Cengiz Ultav,                    Professor, Northeastern University) Leveraging
VESTEL - Turkey Dr. T. Nejat Veziroglu, Univ. of              Platforms to New Market Applications
Miami - USA Dr. Nuket Yetis, President,
TUBITAK - Turkey Dr. Hee-Yol Yu, President,
KITEP - Korea Dr. Rosalie Zobel, European                     Special Issue of Journal of Technology
Commission - Belgium                                          Transfer

You can register for PICMET'06 and make your                  Discontinuous Technology Innovations with
hotel reservation at the Hyatt, on line, by visiting          Disruptive Market Potential:
www.picmet.org.                                               Perspectives and Roles of Federal, Academic and
                                                              Corporate Laboratories and Implications for Policy
We hope to see you in Istanbul on July 8-13, 2006.            and Practice

Dundar F. Kocaoglu                                            Guest Editors
President and CEO, PICMET                                     Elias G. Carayannis (caraye@gwu.edu) and
                                                              Suleiman Kassicieh (sul@unm.edu)

Innovation Research Network Conference was                    The current Technology Transfer Journal Special
created and is sponsored by John Ettlie, Rochester            Issue aims to focus on conceptual and empirical
Institute of Technology. This year the conference             studies that analyze perspectives and roles of
will be held at Northeastern University in Boston             federal, academic and corporate laboratories as
and the program includes a number of PhD students             sources, triggers and catalysts of discontinuous
and/or newly minted faculty presenting their                  technology innovations with disruptive market
research on a variety of interesting and important            potential.
topics.                                                       Submissions to the Special Issue may be
                                                              theoretical, conceptual, or empirical. They should
The Innovation Research Network was developed                 relate to: I) methods used to commercialize DT/DI
in an attempt to overcome the lack of quality venues          from federal laboratories and universities? II)
for nascent work This one-day conference provides             management of R&D for change in this area III)
a venue and forum for quality work in the field               market issues IV) policy implications of DT/DI on
from all disciplines that eventually will result in           transfer and commercialization of technologies. V)
publication in top refereed journals.                         What is the role of entrepreneurship in the
                                                              commercialization of disruptive technologies?
Presenter (Affiliation) Title of Presentation                  The topics may include but are not limited to:
Yi Yang (Drexel University) The Value from CVC                    · Diffusion of DT/DI and transfer of ideas
Portfolio Configuration: A Real Options Approach                      from one area of application to another.
Sergey Anokhin (Case Western Reserve University)                  · Theories, models and applications of DT/DI
The Interplay of Corporate VC and Internal R&D in the                 commercialization and technology transfer
Context of Corporate Innovation                                   · Inventions, patents, intellectual property,
C.H. Tzeng (McGill University) Developing                             licensing and other implications of
Entrepreneurship in Emerging Economies: Lessons from                  technology transfer in DT/DI
China and Taiwan                                                  · Studies of public-private partnerships for
Donna Kelley (Babson College) The Evolution of                        innovation (PPP4I) involving federal
Innovation Programs in Established Corporations
                                                                      laboratories, universities and R&D
Antonino Vaccaro (Carnegie Mellon University) The
Virtualization of Firms’ Knowledge Creation Processes:                organizations on DT/DI
An Empirical Investigation                                        · Research methods in DT/DI technology
Mark Jacobs (Michigan State University) Managing                      transfer/commercialization
Product Portfolio Complexity: Six Case Studies                                                (Continued on page 15)
Erica Fuchs (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
(Continued from page 14)                                             The Academy of Management's
    · Cross‑cultural issues in DT/DI technology                  2006 New Doctoral Student Consortium
      transfer/commercialization                               Atlanta, Georgia - Saturday, August 12, 2006
    · Empirical analysis of successes and failures
      in DT/DI commercialization/technology                          The New Doctoral Student Consortium
      transfer activities                                    (NDSC) is part of the Academy of Management's
    · Organizational, managerial, economic, and              commitment to the professional development of its
      environmental issues in commercialization              student members and prospective members. NDSC
      of DT/DI                                               is designed by doctoral students for doctoral
                                                             students and is aimed at students in their first or
Papers submitted to this special issue will be               second year of a doctoral program. The consortium
reviewed in accordance with the Journal’s editorial          is designed to address the real life issues that exist
policy and should be emailed in MS Word format               for doctoral students from getting started on the
to: Professor Elias G. Carayannis at                         thesis all the way through the publishing process.
caraye@gwu.edu or Professor Sul Kassicieh at                 NDSC provides an opportunity for new doctoral
sul@unm.edu                                                  students to interact, discuss, and learn from the
                                                             Academy's leading members and the world's
DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSIONS: October 31,                        leading academics.
2006                                                                 The NDSC will be held in Atlanta, Georgia
                                                             on Saturday August 12, 2006 from 8:55am to
Elias G. Carayannis, PhD, MBA, BScEE, CPMMA                  4:30pm. By attending this year’s consortium, new
                                                             doctoral students will meet some of the Academy’s
                                                             most distinguished members and academicians, as
Dear TIM Members:                                            well as other doctoral students who also share
                                                             similar experiences and interests! The sessions at
As President of the Technology Transfer Society              the 2006 NDSC will include: getting started in
(T2S), it is my pleasure to announce that the 2006           academia, the Academy of Management and you,
T2S Meetings will be co-sponsored and hosted by              perspectives on doing research, reaching for the
the School of Public Policy at the Georgia Institute         future, and much more.
of Technology. The co-organizers are Professors                      Light refreshments and lunch will be served
Monica Gaughan and Phil Shapira, who both teach              during the consortium and an “NDSC Reception”
at Georgia Tech. The conference venue is the                 will also be held following the consortium at 6:00
Georgia Tech Hotel and Conference Center (see                pm for all doctoral students and faculty
http://www.gatechhotel.com/index2.asp). Our                  presenters. The NDSC is also co-sponsoring joint
theme this year is "Next Generation Innovation:              sessions on Sunday August 13th.
New Approaches and Policy Designs." The                              The NDSC is becoming a major pre-
meetings will begin with a reception on Wednesday            conference event for doctoral students! Pre-
evening September 27, 2006 and conclude by lunch             registration is required. Attendance is limited to
on Friday September 29, 2006. The Call for Papers            150 participants. Registration is free and now
is listed below, although the following url contains         open at: http://groups.aomonline.org/ndsc/. You
the same information                                         may contact the Pamela Steverson, Marketing and
 (http://www.cherry.gatech.edu/t2s2006/index.htm).           Registration Chair, at ndsc_06@yahoo.com for
Please note that all session proposals, paper                more information.
proposals and abstracts should be submitted
electronically not later than Friday, May 12, 2006 to
the following email address
(t2s2006@pubpolicy.gatech.edu). We look forward
to seeing you at the 2006 T2S Meetings.
Don Siegel                                                                                    (Continued on page 16)

(Continued from page 15)                                         2. Qualitative methods – Ann Langley, HEC,
Announcing “The Power of Richness                 II:        Canada
Exploring Qualitative Research Methods”                          3. Narrative Models – Brian Pentland, Michigan
                                                             State U.
Over 160 people came to the PDW "The Power of                    4. Contextual Models of Process – Andrew
Richness: The Why, When, Where and How of                    Pettigrew, U. of Bath, U.K.
Qualitative Research Methods" at the Academy
meetings last year in Honolulu. Afterwards many                 5. Developing Cross-Level Process Theories –
participants encouraged us to organize a follow-up           Daniel Robey, Georgia State U.
workshop on qualitative methods at this year’s                  6. Process Research Designs – Andy Van de
meeting in Atlanta. There seems to be a general              Ven, U. of Minnesota
sense that while most doctoral programs provide
very good training in quantitative methods,                  The afternoon session, being organized by Clive
relatively few teach students how to do qualitative          Smallman, Lincoln U., New Zealand, focuses on
research well. We believe that it is important to try        small group paper discussions with the above
to disseminate more widely how to do first rate              faculty and participants of short papers that
qualitative research that will by publishable in             participants submit describing their process research
leading management journals. For this reason we              projects. The workshop concludes with a faculty
have indeed organized a follow-up workshop and               panel session and suggestions for building our
recruited Kathy Eisenhardt (Stanford), Mauro                 community of process research scholars.
Guillen (Wharton-U. of Pennsylvania), Sara Rynes
(Editor of AMJ), Nicolaj Siggelkow (Wharton-U. of            Registration is required to participate in the Process
Pennsylvania), John Wagner (Associate Editor of              Research Workshop.
ASQ), and Karl Weick (Michigan) to present their             We ask you to submit a short (1000-2000 word)
ideas about how to make qualitative research                 paper describing your process research project by
powerful and how to get it published. The                    July 1, 2006.       Your paper will be grouped,
professional development workshop will take place            distributed to, and read before the workshop by
on Friday, August 11, at 1.30 pm. We hope that               other participants and the faculty moderator of each
many of you will be enticed to come to Atlanta               paper session. Please see further information about
early and participate in the workshop.                       the Process Research Methods PDW at
Diana Day and J. Peter Murmann                               PDW06.htm

                                                             Andy Van de Ven
TIM is co-sponsoring a six-hour Process Research
Methods PDW on Saturday, August 12. This                     International Journal of Biotechnology (IJBT)
workshop covers a spectrum of theories and                   Call For papers
methods for conducting process research undertaken           Special Issue on: “The Role, Impact and Diffusion
to examine how change unfolds in individuals,                of Information Technology in Biotechnology and
groups, organizations, and programs. The workshop            Life Sciences” in the International Journal of
is designed to support a community of scholars               Biotechnology (IJBT)
across Academy divisions who want to share and               Manuscript submission: 31 July, 2006
become acquainted with methods for conducting                Notification of Acceptance: 30 October, 2006
process studies.                                             Final Submission: 15 January, 2007
The morning session includes plenary discussions             Dr Angel J Salazar, Senior Lecturer
and small-group tutorials lead by the following              Manchester Metropolitan University Business
workshop faculty:                                            School Manchester M1 3GH United Kingdom
    1. Quantitative methods – Kevin Dooley,
Arizona State U.                                                                              (Continued on page 17)

(Continued from page 16)                                     University of Windsor, Odette School of Business
New Book:                                                    Tenure-Track Position in Business Strategy
Teaching and Learning with Virtual Teams (2006),             The University of Windsor invites applications for a
edited by Sharmila Pixy Ferris and Susan H. Godar,           tenure-track position in the Odette School of
Hershey(PA): Idea Group Inc.                                 Business in the area of Business Strategy, at the
                                                             rank of Assistant Professor, commencing July 1,
The book is aimed at professors who want                     2006.
effectively to use teams in their online or hybrid           Dr. Gerry Kerr (gkerr@uwindsor.ca)
courses, or as a supplement in their F2F
courses.         Topics include both domestic
and international team experiences, assessment of                    Editorial Comments
learning in virtual teams, and team design and                                — Donald E. Hatfield
management strategies.
(http://www.virtualteams.us )
                                                             Thanks to all those that contributed to this
                                                             newsletter. Please continue to use this forum, the
New Book:
                                                             TIM web page (http://www.aomtim.org/), and the
Power, D. J., Decision Support Systems: Frequently
                                                             TIM Listserv to exchange ideas and information
Asked Questions, iUniverse, 2005.
                                                             within the ever growing TIM division membership. I
                                                             hope to meet you at the Waffle House on Peach
Synopsis from Book News
                                                             Tree Street, across from the Starbucks in Atlanta.
Power (Information Systems, University of
Northern Iowa) guides readers in the complexities
                                                             Donald E. Hatfield
of building, using, and understanding computerized
systems that support managerial decision-making.
Information is presented in question-and-answer
format to address topics in decision support system
                                                                                   TIM Division
(DSS) foundations and theory, data mining, group
                                                                                     Goes to
DSS, data-driven and document-driven DSS, model-
driven DSS, decision support system applications,                                    Atlanta
and evaluating decision support system projects.                                         2006
The questions originally appeared in the bi- weekly
e-newsletter DSS News. For more information
check http://dssresources.com/dssbookstore/
power2005.html .

                                                                 Head Office: Academy of Management,
Walter E. Greene                                                    Pace University, P.O. Box 3020,
Professor of Strategic Management and
                                                                    Briarcliff Manor, NY 10510, USA
International Business, College of Business
Administration, The University of Texas Pan
American, Edinburg, Texas 78541                                  TIM Editorial Office:
                                                                     Donald E. Hatfield
Retired August 31, 2005 after 39 years college
                                                                     Pamplin College of Business,
teaching, the last 20 at UTPA. Prior to his
retirement, Dr. Greene served 20 years in the US                     Virginia Polytechnic Institute &
Military, the last 8 as the Senor Military Instructor                State University
in classified Intercontinental Missile Weapon                        Blacksburg, VA 24060, USA
                                                                     (540) 231-4687 / fax (540) 231-3076


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