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									                      Prospect Management Definitions
                         Office of University Development

Prospect Manager: The person responsible for coordinating all interaction between the
University and the prospect. The prospect manager will function as the consummate
“team player” or coordinator, seeking advice and urging involvement by all relevant
central and/or constituent staff as well as University administrators in developing and
implementing prospect strategy. In addition, a development officer is responsible for
speaking with the prospect manager before he/she contacts the prospect. The prospect
manager should always be informed of contacts with his/her prospect. All contacts should
be recorded on prospect contact reports and filed with the prospect management staff.
Copies should be distributed as outlined in the Development Communications Standards.
Individual prospect management assignments are valid for 6 months after the most
recent contact. When six months with no contact have passed, the assignment will be
reviewed by the director of prospect/donor services and reassigned if deemed
necessary. Corporate and foundation assignments are reviewed on a case-by-case

Prospect: A prospect eligible for management will be rated and will be a likely donor at
the rated level during the current campaign. Foundations and corporations also may have
managers as appropriate.

Cultivation: The art of developing prospect interest and involvement in a particular
school, unit or program.

Identified Areas of Interest: Degree granting unit; areas receiving previous gifts; areas
represented by activity shown on the prospect management system; prospect’s indications
of interest mentioned in letters or prospect contact reports.

Solicitation: The act of presenting a proposal or asking the prospect for a specific dollar
amount to support the University. An intent to solicit form must be filed before any
solicitation of $100,000 or more is made. (see below)

Carolina Leadership Gifts (CLG): This group includes the development officers from
each of the schools/units involved in major gift fundraising and staff from the central
development office. This group reviews and clears prospect management assignments
and all solicitations of $100,000 and more.

Intent to Solicit: When the area to be supported has been identified and the ask amount
determined to be $100,000 or higher, an intent to solicit must be completed and

Revised: 02/13/2008
forwarded to the prospect management administrator. Only solicitations for $100,000 and
more will be presented to the CLG group for clearance.

Steps in the clearance process:

   1. Director of prospect/donor relations will determine if there are any competing
      interests and present the case at the Campaign Leadership Gifts meeting for
      discussion and resolution.
   2. One week prior to each CLG meeting, the recommendations and a proposed
      agenda are circulated to all development officers.
   3. If conflict develops, the vice chancellor for advancement may convene a separate
      conference to resolve the disagreement. The vice chancellor for advancement is
      the final arbiter.
   4. Clearance, when granted, lasts for 6 months. At the end of that period, the case
      will be examined to determine if an extension is necessary.

Prospect Contact Reports (PCR): After each substantive contact with a prospect is
made, the development officer must complete a PCR (available on the ADVISE system)
within 1 week. A substantive contact is one that moves a prospect closer to a gift.
Although these contacts may occasionally be telephone calls or letters, the majority
would be personal visits. Copy appropriate individuals as noted in the Development
Communication Standards.

Prospect manager assignment process:

   •   Assignments are recommended by the director of prospect/donor relations based
       on research reports or requests from development officers (completed through the
       ADVISE prospect management request). Recommendations are submitted to and
       approved by the CLG group on a monthly basis.
   •   One week prior to each CLG meeting, the recommendations and a proposed
       agenda are circulated to all development officers.
   •   Disagreement or conflict on a prospect manager assignment will be registered
       with the director of prospect/donor relations who will present all available
       information to the CLG group for resolution.
   •   A select group of Chancellor’s prospects, both individual and corporate, will be
       reserved and all activity with these prospects coordinated through the vice
       chancellor for advancement.
   •   The director of prospect/donor relations will monitor all activity and new
       information on prospects who have been assigned a prospect manager and pass
       that information to the appropriate prospect manager when necessary. The
       director of prospect/donor services will also meet at least annually with all
       development officers to conduct individual year-end reviews of the prospect
       management assignments.
   •   The prospect manager assignment may be changed at any time by request of a
       development officer or recommendation of the director of prospect/donor services
       to the CLG group.

Revised: 02/13/2008
Assignment Criteria:

Consider all known information including, but not limited to:

   •   Areas of giving
   •   Degree(s) held
   •   Confirmed areas of interest determined by research or prospect
   •   Corporate or foundation giving guidelines and restrictions
   •   Existing relationships and activity patterns to date
   •   Other philanthropy
   •   Advice of peers/volunteers
   •   Cultivation plan filed with the request

Given these criteria, the prospect will be assigned to areas of greatest interest, if known.
If unknown, existing relationships and/or regional affiliations will be considered.

Unless otherwise indicated, the prospect manager assignment will include the spouse or
family foundation of the prospect.

Prospects with multiple or non-existent interest/degree indicators may be referred to the
regional officer to coordinate those multiple interests or to determine areas of interest and

If the prospect is a corporation or foundation with a stated area of interest, assignment
may be made to the appropriate area after consultation with the directors of corporate and
foundation relations. For those with multiple interests, assignment will be made to the
corporate and foundation relations staff to better coordinate cultivation and solicitation

Revised: 02/13/2008

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